Level 1 Strongest Sage Chapter 31

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The Star-Spirit King

I am the Star Spirit King, the head of all the spirits on this planet.

And my daughters, who are too pretty to need to be bothered by my eyes, were now looking for a contractor in the human world.

I don’t think they need to do this just yet, but my wife says that they will always be looking for a contractor.

When my daughters developed sufficient strength to refuse human commands by force of will, I was instructed by my wife to allow them both to appear in the human world.

I still worry about them.

But I can’t watch over them all the time.

The spirits’ problems keep me busy.

That’s why I only check on my daughters from time to time. But my wife was angry with me, telling me to trust them more and leave them alone.

You can’t blame me for worrying about it!

In the meantime, the girls were able to enter the magical academy in the human world. I asked a friend of mine to assist with the enrollment process and to help them if they were in trouble.

My acquaintance promised to hire the most trustworthy of his men to be the teacher of my daughters. It reassured me, so uch that I let my surveillance lapse, which wasn’t good.

Within a year, my daughters came back.

Did they come back because they were lonely? That was what I thought at first.

But when I talked to them, it seems like they’ve already found a contractor and completed the deal.

…Isn’t it too soon? Are they really okay?

My daughters are still young. Perhaps they signed the contract because they were attracted to their strong magic power, without knowing their true nature?

I have to investigate the two contractors.

If I see anything slightly wrong, I will burn them to cinders. Thinking thusly, I prepared to search on my daughters’ behalf.


Suddenly, I was forcibly drawn to the other world.

This is a forced summoning!

There should be no human being who can summon me, the King of all Spirits.

It is only when a Demon King reigns and plunges the world into despair, or when the world is about to collapse due to an abnormality of the world tree, that a large number of humans will have a strong desire to live, this desire providing the power needed for me to manifest in the human world.

The human world is mostly at peace now.

There is no way they can summon me.

Moreover, what is calling me now is a forced summoning.

A forced summoning is a magic that forcibly manifests a spirit in the human world without regard to their will. It requires ten times more magical power than a normal summons.

Who exactly summoned me and how!?

──While I was thinking about that, I arrived at the summoning destination.


「Who is the one who forcibly summoned me.」

「Um…you are?」

There was a boy standing in front of me. He looked about the same age as my daughters in their manifested forms.

「I am the Star Spirit King, the ruler of all the spirits on this planet.」

I answered the boy’s question normally.

Is it possible that this boy was the one who called me?

And all by himself?

I tried to ask what it meant, but my body didn’t move according to my will.

There’s no doubt about it.

I’m under the control of this boy now.

Which means that this boy has really summoned me. I have many things to worry about, like how he did it, but this is not a good time.

My daughters’ contractors have been chosen.

Before my daughters are summoned by their contractors, I have to return to the spirit world so I can travel with them.

「I’m sorry, sir, but I’m working on something else. Can you send me back?」

「What? Can’t you return yourself?」

「You summoned me by force, didn’t you! I’m surprised there are still people who can summon me, but I never thought I’d see the day when I’d be forced to do so… but now I’m more concerned about my daughters.. Please, let me return home.」

I bowed to the boy. I hadn’t bowed to a human since I became the Star Spirit King.

But, to bow before this boy, for the sake of my daughters, wasn’t difficult at all.

「I understand. I’ll return you right away. I’m sorry for forcing you to come here」

The boy immediately sent me back to the spirit world.


「That boy was a good person. His magic power was pure, I hope my daughters’ contractor is just like him.」

I muttered as I came back to the spirit world.

No, I must go to my daughters now!


「Mai, Mei, welcome home.」

『Father, I’m home!』

Thank goodness I’m in time.

I guess my daughters hadn’t been summoned yet.

「Haruto, will he summon us?」

「We’ll be fine.」

They’ll be here for a while when they get back to the city after they’ve signed a contract, and then they just need to be summoned by the contractor.

「Your contractor is called Haruto?」

『Yeah! He’s incredibly strong.』

「But seeing as he didn’t re-summon you both immediately after signing a contract, shouldn’t he not have that much magic power?」

「That can’t be true for Haruto-san!」

「Something must have happened!」

Umu, the girls really have Haruto’s back.

In the meantime, Mai’s body began to glow. It seems like she will be summoned to the human world.

「I guess Mai will have to go first.」

「Yeah, I’ll go ahead! I’ll ask Haruto to have Mei summoned immediately as well.」

「Alright── Wait, Father what are you doing!?」

「I will go before you. I’m going to see what kind of person this Haruto is.」

I forcibly interrupted Mai’s summons and tried to manifest myself to the contractor. With my power, it was simple.

I touched the summoner’s magic as I appeared.

It’s a very comfortable magic.

But it’s one thing to leave my daughter in charge. If I find even the slightest flaw, I’ll have to break the contract!

Let’s see if I can intimidate him first.

「You want to sign a contract with Fire Spirit Mai? First, show me the power of… hmm?」

That’s funny, because the boy in front of me was the one who summoned me by force earlier.

「So all I have to do is show my strength. Okay, I’ll have you kneel…」

「Wait, wait, wait, wait!」

My body moved immediately as the boy uttered his words. There was no way I could kneel to a human in front of my daughter.

I am the Star Spirit King!

I managed to endure by pure willpower and moved the boy to the space between the spirit world and humans.


「What are you doing?」

The boy is a little upset.

But I’ll have my say.

「What are you doing is my line! Why did you make me kneel before my daughter all of a sudden, my lord? Isn’t that terrible!」

「What? That’s because you asked me to show strength.」

「Well, that’s because I didn’t know that my daughter’s summoner was you, so…」

In the first place, you can’t simply ask someone who can summon me alone to show me some kind of power.

If their control wasn’t good enough, it meant that the planet was going to die.

「Am I not worthy enough of being Mai and Mei’s contractor?」

「No, no, no, no! Not at all, you’re more than capable of being my daughters’ contractor. But, you know what?」

「Do you have any conditions?」

Having been summoned by force, I am, by nature, in no position to negotiate with the boy.

I had no choice but to quietly accept any order. But I had to protect my girls at all costs.

I would do anything to protect them.

So I begged the boy to cherish my daughters, to cherish them with all his heart.

The boy gladly agreed, and asked that I do him a favor. He told me that when the need arose, he would ask for my help.

Thus, I, as the Star Spirit King, formally signed a contract with Lord Haruto.


After that, I had some business to attend to, so I returned to the spirit world by myself. Almost at the same time as my return, a large amount of magical power flowed into me.

I could sense his intentions via the connection created by the contract with Lord Haruto.

「It’s hard to accumulate enough magic power to summon you on the spur of the moment, so I’ll give you some of it first.」

In the empty throne room, my murmurings echoed.

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