Chapter 101: An Invisible Battle: The Sacrificial Lamb

Chapter 100: Shadows of the Past: Childhood Friends Parting Ways

Chapter 102:An Invisible Battle: Breaking a Wild Horse

Translator: Adam Seacord

An Invisible Battle: The Sacrificial Lamb


「Show me, Layla.」


That was all it took for Layla to hastily flip her body over on the bed. Even though I knew that she was quite toned, her mysteriously curvy legs floated by my face to present a slightly larger than average butt under my nose.


「Um… It’s no pretty… But here it is…」


She was all set up. Even accounting for her being controlled… I wondered if she had a lot of experience in bed. …Which reminded me that Layla was rumored to be one of Lubreo’s concubines. That would make sense… Except for Layla’s confession.


After I spent a few moments pondering, Layla slowly parted her vagina with her fingers, perhaps thinking that I was unsatisfied about something.


「This… Is my, naughty… Um, hole… Sir.」


She was clearly not a virgin, and her anus looked well developed as well.


…Ah, I see.


「Layla, what are your nightly duties, again? I want to hear you say it.」


My guess was that Layla didn’t know. She didn’t know that she was being used as a sex toy. I was sure that Gratina had been messing with Layla somehow over a long period of time. I couldn’t imagine that she had rigged this all up for me, who she had only met yesterday. Then, what was this for? It was logical to think that Layla had been modified this way for a while. And Lubreo most likely allowed it. Because, to her, Layla was a toy.

In fact, Lubreo must be the main user of her service…


I had let my thoughts travel there, and thought it was weird. If Lubreo wanted to bed Layla, he easily could. Without having to go through this convoluted scheme. As far as I had heard from the rumors of the House Lambert’s laundry woman, Lubreo bedded his favorite housekeeper and many other lovers…


Hold on. Was that housekeeper Gratina? Were Gratina and Lubreo sleeping together?


I couldn’t read into their relationship just by watching them, but Gratina did have feelings for Lubreo, Layla would be in the way. As my thoughts thickened, Layla’s confession had begun:


「For half the nights of the week, I stay in the room next to yours to stand guard against intruders… But once in a while, you would call me in for my, services.」


It seemed like she knew that she was being bedded.


「Layla, how do you feel when you see me take other girls?」


「…I’m in no position to object that… But, if it’s at all possible, if you could treat the other girls a little more kindly…」


It was a strange feeling to get a peek into Lubreo’s bedroom.


「I’m not familiar with politics. But, forcibly taking girls from other houses, may benefit them, but…」


「Continue. That’s an order.」


I left bad to leave her hanging, so I put my fingers against her parted loins and gently rubbed it as I commanded her. With faint moaning, Layla answered after hesitating for a few seconds:


「As a knight, I want to object… And, if that’s… Then… Why won’t you do those things to me, instead…?」


I got her personal opinion. Lubreo was most likely ravishing other noble girls to expand his power. It seemed weird if that was taking place under contract between houses, but in any case, it seemed pointless to ask Layla anything more on this topic. As far as I could tell, Layla wasn’t trusted with any details.


「Layla, do you like to be tormented?」


「You… It’s just you… I don’t like all of that… I didn’t… You penetrating my mouth, your fingers, my butt, a normal… I love it… I love it all…」


While it seemed like Lubreo was bedding her, knowing Gratina, other men have had her way with her as well. Perhaps she used Layla to get dirt on some knights. …It was a very possible, and sickening thought… But, I couldn’t accost her for it. I had done things similar enough.


「I see. You like to be ravished, Layla…? What a naughty girl.」


I whispered, teasingly as I slowly inserted my index finger. Just as I did, she squeezes her vagina tight.


「I knew it… Or maybe, even more than teasing…. You like to be punished?」




As soon as I asked, she let out a small cry, which soon carried a sweet tune.


「I’m, going to be… Punished…?」


「That’s right. You’ve been bad, Layla, and you have to be punished. What do you do when you’re being punished?」


I was wondering how she would react, but Layla climbed down from the bed and knelt down on the floor.


「Yes… I accept, any… Punishment…」


This was serious. While I could still see a sparkle of lust in her eyes… I had thought that lust and punishment were closely related in Layla’s mind, but there seemed to be exceptions. I decided not to fare too far into the punishment department. I sat up on the edge of the bed, petted Layla’s head.


