Chapter 6

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The Magic Books and the Secret Magic Training

It has been half a month since I reincarnated into this world.

Every day I secretly practice magic, making sure Tina doesn’t find out. It is also a daily routine for me to break into my father’s study, and read the magic books stored there.

It’s not like I’ve been told not to enter his study, so it should be fine.

I’m not sure whether it’s some benefit from becoming a sage, or because I’ve been reincarnated, but for some reason I’m able to read the characters of this world.

The magic book in my father’s study is something I normally would never be able to comprehend if I was the ordinary 5-year-old Haruto, but because my occupation is that of a sage, I’m able to understand what’s written.

There were also several magic books written in a language I can’t read. Even in those books, there are a few characters I do understand, so by comparing them with words in other books, I am able to somewhat predict what is written.

The other day, the book I was able to read completely, was apparently considered to be extremely confusing in this world, being written in an ancient language.

I’m progressing!

Being able to feel myself actually progressing made me happy.

Thanks to the Evil God’s curse, my status is fixed. So no matter how much training I do, my status will never improve. However, when it comes to studying, I can expand my knowledge.

In the future, I plan on reading a book written in the Elven language. But regarding this, in my father’s study, there is only one book written in this, making it difficult to decipher.

It would be manageable if Tina, the Half-Elf who takes care of me, were to teach me, but in this world, it’s pretty abnormal for a child to be able to read Elven. Comparable to the ancient language, the Elven language is also fairly difficult for humans to be able to learn.

So I gave up on asking Tina for help.

Maybe when I get a bit older, I’ll tell Tina that I’m interested in learning her language and have her teach me. There are many other magic books in my father’s study, so it’s not like I need to force myself into reading Elven.

「Hmm. Which book should I read today?」

In the study, there are several hundreds of books. As of right now, all of these books are of great interest to me.

Among all these books, one of them caught my eye.

「This is so nostalgic… “The basis of magic” huh.」

I remember Tina reading this book to the 4-year-old Haruto. I was reincarnated into the 5-year-old Haruto’s body, but I still recollect all his past memories as if they were mine.

The Haruto at that time wasn’t able to read the characters in this book yet.

What about Haruto after being reincarnated as a sage?

「Yep. I can read it.」

The contents of the book were slightly difficult to comprehend, but I managed to finish reading it. The title of the book seems to suggest it’s a book on introductory magic, but it isn’t.

The basic knowledge of the configuration of the world’s magic. It was explained in great detail. Even as a sage, the content was difficult for me to understand.

Tina extracted the most important parts of the book, and was even able to make a 4-year-old understand the content. Once again, I feel Tina’s talent.

Thanks to her reading the contents of the book to me, the current me has the knowledge of the basis of magic.

If I had to guess, the difference in understanding this book and not will result in a huge difference in one’s magic in the future. That’s the degree of importance that the contents of this magic book held.

「This book is amazing. I wonder who in the world wrote it.」

Curious as to who the author is, I turn to the last page of the book.

At that moment I understood how that woman was able to easily summarize the contents of the book in a way that a 4-year-old could understand.

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