Chapter 114: Dance Macabre: The Women in the Private Room

Chapter 113: Dance Macabre: Much Ado About Love

Chapter 115: Dance Macabre: The Elegant Race

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「Don’t tell me what to do.」


With Nora’s immediate response, Olivia had now lost her words.


「But I was just…」


「Okay, I can’t figure out yet if you’re good or bad, sure. Still, Nina was so desperate, so much as to make her cry this much, and I was oblivious to it, and you brought us all to this point. She’s my best friend. You helped her, and now you don’t want me to feel grateful for it? What a load of crap.」


Olivia was speechless for a while, but finally burst out laughing despite her best efforts not to. She was not laughing at Nora, but out of relief.


「W-What? Why are you laughing, looking like that?」


「Hee… Hee hee hee… Well, because I’m… Relieved. You’re so much nicer than what I’ve heard in rumors. Me, and other wily people like me are cowards. It’s hard for people like us to open up to, or trust someone. So, people like us are envious of people like you… Right?」


She was undoubtedly referring to me. While I couldn’t dispute it, I wanted to question her choice of words. “Wily”?




Nora replied, but Nina, who had stopped crying by this seemed content with the answer.


「What? Nina, you get it?」


「Yeah, kind of… But you don’t have to understand, Nora.」


Even with dried tear streaks on her cheeks, Nina looked cheerful. What Olivia was saying seemed obvious to Nina, and Nina found it amusing that it wasn’t to Nora. Moreover, Nina seemed to be more relaxed just by being with Nora.


「What, you’re ganging up on me now?」


Nora playfully protested. Even as she did, she was twirling Nina’s hair as she held her.


「It’s nothing like that… But were you worried that I would take Nina away from you?」


「Well… Yeah, a little.」


「I don’t blame you. I’m growing a reputation in court for doing just that.」


Olivia smiled. Nora joined in:


「Right. You just said that I was nicer than the rumors, well, same goes for you. Up until a minute ago, I thought you were a lesbian with no boundaries on who to sleep with.」


「Nora, that’s a little…」


「Well, my actions certainly backed it up, and I purposefully didn’t deny those rumors… But that means, by tomorrow, you’ll be on the public list of Olivia’s Conquests.」


「Heh. Let them talk all they want. There’s nothing they can do, anyway.」


Nora grinned in defiance. I wondered if her intimidating presence, which superseded her age and looks, was a product of her environment.


「From my eye, you and Nina seemed more like a couple… But you weren’t?」


Hearing this, Nora hurriedly blushed. She seemed inexperienced with those sort of things. Nina also blushed, but obviously for different reasons.


「W-what are you!? We’re both girsl!」


「Then, you have no problem having relations with a man? 」


「But I… Well, I don’t have any experience! I’m not even married. Why would I?」


「If you’re both girls, I don’t think you’ll worry about anything with men… And you may not feel that way, but Nina, on the other hand…」


Nina made a move as Olivia had said that. Not quickly by any means, but she laid her lips on Nora’s and held her shoulder softly. There was no force to it, and in a contest of strength, frail Nina wouldn’t have stood a chance. However, this unexpected act from Nina flustered Nora quite a bit.




Her mind must be a blur. While her arms or legs moved a little as if they had just remembered how to, but not in any cohesive way. After a few seconds of passionate kissing, Nina pulled her face back. Between their lips, there was an illuminating bridge of saliva.


「Nora…! I, think… Lady Olivia is wonderful, but you… With you, I’ve always wanted to… Do things like this.」


She might have had inclinations. But, she didn’t seem like she ever imagined them coming to life. The mistress of House Roland seemed to finally realize that, the looks always thrown at her from the cute girl beside her were filled with evident lust.


「B-But, we’re…」


「Nora. What you said earlier isn’t wrong, you know. Sometimes I bed other woman… Like I did Nina, when she was hurt. Gently, I conquered her, and convince her to come see you. In order to tell you my request… And how Nina really feels about you.」


I wondered how much of that Nora had heard. Nina was slowly lifting Nora’s dress, and raining kisses down her neck. Nina’s lips were coated with aphrodisiac lip gloss (concocted by Chana), which would gradually start to affect Nora.


「I… Love you. We’re in different worlds, and we’re both girls… And I’m engaged. So, I never meant to say anything. But… But I can’t hold it in anymore. If, Lady Olivia hadn’t saved me, I would have let other people hurt you… I can’t… I…!」


「Nina… I didn’t know you felt…」


「She doesn’t want to hand you over to the blackmailers. But she doesn’t want me to take you, either. To be honest, it’s not like taking you in hasn’t crossed my mind, if all things went well… So, I guess the only choice Nina has is to take you for herself.」




「Lady Nora. That’s a lap. What do ya’ think? Shall we return to the manor?」


The coachman called with a knock on the carriage. Nora’s spine was whipped straight, and she stood there clueless. Olivia said:


「Right now, any sound in here won’t leek outside of the carriage. Unless we open a window, no one will hear us.」


Nora, as she ignored her best friend continuing to rain down kisses from her neck to her breasts, she cracked the small window open and answered the coachman:


「W-We’re talking about some complicated stuff, right now. Keep going around town. I’ll give you a holler when we’re done.」


「Yes, ma’am.」


The window was closed, isolating the interior of the carriage from the world once again. Nora, who was supposed to me the master of this area, had already become a butterfly trapped in a web, woven by Olivia and Nina.


