Level 1 Strongest Sage Chapter 29

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Editor: Weasalopes

Mei’s past.

We managed to escape the fire.

It was Haruto-sama who saved us.

Yes, Haruto-sama.

My heart couldn’t stop beating from the moment Haruto-sama formed a magic circle to summon Undine-sama. It was the purest water-attribute magic I’ve ever felt.

Ever since I felt it at close range, I couldn’t help but be attracted to Haruto-sama’s magic power.

I wonder if Mai felt like this too?

Now I can painfully understand Mai’s feelings for insisting on signing a contract with Haruto-sama even if it means breaking up with me.

Still, Haruto-sama is definitely a good person.

He gently cared for Rifa-san, who was unconscious, and Merdi-san, who was lying on the ground after she had run out of energy.

The two of them seemed to have recovered safely.

Thank goodness.

Besides, Haruto-sama’s words and actions were very polite to Yoko-san, who said she was under a master-servant contract! Not only can he use water magic to the point that I’m attracted to it, he also seems to be very kind.

He also has Undine’s approval.

As a contractor, I can’t think of any other contractor that was this incredible. I’d like to apply for a contract immediately, but as expected, I’m too embarrassed to be in my true form in front of everyone, so I’ll just have to be patient.


It reminds me of a little bit of the past.

Mai had yet to sign up with anyone, and I’ve only signed up with one person in the past. And he was not a good person.

When it became possible for me to transform, he forced me to humanize so he could assault me.

Fortunately, my father who had realized this helped me and gave him a severe punishment.

Because of this early experience, ever since I’ve been reluctant to make a contract.

My father didn’t blame me for this and told me that I didn’t have to leave the spirit world until Mai and I had gained some strength.

By nature, spirits grow by making a contract with humans and sharing their magical power with them. It took a very long time for we who never left the spirit world to grow up.

We finally came to the human world once we had gained the power to dismiss orders from our contractors at will.

However, if we are summoned like ordinary spirits to make a contract with a human, we wouldn’t know what kind of personality the human had until after the contract was completed.

Therefore, with the help of Father, we became able to manifest in the human world, and while living in the human world we would search for someone suitable to be our contractor.

No way, I didn’t think that we could find such a contractor candidate in the first year of our manifestation.

I’m not going to let you get away, Haruto!

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