Level 1 Strongest Sage Chapter 38

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Princess of the Elves

One month after the fight with the student council president.

We headed towards Tina and Rifa’s hometown, Alheim.

It was mandatory in Ifrus Magic Academy for students to go out of the school once every year and spend a month there. It was a policy made by the president of the school, who believes that students should get to know the world at large, so that students can be avoided from having strange stereotypes of other races by not leaving the school at all.

Each class is allowed to decide where to go.

Merdi’s hometown, the Land of Beastmen.

Yoko’s hometown, an island nation in the Far East.

The hometown of Ryushin and Ryuka, the village of the dragonborns.

There were many selections, but after choosing through a lottery, the destination was decided to be the elven country of Alheim.

Alheim is quite far from the Kingdom of Glendale here, and even if you travel by magic high-speed ship, it will still take ten days to get there.

Of course since the return trip will also take ten days, we would only be able to stay in Alheim for about ten days as well. Since it was Tina and Rifa’s homecoming, I wanted them to take it easy.

That’s why I decided to take everyone in my class and travel with my transference magic. But since my transfer magic requires that I set up a magic circle at the transfer point, I still needed to visit Alheim myself..

So the day before the expedition, I visited Alheim once with Tina’s flight magic. It was amazing.

She was flying extremely fast, but the wind was avoiding us. And since Tina was holding me and moving around, I was enjoying Tina’s breasts until we arrived in Alheim.

There I set up the magic circle and used my transference magic to return to the school.

Since you’ve come all this way, why don’t you take your time? I asked Tina, but she said it was bad for Rifa and that she could stay for a month from tomorrow, so it wouldn’t be a problem.

──∗∗ ∗──

Today was the first day of the expedition.

My classmates all froze when I generated the transference magic circle.

「We thought we were going to be on a ship, so we went out of our way to learn sobriety magic…」

I’ve done a bad thing to Merdi.
Maybe it will come in handy in the future.

「Well, it’s Haruto after all.」

「That’s right. Even if you say transfer magic is a super rare skill that even the strongest of heroes can only use, I wouldn’t be surprised if Haruto-san could use it.」

「As expected of my master.」

『It’s awesome!』

Everyone praised me.
Transference magic, I’m glad I learned it.


After that, we all went through the magic circle and transferred to the top of the hill where we could see a panoramic view of Alheim.

「Oh, that’s a big tree.」

Ryushin looked at the huge tree that towered in the center of Alheim.

「That is the World Tree that this country has been protecting for ages.」

Rifa explained proudly.


((You’ve come again, welcome.))

「Hmm? Who’s that?」
「Haruto-san, are you alright?」

I felt like someone called out to me when I was looking at the World Tree, but Tina and everyone else didn’t seem to hear it.

…Well, I guess it’s fine?

After heading to Alheim, for some reason, she needed to put on the hood attached to the robe Tina was wearing on our way. Apparently, it’s not good for her to be seen by the elves of this country.

Of course, it’s not like Tina is wanted for doing something bad or anything. Rather, it’s the opposite. Tina is a legendary hero to the elves, and when they find out that Tina has returned, there’s a possibility that the whole country will be in an uproar.

If that happens, I won’t be able to relax. It was Rifa’s suggestion to cover her face by putting on a hood. But in order to enter Alheim, you have to reveal your identity at a checkpoint and pass through.

Will they be able to pass through with their faces hidden?

「Don’t worry. I’ll take care of it.」

Rifa seemed confident.

──∗∗ ∗──

The checkpoint to enter the kingdom is in sight. At the checkpoint, the merchants of the human race are being inspected for their belongings.

The elves of this world have normal interactions with other races. Then it was our turn.

「Stop here, touch the ball and state your country of origin. And what is your purpose of entering this country?」

A guard with a magical tool called the ‘Crystal of Truth and Falsehood’, a magical tool that can detect whether or not what the person touching is talking about is true or not, spoke to me, but he stopped moving when he saw Rifa.

「Rifa-Alheim. Travelling from the Kingdom of Glendale. I’m returning home.」

Rifa stated while touching the magic tool.
The magic tool glowed blue.

Wait don’t tell me ──

「Her Highness Rifa is back! Call the royal palace as soon as possible!」

The checkpoint became busy.

「Could it be that Rifa is the princess of this country?

「Yes, I’m the Second Princess. Didn’t I tell you?」

Hmmm, Rifa laughs wickedly.

「So, these people are my schoolmates and teachers. They can all enter the country, right?」

「Yes! If Her Highness Rifa is the guarantor, there’s no problem. Please enter the country.」

「Thank you. I’ll show them all around, we don’t need a chaperone.」


As we were about to walk through the gate, the guards around us gathered around us.

「Her Highness Rifa is back! All hands, salute!」

Elven guards lined up on both sides of the road leading from the checkpoint to the city, drawing their swords from their waists and raising them to the sky. I walked through them, with Rifa in the lead.

It was quite a spectacular sight.


「Everyone, welcome. This is the Elven Kingdom of Alheim!」

As we entered the city, Rifa turned around and introduced us to the country. In the center of the country, there was a huge world tree and a chalk castle towering right next to it.

That is the royal castle of this country.
The city was made up of buildings with white as the base color.

「Ah, Rifa-sama! I’m glad to see you’re back.」
「Yeah, I’m home!」

「Rifa-sama, you’re back!」
「Hey, guys, I’m back.」

Many elves approached Rifa as she walked through the city. With Rifa responding to them in a friendly manner. It was an obvious sight that Rifa is very popular in this country.

「Well, if you don’t mind, can you follow me to the castle? I’d like to introduce you all to my father.」

When it comes to the father of the princess, Rifa, she means the king of this country. Even though I’m from another country, I’m a count’s son, and since I’m going to be staying in this country for a while, I should probably pay my respects.

「It’s fine」

「If you go, master, I will go too.」

「We’ll go, also.」

「The Elf King, huh, I’d like to meet him too.」
「Ryushin, don’t be rude.」

「OK, I’ll go.」
「Me too.」
「Myself as well!」

Everyone seemed fine with it.

「Thank you. How about Tina-sensei?」

「It’s okay. I wasn’t part of the post-conflict review following the defeat of the demon king, so now I have to report to the king about defeating the demon king.」

「Yes, yes. Please do that too.」

I have a feeling it’s going to be something important.
We were led by Rifa to the royal castle.

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  1. Hey, something I just though about while reading this chapter though it’s more geared towards the last chapter.
    Is the fire spirit supposed to be Ifrit? Since we have Undine and it’s been spelled efeerit or however so far.

    From a google search the E version is just an alternative spelling, so I’m not sure how important it is.

    Reminded myself of the translation of Hades as Heides in asurascans translation of the “Max Level Returner” manga as I typed this comment LOL

    • Yeppers.

      Alternate spelling; Efreet rather than Ifrit.

      It’s close enough that I wasn’t going to go through and change it since the TL was being consistent about it (so far, at least), there are bigger fish to fry…

      That may get revisited once I see what the other translators on this project are doing further down the line; it hasn’t shown up so many times that it’d be a horrible thing to edit already posted instances if the balance shifted toward a different spelling.

      Efreet: Fire spirit
      Undine: Water spirit

      The words are imported into Japanese, based upon their respective romaji’s matching up with the European words.

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