「That’s enough, Layla. It’s not your fault… Come here.」


「…Such, an honor.」


She seemed happy to have her head petted. She leaned into me while still kneeling on the floor. It wasn’t unlike being cuddled up by a large dog.


「Oh no. It’s gotten a little smaller.」


Layla whispered, astutely spotting my penis, now half-flaccid from losing myself in thought. She gingerly cradled it with her fingers, and slowly began to service it with her tongue.


「…Yeah, that feels good. Pleasure yourself while you’re at it. 」


「Yes… Master…」


Loud, wet sounds echoed in the room. Layla held her left hand to her loins, and continued to masturbate as he serviced me.


「I’ll give you a treat tonight, and do it how you like it. How… Do you want it?」


I didn’t know how she acted in bed usually, so I asked her under this pretense. That’s when Layla looked up, blushing.


「Um… I don’t deserve such kind words, but… Well…」


「Today is special. Tell me what you want. That’s an order.」


「Um… Yes, sir. Then… Well… Could… Me, too…?」


She mumbled something. With a little bit of a teasing tone, I whispered back:


「I couldn’t hear you. Take your time and speak up, please. Tell me what you want.」


I could see Layla’s red face brighten further under the dim light.


「I… Want you to, lick… Me, too…」


「Good girl.」


From this point, I would flip Gratina’s hypnosis on her. Layla was mistaking me for Lubreo. This wasn’t Gratina’s intention, most likely. She just wanted Layla to be attracted to me. I would prod that hold to pull a switch-a-roo of me and Lubreo inside her mind, to… Have her develop loyalty to me, hopefully. In any case, Layla would notice by tomorrow morning that I had bedded her. Before the sun rises, I wanted to make her body and mind understood that she belonged to me. Instead of turning her into a monster, I would simply restructure her mind and dominate her.


That’s right. I’m just like Gratina.


On the game board called Layla, Gratina and I were fighting over control of her heart. With utter disregard for Layla’s real emotions.




「Ah, ahh, ahhh…! Tongue, Your tongue’s coming in!」


I laid Layla down on the bed, on which Layla cradled her own legs to make it easier for me to lick her out. Layla had finally revealed her small desire hidden under her countless nights of one-sided servicing. She was a slightly larger woman, but she laid there as careless as a little girl, but still titillating. I shoved my face in there, and like a dog lapping up milk, and scoured her lips and center to quickly draw out her cries again.


「Ohh, ohhh! …How, how could… But it feels, good…」


Her legs that she were cradling began to clench in reaction to pleasure. They tightened on my head as if to pull me down deeper. Without saying a word, I shoved my tongue deep. Her nectar, with a touch of salt, kept flooding out. Soon it started dripping down my chin, but I kept licking without giving it a second thought.


「Ah, ahhh, ahhhh…! So, So far… Ahh, ahh… Ahhh…!」


In her alto voice, she let out a quiet, prolonged cry as Layla’s body convulsed with force. Layla, who was a little older than me and had a mature body, seemed to be quite familiar with the pleasures of a woman.


「Oooh… Ahh! Stop… Don’t stop…」


Layla held my head down as she cried out this paradox. Without her knowing, I presumed, her head on my head started to pet and stroke my hair. When her hand grazed the horn on my forehead, her hand slightly jolted for a second.


…Her perception was blurring. It was only natural, since Lubreo didn’t have a horn. Even our body sizes were different. While we were similar in height, Lubreo was significantly stockier than me. This slight jarring loosened her legs a little bit. I looked up, and pulled her legs open.


「Are you keeping your voice down? …You don’t have to hold it anymore.」


「But… Someone will hear…」


「It’s okay. Don’t worry about that.」


I gave her permission. I commanded her. Maybe because she was a knight, Layla seemed to follow these commands. She seemed to have strong self-control. Because she prioritizes the comfort of others, she tended to keep her pleasures and desires in check. Without a command, she didn’t let herself go.


