Chapter 4

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 Editor: Weasalopes

Infinite Magic

At the Training Center, I stand on top of a magical circle. Tina drew this circle for me to practice manipulating my magic.

Normally, one would need to start with feeling the existence of their magic, but because my occupation is a sage, I was able to sense my magical power from the beginning.

I am able to vaguely see the quantity and movement of both my own and other people’s magic. Additionally, my occupation of being a sage not only lets me see the magic, but it also corrects the mistakes I make when trying to use the magic.

「So like this?」

「Wow! That’s amazing Haruto-sama. Who would have thought that you would be able to learn to move your magic this quickly!」

I first spread the magical force coming from the center of my body thinly throughout the entirety of my body.

I then gradually move the magical force towards my outstretched hand in front of me, until enough magic assembles at my hand.

From here, you’re normally supposed to release large portions of magic accumulating in your hand, but I didn’t do that.

I manipulated the magical power in a way that made it seem that I lost concentration, by dispersing the collected magic.

If I continue to learn magic this easily, Tina may begin to find it strange.

「It’s all thanks to Tina’s magic circle!」

For now, I decided to give all the credit to the magical circle.

To tell you the truth, the magic circle does make it a little easier for me to manipulate my magic. But…. it is also true that even without the circle, I would definitely be able to control my magic.

「This magic circle only has the ability to assist one’s magic control. I think the reason that your magic control is so smooth is because of Haruto-sama’s talent.」

Tina tells me happily.

I thought she would become suspicious that I was too good, but it seems that she only thinks of it as talent.

Wait… now that I think of it, my sister had lots of magical talent, and by the time she enrolled in a magical school, she had already been able to use intermediate magic.

Tina obviously knows of this already, so maybe I shouldn’t be surprised that she doesn’t think too much about my magic manipulation. I’m grateful for having a superb sister.

「Thanks. I’ll practice a little bit longer.」

「Understood. By the way, the magical power that you diffuse inside your body returns quite quickly, but once you release it outside the body it takes longer to recover. 」

「Oh ok.」

「Since your Haruto-sama, you should be able to release the magic from your body soon, but for when that happens, I must warn you that you may suddenly feel extremely tired after releasing your magic, so please be careful. 」

「Got it.」

「For the method of releasing your magical power, similar to your previous attempt, you collect the magic in your hand, but this time try to imagine your hand stretching and gather your magic there. 」

「Understood teacher!」

It seems that I was permitted to release my magic, so I decided to give it a try.

Identical to my previous attempt, I first lightly spread my magic throughout my body. I then gather all the magic into my right hand in front of me.

I consciously think of stretching my hand and gathering the magic there.

Magic started accumulating past my hand and in the space in front.

「It’s looking good! If possible, try thinking of a burning flame.」

「A flame?」

I saw the flames earlier. The heat produced from Tina’s flames that made my face hot even though I was 5 meters away. It made it easy for me to imagine.


The magic stationed in front of my hand turned into flames.

Even though the flame is close to my hand, it doesn’t feel hot at all.

It’s a weird feeling.

I also try to change my flame into a spear, the same way Tina did.


「Fire Lance!」

I mimic Tina, as I chant the spell and attempt to throw my fire spear at a newly prepared target.

The fiery spear flies straight towards the target, hitting it straight on, as the spear burns for a little while before vanishing into the air.

You could see a small burn mark on the target.

「Th-there’s no way that you should be able to activate the magic completely in perfect form on your first try.」

Tina looks at the slightly burned target with a shocked face.

While thinking that it was possible for me to change the attribute of my magic to fire, I guess she never even considered that I would perfectly be able to use the spell Fire Lance.

I was a little happy to see that Tina was surprised.

After all, if someone goes to a different world, obviously they would want to hear someone say, “Wow, who is this person, he’s amazing!”

Well, I have a curse that fixes my stats, so even if I spend the rest of my life practicing, this may be my limit.

「Haruto-sama, does your body not feel sluggish or tired at all?」

「No, I don’t feel that way at all.」

「When people use magic for the first time, normally their bodies aren’t equipped to using magic yet, and even a low-class spell, such as Fire Lance usually drains all the magic from them.」

Fire Lance is the lowest class magic, with a magic power usage of 2. Therefore, for someone like me who has a magic power pool of 10, I should be able to use Fire Lance 5 times. However, it seems that even though I’ll be able to shoot it with 2 magic power, if I don’t properly manipulate my magic, it will become difficult.

