Level 1 Strongest Sage Chapter 33

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Magic Limitations

After the conversation with the Headmaster, I headed toward the mansion accompanied by Tina.

「I’m sorry for keeping silent for so long…about the curse, Tina..」

I couldn’t look at her walking beside me, so I apologized as we went along. I was afraid of Tina’s reaction.

「I’m not angry, I’m not.」


「Yes, but I wish you had believed in me more.」

Tina stopped and looked a bit down. She’s not angry, but felt desolated that she hadn’t been trusted.

「I’ve always said that I’m on Haruto-san’s side, no matter what.」

「Um, yeah… Sorry.」

「From now on, rely upon me more than ever.」

「Okay, I will.」

Tina held out her hand.
I take her hand and start walking.


「Haruto-san can already use a level of magic that I can’t deflect, but you want more strength, yes?」

「Yes. As I said before, I want to be the one who can protect Tina. I want to be stronger than a guardian hero. I want to be strong enough to protect this world.」

「Then I’ll be happy to help you with that!」

「Thanks, Tina.」

「Yes. In order to help you, I would like you to tell me a little more about Haruto-san’s situation.」

「Yes, of course..」

I had explained to Tina and Headmaster Luano that I am a reincarnation, that I am cursed by the Evil God and my status is fixed at level 1, and that my magic power is practically infinite and I am simultaneously activating multiple lowest level magic to increase my attack power.

Was there anything else that I hadn’t told her?

「Haruto-san’s magic power is also fixed at 10, which is his level 1 status, right?」

「Yes, indeed.」

「You mentioned combining the lowest level of magic to make it more powerful, but can you use lower level magic that consumes magic power of 10 or less?」

「I can’t use it. I don’t know why, but I can only use the lowest level of magic.」

In this world, there is the lowest level magic that consumes 2 magic power, the lower level magic that consumes 3 to 29 magic power per shot, and the intermediate level magic that consumes 30 to 99 magic power, etc. The magic that consumes more than 100 magic power is called advanced magic, and the ultimate magic like Ultima Thunder that Luke was using consumes 500 magic power per shot.

Incidentally, there is a minimum amount of magic power required to activate a spell, and as long as you put in at least the minimum amount of magic power, the spell will be activated. There are some conditions such as chanting and being able to imagine the magic.

I have a magical power of 10 and it is 〘Fixed〙, so I thought that it could be used if the amount of magic power consumed was 10 or less, even among lower-level magic, and I have tried to use it many times. Whether the magic power consumption is 2 or 10, the speed at which I release the magic power does not change. Therefore, it is more powerful to shoot 1000 fire blasts, which is a lower magic with 10 magic power consumption, than to shoot 1000 fire lances of the lowest magic.

But I couldn’t do that.

To be precise, the fact that I can’t do it means that the magic won’t work even if I chant it. It is possible to use magic that mimics Fireblast if I use several times the magic power than I would normally need while chanting 『Firelance!』


「 Is that so…」

「My thinking is, that it’s the result of my simultaneously becoming a Sage and having my status 〘Fixed〙.」

A Sage can use magic of all attributes. That’s why I can use the lowest level of magic of all attributes now. But originally, becoming a Sage is a profession change that comes after being a wizard or a mage. As an apprentice wizard, the only fire magic available was fire lance. But when you become a wizard, you can use fireblast.

I became a Sage instantly, so I can’t use the lower level magic that I would have learned — that was my thinking¹.

But as long as I can envision the effect of the magic, I can imitate any magic now. So it’s not significant that I can’t use lower level magic.


「This means, for Haruto-san to become stronger in the future, the challenge is the duplication of magic or the increase in casting speed.」

「That sounds like it.」

As expected of Tina.
She understood what I was thinking right away.

「Understood! The overlapping deployment is my domain as a magic swordsman, so you can rely on me. For high-speed activation of magic, let’s consult with the Headmaster.」

「Yes, thank you.」

I can see what needs to be done.
Tina’s face cleared up.

I was afraid of what would happen, but I’m glad to have told Tina about the status〘Fixed〙. Now that I no longer have anything to hide, my depression has been eased and my body feels lighter.

Editor’s Note:

  1. Normally, Sage is a job classification that you change over to after having advanced a number of levels in one of a couple of other classes; before becoming a level 1 Sage, you first became a higher level Wizard or Mage…and as a result have access to the spells that they would have learned at levels higher than level 1 in those jobs.
    Haruto didn’t do that; he was shoved into the Sage class even though he didn’t have the proper qualifications by the Evil God…so he never learned the spells available at a level above level 1.
    With his 〘Fixed〙 status, he isn’t able to learn anything beyond what is available to a level 1 character, that he should have progressed beyond level 1 in a different job class prior to becoming a Sage being irrelevant since he didn’t actually do so.
    It’s like he skipped a grade in school; he didn’t actually experience being in that grade, didn’t learn the materials covered alongside everyone else…and as a result there can be gaps in his knowledge.
    Only here, those gaps are permanent, remedial study won’t make a difference.

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