Chapter 5

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Evil Curse

「Fire Lance!」

I use my magic while simultaneously looking at the status board.

Magic Power: 10/10 〘Fixed〙

It’s as I expected!
My magic power hasn’t diminished at all.

「Fire Lance! Fire Lance! Fire Lance!」

Magic Power: 10/10 〘Fixed〙

I continued firing the spell numerous times, but as expected, my magic power didn’t decrease at all.

── My theory was correct.

The curse that the Evil God placed on me doesn’t fix the max stats I can use, but instead fixes the status itself. In other words, no matter how much magic I use, I’ll never run out of magic power.

「……Depending on how I use it, won’t I be able to get stronger?」

Let’s compare the training target Tina destroyed yesterday with the target I just burned down. I wasn’t able to destroy the target, but I was able to use the same magic as Tina to deal a huge amount of damage to it.

There should be an overwhelming difference in the magic attack power between someone who’s level 1 like me, and someone who is level 250 like Tina. However, by repeating my magic, there’s a chance that I won’t be outdone by someone with a huge amount of magic power.

Even though my status is fixed at level 1, there seems to be a way that I can get stronger. I’ve come to understand what needs to be done for me to be able to fully enjoy this different world life.

① I need to be able to shoot magic continuously at a high speed

② I need to increase the power of every shot I take

Even though for ①, I’m already able to continuously fire shots smoothly, if I improve the control of my magic, I feel like I can shoot the magic even faster.

Regarding ②, I don’t have any proof yet, but I think it’s possible to increase the power of every shot I take if I somehow combine multiple magic attributes.

For example, the spell Fire Lance may be able to increase its power and speed if assisted by wind magic.

In my previous world, there was a ninja manga where fire ninjutsu could be strengthened by wind ninjutsu. I plan on trying various experiments regarding the training method I read about in the manga.

Let’s start by training the speed at which I can shoot my magic.

── ** ──

Before I realized, it was already noon. For about 2 hours, I continued to shoot Fire Lance at the target. Of course my magic power hasn’t diminished at all, and there’s also no problems with my physical condition.

The Evil God told me I wouldn’t flourish in this world, but maybe he’s a good guy. Giving me a cheat like skill and calling it a curse.

I was starting to believe he was truly a good person.


「I’m hungry.」

It’s noon, but Tina has yet to return.

「Maybe if I ring this, she’ll come back.」

In my line of sight was the bell that Tina left behind. For no particular reason, I tried ringing the bell.


 ──! ?

Roughly 10 seconds have passed since ringing the bell.

Tina was flying through the air with ridiculous speed.

「Haruto-sama! Are you all right?」

「Yeah I’m fine, but you…」

Tina, who softly lands beside my dumbfounded self, draws closer to me. When I was given the bell, Tina told me she would fly to me if I rang it.

I thought, of course, that she meant that she would rush back immediately, but she literally just flew back.

Speaking of which, I remember being told a long time ago that Tina could use flying magic. But since it consumes too much magic power, she rarely uses it.

If I had to guess, she probably used that flying magic to return here quickly.

「Is your body in good shape? Did you overdo it? Why did you ring the bell?」

「Oh… well… I’m just kind of hungry.」

「Ah, it’s already noon! I’m sorry for being late. I’ll get it ready right away.」

Despite using the bell for something insignificant like being hungry, Tina hurried back into the mansion without complaining about it whatsoever.

 ── ** ──

「I thought you didn’t use flying magic because it consumes too much magic power?」

I ask Tina while eating the lunch she prepared for me.

My mom and dad often go out during the day, and my brothers and sisters aren’t at home due to work or school, so I always end up eating my meals with Tina.

「If it’s an emergency I’ll use it. If there’s a possibility that something happened to Haruto-sama, it becomes a top priority emergency for me.」

「Ah… I’m sorry for ringing the bell over something as small as preparing food for me.」

「Don’t worry about that. From now on I’ll also leave you the bell, so please don’t hesitate to use it if something happens.」

Tina said this, but from now on, I’ll only use the bell for real emergencies.

「Which reminds me… Haruto-sama, have you already been using intermediate level magic?」

「Hm? Why?」

「Not long ago, I saw the target at the training center, but from the looks of it, it was attacked with quite powerful magic.」

Tina must have seen the target that I used for training. I didn’t expect Tina to come back this quickly, and didn’t have time to hide the target.

「No, it’s the same Fire Lance as yesterday. I think it’s a little more powerful than yesterdays.」

「Is that so. Are you sure your body is fine?」

「Yep. I’m perfectly fine. Don’t worry about it.」

Tina didn’t pry about it too deeply. From now on, I’ll need to be careful about how I train also. Even if I tell Tina about the curse, I’m sure she will continue to support me. But I feel like it’s still too early to tell her everything.

I don’t even know that much about curses to begin with. I’ll do a little more research on my own.

I started thinking of ways to train without being found out.

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