Level 1 Strongest Sage Chapter 37

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An unwinnable battle

An unwinnable battle

Three months have passed since I went to the hot springs with Tina.

Since then, I’ve started to take a bath with Tina at the mansion sometimes. There are times when Yoko and the others interrupt me, but….

School life is going pretty well.
All of our classes are getting excellent grades on regular tests, both in the real world and in the classroom.

There have been three battles, but we’ve been able to win all three and keep the classroom. There was never an act for me to get out of.

It’s time to fight and show Tina that I’m good at what I do. With that in mind, I was going to fight in the next match.

The representative of my opponent’s class and I would be fighting one on one.

The match would be decided by making my opponent admit defeat, knock him out, or drop him from the arena. Also, there is no limit to the amount of supportive magic from my classmates.

As for my opponent, the strongest class of seventh years – in other words, the representative of the strongest class in this school is my opponent! That’s it.

The representative of the school is apparently the student council president.
Even though he was just a student, he’s still a wizard as good as a teacher, and is rumored to be a Sage of the future.

Despite that, I can’t afford to lose.

The reason for this is because I wanted to show Tina how good I am, and because if I lose, he will take her away.

I don’t know what’s going on – but a few days ago, the student council president took a liking to Tina at first sight and asked the homeroom teacher in his class and urged her to be her class teacher.
In response, Tina said she would take on the homeroom case if she could beat me in the matchup.

In this way, it was decided that I and the student council president would fight.


「Haruto – sama, I’m sorry. It’s my fault….」

On the day of the battle, while I was waiting in the waiting room, Tina apologized to me. Tina was a buyer’s reminder that she’d taken the liberty of letting me and the student council president fight each other. He was feeling terrible about it.

「You’ve already apologised to me a couple of times. Don’t worry, we’ll win, I promise.」

Saying that, I patted Tina’s head.

The other student council president was a man with a talent for magic, so much so that he had already been called the strongest in this school when he was in the fourth year.

I was a little worried at first, but seeing Tina look so apologetic made me determined.

I’m going to win with everything I’ve got!

I kissed Tina and went to the arena.


I met the student body president in the arena.

That’s a lot of magic power.
Although it’s less than Tina and the head of the school, he has more magic power than anyone else in our class. Furthermore, the process was very smooth.

Behind him, the student body president’s team, which was waiting outside the arena, also all had refined magic power.

Everyone outside the arena had already deployed a magic circle and prepared an auxiliary magic for the student council president.

The opponent was coming to win at all costs.

「I don’t have a grudge against you, but I’m here to get Tina-sensei. I’m sorry, but I’m going to have to hurt you.」

The student body president emitted a magical power that contained a killing intent that was unimaginable from his handsome and kind atmosphere.

I just waited in silence for the match to begin.

The teacher who acted as the referee went up to the arena and explained the rules.

The match has started ──

「Fire Lance!」

As soon as it started, I fired a fire lance worth a hundred rounds.

── But the student council president easily repelled my magic with his magically enhanced arm.

Despite the fact that there wasn’t a lot of magic put together as I placed the priority on speed, I didn’t think that he wouldn’t be able to block it with his hand at all.

「Oops, that was sudden. I was surprised by the power of Firelance, but I was desperate not to get a teacher.」

「I was surprised, too. I didn’t think it would be so easy to play.」

「It’s still considered the strongest in this school.」

「Well, I’ll take that title today.」

「That’s quite an interesting thing to say. Do you think you’ll still be strong after seeing this magic?」

The student council president raised his hand to the sky.
A huge summoning magic circle appeared.

「Come! Efreet!」

A fire spirit king wielding a spear of fire manifested.

「Seriously……..I was going to summon that guy too.」

「Hm? What, it’s Lord Haruto?」

「Efreet, do you know him?」

「Ah, one of my contractors.」

Yes, I have a contract with Efreet as well.
Unlike Undine, who has an exclusive contract, I heard that Efreet has a few contractors.

One of those several people is the student body president.
If he has a contract with more than one person, the command of the one he calls takes precedence. In this case, Efreet can attack me at the order of the student council president.

「I didn’t expect you to have a contract with Efreet too but it’s a pity, because this time I’m going to have you as my companion. You’re going to have to attack him.」

Efreet hit me with a flaming fist.

While avoiding the attack, I checked the movements of the student council president.

He was about to use his magic power to activate large-scale magic. With the assistance from his friends, it looks like it will be activated in a few dozen more seconds.

── It’s not good.

It’s probably impossible to avoid the magic power that’s put in that much magic. If you pile on defensive magic, I won’t receive any damage, but there’s a chance I’ll be blown out of the field.

If that happens, I’ll lose.
I glanced at the cheering section.

Tina was looking at me with an anxious expression on her face.
Seeing that, my hesitation was gone.

I can’t lose by any means.
Let’s stall the one who’ll get in my way first.

「Water Lance!」

Dozens of water spears appeared and were arranged in a weaving pattern. It became a water cage, trapping Efreet in it.

However, the opponent is the Spirit King of Fire.

「Lord Haruto, did you think you could stop me like this!」

The water cage was quickly destroyed.

But that was to be expected.
It bought me time to activate the next magic.

Undine would not be able to beat Efreet in a simple fist fight.

So I decided to call out an ally who seemed stronger than Undine.

「Come! Lightning Lance!」

A pillar of light fell from the sky above.

「Hmm, you called me up earlier than I expected. Now, what’s your first assignment?」

I summoned Mai and the others’ father, an old man with a glowing spear.

「Can you beat him?」

I pointed at Efreet.
Efreet was frozen.

The old man looked at the efreet and grinned.


Carrying a glowing spear, he approached the Efreet very close.


Efreet let out a short scream and fled to the student council president with great speed.

「I’m sorry! I cannot fight him. I’ve bought time for the chanting, so you’ll have to deal with the rest.」

Saying that, Efreet disappeared.

「──Ha!? What!?」

The student body president doesn’t seem to understand the situation.

「He’s a sloppy bastard, leaving his contractor to fend for himself.」

「Hey, I don’t know what it is, but it’s over now! Meteora!」

The student president’s magic was complete.
The sky above darkened and a huge magic circle was drawn.

A huge meteorite appeared from there and fell towards me at high speed.

Isn’t this dangerous!?

It’s impossible to avoid.
It’s also impossible to catch it because of the mass it had.

I was trying to defend myself with defensive magic, when the old man stepped in front of me.

「Don’t worry, it’s just a matter of time before I do it.」

The old man has turned big.

He was so big that he could only get one foot on the 50 meter square arena.

And, he caught a meteorite with one hand…

He crushed it.


The student council president is astonished.

It was natural, as I was also surprised.

The student council president was astonished and froze, and the old man bent down and gave him a forehead flick with his huge finger.

It was an absolutely strong forehead flick.

The student council president was blown away.

His friends outside the arena were also blown away by the wind pressure, and they all slammed into the wall of the arena together! (sighs)

No one got up.

「Well, that’s about it. I’m going home. Take care of Mai and Mei.」

The old man waved to Mai and Mei before disappearing.

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