Chapter 8

Translator: TSuki

Editor: Weasalopes

The person who waited for 100 years

Today, Haruto-sama defeated a monster for the first time.
With no more than one spell, he defeated the monster that was running at him.

Although I taught him the behavioral patterns of a Horn Rabbit in advance, one can only say it was a perfect shot. He seemed to remember me telling him that it could be used for food also, and the magic he used was devised to not damage the meat too much.

However, as expected, his mind seems to reject the act of taking a life. The old me used to act like that also…

For this reason, I was a little surprised when Haruto-sama said he would dismantle the monster himself. I hugged Haruto-sama with all my might after he finished dismantling the monster with his shaking hands.

He really did a great job.

Without a doubt, Haruto-sama will become a great magician.
He is a person who values the life of living things, and doesn’t run away when things get tough.

Apart from that, there is another reason why I think Haruto-sama will become a great magician.

The magic I cast to prevent the monster from running away, Ice Wall, was pierced by Haruto-sama’s spell, Fire Lance. A 5-year-old boy managed to completely break through the magic that I, who is level 250, cast.

I couldn’t believe it.

It’s not only that. Haruto-sama probably doesn’t notice, but the truth is, I continue to strengthen the defensive magic that protects the Training Center’s targets on a daily basis. If I don’t do that, it wouldn’t be able to withstand the magic that Haruto-sama uses during his training.

Even though I raise the durability of the training targets every day, Haruto-sama without change, continues to shoot magic until the target is tattered.

Haruto-sama is supposed to be a level 1 wizard apprentice.

Today, Haruto-sama defeated a monster. One Horn Rabbit should make him level up to approximately level 3. However, Haruto-sama became stronger on a daily basis before he even defeated the monster.

In this world where your status only rises from leveling up, Haruto-sama seems to ignore this rule as he doesn’t depend on his status──it’s as if Haruto-sama keeps getting stronger even if his stats don’t change.


After all, Haruto-sama may have gone through reincarnation?


….no. It’s too early for me to make that decision.

Supposing he really was reincarnated, he will probably tell me eventually.
Besides, there’s no rush for me to get an answer.

That’s because I ──

I’ve been waiting for him to come for over a hundred years.

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