Level 1 Strongest Sage Chapter 32

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Interview with the Headmaster

I have contracted with Mai and Mei and re-summoned them both.

When I summoned them, I gave them enough magic power for long-term manifestation through the magic circle, so there shouldn’t be any problems for a while.

Maybe it’s because I gave them a large amount of magical power at once, but they seemed to be happy to see me, so I guess it’s a good thing.

In order to get to class, I had Mai and Mei manifest themselves, and it seems like their appearance has matured a little. Mainly the size of Mei’s breasts…

Mai had grown a little taller, but her breasts didn’t seem to have grown. It bothered me a little that Mai was looking at Mei’s breasts with resentment.

However, with this, it was now possible to distinguish between the two of them who looked identical when they were manifested. The downside is that I have to glance at their breasts every time.

Then I headed to class.


I made it to my classroom, but my afternoon class was canceled.

Tina reported to the Academy about the strange events in the forest, and apparently an emergency meeting of the teachers was held.

And I was called in by the Headmaster of the school.


「So you’re Haruto, my grandson has told me about you. Thank you for being a good friend to Luke.」

When Tina took me into the Headmaster’s office, a kind-looking old man with white hair and a white beard asked me to shake his hand.

This man is Luke’s grandfather, the Head of this magical Academy, the Sage Luano-Vel-Iflus.

「No, Luke is the one who’s been good to me.」

I shook hands with the Headmaster Luano.

「Hmm, the amount of magic you have isn’t that much – isn’t it more like level 1?」

It seems like he’s noticed the amount of magic I have. It’s understandable. The other party is a genuine Sage after all .

「Pardon me, I heard that you defeated a bunch of mahonomes and demons, so I was a bit curious.」

「I can’t forgive you, even if you’re the Headmaster of the school, prying into Haruto-san without permission is unacceptable.」

Tina got angry at him.

「Tina-sensei, it’s okay. They’ll find out at some point anyway.」

It’s time for me to tell Tina about the curse as well. If the Head of this school is a Sage like me, then I think it’s okay to talk about the curse.

「I’m going to tell you about my identity. If possible, I’d appreciate it if you don’t tell anyone else what you’ve heard here…」

「Hm, I promise I won’t divulge what I hear to anyone. But Ifrus Magical Academy appreciates diversity to begin with. If you don’t want to talk about it, then you don’t have to, okay?」

The Headmaster told me that I can keep my identity hidden. In this school, even the beast race, dragonoids and spirit race are students.

Naturally, there are those who entered the school while hiding their identities. For example, the demon, Yoko.

But the Headmaster will accept those people as well.

It’s a good idea to make sure that you’re not going to have to worry about the fact that you’re not going to be able to get a lot of money out of it.

And when the students of this school are about to stray from the path, Sage Luano has the power to deal with it.

When I shook his hand, he explored my magic power, but I actually sensed the Headmaster’s magic power as well.

It was the most magical and refined magic power I’ve ever felt. Maybe if Yoko had tried to take over this Academy, she would have failed.

Luke said that Tina was stronger than the Head of the school, but if they were to fight with magic alone, the Head of the school would win. Ugh. That’s how powerful the Headmaster’s magical power was.

It’s precisely because the Headmaster is like this that I was motivated to talk about the curse.


「Status open.」

I opened the Status Board and showed it to Tina and Headmaster Luano.



Name: Haruto-Vi-Silverlay

Race: Human

Blessing: None. 〘Fixed〙

Occupation: Sage (level 1) 〘Fixed〙

Physical Power: 30/30 〘Fixed〙

Magic Power: 10/10 〘Fixed〙

Physical Attack Power: 10 〘Fixed〙

Magic Attack Power: 10 〘Fixed〙

Defense Power: 10 〘Fixed〙

Agility: 10 〘Fixed〙

Dexterity: 10 〘Fixed〙

Skill: None. 〘Fixed〙

State: Curse (fixed status) 〘Fixed〙


「Level one? What do you mean, level one?」

「A fixed-status curse… I’ve never seen a curse like this before in my life.」

The two of them are staring at my Status Board.

「I am a transmigrator from another world.」

「Well, since you are a reincarnate, you must be a Sage by profession.」

The Headmaster knew that the occupations of the heroes from other worlds would be fixed at the tertiary level.

「Yes. And it’s because of the Evil God that they are level 1. During the reincarnation, the Evil God put a curse on me and this is what happened.」

「The Evil God, the source of creating Demon Kings and spreading fear and despair in the world… so really does exist.」

「Tina, do you believe me?」

「I believe you, Haruto-sama. Besides, I see your status right in front of me.」

I was glad that Tina believed me. The word “Evil God” was nowhere to be found on the Status Board, so I have no choice but to rely on them believing my words about being cursed.

「But why would the Evil God put a status fixing curse on you?」

「I couldn’t get the details on why. But I think he doesn’t want me to play an active role in this world…」

「I’d say you’re pretty active already by taking down a bunch of mahonomes and demons by yourself.」

「I think so, too.」

「I think it was a mistake on the Evil God’s part.」

「A mistake by the Evil God?」

「What do you mean by that?」

「First, look at this. Firelance!」

I showed the Status Board to both of them and made the spear of fire appear in my hand.

「This, this is…」

「His magic hasn’t diminished at all!」

「That’s right, no matter how much magic I do, my magic doesn’t decrease at all.」

「This is how the curse works?」

I also thought at first that the maximum status value would be fixed. But this curse seems to fix the status itself. I think the Evil God may have mistaken it for a curse that fixes the maximum status value.

「No, I see… but wait a minute. I understand that your magic power is infinite, but what about the attack power that lets you take down a mahonome? Your magic attack power should be fixed at 10, right?」

「’m shooting a lot of magic with less than 10 magic power. The rest of the time I’m using magic combinations to increase the power.」

「Well, I suppose that’s possible.」

「And that’s the power that…」

What Tina was probably referring to was the time we destroyed the Training Center’s walls.

「When I broke down the Training Center, I fired a spell that was the equivalent of a 100,000 fire lances.」

「Ju, 100,000!?」

「You did a great job deflecting that kind of magic. Thank you again, Tina-sensei.」

「…No, even if I was told to do the same thing again, I would never be able to do it more than once.」

The only reason Tina was able to prevent my magic was because of the otherworldly hero’s magic tool.

「Anyway, I’m well aware that Haruto is not normal. So it’s no wonder if you say you’re a reincarnated person. So I ask, please don’t go out of control.」

「I’ll be careful, sir.」

Afterwards, the Headmaster promised to support me as much as possible in my stay at the school.

Rather than for my sake, he said that it was more to prevent me from acting strangely and putting the school in danger.

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