「Then, it’s an order. What do you want next? What do you want me to do?」


「How… Could I… Say, such a thing…」


「I thought I said it was an order.」


Whether or not Layla had inherent tendency for sex, I couldn’t tell anymore. All I knew was that she was being used as a sex toy, with and without her knowledge. And, as long as her mature body didn’t reject those sensations of pleasure…


「…Um, your… Hard, penis… Please put it, well, into… My, baby hole…」


As soon as she got that out, her eye line blushed bright red. I realized that she blushed around the eyes first before her entire face. I also realized my attention to detail.


「Your baby hole? Which one is that?」


I replied with a little more teasing tone on purpose. I had only noticed that I enjoyed watching girls in embarrassment after Olivia had pointed that out.


「…My, v-vagina… Where you licked me, it’s, soaked. I’m going crazy, please…」


「You’re sure you want me?」


A drop of poison into the well of our conversation.


「Yes…I want it. Destroy me…」


Poor Layla still had no idea. The man who was bedding her now wasn’t Lubreo, whom you love but will never reciprocate.


「Then, I’m going to take you. Ravish you. I’m going to shoot my seed into the depths of your gut. That’s what you want?」


「…Yes, yes. Please, hurry…」


Again, Layla spread her legs open with her hands. I felt some steam rise. Slowly, as if to tease her, I inserted my penis into her.


「Ooh… Oh… Coming, it’s coming in…」


「Don’t hold back. I feel good too. Don’t hold back. Let it wash over you, Layla.」


Those words seemed to break the dam in her heart. Layla conveyed her pleasure with an unintelligible high-pitched cry, that was completely different from her previous cries.


「Ye, yes, yes… Deeper, come… Deeper…!」


Oh, it’s about time to wake up. …Layla, I wouldn’t blame you if you hate me after this.


「Layla, look closely at me. Do you know my name?」


I whispered into her ear. Different patterns of speech than Lubreo, the horn my forehead, and what I’ve said. Her perception was about to shift.


「Wha… You… Y-You’re!?」


A flash of rationality and surprise appear in her floaty eyes. Without missing a beat, I stole her lips, and sped up the thrusting as I held her tight. Even if her mind was calm again, her body was being teased at the edge of climax. I only had to… Bring her over the edge.


「Mmrgh… Mmrh! …Mmm! Mmrh!?」


Layla’s arms, which had been wrapped around me, started to wonder in the air, unable to resist. After a few moments, the arms came back down to embrace me. I sucked on his lips forcibly, and sloshed Layla’s tongue in mine. At the same time, I unloaded my built up semen deep into Layla’s vagina!


Layla’s eyes shot wide open, and her whole body convulsed rapidly. Her legs and her arms squeezed me down as if to keep me from running away…


And by the time I had finished ejaculating, Layla’s body was all relaxed, and she sprawled out onto the bed.


…The night was long, and we were only beginning.

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  1. Thanks for the chapter

    I dont know that im happy or sad after read this and next chapter

  2. @Darkwolf907 is quite correct; whether to be happy or sad about this.

    Layla’s perceptions are being manipulated, her affections and loyalties stolen.

    However, I have no question that Elliot has more true concern for her as an individual than Lubreo and Gratina have. He may be acting out of survival, but feels regret and remorse, something neither of them have ever felt based upon what has been revealed of their thoughts to date.

    If she’s going to serve a monster, better a monster who has regrets about his actions and their impact upon others.

    Presuming she survives the current covert war, I do think she’ll be better off in the long run tied to Elliot. Which, of course, has been the argument concerning all that he has taken control of, that despite what he does to them, they will have a better life as a result.

    After all, he has not been the aggressor, the instigator, in any of these conflicts. All along, he has been responding to the actions of others.

    Granted, one could argue that he should have removed himself from the area once he was aware that his home village was being targeted, thus removing any reason for him to be attacked, but once he knew that Olivia was in danger, I don’t see how he could have proceeded otherwise and retained any self-respect.

    Technical aside: is it Lubreo, or Rubelio? Nora used Rubelio, and Adam Seacord is using Lubreo.

    Rubelio is a Hispanic personal name (not precisely common, but not rare), while Lubreo is a very rare surname (I haven’t been able to determine it’s origin, as there are so few instances of that precise spelling online; fewer than 50 in the databases, which is far more than I found in the first ten pages of the results using Google.) Given that in this story it is a personal name, I’d lean toward continuing using Rubelio.

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