Chapter 9

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Five years have passed since I was reincarnated. I’m turning 10 years old this year, but people would mistake me as a 15-16-year-old in my previous world due to my current physique.

I’ve grown considerably taller, and can now look down on Tina a little. Apparently, in this world, the human race grows faster than in my previous world.

This means that the body wears down later than usual. In other words, the adolescence period is longer. I think it’s wonderful that people get to be younger and stronger for a longer time.

Well, some elves live longer than a thousand years, and other races exist that have unimaginable lifespans, so it may be within the margin of error for having a little extra adolescence.

The story returns with me turning 10 years old this year, so I am set to enroll in Ifrus Magic Academy starting today. Ifrus Magic Academy is a school located within the Kingdom of Glendale, however, due to the academy grounds being so large, outsiders may mistake it as a city itself.

Many students come to study and research magic at this academy, not only domestically, but also from neighboring countries. Many of these students are seeking to become prominent sorcerers. It seems that 300 students are enrolling in the academy this year.

「It’s a little nerve-racking isn’t it?」
「Tina’s not even the one enrolling.」

Together with Tina, I walk under the main gate of Ifrus Magic Academy. Normally, all the students who enroll in the magic academy will have to live in a dormitory alone.

I was determined to try my best to live alone in a dormitory. In my previous world, during the time my parents weren’t around, I did the cooking and laundry all by myself, so I thought there would be no problems.

But, two days before admission, my father called me and gave me a random key. It was apparently the key for the mansion I would be living in that was specifically made on Ifrus Magic Academy’s grounds for my personal use. In addition, Tina will also accompany me to take care of me and manage the mansion.

The average student would never dream of being able to buy a part of the academy’s land to build a house. Of course, only students who enroll in the academy can attend. I was slightly underestimating the power the Earl had.

Who would have thought he would go this far…..

Also, the robe and cloak that I’m wearing right now are different from the average students walking nearby. So they understand my lineage, they differentiated the clothing so that people know I am a noble.

My robe has 3 lines in the collar, which represents that I am the son of an earl. This is meant to prevent ordinary students from accidentally insulting those of noble lineage.

「Is Haruto-sama not nervous at all?」

「Well, I’ve studied a lot, and above all, I’ve had an excellent teacher.」

「Fufufu, the student himself was also very excellent.」

For five years, Tina has taught me all sorts of knowledge and practical skills related to magic. I also secretly practiced magic on my own, making sure Tina didn’t find out.

From practicing on my own, there’s something I learned.

Due to the status fixed curse placed upon me, my mana never decreases, however, I can’t use magic that consumes more than 10 mana at a time no matter how much I struggle.

This is why I set my heart on learning all about low-ranked magic spells. I asked Tina about the tricks on activating spells at a high speed, and questions regarding the combination of certain types of magic.

There was a time when Tina got angry at me when I was using magic alone and it accidentally exploded.

There has been a lot that’s gone by, but for 5 years, I’ve been seriously training my magic skills, and am now able to use all the magical attributes that exist in this world.

Of course, only the lowest level magic of each attribute.

However, from the knowledge I’ve learned from Tina, the ability to use all types of magical attributes, and the influence that I have coming from the Earl’s family, I am quite confident in saying that I won’t be bullied at school.

I don’t want to use my parent’s influence as a shield to gain power over my classmates, but if necessary, I will use whatever I can to ensure that I have a comfortable school life.

Now, the start of a fun school life in a different world begins.


「Well then, I’ll be heading back to the mansion first.」
「OK, understood.」

After completing the procedure to enter the school grounds, I headed to the entrance ceremony venue and Tina headed back to the mansion. It’s not like Tina will always be following me.

During the times I’m taking classes, Tina will be on standby at the mansion. It’s been a while since I’ve been alone outside my home, and I’m a little excited.

While I was walking towards the building where the entrance ceremony was going to be held, I came across a female student being attacked by three male students who surrounded her.

There seemed to be quite a lot of students watching the situation unfold from the side.

「Watch where you’re walking. I’m in lots of pain thanks to you.」
「I’m s-sorry.」

The most aristocratic looking of them starts pressuring the female student. The girl seems like she’s about to cry.

「Do you even know who this is? This is the son of the one and only Baron Zoldi!」
「You don’t actually think you can just apologize and get away with it, right?」

The one who supposedly was the son of a baron had two people by his side. A slender male student wearing glasses and a plump and short male student. All 3 of these students were continuously berating the defenseless girl.

I called out to one of the male students that were watching from the side.

「Did that girl bump into those guys?」

「No, that guy in the middle purposely bumped into that girl.」

He said he watched the baron’s son run into the girl on purpose. The accused student was a petite, cute girl with beautiful sky-blue hair that stretched to her shoulders in the form of a ponytail.

Perhaps they’re trying to force the girl into their group by starting a quarrel. The female student isn’t in the wrong, and she’s cute as well.

It can’t be helped, I need to help her.
I started walking towards the female student.

「Wait, idiot, don’t go.」

The male student who previously told me the girl did nothing wrong tries to stop me. This guy is probably trying to look out for me.

I point to the three lines of the robe collar to show to the male student. He seemed to immediately understand the meaning of the three lines and his face turned blue.

Leaving that student’s side, I walk up to the girl student who is about to cry at any moment.

「Oh, do you have something you need from my companion?」

「Huh? Who are you?」

「No, who are you? That girl is my companion.」


The female student looks at me with a blank face. Of course, I don’t know anything about her either. Well, that doesn’t matter right now.

「Do you know who you are talking ──」
「Mr. Nard, this is probably the son of an earl. Let’s back down here.」

It looks like the one with the glasses noticed the 3 lines on the collar of my robe.

「Ah, If you’re willing to withdraw there’s no problem here. Personally, I don’t want to start a commotion. 」

The son of the baron clicks his tongue in displeasure.

「We’re leaving, guys.」

Glasses and the plump student followed the student called Nard as they left the scene.

「Are you ok? Such a disaster. Not all nobles are like that so don’t take offense to those like that.」

「Umm, you helped me right?」

「Yeah, was it too meddling?」

「Not at all, thank you very much. They surrounded me immediately and started yelling at me, it was extremely frightening.」

I felt relieved after helping the female student. There, the male student who was watching this exchange came up to us. The same student who I showed the three lines of my collar to.

「Uhh, I didn’t realize you were the Earl’s son. I apologize for my rudeness earlier, I am very sorry!」

He bent his body sharply and apologized. Of course, he was worried about me and that’s why he tried to stop me, so I won’t do anything to him. Rather, I wanted to get along with him.

Even though the male student didn’t do anything to help the female student who was tangled with the aristocrat named Nard, if he started laying his hand on her, I feel like he would have stood up and confronted him.

Seeing as he was ready to jump in if anything went overboard, I was convinced that he was a good guy.

「You know, I am the Earl’s son. So isn’t it a bit harsh to call me an idiot.」

「Y-yes! I’m terribly sorry!」

「No, I don’t need an apology; I want you to show it by your actions.」

「By my actions, you say?」


「Yes, become friends with me.」

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