Chapter 1

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Inside a temple, where a heavy, sickening black aura spread, there was a young man by the name of Saijo Haruto.

Standing in front of him was a man who introduced himself as an Evil God, as well as a little girl who seemed to be a follower of this man.  

「So what you’re trying to tell me is that you killed me in my world and now you want me to go reincarnate into the world you govern, correct?」


Haruto, who was at first confused about randomly appearing at a temple, was somewhat able to grasp the circumstances before him by listening to what the Evil God had to say. 

The Evil God said that he interfered with Haruto’s fate, causing him to die. Even though this Evil God was the cause of his death, Haruto couldn’t help but be polite to this god due to the hellishly-strong presence leaking out of the man in front of him.

「Was there even a meaning for you to kill me? If you’re a god, would it not have been possible for you to bring me here without killing me?」

Haruto died on the way home from school, being run over by a driver who fell asleep at the wheel. 

It seems that I teleported here as soon as I died, which would explain why I didn’t feel any pain, however, the fear I felt from the car racing towards me at full speed is still vivid in my mind. Thinking about it too much will leave me traumatized.

「To bring someone like you into this world, it’s necessary for me to use the negative energy one emits when they’re on the verge of death in fear and despair.」

Normally, only the Creator can summon humans from other worlds and have the power to reincarnate them. However, using the energy from the Kingdom of the Gods and the energy from the other worlders themselves, the Evil God is able to reincarnate people. 

「I guess I really did die then, didn’t I……」

Currently, Haruto’s body was transparent. 

The body seems to be similar to one of a ghost. 

In a situation where a person gets summoned, they can bring their entire body over to this world. However, if a person were to get reincarnated, their body is left in the original world and only the soul is brought to this world. 

The reincarnation process is completed when a god prepares a suitable body for the reincarnated person’s soul to rest in.

Looking at his translucent body, Haruto felt closer to death.

However, he was not in despair.

The Evil God told Haruto that he would be able to reincarnate, so he will be able to live out his 2nd life that was granted to him.

It’s not like he was unsatisfied with his previous life, or had no dreams that he wished to pursue, but he always wanted to see what it was like to reincarnate into another world. 

「Umm…… since I’m going to be reincarnated, I’m going to be getting some skill or something right?」

In Haruto’s previous world, he read a lot of reincarnation based web novels. This resulted in Haruto anticipating the development of what was to come.

That’s right, a cheat-class ability that can be obtained from God.

Brute strength that can easily overwhelm any monster!

Unrivaled magic with an unlimited mana pool!

Extraordinary defence that can take on any attack without the user flinching. 

A blacksmith skill that lets the user make swords that defeat the enemy in one strike.

Any of these abilities would make any person dance in joy.

Haruto could think of many things to do with those abilities. 

Such as single-handedly facing off against a large army and turning the hopeless situation into his favor.

Or something like hiding his abilities, but when push comes to shove, he would say the catchphrase “yare yare” before overwhelming his enemy. 

Or maybe even saving a beautiful girl from a crisis and ending up getting intimately close with her…..

To respond to Haruto’s desire, the Evil God opened his mouth.

「That is correct. I have something to personally give you.」

「Here it comes! Is it a skill? A special ability? Or maybe it’s a cheat-like status? Well, whatever the ability is, I’ll make sure to put it to good use.」

Even if I were to get a garbage skill that most people would think is unusable, depending on how one uses it in the new world, it can be unparalleled.

I know this because, when I was alive, I read a web novel where the protagonist who was reincarnated in the new world used various methods to make his abilities shine in the new world, resulting in the protagonist being unparalleled.

And, Haruto was also reincarnated. 

Which means, I am the protagonist of this new world.

That is what I was thinking….

However, Haruto was forgetting about something.

The person who was about to reincarnate him wasn’t a Creator God or a Goddess, the ones he would normally read about, but instead, an Evil God. 

While watching Haruto innocently raising the tension, the Evil God opens his mouth.

The Evil God was laughing, but his eyes were not. A wicked gleam lurked in his eyes. 

「The thing I am about to give you…… is a curse.」


Not understanding what the Evil God said, Haruto’s thoughts stopped.

「Someone like you accomplishing feats in our world….. well, something like that would be a little troublesome you see. That is why I am going to have the “Status Anchor” curse placed on you.」

「W-w-why a curse!? Also, what in the world does status anchor mean!?!?」

「The meaning is exactly what it sounds like. After this, you’re going to be going to a world where defeating monsters will level you up and make you stronger. However, because of my curse, you will never level up no matter how many monsters you defeat.」

「Huh???? Stop telling me this bullshit! Why would you do something like that?」

Haruto tries to push closer to the Evil God, but the closer he gets, the more sluggish his movements get. Even though his thoughts are functioning normally, his body just won’t move the way it wants.

「Regarding this room, someone as insignificant as you would never be able to get close to someone like me. Well then, let’s have you reincarnate to our world.」

「H-hey, wait a minute!」

As the Evil god points his finger at Haruto, Haruto’s body begins crumbling like sand.

「At least tell me a bit more abou—.」

Before Haruto could finish his sentence, he disappeared from the room and was reincarnated by the Evil God.

At that same time, the Evil God was placing a curse on Haruto’s soul.

Using massive amounts of divine energy from the Kingdom of the Gods, as well as pouring a majority of his own energy into the curse, he was able to create a super-powerful curse that once placed, not even the Creator can interfere with it, let alone the Evil God himself.

「With this, it seems that we can now stabilize our power and grow our forces.」

The shikigami, who was silently watching the interaction between Haruto and the Evil God quietly from the side, says to him.

 「Indeed. By reincarnating and cursing him, we were able to use up a considerable amount of God Energy stored in this Kingdom. If possible, I would’ve liked to make his occupation a slave or something, however, because the old geezer added some holy rules, he got automatically placed into a “third-tier occupation”.」

「A third-tier occupation combined with a fixed status, he will never be able to gain the strength to defeat a demon king. Who knows? Maybe he’ll even lose to a low leveled monster. We don’t need to worry about someone like that anymore.」

「That’s right.」

Saying so, the Evil God crumbled into the chair in the corner of the temple. You could see his face colored with fatigue. 

「I used up a considerable amount of my power…… for the time being I’m going to take a break. I’ll leave the rest to you.」


The Evil God falls into a deep slumber.

A curse applied to Haruto that can’t even be undone by the Evil God himself.

As well as Haruto’s occupation becoming a “sage” by chance. 

In addition, the Evil God made a mistake when applying the curse.

These miraculous circumstances all added together will bring great luck to Haruto. On the contrary, these circumstances will be the reason the Evil God gets into a huge predicament.

It will be at a later date that the Evil God notices it.

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