Chapter 102:An Invisible Battle: Breaking a Wild Horse

Chapter 101: An Invisible Battle: The Sacrificial Lamb

Chapter103: The Battle Below the Surface: Pleasant Talks, Secret Talks, Business Talks

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An Invisible Battle: Breaking a Wild Horse


「Why… Aaah!」


Layla regained consciousness after a few minutes. While she was out, I set up some tricks… Just little ones. I had to check for anything Gratina might have planted while I gave her some medicine to make her more susceptible to hypnosis. It wasn’t like I wanted to brainwash her. But as long as I had Layla, who had been manipulated by Gratina in some way, I wanted to find out the details. Besides… I was surprised to realize my own sadistic urges. I wanted to bed Layla, and watch her in turmoil. These feelings might have been similar to those I feel when I want to dominate Sara and make her tear up a little bit. Layla may also have some talents to drive men mad, unbeknownst to her.


「It’s not fair for me to say this… But you’re the one who started this.」


Technically, I wasn’t lying. Layla was being controlled, of course. I didn’t know how much of her actions she remembered, but even if she only remembered fragments, this would be effective. Her strong sense of morality wouldn’t allow her to expunge herself from her unwilling actions.


「I… Why, am I… Did I…」


Good. She remembers.


「I was surprised that you would sneak into my bed, Layla… A pleasant surprise.」


Pleasant in more than one way. I hadn’t even thought about bedding Layla, but she was unmistakably an attractive woman.




As she responded with hesitation, I approached her and climbed up on the bed. Layla tried to jerk away, but she’s nearly cornered in this room, and she seemed to be still lethargic somewhat. She only shifted in place. I laid down next to her, and slowly caressed her naked body. At each curve, she let out tiny cries, and bit her lip.


「If it feels good, let me know. This room is pretty soundproof.」


「But, but I’m… Your- ahhhh!」


Just by pinching her nipple with some force, Layla’s body reacted as if it had been electrocuted. The aphrodisiacs had something to do with it, too, but I still didn’t expect her body to be modified towards feeling pleasure.


「You’re a beauty, Layla, but I never thought you could be so cute.」


Honestly. And as I said so, I departed my hand from her nipple to her groin, where it was still sticky from nectar. She closed her legs to attempt to fend off the hand, but only meekly.


「C-Cute…? How could you say that? I’m not elegant, nor small…」


「So what? I want to do it again. Please…?」


I whispered in her ear. This might have been more effective if a kid like Harry or Fred did the begging, but I didn’t really have a choice. Layla was still older than me, and she acted like it most of the time. It seemed right for me to ask her for favors.




「You’re not much different in size than me. You’re tall for a woman, but I think you’re beautiful and awesome… And when you writhe in pleasure, you’re adorable.」


Her closing legs completely lose all power behind them.


「Stop calling me cute… Hrmm!」


I jumped on her and stole her lips. Even through her hesitation, her lips slightly parted. I inserted my tongue to pry them open, letting it wonder in her mouth until I pulled her tongue out. When I pulled myself up, trying to hover above Layla, who had been rolled on to her back, I was pulled down and ended up flat on top of her. I could feel her arms wrapped around my back. My penis was hard again, but I hadn’t inserted yet. Her large breasts seemed to be constraint during her day-to-day, as they remained perky and pushed back up on my chest.


I figured Layla could handle some of my weight, so instead of holding my self up with them, I relaxed my arms slowly, then wrapped my hand around her head, petting her hair and sucking on her lips. We stayed like that, pressing our bodies up against each other for a few minutes as our tongues danced. Some moist sounds and panting, along with the slight creaking of the bed were the only sounds echoing in the room.


「Phew… Oh, Layla, your face.」


While some tears and drool were running down her face, Layla was smiling. Crying and smiling.


「Elliot… I’m begging you, I can’t hold back…」


「Yeah. I can’t either. I’m going to take you. Won’t be mine… Layla?」


「Yes, come. I… Want you, too.」


I lifted her waist and tried to insert my penis, but since Layla’s body size was more similar to mine compared to other girls, I struggled to connect. Of course, the other problem was that we were still in embrace… Then, Layla released her hands and reached for my penis. One spread her lips down below, and the other gently grasped my penis, then she pulled them together. She must have been embarrassed still, as she was looking away.


「Hurry… Please.」


I slowly, teasingly, inserted my penis. Despite the reentry, her powerful contractions inside almost made me ejaculate as soon as I went in. I penetrate all the way in, then slowly pull it out. Just before it’s out, I put it back halfway, then pull it out again. Watching Layla’s reaction, I continued to go in and out.


「Elliot…? You can, move, harder…」


Layla sheepishly asked. Judging from her panting, I could see that she was aroused, but perhaps she wasn’t feeling too much pleasure.


「Did you want me to be rougher?」


「Um… Well, the other times, were more rough….! N-Nevermind!」


With that, she hid her face behind her hands. While they weren’t clear, she seemed to have some recollection of sleeping with other men. I didn’t want to poke around and cause a scene by triggering Gratina’s hypnosis, so I decided to ask something else.


「Do you like it rougher, Layla?」


「Well, I… Um, like it slower, but…! L-Look what you’ve made me say… I want to know what will make you feel better…」


She answered with her face still covered. Perhaps she had only been trained to service men, that she wasn’t used to actively seeking pleasure.


