Chapter 23 – The Crow Falls: The Magician’s Bewilderment

Caution to People under the Age of 18: This Chapter of Man-Eating Dungeon! contains themes or scenes that is not suitable for young readers, thus only read beyond this point IF you are 18 or above.

Note: – Sara and Thalia are the same person.

「……Eh, Ehhhhhhhh!?」

After seeing the scene, Thalia closed her eyes and turns her head with a red face.

There is no need to guess, She has little experience in that field…….

Or it might be because she is a virgin.

There are proper reasons for showing her this. It’s to make her sexually excited and to make her lose her composure by showing her the corrupted appearances of her friends.

And then, by showing Thalia who is a magician that has studied at the academy, this room, I wanted to know whether or not she would notice these intentions of mine.

This room was filled with magical symbols written on both the floor and ceiling. The formations were written by mixing my blood and semen with a dye. There were things that I learned from Astarte, and things that I added from my own studies. Since I tampered with various things, I thought that she may be able to see through it in a flash……

「Huh, a Magic Formation of Metamorphosis!? What type of engraving is that!? Is that a ritual? No way, I don’t know anything about it! None of these were taught at the Academy!?」

Well, she managed to uncover it instantaneously. It was not like I didn’t expect it, but she still gave me a shock.

When I need to remake a human into a demon, I need to pour magical power into my partner through sexual intercourse. That being said, personally, I don’t want to do such a thing with a male partner. Also, only being able to do one person at a time is inefficient.

Because I learned a technique that establishes a factory that could change the properties of materials when I was making Golems, I tried to utilize that technique and created an experiment to see if it could efficiently turn them into monsters…

Well, either way, it worked in theory, so why don’t I just test it out and see what happens.

「Look closely at Shiro. She stopped being human for me, but doesn’t she seem happier now? You’ve seen how Shiro was treated as a thing for comfort by the Red Crows, haven’t you? At that time, was Shiro having sex with that much pleasure?」

Hearing my voice, Thalia tried to look away, but she couldn’t. Shiro, who was being screwed in doggystyle by a giant of a man, noticed us and gave us a smile.

「Masterrr……, Saraa……Sho you came……? Look, Ledga’s dick, it’s shlapping me sho muchh……」


Seeing where the two were connected, Thalia……Or Sara as she was called……made a small gulp. As if she had just remembered something, she stood up from the bed and tried to run away.

「<Catch>」. The Golem arm that was equipped on the side of the bed caught Thalia’s leg.

Although it was nothing but an arm, Thalia still lacked the base strength to shake the Golem’s physical strength off her.

「Who the hell…are you?」

She sounded mortified, and tried not to show fear.

Despite her intentions to remain strong, Thalia asked me this question while harboring a small amount of fear that she couldn’t hide.

「Didn’t I tell you just a little while ago? I am Elliot, the inhabitant of this neighborhood and the only living survivor of the desolate village you had to pass through to get here…….Oh, I am only half-Human though. I am an apprentice half-Demon as well as this dungeon’s master.」

At the same time when I was explaining this to Sara, the large man called Legda gave a loud shout as he climaxed and collapsed. That was, after all, his twelfth time.

It seems that everyone else was also reaching their limit as they started to collapse one after another. They didn’t just lose their consciousness but their human souls as well. Now, when they wake up, they would all be turned into demons.

Going around behind the stationary Thalia’s back, I stealthily moved several steps away.

Using a certain tool, I called out to her.

「Thalia, I will give you a choice, Would you like to be held in my arms or would you rather like to be raped by your former colleagues who will turn into something different from now on? Which do you prefer? 」

「You idiot! I refuse them both! O Spirit of Fire! 」

Without the incantations and required gestures meant for the sake of casting a spell, Thalia forcibly summoned a Spirit of Fire. I think that it uses a lot more magical power when she forcibly activates the spell like that, but…… It almost landed a direct hit on the place that she aimed at.

If that had hit me directly, I might have actually died.

Well, Astarte, who was currently glaring at Thalia with an incredible look while being embraced by the men, might have done something about it.

「…… So you are able to call the elemental spirits even in that condition? As expected of you……But, I made preparations for that.」

「Why!? Didn’t it make a direct hit!? 」

Thalia tried to twist her neck to look behind her back but I interrupt her by taking a step forward from her behind and showed her a small shell.


