Chapter 3

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Magic Training

Five days after my birthday-that is, three days after I reincarnated as Haruto, I went to the Training Center in my mansion.

As someone born into the Silverlay house, it is their duty once they reach the age of 5 to start training in magic and swordsmanship.

Today was supposed to be my first day of training, but me and Tina were the only ones at the Training Center. When my elder brothers started training for the first time, well-known wizards and knights from around the kingdom were called in to train them.

I have two older brothers and one older sister. There is a large gap in age between us three brothers, as my eldest brother is already working for the kingdom as a knight. My sister is studying at a magic school, and my second brother is training to become a knight at school.

Both my brothers and my sister showed extreme amounts of promise, and it was rumored that the Silverlay family would continue to thrive in the future. That was why my mother and father both told me, the third son, that I could live out my life as I wanted.

For that reason, I have no teacher to teach me magic or swordplay.

Well, I guess you could say I do have someone…..

「Haruto-sama, let’s start with the magic training first.」

Unlike the usual maid clothes, Tina stood in front of me wearing clothes that made her able to move more easily. Tina was supposedly the one in charge of taking care of my magic and sword training.

It’s not like I don’t want this, but I’m still a little worried as I can’t imagine this baby-faced maid who always spoils me to be able to fight with magic and swords.

Well, I can’t improve my stats, so training is going to be useless anyway.

I won’t be able to make a fortune off my knowledge cheats, but since I was born as the third son of an earl’s family, I don’t have to worry about money.

I was starting to think of a plan where I would train and study properly, then get a job that my parents would prepare for me in the future, and live peacefully so I don’t bother my parents and brothers.

However, this is still a parallel world.
A fantasy world filled with swords and magic.

Even though it is fixed at level 1, I still have magic too!

In other words, I can use magic.
I started to become excited about using magic for the first time.

「Please take care of me!」

「Yes, likewise Haruto-sama.」

「I have a question for Tina-sensei!」

「S-s-sensei? Y-y-yes, what is it?」

As I playfully call her teacher, Tina looks to be slightly embarrassed. She doesn’t seem to hate it, so from now on let’s call her teacher during the training.

「How much magic can sensei use?」

As expected, it bothers me if I don’t know how much power the person teaching me magic has.

「I never did show Haruto-sama my Status Board before. Here, take a look.」

As Tina says this, she pulls out her Status Board for me to see.


Name: Tina-Haribel
Race: Half-Elf
Blessing: One who inherits the blood of a hero
Occupation: Magic Swordsman (Lvl 250)

Skill: Maid (Extreme)
Current Status: Healthy


「What….? LEVEL 250!?」

It’s not an exaggeration to call her the strongest maid ever, as she stands right in front of me in a boastful manner.

Incidentally, the Status Board allows the user to adjust how much others can see. Tina only wanted to show me her level, so she didn’t show me her magic and attack power.

She would probably tell me if I asked, but I don’t want to go into shock after seeing the difference in ability, so I won’t.

「How is it? Am I sufficient enough to become your teacher?」

「Don’t say stuff like that, of course you are! I just didn’t know……Tina was this strong.」

Tina’s level was several times higher than that of the knights and wizards that were training his brothers. Such a person is willing to become my teacher. It is impossible for me to have any complaints.

「Fufufu, it is because I am Haruto-sama’s exclusive maid and bodyguard!」

「That right….」

No, even assuming that she’s a bodyguard she’s way too strong! If Tina felt like it, she could probably take on this kingdom’s chivalric order all by herself and win. That’s how high Tina’s level is.

In the country of Glendale, it is said that the strongest knight commander is level 130. By the way, level 130 means that you possess the strength to single-handedly subjugate orc kings and ogres, which are classified as A rank monsters. A sufficient amount of strength for a knight commander if you ask me.

However, beyond level 150 is just a different dimension of strength. In the first place, ordinary people in this world can’t make it past level 150 and acquire a third-tier occupation.

Tina’s profession is a magic swordsman, which is a third-tier occupation that only those who have mastered magic and swordplay can become. To get a third-tier occupation, one needs to raise their level to 150, which is the max, and then surpass “god’s trial”.

First off, it is rare for people to even reach level 150.
But there are people who start off with these third-tier occupations.

Heroes from another world.

The moment these heroes arrive here from a different world, they will automatically get a third-tier occupation, such as a sage or a holy knight, and start at level 150. Being a hero is just another one of the third-tier occupations. Furthermore, it seems that the heroes who come from different worlds can quickly raise their levels.

No wonder the demon king was easily defeated.

Well, putting aside the stories about the heroes, the problem is Tina’s stats. In this world, defeating demons and monsters raises the level of your profession, and the stats such as offensive power rise accordingly.

As your level gets higher, it will be even harder for you to level up unless you defeat even stronger monsters. So if you think about Tina’s level being 250…… honestly she’s a monster herself.

「Is Tina a descendant of a hero?」

「Yes, my great-grandfather seemed to have been a hero who came from another world. Thanks to the hero’s bloodline, it was quite easy for me to raise my level.」

「Even so, that’s really amazing.」

「Thank you. Well, we should probably get started with the training soon.」

I’m kind of curious as to why Tina became my exclusive maid, but we’re finally going to learn magic, so I’ll ask to hear that story another time.

「Haruto-sama’s occupation is a magician’s apprentice, so you will be suitable for learning magic.」

Before I was reincarnated, I apparently showed Tina my Status Board. Therefore, Tina doesn’t know I’ve been cursed, or that my occupation has become a sage.

When I reincarnated into Haruto’s body, a curse was added to the stats as well as a hero privilege? As my occupation was fixed to be a sage, even though I’m a sage, I have a level 1 stats.

This is why Tina thinks my occupation is a magician’s apprentice. I think it’s a better idea if I don’t tell her about the curse.

If I give off the impression that I’m a reincarnated hero I’ll be in trouble. I can’t raise my level so I can’t get stronger; I can’t fight. In the future, Tina will probably see me as an undesirable student and I will end up causing her trouble. I’m starting to feel ashamed already.

「Did Haruto-sama prefer having an aptitude to become a swordsman?」

Because I was deep in my thoughts, Tina asks anxiously.

「No, don’t worry. I’m looking forward to using magic!」

「Understood. Then I’ll first show you how it’s done.」

After saying that, Tina heads towards the target dummy used for magic training in the back of the training room and holds out her hand. You can see the magic power gathering on Tina’s hand.

The magic gathers in the air in front of her hand, as a flame is born. The flame gradually begins to turn longer and narrower, shaping up to become like a spear.

「Fire Lance!」

Tina thrusts her hand forward, simultaneously chanting in the process, as the spear of fire shoots at a high speed toward the target.

「── !?」

As the fire spear pierces the target, the dummy begins to burst into flames. The amount of heat the flames emitted was tremendous, as I instinctively covered my face with my arm.

The flames settled down immediately.

A pitch-black training target with a large hole appeared in front of them. Normally, the target should be able to withstand magic attacks of intermediate level or higher, but what’s left is an atrocious mess.

Neither the knight who trained his brothers nor the wizard who taught his sister magic was able to destroy the target so far.

By the way, Fire Lance is the weakest and lowest-ranked magic from the fire attribute.

「Ahhh, I wanted to show off to Haruto-sama but I was a little too enthusiastic.」

Tina was smiling, trying to gloss over the fact that she did a lot of damage. While this was extremely cute, Tina’s magic power interested me more. The magic power that makes the weakest ability do a devastating amount of damage.

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