「I want to see you lose yourself in pleasure. If you feel good, I feel good. So… Let won’t you let yourself?」


Layla wasn’t looking for permission. I was starting to realize that it was best for me to beg her. She couldn’t resist for long, or just too kind to turn down a favor.


「But… I don’t…」


「You’re not a knight, right now. You’re not on duty. Won’t you just the cute lady I’m sleeping with?」


「S-Stop. Stop saying such, things…」


Even when I played with her nipple, even when she had my penis in her mouth, even if she was turned on, she had never blushed brighter than she did now. Her face was like a ripe apple. Layla really wasn’t used to being called “cute.”


「I think it’s really cute when say things like that, Layla.」


「N-No, don’t, say that… Elliot, if you keep saying things like that…」


Her hips jolted. Since she was already quite worked up, she might have been approaching ecstasy. Her legs wrapped around me, trying to embrace my torso.


「Why not? You’re cute so I called you cute.」


「But, if you, say… Say those things… I’ll… You…」


…I guess Lubreo was never nice to her, even dishonestly. And her father… Right.


Layla had told me that her father died dishonorably when she was a child. Once she had become a criminal’s daughter, she missed out on the crucial time of her life to receive love. In the meantime, the villagers never liked me, but my mother and the mercenaries did take good care of me, after all. …She was starving for love, without even realizing it.


I went for her lips without a word, and she responded without any. A thin layer of sweat was beading on her skin… I couldn’t hold out for much longer, either. Besides, if I stored it up any longer I would end up pouring some of my magic into her. While it may not be impossible to turn Layla into a monster now, it wasn’t like she had sworn her loyalty to me, nor had I broken her. Undoubtedly, Gratina would notice that change in her, too. I could take her body now, but not completely corrupt her, just yet.


Then, we silently held our lips together as we bounced within each other… Until I flooded Lady Knight Layla’s vagina with a second load of semen. All the while, we were locked in a powerful embrace.


…After ejaculating, and Layla holding on to me tightly as her deep climax faded, her arms and legs finally released me after some time. When I unintentionally tried to sit up, I noticed her trying to clean my penis. Perhaps a habit forced onto her as they made her into a sex toy. Daria had a similar habit, too. I pulled her up by the arm and laid her down on top of me.


「It’s okay. You’re okay. You can lean on me. Layla, I forgive you. So… You can cry, tonight.」


「El-Elliot. What are you… Saying… Don’t, say… That…」


She must have been holding back. I knew she didn’t want to show vulnerability to her subject of duty given by her master. Still, I pulled her close and patted her back… Just like my mother did to me whenever I came home after the kids in the village had bullied me. I shut my eyes from everything. After a minute, I felt Layla’s head lean on my chest, and I heard her muffled tears.


Whatever kind of life she was living, I could only peak through a glimpse of it. The fact that she loved Lubreo, and Lubreo would never love her… She was well aware of that. I only slept with her once. What could I say to her? I’m just the man who bedded her once.


Before I knew it, I had forgotten about Gratina’s shadow looming behind Layla, and had fallen asleep with her in my arms.




When I came to, the sun was approaching its zenith. There was some time before the church bells would chime noon, but I had slept in a little more than usual. On my chest, there laid Layla’s head. We were both naked, and Layla was sleeping as she held on to me. As soon as I had restrained myself from sitting up lest I wake her, her eyes opened right up. Her knighthood wasn’t for show. She woke right up.


「Urr, I don’t want to get up… But I have my duties…」


…And she immediately wusses out. She might have been half asleep, even. Just because she’s a knight, that doesn’t mean she can get in and out of bed without a struggle. She sure is a hard worker…


While those thoughts meandered through my mind, Layla woke herself up with the force of her will in exactly ten seconds.


「All right, I’m awake. I’m not going back to sleep. Today’s mission is…」


It seemed like she finally grasped her situation.


「Good morning, Layla.」


Hearing this, she immediately jolted away from me and yanked a blanket up to hide her breasts.


「E-Elliot…!? Oh, last night…」


Memories of the previous night seemed to be flowing back to her. Her cheeks slowly blushed.


「I-I’m sorry. About last night, if you could… Just forget…」


「Well, that’s not going to happen.」


Layla palmed her head. …Considering her usual self, her reaction seemed natural. During the day, she really was one stoic lady.


「B-But, you and I should have never… Well, I’m guarding you…」


「Wasn’t it good for you, Layla?」


I changed the subject on purpose. Layla didn’t have much technique to steer the conversation to her advantage. She averted my eyes, and was mumbling to herself, her face bright red.


…I guess it wasn’t too bad.


Right next to me on my bed, there sat Layla, who I had only seen as a puritan lady knight until this point, stark naked. With her face red in embarrassment, trying not to meet my eyes, and my semen still in her vagina… She looked astonishingly cute.


I had the luncheon with Jemma Firm that evening, but I still had time. I fell back into the bed as I pulled Layla’s arm. She must have not been expecting it, as she came tumbling down without much resistance.


「Can’t we do it again?」


「…Y-You’re really a…!」


I couldn’t steal her heart just yet. As long as Gratina loomed over her, I couldn’t turn her into a monster, either. So, I’ll drill it into her body… The pleasure of sleeping with me, being treated kindly, and just relaxing.


With barely any resistance, Layla took me in. The beams of sunlight shining in from the window was warning me that noon was approaching.


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