Looks like she knows about this magic tool.

This magic tool can transmit voices and also gives you the ability to transmit your own voice from behind a wall, a short distance away.

I moved to a blind spot behind Sara, hid behind the wall and talked to her through this tool.

Although, it’s an artifact that can’t be called cheap even when made by an amateur such as myself, the goal this needed to do has been achieved and Thalia’s magical power have almost been used up.

Taking wine out from the bottle that was placed on the desk, I held the liquid in my mouth.

It’s the wine that contains an aphrodisiac which was used by Red Crows leader.

This, most likely, has a stronger effect than the one that I currently possess.

「Wh, what, drinking wine like that, are you making fun , MUH!?」

I pinched Sara’s thin jaw and stole her lips with a surprise attack.

She must have been thirsty and hungry. After all, a lot of time has passed since she ate something.

When I poured the wine into her mouth, she resisted for a bit, but Thalia ended up drinking more than half of it.

「It’s a gift from your teammates. Your body might get hotter than it is right now eventually, but just endure it. I don’t want to force you to do anything…….Though she’s like this now, I also told Shiro that I would let her escape, you know? If that is what she truly wished」

「Wha, what foolish things are you saying!? If she was in that kind of state, of course she would want to escape!? Why would she go out of her way to continue that way of life!?」

It seems that she doesn’t believe that it was Shiro’s own choice. Well, since I, myself, doubted her at first, it’s not unreasonable. In that case, it would be faster for her to hear it directly from the person herself.

「Shiro, could you tell this girl why you became my dog? 」

Taking a good look at the men of the Red Crows, all except for the last person, were already exhausted and have collapsed. When they wake up, they will cease to be humans.

When they had magical power poured into them through sex with Dahlia and Shiro, who had turned into demons due to my magical power, my magical power, although low in quantity, is poured into them as well.

Of course, since it’s not possible for Dahlia and Shiro to turn their partners into demons, I will need to perform a ritual afterwards though……By doing that, it becomes possible for me to control the demons created to a certain extent.

Shiro came along and clung onto the restrained Thalia.

「Saraa …….Shiro is ve~ry happy right now, you know? Because Master doesn’t hit Shiro and is very gentle with her…. It feels really good and comfortable.」

Having been bathed in a large amount of semen, Shiro’s face and body overflowed with the smell of sperm. Thalia frowned from the odor. With how she is wriggling at the crotch, could this be proof that the aphrodisiac is taking effect?

「Shiro, you really have become a demon…….!」

「I meann, the human called Charlotte isn’t anywhere anymore after all. Just as you also know, Shiro is a bitch after all. Since she isn’t human, she became a ve~ry perverted dog. That’s why Shiro asked Master to turn her into a dog♪」

「Shiro…….You really did want it on your own」

Now that she understood Shiro’s situation, she was at a loss for words.

At that point, Shiro stole her lips.


「….hhhaaa Sara-chan was always kind to me, you never hit me and you even gave me medicine. It made me a bit happy. That’s why, become Master’s dog together with me, okay?」

As Shiro was saying that, she was taking Thalia’s clothes off.

Her breasts were on the small side, conservatively protruding out only to the point of filling up the palm of my hand when gathered, and her light pink nipples were standing erect.

Shiro mercilessly licked Thalia’s nipples and started sucking on them.

「Ah, sto, stop it!?」

「Sara-chan, seeing Shiro getting raped by everyone, you got aroused, didn’t you? You’d go into your private room, kill your voice, and masturbate on your own, right? Shiro, knew all about it. After everyone went to sleep, you masturbated over and over, didn’t you. You won’t have to masturbate anymore. I’ll give you something that feels even better. Master will have you do something that feels even better, you know?」

Having her unexpected inclination exposed, Thalia’s complexion went from bright red to ghastly pale. At that time, the giant man who was raping Astarte and Dahlia raised a remarkably loud voice, and as a large amount of semen flooded out from Dahlia’s vagina, he collapsed as if he fainted.

「Shiro, for the time being, please get along with that girl. During that time, I will go and wake everyone up.」


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