Chapter 7

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Editor: Weasalopes

First Monster Subjugation

「Tina! It went over there!!」
「Leave it to me.」

One month after I was reincarnated, I went to the forest near the mansion with Tina.

This is where I am going to do my first hunt.

The target is a monster. In this world, defeating monsters will raise your level and make you stronger.

A 5-year-old child from a normal household looking to defeat monsters to raise their level is rarely heard of. However, for generations, people from the Silverlay household have had a tradition. Once a child reaches the age of 5, they begin combat training, and after gaining a certain amount of strength, their training switches to subduing monsters instead.

When the Silverlay family’s domain is attacked by an overwhelming number of monsters, it is the Earl’s job――or in other words, my father’s job, to lead his private army to subjugate the monsters. This is what all of the successful heads of the families have done for generations. A weak person is not fit to be the head of the Silverlay house.

Even though I am the third son, it is still essential for me to be strong as I was born into the Silverlay family. Of course, it was customary to have a high-leveled knight watch over the child in training to prevent one from getting injured in training and to be accompanied by a magician who can use high-ranked healing spells in case of an emergency.

However, Tina is the only one to accompany me for my monster subjugation training. My dad decided that having Tina, who had greater combat ability than a high leveled knight, as well as high-ranking healing magic that surpassed great magicians, was more than enough.

I’ve been training with Tina using magic and swords for an exact month to this day, and I’m able to see plenty enough how amazing she is, resulting in me obediently following my father’s decision.

「Ice wall!」

Tina’s magic creates an ice wall that blocks the escape route for the monsters that were desperately trying to run away from me.

「Thank you, Tina!」

I joined up with Tina.

「Yes. Please make sure to be more careful. Even though it’s weak, it’s still a monster.」

「Ok, I understand.」

I turn to face and raise my hand towards the rabbit-shaped monster in front of me with a single horn on its forehead, the Horn Rabbit.

The Horn Rabbit seems to be trying to escape by destroying the ice wall in front of him, but Tina’s magic is too strong. Realizing that it can’t destroy the wall, it changes its body’s direction to dash away to the only available escape route, which is, right towards me.


Tina begins to worry about me, as she raises her voice.

But it’s ok.
My magic is ready.

「Fire Lance!」

An extremely thin spear of fire pierced the body of the Horn Rabbit, that was sprinting in my direction.

The Horn Rabbit died in one blow.

「With one blow…. That’s amazing Haruto-sama!」

「Thanks to Tina’s magic, it was left with no choice but to run right at me.」

「But still, being able to strike down a monster trying to sprint past you while being calm and collected is something that can’t be done easily ――Ha-Haruto-sama, are you okay!?」

I look down to realize my body can’t stop shaking.

It must be because I saw the blood spurt out of the immobile Horn Rabbit, which flowed to my feet like a stream. Although it was a monster, I realized that I had killed a living creature for the first time. Adding the 17 years of me living in my previous life, I had no experience of killing any animals directly.

「Tina I… oh the living creature I k――」

She strongly embraced trembling me.

「The Horn Rabbit is a weak monster. It does not directly harm humans, but because of its meat being delicious, many carnivorous monsters gather to eat them. If you do not subdue them periodically, they will begin to attract many stronger monsters.」

Tina is trying to justify my actions. I can understand what she is trying to say. I intended to understand. But in reality, my mind refuses to acknowledge everything that was said.

「This is the world you’re going to be living in, Haruto-sama.」

Tina, who has left my side, takes out a dismantling knife and approaches the horn rabbit. Many monsters in this world are edible. I have eaten Horn Rabbit meat several times before.

「That… I’ll do it.」

I thought that I couldn’t keep running away.

「So can you teach me how to dismantle it?」

「As you wish. Haruto-sama is very strong.」

I received the dismantling knife from Tina.


I held it a few times before during my training, but for some reason, it feels really heavy today.

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