Level 1 Strongest Sage Chapter 36

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Mixed Bathing and Transition Magic

We walked for thirty minutes and arrived at our destination hot spring.

We didn’t see any demons on the way.
No one was in the hot spring either.

「No one is there, and probably won’t come back after this, but just in case.」

Haruto-sama deployed a huge magic circle.

「Haruto-sama, what is this?」

「A ward spell to block recognition. From the outside of this, they can’t see that there’s a hot spring here, and they can’t see us. So you can go in without worrying.」

I know that warding magic exists.
I heard that a senior mage once managed to activate it with ten men.

To do it all alone.
As I thought, Haruto-sama is beyond the norm.

I don’t think it’s necessary to go that far, but…

「Well I don’t want anyone else to see Tina’s body.」

That’s what Haruto-sama murmured.
It seems that Haruto-sama is also possessive.
I’m somewhat happy about that.


I was about to enter the hot spring when I realized that this was the first time I had ever been seen naked by Haruto-sama.

I’ve been taking care of him since he was a baby, so I’m used to seeing Haruto-sama naked.

I haven’t had a chance to see him much lately, but this is the first time I’ve been seen naked.

Is it really okay?

I’ve always been very careful with my grooming, and even though I’m half-elf to begin with, my skin should still be beautiful.

「Just in case, I brought your swimsuit, do you want to wear it?」

I was moping around and Haruto-sama offered me a bag. It probably has a swimsuit in it.

If I put on a bathing suit, I won’t be so embarrassed, but Haruto-sama has already taken a bath with Yoko and Mai and others.

If I’m the only one who has taken a bath with Harut-sama in a bathing suit, I feel like I’ve lost.


「No, it’s okay. I’ll wear the swimsuit you bought for me next time.」

Saying that, I received the bag from Haruto-sama.

Fufu, I have received a gift.


Haruto-sama was starting to undress.

「Tina, it’s really embarrassing when you stare at me.」

「Ah! I’m sorry.」

I admire the toned body of Haruto-sama, who has been working hard without a break in training.

I also put my hand on the buttons of my dress.

What is this, I’m very nervous.

I heard a rustling sound and I looked over there to see that Haruto-sama had just soaked in the hot water.

His body is facing the opposite direction from where I am. I guess he is taking care of me so that I don’t feel embarrassed.

I hurriedly took off my clothes and took a short bath in the hot spring.


──Ah, it’s warm.

Is the hot water mixed with the magic power that comes out of the ground?

I feel like I’m being filled with magic.

It’s a nice spa.

I approached from behind Haruto-sama’s back.

「It feels good. I’m glad I came.」
「Oh, I’m glad Tina’s happy.」

Haruto-sama won’t look at me.
He seems to be concerned about my embarrassment earlier.
However, since we’ve gone to the spa together, I want to touch him more.


I willfully hugged Haruto-sama from behind.

「Tina! Ah, they’re touching me!」
「I wonder.」

I can see my face is bright red.
I’m so embarrassed.
But when I hug Haruto-sama, I feel somewhat relaxed.

「Haruto-sama, would you please look at me?」

I asked a little further away.

「….Are you sure?」

「Yes. I want Haruto to see me.」

Haruto slowly turned around.
Our eyes meet.

And then, Haruto-sama’s gaze went downward──

So, how about it?


I got a compliment.
My face is hot.

「Oh, sorry. I’ve seen too much.」

Then Haruto-sama quickly turned away.

「It’s okay if you touch it, okay? Because you’re Haruto-sama after all.」

I’ve worked up enough courage.
Haruto-sama looks at me again.

「Where can I touch you?」


Haruto moves his face closer to me.


I was kissed..

「I touched Tina’s lips with my lips. That’s the second time I’ve kissed you.」

I had prepared myself for the possibility of touching my breasts and body, but I didn’t expect to be kissed.

Suddenly it’s not fair.

I put my finger to my lips and remember the sensation of Haruto-sama’s lips earlier.


……..I want to do more.



I had a lot of fun with Haruto-sama.

It’s outdoors, so no one even noticed anything at the barrier.

I was thrilled, very much.

It was pleasant.


I got out of the hot spring and changed.
I was too embarrassed to look at Haruto-sama’s face.

「Well, let’s go home.」

Haruto-sama held my hand on the way back.

I thought we were going to walk home, but Haruto-sama formed some kind of magic circle.

「Um, what’s this?」

「It’s a magic circle to transfer to the village. If we walked back, we’d be sweating all the way to the hot springs, wouldn’t we?」

Did I mishear?
A transference magic circle?

Transference is a type of skill that allows you to move to any place in an instant if you’ve been there, which is truly a cheat skill.

I’ve heard that it’s rare for a heroic person to appear with this skill.

However, Haruto-sama is a sage.
There is no record of a sage using transference magic.

「Ho, you can really do transference?」

「Yeah, I learned that recently. I can travel through the space between the spaces and to a place where I’ve set up an exit magic circle in advance. It’s sort of like summoning yourself?」

Haruto-sama recreated the transition as magic, not as a skill. He learned it when he made a contract with Mai and Mei of the spirit race.


「Okay, I’m ready. Let’s go home!」

Haruto-sama took me by the hand and I stepped into the magic circle.

When I thought I had passed through the magic circle, I found myself on the outskirts of the village, on a path that led to the forest where we had been earlier. It really did seem to be able to transfer a person.


「Are you hungry? I think I’m going to have lunch.」

As I was stunned, Haruto-sama suggested that we have a meal. Although this is a rural village, I heard that it is famous for having a pretty good meal.

Will we go home after eating a meal?

I’m going to miss this.
I’d rather be alone with Haruto more.

Oh? Come to think of it, I don’t see the car we came in with.

「I returned the magic car.」

Haruto-sama noticed that I was looking for the magic car and said so.

「Are you going to transfer back to your mansion as well?」

「If it’s okay with you, Tina, I’ll stay here. If you want to sleep on the mansion’s futon or if you don’t want to be here, then I’ll transfer you back.」

I’ve had adventures with the heroes, so I don’t mind staying in the field.

Even if there are only cheap lodgings in a rural village and the beds are shabby, I don’t mind it at all.

Rather, I’m happy to stay until tomorrow, alone with Haruto-sama.

「I’m staying!」

It was a quick decision.

I can have Haruto-sama all to myself again tonight.

Even though it was only noon, I began to imagine what it would be like to sleep with Haruto-sama tonight.


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