Man Eating Dungeon Chapter 23

Hello guys, Nefarian here! a little while ago I said that I might be able to get more translators to the site to bring more content for you guys! Today I’m pretty happy to announce that they are now here! Here is a brief introduction of who is coming to work with me at Light Novels Translations:

Natsu (The Translator)

 Hey everyone, I am Natsu on this site and this is my first translation of a Japanese novel. Its quite hard sometimes to understand whats going on with some unexpected lines and needed a lot of work to work it out and its all thanx to my TLC manga0205 who corrects my mistake that I am able to bring such a quality translation. I am also working on Martial Peak as my main project and this one will only be a side project for the time being. It is a Chinese novel like that of Martial God Asura with a good plot that about my main project and for this one as you all know this novel has got a dark side which is very amusing sometimes. This novel has got around 136 chapters which we will be able to complete by the end of this Year Hopefully. And Thanx for support everyone.

Now lets come to main topic:

  1. How many Chapters are we going to release every week?

ans. It will be around 2 regular releases and for the time being and 2 sponsored release.

  1. How much will it cost for a sponsored release?

ans. It would cost around 40$ per chapter.

And you guys if want to contact me about something feel free to contact me on the id: and I will be able to respond to you as soon as possible

Manga0205 (Translator Checker AKA TLC)

Hi everyone, I’m manga0205. Some of you may know of me, I expect that many more don’t know of me. Either way, I hope that you enjoy this project that I am helping with. For those that do know of me, just to inform you, this is not obstructing any of my other projects. Please do not use this site to ask about them. Please go to my normal site for any complaints. I get the comments directly there unlike here. Ahh, sorry, it got a bit serious there. Ahem.

For those that don’t know me, just to give you an idea on my experience with translation checking……Well, I’ve got nothing. I haven’t done TLC before. I have done some translating before though. I have two projects of translation going on right now. They are “Sendai Yuusha wa Inkyou Shitai” under the name of manga0205 and “Isekai Maou to Shoukan Shoujo Dorei Majutsu” under the name of the other half of my split soul of Isekai Soul-Cyborg. If you have any questions about my skills, please check out either of these projects. Or if you don’t like blatant advertisement, you can just take my word for it.

In this project, I intend on acting as TLC, in other words, second banana, the backup, the shadow ruler. Whoops. Forget that last one. Sadly, not all of us can be Shiroe, though I do wear glasses. This is all to help Natsu with his translations. He will be doing a lot of the work while I will be criticizing the work and making him correct anything that I see wrong. Yes, make him correct it, not correct it myself. I view this as a learning platform for him to improve his translations. As such, it might take a bit longer on some of the releases. I hope that you can accept my way of thinking and I apologize in advance for any delays.

Alright just to wrap things up, for those of you who are unfamiliar this Novel was previously Translated by the awesome Larvyde under the name Welcome to the Man-eating Dungeon, I’ve merely shortened the title just for formatting neatness (titles too long stuff up word press formatting). I’ve created the main page for this novel HERE! Which has plenty of information so you should go check it out.

Enough with the info dump lel, CLICK HERE TO READ CHAPTER 23!


  1. Oh wow, so this is what you’ve been up to Manga. I was wondering what happened to you.

  2. ayy Welcome Natsu! Hope you enjoy your stay and improve on your translation skills!

  3. Yesterday i read the last chapter and suddenly there’s a new update
    I think my luck stats has been increased

  4. Thanks for continuing this translation.

  5. this a different natsu from the MCM translation?

  6. Natsu Dragonsteel

    Hey Guys thanx for the support.

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