Level 1 Strongest Sage Chapter 34

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My family is growing (Mai & Mei)

「Haruto-san, what is this?」

Tina is angry.
Although her expression didn’t show it, her magic power was overflowing with anger.

「No, no! It was their idea!」

After my meeting with the headmaster, I came back to the mansion and took a bath. Alone, of course.

It was a real battle in the Steel Forest in the morning, so I wasn’t moving much, but I was worried about the dirt, so I wanted to wash my body ASAP.

I was washing up and relaxing in the bathtub when Yoko came in.

It’s a bath, so naturally I’m completely naked.

When I was surprised, Mai and Mei appeared, having used a summoning circle of their own accord. It seems that they sensed that I was in imminent danger.

The place they appeared was in a bathroom, and although I was immersed in a bathtub, I was still naked, so they blushed.

── Suddenly both of them started to take off their clothes.

I asked them what they were doing, but they insisted that they were going to take a bath with me.

What, is it such a big deal?

No, I’m glad to be in the bath with three beautiful girls…


The worst happened. The bathroom door opened with a bang and Tina appeared.

It was noisy in the bathroom where I was supposed to be taking a bath by myself, so she was worried that something was wrong and came to check on me.

Tina saw me in the bath surrounded by Yoko, Mai and Mei. No wonder Tina was so angry.

「It’s not what you’re thinking!」

Yes, I’m not cheating or anything.

「What’s the difference? Not only Yoko-san, but you also brought in Mai and Mei before I knew it.」

Tina asks me with a smile.
That smile is scary.

Yoko, Mai and Mei are pressured by the intense magic atmosphere that overflows from Tina. Then they come to me as if to use me as a shield.

Oh, this is…….good!

The three of them, their smooth skin and soft things touching my body.

Without intending it, my cheeks relaxed.

Tina’s magic became more redoubtable in response.

Seriously, this is … dangerous.

The chairs and tubs in the bathroom were shaking under Tina’s magic. I had to resolve this now.


「Will you join us, Tina?」

I invited Tina.


Tina froze with a small voice. And the ears peeking out of her short hair turned red at an amazing rate.

「Ah, I’m good! Please take your time!」

Closing the door with a loud bang, Tina left.

She was able to sleep in bed with me, but it was impossible to take a bath together?

I remembered the other day, when I was sleeping with Yoko, and called Tina and she eagerly joined them.


「My Lord is a charaman.」¹

Yoko gave me a cold look.


「I may be young as a nine-tailed fox, but I still have the body to make a man fall in love with me. Mai and Mei are also quite attractive. Even when you’re surrounded by the three of us, inviting Tina in addition, what else can we call you but a charaman?」

No, of course it’s not good, right?
The three of them are so cute.

If I got in the bath with those three girls, of course I would react, right?

But I had mastered the art of being able to completely control my body with my magic power. It also allows me to control physiological phenomena to some extent.

My heart has been in full control of my magic power since the naked Yoko walked in.

「I’m not chara. I’m a gentleman. I even invited Tina to join us for a bath, just so we could all get along.」

──It’s a lie.

Tina’s vibe scared me, and the words of invitation just came out on the spur of the moment.

「I’m leaving now. You three just relax.」

I quickly got out of the bath.

「Am I not yet charming enough?」
「After all, Haruto-sama likes you to have breasts as big as Tina-sensei’s, don’t you?」
「Hey Mai, can you stop making me sad?」

I could hear Yoko and the others talking from behind me.

It’s fine, you’re all dangerously hot.


I look for Tina to apologize for what happened earlier.

Tina was in the kitchen. She was peeling potatoes single-mindedly.. Behind her, there was a large pile of peeled potatoes.

「I wouldn’t take a bath with Yoko and the girls in my class while he was there!…I mean, I’m older, and they are young and have beautiful skin.」

She hasn’t noticed that I’m here.
She thinks she’s all alone.

「I’m young for an elf, and my breasts won’t lose to theirs!」

Saying that, Tina gropes her breasts.
The sight is a bit erotic.

「Nevertheless, Haruto-sama won’t bathe with me!……..No, he invited me just now. I wish I had accepted. I was being stubborn.」

Tina stopped her hands and looked down.

「Well, why don’t we go to the hot springs together sometime?」


Tina was very surprised when I spoke..

「How long have you been here?」

「A while ago. I don’t think Tina is getting old. I think she’s a very attractive woman.」

「Ai, you heard everything!」

「Ha-ha, I’m sorry. So, how about the hot springs? Why don’t the two of us go to a secluded hot spring and get away from it all?」

「Truly, you and me?」

「Yeah, just you and me.」

For a moment, Tina pondered.

「I, want to go.」

It was a faint sound, but sure enough, Tina said she wanted to go.

「Okay, well, let’s go the next time we have class off! It’s been a long time since I’ve traveled.」

「Yes, thank you」

The word “travel” makes Tina smile.
From there, Tina returned to her normal behavior.


「What shall we do about this…」

There was a large quantity of potatoes left behind that Tina had been peeling.

We’ll be living on potatoes for the time being.

Even though I was a nobleman, I didn’t want to waste my food.

「It’ll be gone in a minute if all five of us eat it.」
「Five? No way, Haruto-sama.」

I had made a contract with Mai and Mei.
Then, I told Tina that I would let them live in the extra room in the mansion.

Sure enough, Tina was sulking again.

Afterwards, I was able to fix Tina’s mood by promising her that the trip to the hot springs would only include the two of us.

Editor’s Note:

  1. チャラ男 (chara+man) is a trope in recent Japanese culture, it appears. Something akin to the English “playboy”; it seems it wouldn’t be a complementary term when applied by females. Chara-Mote Difference gives some idea as to what they are like.

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