Man Eating Dungeon Chapter 24

Translator: Natsu           RC: 2/2       SC:0/2 

TLC: Manga0205

Editor: Nefarian

Hello guys, it’s Nefarian here!  Natsu and Manga0205 have brought another timely release and this will be the second regular chapter of the week for Man Eating Dungeon so if you guys want more chapters this week go ahead and sponsor Man Eating Dungeon! I also want to say thank you to Mitchell.R, for sponsoring to Maou no Hajimekata and as the bar is completed, I shall work on it as soon as I finish my chapter of Himekishi and provide a sponsored chapter released along with the regular release of Maou (2 Maou chaps this week).

Those of you who missed my very important announcement read it here!



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