Translator: TSuki

 Editor: Weasalopes

The Evil God

In a certain world, there is a Kingdom made for the Gods. Many different types of gods live in this kingdom.

In the farthest ends of this kingdom lies a temple. Taking a look inside the temple, an Evil God is holding his head, seemingly perplexed about something. 

「The Creator actually summoned a hero from a different universe and had him defeat the demon king I was raising… annoying.」

An oppressively negative aura radiates out of the muttering Evil God.

「From either transportation or reincarnation, all the “other world” people that come to this world are always heroes or magicians, who then get a rare job to become a holy-knight or something similar and defeat both Evil God-sama’s demons and demon kings that you’ve laid out at ease.」

The little girl beside the Evil God answers, as she refrains from saying more.

She is one of the many shikigami; they live to serve the gods.

The Evil God collects the negative energy rising from the world the Creator governs, such as fear and despair, and uses it as food for himself.

「How many times have I thought of just killing the hero myself?」

「The Creator strictly forbids gods from personally messing with the humans. Even if it’s Evil God-sama, breaking that rule would be quite dangerous for you, no?」

「Yeah, you’re right.」

「What if Evil God-sama were to summon a hero before the Creator had a chance to? 」

「Is something like that even possible?」

「Only the Creator can unconditionally summon or reincarnate a hero, however, as long as Evil God-sama follows some of the conditions, you should be able to bring an “other worlder” to this world as a hero. 」

「Oh ho….. but what is the merit of me summoning a hero? 」

「Just as you’re about to summon him into our world, it would be a great idea to place a curse on that person’s soul. A curse that stops them from flourishing as a hero.」

「I see. So we purposefully make an unusable hero.」

「Yes, just like you say. To bring a hero, we must use a lot of divine energy from the god world. I assume that having a useless summoning, while using a lot of divine energy will surely get in the way of the Creator.」

「YES THAT’S GREAT! That old geezer always got in my way and made me really mad. Let’s do this. Can I rely on you to get the preparations ready?」


After that, the Evil God interferes with the fate of a young man from another world, taking his life. It was then decided that this man would be the one reincarnated into this world.

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