Chapter 109: The Unseen Battle: Damaged Girl

Chapter 108: The Unseen Battle: Jealousy

Chapter 110: The Unseen Battle: Strategy Meeting

Translator: Adam Seacord


While speaking to Nina to comfort her, Olivia went over the situation where Nina was raped, loud enough so I could here. Nina’s father was a lower noble distantly related to House Roland, and Nina went to school with the first daughter of House Roland. Apparently she had gone through some martial arts and sword-fighting training, but I doubted she was much stronger than even I was. The first daughter of House Roland, Nora, was an active tom-boy, and Nina, who was much more subversive and quiet (like Olivia) would stand in Nora’s shadows, but nonetheless they were good friends. Her parents most likely wanted her to acquire that position in court, as well.


While her house was under House Roland, which was in rivalry with House Lambert, they also had business deals with House Lambert, placed them squarely in the middle of the two big houses. From that connection, she had been offered a short term intern for Lady Lambert about a month ago, which she couldn’t refuse.


For a while, it was smooth sailing. While both houses were militarized, House Lambert had more scholars than fighters, compared to House Roland. Nina, who liked to read, was even allowed to attend the private classes for the members of the house. Her life was relatively cozy. Until suddenly, she had been called to Lubreo’s bed and forcibly raped.


She was severely beaten just for refusing to join him in bed. She was hiding with make up now, but I could see some bruises on her face, still. Her bruises would heal, but her heart wouldn’t. Naturally, Nina was a virgin. While she was engaged with a man from an allied city noble, it was likely that the engagement wouldn’t last if they founded out. Besides, that would cause House Lambert and House Roland to crash. Nina seemed too kind and timid to cause that kind of turmoil.


Without even able to speak to her own parents, Nina felt cornered, and isolated herself. The Roland clan was even more battle-prone and rough around the edges than House Lambert. If this got out, a clash of force between the two houses would be inevitable. And unless the battle ends in a landslide, whoever made the first move would fall behind. Worse, she was smart enough to understand all of that. Furthermore, the way to avoid that clash would be to make her entire family… Go away. It was more than likely that someone would have taken that measure. She felt more and more awkward coming across Nora, and when she was sulking in a corner of the classroom in court, Olivia had found her…


「Miss Olivia listened to me… At first, I thought I could never tell anyone from House Blare what had happened, but My Lady told me that she was not raised a noble, and she had seen things like that a few times before…」


Every time she spoke in her quiet voice, her braided strands lightly shook on both sides of her head. Right. Although she was a lower noble, she was raised in a box. It was true that Olivia had more knowledge about those things than usual, but she didn’t know a peasant’s life nor their society. That’s why, despite having some knowledge, she was easily deceived… Still, anyone would have a hard time seeing through Olivia, who had done her homework before approaching her.


After talking over those kinds of things with Nina, Olivia turned back to me, looking a little bit embarrassed.


「It wasn’t anything we could discuss with company, so… We had her come to the room I used to stay at before House Blare took me in.」


「Um, I was a little surprised, but I knew that there were such things, and, well, My Lady… Made me feel better.」


Knowing that Olivia only uses these methods because of me, I didn’t know what to say. I just knew that, if anyone can heal this terrified girl who had just been raped, it wasn’t an unfamiliar man like me.


「Well, this might be a difficult question, but… Did you tell young lady Roland about this?」


「No, I… Didn’t do anything like this with Nora, and I didn’t want to be a bother… Ever since I started at House Lambert, we haven’t able to speak with each other, much.」


True, the fact that she could casually address the mistress of House Roland (who was countless ranks above the social ladder) was proof that they were really good friends, or she looked down on her. Judging by how Nina talks about her, it seemed like the former. Besides, when Olivia was rumored to have Nina in her harem, it was a matter of when rather than if, when it came to this mistress accusing Olivia.


「Olivy, I’m glad you’ve made good friends with Nina, but are you trying to face off against House Roland’s mistress?」


Olivia smiled and responded:


「The opposite. I want to become her friend… And considering what Lambert is after…」


Then she cut herself off after seeing Nina. This girl had been sheltered, but she wasn’t stupid. Olivia figured that Nina would catch on if she said too much. But Nina responded first:


「It’s all right, My Lady. I have guessed that the Lamberts are trying to hurt Nora by turning me into bait.」


…Perhaps her heart’s stronger than I thought.


「…Nina. Let’s save the rest until after your treatment. I’m right here with you, don’t be afraid. Since I know your secret, I’ll tell you mine… This man, is my lover… My beau, I mean.」


She said while she winked at me.


「Wha…? Oh, but, My Lady has told that you were working among peasants before you came to House Blare, so I guess it makes sense…」


After suddenly being disclosed the future owner of the city’s secret, Nina was flustered. Olivia seized that opportunity to steal her lips, and pull her close by her waist… Yep. It was definitely one of my moves.


「Let’s go to the bed, Nina. You don’t have to tell me anything you don’t want to. So, don’t you dare end your own life. Elliot and I will take care of you. Just relax and let me…」




「That’s right. Nina, your eyesight isn’t too well, is it?」


Sara, who had already bedded once, reluctantly moved from the bed to the chair to observe. Nina had swiftly been stripped down to how she looked like the day she was born. Her skinny, small body was out in the open. Her breasts were also smaller, her long dark hair catching my eyes. Then, the light bruising that were lingering all around her alabaster skin. Watching her, I stripped away clothes to match her.


「Yes, but, it’s expensive, and it broke when…」


Lubreo had raped her. I was reminded once again that he had no interest in anything to do about others.


