Chapter 24 The Crows Fall: Increasing

Caution to People under the Age of 18: This Chapter of Man-Eating Dungeon! contains themes or scenes that is not suitable for young readers, thus only read beyond this point IF you are 18 or above.

Although I do have Astarte’s training, my ritual is self-taught so, to be completely honest, its performance isn’t all that good. I thought that Thalia would mock me for it….But due to the strange atmosphere surrounding her, with the aphrodisiac in her body and the pleasure given to her by Shiro, Thalia’s eyes were darting about all over the place.

After casting the spell, the Magical Metamorphosis Formation which was set in the room started to activate.

Falling under my expectations, the Demonification Ritual that I’m using seems to not contain a strong compelling force. My Father, whose face I have never seen, can also change the form of his partner with his own will, but if they were to degenerate into a demon without him choosing anything, the variation would change depending on the partner’s true nature……or that’s on the level it was said to be.

Being able to decide on what my partner would turn into is something I (probably) am unable to do. The type of demon that my partner will turn into will be greatly influenced by the partner’s true nature and their current life circumstances.

Dahlia, who originally had a submissive nature and had furthermore lost half of her consciousness on the brink of death, had lost the majority of her memories and personality so she became a Golem.

Shiro, who was trained as a bitch and had lost herself, recognized me as her Master and became a Weredog.

Now then, I wonder what these men will change into……?

「FUGUa, GUOoOoO……!?」

「……UUU, UAGAGAGAGAaaaaa!!」

Groans were raised from those men while they were still unconscious. Since they lost consciousness in the middle of cumming in an orgy that lasted several hours, there was no way that they would turn into demons that still possessed clear egos. Though, I would be thankful if their wildness and ego were restrained and become demons that were obedient to me.

「Hii? Wh, what was that…….」

While being groped in waves of pleasure, Thalia stiffened up for a moment and raised a voice of fear.

「Oh that……. They are transforming into demons. Devoting yourself for Master’s sake feels ve~ry good, you know?」

I wonder, did Shiro’s words even make it through to Thalia?

「No way, I don’t know anything about that……that kind of thing, that’s……Ah」

Shiro plugs Thalia’s lips with her own. Then she stretches her fingers to Thalia’s crotch and she started to gently fiddle with the entrance to her secret thicket. Listening to the sweet voice resounding from behind me, I tried hard to concentrate on the ceremony. The bodies of the adventurers began to bulge and swell. Their hair began to fall from their bodies. Their canines extended out from their mouths, and their skin hardened.

「Elliot-sama, congratulations……These are Orcs.」

While listening to Astarte, I repeated her words like a parrot.

「Orcs huh…….. Sorry but this is first time that I saw demons like this, Demons that I don’t have much knowledge of other than it having a pig-like face.」

「An Orc is the lowest rank Demon in the Demon world that can be crossed with various type of creatures. They have got a strong vitality and a strong sex drive. Their intelligence isn’t that high. However, it’s possible to build an army if they have a strong commander. Looks like that big guy has transformed into a top class Orc.」

The orcs slowly got on their feet and looked around with faces filled with confusion. Even when they looked at each other, it seems that they didn’t recognize one another as acquaintances…….Feelings of guilt didn’t well up all that much since they were my enemies, but they had lost not only their memories and their names, but also their very humanity by becoming demons. The one that turned them into demons, was me. A fact that I must never forget.

「…….You all.」

I called out to them. The thoughts of these men that had just turned into Orcs were faintly transmitted to me.

(I want to rape, I want to eat, I want to kill.)

The brutal impulses that low ranking demons possess were being transmitted to me, but maybe because they were under my control, I was able to easily repress those impulses.

「Do you know who I am?」

The Orcs made dubious faces and after a short while, they kneeled in front of me. They probably don’t understand why they are obeying me. Still, as long as I can control them, they are unable to disobey me…….That’s during the time that they are under my control. But, if there were removed from my control for some kind of reason, I’m sure that they will obey those impulses and continually destroy and slaughter everything in front of them….I now fully understand the reason why the human world and the demonic world are so incompatible.

「If you follow me, I shall satisfy your desires to a certain extent. So for now, be obedient.」

The former leader of the Red Crows that now had become an Orc Leader heard those words and gave a small nod of affirmation. Looks like the ritual ended pretty well.


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  3. This is just a random observation, with prob no significance but, I don’t suppose anyone has noticed; so far, there seems to be a parody between the 4 girls he has amassed so far and the 4 elemental spirits in the hero vs the demon lord trope.

    Earth – Gnome – Dahlia (this ones a bit of a stretch, but golems are normally associated with clay, her clothing are also brown, along with some other bits.)

    Air – Sylph – Astarte (she can fly…)

    Fire – Salamander – Thalia (No brainer, and i also predict her corrupted form will be lizard-ish)

    Water – Undine – Shiro (she gets… very wet…)

    If the story goes how i predict, judging from what has been translated so far, next up will be the hero’s party members –

    Swordsman – I’m going to assume it’s his childhood friend that in the prologue that turned into a templar commander or something… im going to make a wild guess and say she will turn into a dullahan.

    Assassin/rogue – don;t know who it is but that to was in the prologue.

    Mage – depending if the author wants to separate it or not, it could just be bundled with Thalia, or we get a new character with even better magic. This might also be a Necromancer?

    Priest- again with the mage it could end up being Astarte, or someone high up to corrupt from the church?

    All of this is just wild speculation, but considering where that’s are, i’m finding it hard to contain my excitement in seeing a possable trope turned upside down on its head. Either way i dont think i’ll be disappointed.

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