Level 1 Strongest Sage Chapter 30

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Contract with the Spirit Sisters

『Haruto-san, may we have a moment of your time?』

As I was relaxing back at the school, Mai and Mei spoke to me. Their voices were still perfectly synchronized.

Tina had gone to report to the headmaster about the strange events in the Steel Forest, and Yoko was taking a nap in the school grounds, so I was on my way to the classroom by myself.

「Okay, what do you need?」

Before I knew it, not only Mai, but even Mei had started calling me by my nickname.

What in the world was going on?

I wanted to be somewhere more private, so I came with both of them to our class training center.

Is it a confession?
And both of them at the same time!?

I was a little nervous as I followed Mai and Mei into the training center. In the middle of the training center, they stopped and turned towards me.

Then they started taking off their clothes.

「What!? What are you doing!?」

Ignoring my reaction, they were removing their clothes bit by bit. When Mai and Mei were down to their underwear, their bodies changed.

Mai turned into flames, Mei into water.

『Haruto-sama, this is our true form.』


I knew that Mai and Mei were spirits, but I was impressed when I saw their spirit forms. They had a different kind of beauty from Undine’s.

I felt somewhat immoral about it, that I was seeing my classmates naked.


「Yes, what is it?」

『Would you please become our contractor?』

「Ah~, because Undine vouched for me?」

「There’s that as well.」

「We, the two of us.」

『I’ve fallen in love with Haruto-sama’s magic power.』

Oh, a true confession!
So, they’re fans of my magic power…

Well, I already have Tina.
She doesn’t have to like me.
Really, I’m not that strong?

Yoko is for petting.
MofuMofu charge.

My goal is to become as strong as a Hero so I can protect Tina. Your strength won’t decrease from contracting with spirits.

Mai and Mei can manifest themselves in the human world without a contract, and they’re also skilled in handling magic to the point that they can transform into humans.They aren’t weak at all.

And they’re both cute.
There’s no reason to refuse Mai and Mei’s request.

「By all means, I want you to be my spirits. Thank you, both of you.」


It’s hard to read a spirit’s expression, but I can see they were really happy.

『Thank you! We hope we can work together!』

「Yes, I’ll be in your care.」

『Then! Excuse us!』


Suddenly, they kissed me on my cheeks.
Mai to my right cheek, and Mei to my left.

They felt soft.
I want them to take turns, if possible.

I can’t enjoy them properly if they are at the same time.


As I was thinking this, Mai and Mei’s bodies dissipated.

The contract was completed and they returned to the spirit world.

When a contract is made in the human world, the spirit returns to the spirit world once more. Then the contractor, the human, summons the spirit to our world again so that it can manifest itself.

I want them to enjoy their school life more, even though they signed a contract with me. I’m going to prepare a magic circle for Mai and Mei to manifest in our world.

I poured a lot of magical power to form a summoning circle so that the two could manifest themselves here for a long time. That’s why an ordinary summoning magic circle isn’t going to cut it. With only ten in our class, it’d be lonely if it got any smaller.

To summon Undine all day long, I used a magic circle of about 1000 characters. A year in this world has about three hundred days.

Calculating from that, the number of characters that could make either Mai or Mei manifest for at least one year would be three hundred times one thousand, which is three hundred thousand characters.

Roughly six hundred thousand characters for the two of them.

As a little extra, I prepared a magic circle with a million characters – about ten million magic power was poured into it.

If I can transfer this much magic to the two of them, they should be able to stay in our world for a long time.

Now, the two of them are waiting.
I’ll summon them both.

I imagined their attributes, fire and water, and activated my magic circle.

…Now what should I do with the chant?

If possible, I’d like to summon them both together. Come to think of it, I also felt a little aura of light from Mai and Mei.


「Lightning Lance!」

I chanted a light-attribute elementary magic.


Suddenly, the magic circle shone brightly..

「Who dares to call me forth by force!?!」

A shining, big man appeared.
Holding a dazzling glowing spear in his hand.

「Uh… who are you?」

「I am the Star Spirit King, chief of all the spirits on this planet.」

It seems like I’ve summoned a completely different person.

「I’m sorry, sir, but I’m working on something. Can you send me back right now?」

「What? Can’t you go back by yourself?」

「You summoned me by force, didn’t you!? I’m surprised there are still people in this world who can summon me, but I never thought I’d see the day when I’d be forced to respond… but now I’m more concerned for my daughters. Please, let me go home.」

Somehow, I was bowed down to by a very powerful spirit. I summoned him by mistake, so I was the one at fault here.

「I understand. I’ll return you right away. I’m sorry for forcing you to come here.」

I sent the glowing old man back to the spirit world.

As he left, the old man bowed his head many times.

Hmm, I really shouldn’t be reckless after all.

Let’s properly summon them one by one.

I’ll choose Mai first.

I built a magic circle in the same way as before.

This time, I kept it to about 500,000 characters. Then, I pictured Mai’s figure clearly.

「Fire Lance!」

With a chant, the magic circle shone brilliantly. Flames rose up from the magic circle, and Mai, with her spirit form, appeared from within it.

For some reason, Mai seems to be growing a little.

Suddenly, the magic circle began to shine once again.

A pillar of light extended from the magic circle towards the sky, and someone came out of the light.

「You, who desires to make a contract with the Fire Spirit Mai! First, show me the power of… hmm?」

It was that shiny old man from earlier.

It seems that you need to defeat the old man in order to make a contract with Mai and her sister. I needed to defeat it, but to begin with, I already summoned the old man a while ago.

In other words, this shiny old man is subject to my orders.

So ──

「So all I have to do is show my strength. Okay, I’ll have you kneel…」

「Wait, wait, wait, wait!」

The old man approached me with great speed, grabbed me by the arm and flew into a different space.


「What are you doing?」

I was in the space between the human world and the spirit world, accompanied by an old man.

「What are you doing is my line! Why did you make me kneel before my daughter all of a sudden, my lord? Isn’t that terrible!?」

What? This guy is Mai’s father?

「What? That’s because you asked me to show strength…」

Being able to move the spirits to do what you want is proof that they have given in. That’s why I tried to order the old man to kneel to me.

「Well, that’s because I didn’t know that my daughter’s summoner was you, so…」

「Am I not worthy of being Mai and Mei’s contractor?」

「No, no, no, no! Not at all, you’re more than capable of being my daughters’ contractor. But, you know what?」

「Do you have any conditions?」

「Uh, umu. Yes, yes, those are my favorite girls. Will you promise me that you won’t be too mean to them? If you’re going to fight a demon king, just use me. So, please just do that.」

I was brought down on my knees. I understand that a father wants to take care of his daughter. And I don’t want to push Mai and Mei too hard.

「Okay. I promise to keep them out of harm’s way. But I don’t know if I’ll always be able to protect them. When the time comes, I’ll ask for your help, okay?

「Yeah, no problem. You can call me anytime.」

Afterwards, I returned to the human world and summoned Mai as well.

That’s how I finished my contract with Mai and Mei, including the shiny old man.

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