It’s true that when I used Fire Lance, my body felt like it was losing strength, but I wouldn’t go as far as to say I felt like I was sluggish. Maybe it’s part of my sage occupation and it’s correcting my body’s mistake?

「I feel like I can shoot more, is it fine if I still practice?」

「Absolutely. But make sure not to overdo it.」


After that, I was able to shoot Fire Lance three times and finished my magic training.

Actually, I felt like I could shoot even more, but after shooting my third one, Tina started looking at me with her anxious face, continuously asking about how I felt, so I decided to stop for the day.

 ── ** ──

The next day, I went to the training room on my own.
Tina was out, shopping in the city that day.

Tina looked worried when I told her I would be training on my own.

「Are you sure? Make sure you don’t overdo it. If you start feeling even a little weak, make sure to ring this bell.」

I was then handed a bell with a small magic circle I’ve never seen before drawn on top of it.

「What happens if I ring it?」

「I will fly back right away.」

「So even if you’re far away, if I ring the bell you will know?」

「Exactly. Anyways, make sure not to overdo it.」

After being told she would return as soon as she finished shopping, Tina left the house.

「Well then, I guess I should experiment to see what extent I can use my magic.」

Without being worried about Tina watching, I was planning on finding out my limit on how many Fire Lances I could shoot. Yesterday I stopped with 4 shots, but I felt that I could have kept on going.

I face the target.

I release the magic from my hand, and change it into fire.

I change the shape into a spear and yell──

「Fire Lance!」

The fiery lance flies towards the target.

As soon as the fire lance left my hand, I began to release another one.

「Fire Lance!」

It’s only my 2nd one.

I can still do more.

「Fire Lance!」

「Fire Lance!」

I shoot two more, but still feel perfectly fine.
No problems yet.

「Fire Lance, Fire Lance, Fire Lance, Fire Lance!!」

No matter how many I shoot out, my body doesn’t feel sluggish at all.

On the contrary, my magic is getting released smoothly, and I’m even able to release the magic much faster.

After shooting Fire Lance 30 more times, I start running out of breath and decide to take a break from shooting magic.

Even though it’s the lowest class magic and the power of one shot is fairly weak, as one would expect, after hitting the target over 30 times, the target was burnt black.

I wonder why. My magic power doesn’t feel depleted at all.

Hmm… if only there was a way that I could see how much magic power I used…

「Wait a minute!」

It was then, where an idea flashed into my mind.

「Status open!」


Name: Haruto-Vei-Silverlay
Race: Human
Blessing: None. 〘Fixed〙
Occupation: Sage (level 1) 〘Fixed〙

Physical Power: 30/30 〘Fixed〙
Magic Power: 10/10 〘Fixed〙
Physical Attack Power: 10 〘Fixed〙
Magic Attack Power: 10 〘Fixed〙
Defense Power: 10 〘Fixed〙
Agility: 10 〘Fixed〙
Dexterity: 10 〘Fixed〙

Skill: None. 〘Fixed〙
State: Curse (fixed status) 〘Fixed〙


If I use magic while the status board is displayed, I should be able to tell how much magic power I consume.

However, there’s one thing that bothers me.

On the status board,
Magic Power: 10/10 〘Fixed〙 is displayed.

Even though I shot magic over 30 times earlier, my magic power hasn’t decreased whatsoever.

With this, one theory floats into my mind. If this theory is correct, I might be able to live as an actual sage and flourish in this world.

To test out my theory, I began preparing to shoot Fire Lance while keeping my status board out.


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    He was like a midboss of a dungeon or something but because of the infinite mana he was too strong for the heros to actually beat.
    I think that’s both the same story at least.

    • Oh, I think that’s ‘There was a Cute Girl in the Hero’s Party so I tried Confessing’. Was was reading that before and actually forgot about it till you asked because it wasn’t updating. Looks like RinkageTranslation is doing it though slowly.

    • Yuusha Party ni Kawaii Ko ga ita no de, Kokuhaku Shite Mita.
      Should be what you are looking for, I think

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