Level 1 Strongest Sage Chapter 35

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Hot spring trip

Good morning, it’s me Tina.

Today is the hot spring trip that I was promised by Haruto-sama. I’ve already been excited since this morning──no, actually, since about noon yesterday, I can’t stop being excited.

Yesterday, during class, whenever I had free time, I would look at Haruto-sama.

No, saying yesterday is wrong.
I’m always watching you, Haruto-sama.

Finally, the day of the trip is coming. I was excitedly getting dressed for the trip.

Now, let’s go wake up Haruto-sama!

In order to enjoy this day, I slept away from Haruto-sama yesterday for the first time in a long time.

I miss him.

But because of that, I’m looking forward to today’s trip. By the way, yesterday, Yoko-san, Mai-san and Mei-san slept in their room like Haruo-sama told them to.

I’m sorry, Haruto-sama, I have to go.

I went into the room to wake up Haruto-sama.


I don’t see Haruto-sama in bed. Has he already gotten up and gone to the living room?

…hmmm, what is this?

There was a letter on the bedside table.

『Dear Tina.
『I have a date with you.
『I’ll meet you there.
『Meet me at 8 o’clock at Fountain Square on Central Avenue.

I was thrilled.

A date … yes, today’s trip is a date.
Meeting up with a date.

One of the things I’ve always wanted to do has come true today.

Haruto-sama seems to know how to please me.

I look at the clock.
It was 7:20.

I’ve already dressed and it’s only a ten-minute ride to Central Street from the mansion. I can make it in plenty of time, but I can’t keep Haruto-sama waiting.

More than anything, I want to see Haruto-sama as soon as possible. After asking Yoko-san and the others to watch the mansion, I headed to Central Street.


「Haruto-sama, thank you for waiting.」
「Tina, good morning.」

Haruto-sama was in personal clothes.
The black vest he is wearing looks great on him. It looks cool.

「I haven’t seen Tina in her personal clothes in a long time. You look cute in your personal clothes.」
「Oh, thank you!」

My personal clothes are also cute.
I can’t stop my cheeks from blushing.

「Then, let’s go.」

Saying that, Haruto-sama took my hand in his. The so-called lover’s hold¹. He continued to lead me on foot.

We came to a main street where carriages and magic cars were passing by. Just by holding hands with Haruto-sama, my heart was beating faster than ever before.

Will I be able to make it through the day like this?

Accompanied by Haruto-sama, I approached the luxurious magic car parked on the main street.

Um, could it be that this is how we’re going to move today?

It was a very nicely decorated, yet not too flashy and elegant magic car. It really looks like we’re going to travel in this car. Haruto-sama opened the door and escorted me to get in.

Gentleman! Haruto, you are such a gentleman!

──Oops, I’m sorry.
I was just upset.
I’m Tina Haribel. I’m the magician who once guided a brave man and defeated the Demon King together. What are you going to do if you get carried away with something like this?

Be cool, be cool!

I got into the magic car. Haruto-sama leads me to sit beside him.

「Is it comfortable? I reserved the best magic car in town today. It’s my first date with Tina after all.」

Saying that, Haruto-sama smiled cheerfully.


What’s that smile!?
It’s too nice!

Did you get the best magic car in the school for today’s date?

I would be happy to ride in any raggedy carriage with Haruto-sama.

But I’m really glad that you care for me because it’s a date.

Now you’re coming to finish me off, aren’t you?

Rest assured.
My body and mind already belong to Haruto-sama.


After that, I talked with Haruto-sama a lot.

We talked about the school and the adventures I had with the heroes of the past.

It seems that Haruto-sama is interested in adventure.

Since Haruto-sama is the son of Count-sama, he would be safe for life without any adventures. But it seems that reincarnated people long for adventures in other worlds.

Just like that man.

………oops, I shouldn’t.
For now, let’s enjoy my date with Haruto.


After a while, we arrived at a small village.

The hot spring is located in the forest a little ways from here, in a place known to everyone. By the way, since there are demons of level 80 or so in the forest here, the inhabitants of the village must never go near the forest, and must be careful not to get too close to it. No. The village is warded to prevent forest monsters from attacking it.

The village is protected by a ward to prevent forest monsters from attacking the village. That’s why people can live in this village.

Well, it doesn’t matter how many level 80 demons are in a group, they are not enemies to Haruto-sama and I. So we headed to the hot spring.

As expected, we can’t go to the forest with the magic car, so we have to stay in this village. Haruto-sama was talking about something with the driver of the magic car.

Is he telling them the time to return?


Finally, we head to the hot springs. I was stretching myself lightly to see if I might fight a demon, and then…

「It’s a date isn’t it? I wouldn’t let Tina fight.」

With that, Haruto-sama released his magic power.

「Fire Lance!」

The Knight of Fire appeared before us.

It’s still a great magical power.
And it had smooth movement.
How many magic techniques are incorporated into it?

Maybe even I wouldn’t win.

If such a thing is on your side, it’s beyond reliable.

「I hunted the demons yesterday, but there might be some that I missed, so this guy is just insurance.」

「I’ll just say it outright, but in this forest, even adventurers with a rank of B or lower are not allowed to enter.」

They say that they have hunted almost all those forest monsters.

That’s all I can say.

But now we can head to the hot springs without being attacked by the demons. I’m glad to hear that my clothes, which Haruto-sama praised, won’t get dirty.

「Tina, shall we go?」

I took the hand that Haruto-sama offered me and we began to walk together.

Translation Note:

Seriously, there is a Japanese phrase, 恋人繋ぎ, and it is used to describe the intertwined fingers of a couple who are in a relationship; the one which inspires a cry of “Normies, just die already!” in the hearts of all otaku upon seeing such a thing… 恋人 is ‘lover’ or ‘sweetheart’, while 繋ぎ is a little less clear, being “connection, bond, stop-gap, join’ etc. While it’s recognized (interlaced fingers being a very non-casual, significant thing) in pretty much all cultures, an idiomatic phrase such as this is a little less common; I’m not aware of a good English equivalent, but that could just be me. – Weasalopes, tongue firmly in cheek…

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