Man Eating Dungeon: Chapter 90

Chapter 90 is up, and we have a new translator, Nora, working on the title as well.

Here’s a message from Nora:

“I grew up speaking Japanese at home. But as a native speaker of Japanese and English, I never really developed translation equivalents in either language. I became interested in translation in college as a way to reconcile my two separate language and cultural identities. It’s also a way for me to maintain my Japanese since I currently live in the United States. I work full-time in NYC, but the goal is to move out to the west coast and work in the localization industry. When I’m not working or translating, I enjoy playing volleyball, scouting good coffee shops, drawing portraits, and taking long walks. I’m still new to translating fiction, but I’ll do my best to improve quickly! Minna yoroshiku~”


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