「You look ready, Nora. I won’t take Nina from you, or you from Nina for that matter… But I’m going to give you girls a little hand.」


「Lady Olivia… Please be gentle with Nora.」


Olivia shifted, and put Nora between her and Nina. Nina had already stripped Nora’s dress halfway down, leaving a single shapely breast, albeit toned through her training, exposed to the air.


「Naturally, no one… No man has touched you here before?」


Olivia slowly inserted her hand into Nora’s skirt. Nina, not wanting to fall behind, stretched her hand down there as well, and petted the spot still protected by a silk garment.


「Aah… Why, there… Ah, aah, wait.」


The unrelenting gentle petting had caused some moisture to seep out.


「What, what is this… Something’s, coming. Something’s coming…」


Scared, Nora tried to curl her back. Her reaction seemed too virginal.


「Nora, you’ve never even touched yourself?」


「W-What do you mean…?」


It seems that no one thought of teaching the mistress of a warrior’s house the dirty deeds of birds and the bees. Even her best friend Nina must not have discussed such things with her. Nora had no knowledge of sex, nor any experience, including masturbation.


「Something nice, I’d say… I have a feeling that Nina will be showing you.」


Pinching Nora’s slender chin, Olivia stole a kiss. While she did, Nina switched positions, lowering her waist to the ground and climbing in between Nora’s legs. She wrapped her arms around Nora’s waist to bring them forward, right up to her face. The lenses of Nina’s glasses fogged a little. That was the best piece of evidence that Nora’s slumbering lust had finally awakened, causing her to drip nectar.


「Nora! Oh, Nora…!」




Nina kissed it through Nora’s undergarment. Nora’s body jolted as if struck by lightning, and her back arched, but Olivia held her down, keeping her lips on Nora’s.


「Nora. Stick out your tongue.」


「Ahh… L-Like this…?」


The girl, now in a hazy dream, obeyed Olivia without any protest. Their tongues entangled in the air, and Olivia sucked Nora’s tongue into her mouth, as if it was my penis she was servicing. In the meantime, Nina continued to stimulate Nora’s loins with her tongue. Her silk undergarment was already soaked with nectar and saliva. On the other side of the fabric, coated in a thin layer of hair, she was trembling in anticipation of what was about to happen.


Finally releasing her lips and tongue, Olivia whispered in Nora’s ears.


「Hey, Nora. What do you want to do? What do you want us to do to you? I never force anyone, and I don’t want to make Nina cry, so I have no intention of making you fall for me. But, I don’t think you can hold out too much longer. …So, why don’t you ask Nina? Your best friend, Nina…」


I doubted that Nora heard a half of that. Still, the girl who had just awakened her inexperienced lust (compared to her body), it was a sweet invitation difficult to refuse, because even without knowing anything that goes on in the bedroom, Nora had always protected Nina, the cry baby.


「Nina… Nina…! Hot, I’m burning up… I’m, scared… But Nina, I’m not, scared, with you…」


Her confession of love was terribly juvenile. An oath for her best friend, whom she had considered much weaker than her, begging for Nina’s mercy and domination. Nina smiled in glee, and stripped away Nora’s wet and heavy undergarment before going back down for some deep kisses. Nora’s back arched, and Olivia had to cover her mouth before she could cry out in ecstasy.


Inside the gently rocking carriage, the three women intermingled for a long time.




After some time, the carriage returned to the front of the palace. Only Olivia had emerged.


「Remember. This is our secret.」


Blushing, Nora’s attempt at taking control was undercut by her melted body posture. Behind her, Nina was smiling in bliss, holding Nora’s waist. Of course, everyone’s attires were restored, with the exception of Nora’s undergarment.


「Well, I won’t say anything that would cause trouble… But no one can tell how the pigeons of the court will gossip.」


House Roland’s carriage slowly trotted off, and Olivia returned to court. She could feel the stings of curious eyes, but she acted none the wiser. She was back on her battlefield. From time to time, a courageous yet reckless girl would ask Olivia directly what had happened, to which Olivia responded:


「Nora-san, Nina-san and I shared a carriage. I left early, and it seemed that they have headed to the Roland manor together.」


This would soon spread as a rumor of how Nora of House Roland had cuckolded her friend away from Olivia, who was already rumored to be a lesbian. As the parade approached, Olivia’s fame and infamy had started growing again.

Chapter 113: Dance Macabre: Much Ado About Love


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