「You read too much literature to let it get this bad, didn’t you? Me too. Sure, it may be a little expensive but you need one… Here.」


She took out a small box from her bags. A pair of glasses.


「They’re my pair, so the lens might be a little off, but… How are they?」


She placed the glasses over Nina’s eyes and asked her again.


「No… I can see well. But this is your…」


「Don’t worry about it. It’s something you need, and we’re about to be bedded by the same man… Think of it as your collar from me, won’t you?」


Nina blushed. Olivia looked a little embarrassed too. As I was wondering who in the world taught her these lines… I saw Sara jerk her chin at me, exasperated.


I’ve been doing that to the girls…?


「Elliot, won’t you come here? You’re about to ravish us. Keep your eye on your prey.」


「Oh, sure. That being said, I wonder where you get your lines… Nina, are you all right? If you’re scared of something, or don’t like it, I need you to tell me.」


I walked up to here on the bed. Looking down, it felt pretty satisfying to have two girls looking up at me. As I realized that they both had pretty, alabaster skin… My penis couldn’t be kept down anymore. Today, I had only came once so far, into Sara.


「Hey, it’s getting big. It’s going to get bigger than that… Are you okay?」


「I’m… It’s a little, scary. But not as bad as… Last time… I think.」


Having Olivia grab and guide her hand, she timidly let her fingers touch my penis. As she gently stroked it, it rose. I directed Sara to bring an aphrodisiac pill and the lotion that Chana delivered once in a while. The latter of which, I had just used a chunk of it with Sara. I gave the pill to Olivia, who without hesitation took it in her mouth and cracked it in half before putting it in Nina’s mouth. They kissed for a long time, until I could see Nina’s half of the pill pass her throat.


「In a little bit our bodies will warm up… Until then, let’s make Elliot feel good.」


「And, what should I… Do with this?」


「Just follow my lead.」


Like a close pair of sisters, Olivia and Nina kissed my penis from both sides. Olivia’s Near-green brunette hair that reached below her shoulder, and Nina’s braided black hair that reached well down her back both jiggled below me. While they do, Olivia’s hand sneaked into Nina’s loins, gently petting it. I thought about doing something, but since I was being serviced, standing on the bed, I couldn’t reach Nina’s body.


So, all I could do was gently pet their heads. Nina stiffened in fear for a moment, but seeing that I kept being gentle, she seemed to be relieved and started moving again. …I took a mental note to be careful before touching her.


「See, a manhood isn’t all scary. Well… It might look weird, but once you get used to it, it can be kind of cute… Depending on whose body it’s attached. 」


「I-Ihfee… Phew… U-Um. Elliot…san. How is this?」


She plopped the head of my penis out of here mouth, and asked me as she looked up me apologetically. Her apologetic, still slightly terrified puppy-dog face tickled my sadist tendencies. Behind her, I could see Olivia continuously playing with Nina’s body, and I could tell that her and I had the same thought process.


「It feels great, don’t worry. It might have been scary last time, but I’m not going to do anything like that. Can you and Olivy keep making me feel good? 」


「Oh… Yes, um… Like, this…?」


「Yes, that feels good, Nina. I’m going to pet your head… Olivy, don’t stop with her.」


Olivia responded by stimulating Nina’s loin while whispering to her. Meanwhile, I slowly weaved my magical powers, then placed both hands on Nina’s head before seeping the magical strings into her. I wanted to enjoy it slowly, but… I didn’t really have the time. This girl was a prey that Olivia had brought to me, and a potential card against House Lambert.


Without even her knowledge, I seep my magic into her. While it couldn’t just do it by locking eyes (like a certain housekeeper), by laying with them and taking advantage of their vulnerability, I was able to control someone’s body. Judging by the flow of magic coursing through her body, Nina didn’t look pregnant.


But, they already had materials to blackmail her, which meant that she could be raped again. And in order for me to bring in House Roland as an ally, this girl was invaluable. She would need to forget about me once, and even if I couldn’t turn her into a monster yet, I needed to plant some things. Olivia must have contemplated whether or not to bring her into all of this… But if she was left alone, Nina could have ended her own life. So, I was giving her a means to survive.


That day, Nina climaxed numerous times through our coitus, then returned with her face apple-red. Her job would be to bring Mistress Roland to Olivia. Using the exact same method as House Lambert, we would sweep the table.


…After all, House Lambert and I were alike. It was dangerous to think that we were better than them. And we still didn’t have any guarantee of victory. I wondered how many more moves Lubreo, and Gratina, had made against us. There was no way of knowing the answer, and even in the best case scenario, we would only survive the onslaught.


Only a few days left until the parade.




  1. Thanks for new chapter

  2. Yes and no, in regard to Elliot & his allies being like House Lambert as represented by Lubreo.

    While the end positions desired may be similar, the reasons for seeking those positions, and their concepts of what are acceptable to achieve those goals are radically different at heart.

    Lubreo desires to expand his power so that he can get his jollies.

    Elliott, Olivia, etc., desire to protect themselves. As their positions make them obstacles to Lubreo’s ultimate goal, he has targeted them for elimination. They have to neutralize Lubreo in order to survive.

    Despite how ruthless Elliot & Company may act, they do have more concern for those they utilize as tools. Even if it’s the result of brainwashing, they want them to be happy with their situation. They desire their loyalty, not just their obedience.

    While it won’t prevent them from taking necessary action for their survival, they do regret any collateral damage their actions cause. They recognize that there are those not involved in the power struggle.

    Lubreo and his Housekeeper don’t recognize the concept of collateral damage. You are either their tool, or prey.

    Their tools don’t need to be happy, just obedient.

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