Chapter 25: The Crows Fall – Sara

Caution to People under the Age of 18: This Chapter of Man-Eating Dungeon! contains themes or scenes that is not suitable for young readers, thus only read beyond this point IF you are 18 or above.

Looking at me who came back, Sara seemed more afraid compared to before. That’s to be expected. After all, I showed her such a scene, and it would have been meaningless unless she was scared. That would be counterintuitive to the goal I had in my mind when I went out of my way to show her the ritual. By showing her that I am a ruthless being, it would make Sara believe that her defeat is indubitably the only thing that will happen. Sara is a beautiful girl (although her breasts are on the modest side). But what I wanted most from her was neither her beauty nor her body, it was her ability as a magician.

There is no point in killing her and then turning her in zombie. After all, there is a chance that if you lose your ego you may lose your magic talent. That is why I want her to turn into a demon while she still retains her consciousness. Unlike Shiro, she and I basically have an antagonistic relationship. First of all, she won’t open up her body on her own, and doesn’t desire to turn into a demon. In the event that she has the will to resist me, I don’t know if she will be able to turn into a demon or not.

In the worst case scenario, she would become a rampaging demon bestowed with magical power, and then it would be highly likely that I would be attacked by her as a result of being unable to control her. With that being the case, it would be easier to talk her into it. I will tempt Sara into submitting to me while she hasn’t lost herself. To do that, I either have to rob her of her resistant heart through fear, or, just like when I turned Shiro into a demon, make her say that she wants to turn into a demon herself and making her believe that. Either one of them would be for the best if they’re possible but……

「Saraa! You haven’t embraced a man yet, right?」

My thoughts were interrupted by Shiro’s enticing voice. Sara, who had melted from Shiro’s tongue technique, became even redder as Sara continued to tease her. Come to think of it, whether it be the talk of masturbation from before, or the matter now, she probably has a strong sense of shame. In that case, it seems like it would be best to break her self-esteem from there.

「Thalia, no, Sara. Are you still a virgin?」

Due to my straight forward question, Sara’s face became a higher shade of red and she replied.

「Sh, shut up! That’s only because there is no man worthy of me! 」

She didn’t deny that she was a virgin. It seems that she is not good at telling lies either.

……Why would such a naive child drop out of the academy?

「Weren’t there any good men at your school? I thought that there would have been a fair amount of men with good birth and breeding as well as talent in magic though…… To begin with, did you really study magic at the academy? Are you sure it wasn’t actually just a bluff to give yourself some dignity?」

I dared to talk about this area in order to bait her into make her react sharply to it. She looks like she has a high amount of pride, so she would probably fall for it.

「Sh, shut up! The people at the academy, a majority of them, are just spoiled rotten young nobles that barely have any talent in magic! For their Magician rank, as long as they have even a tiniest hint of talent, it’s something that will later be decided by money and their parentage! Yet despite that, those guys get jealous from a person’s talent and……Wait, what are you making me say! I have no intention of getting any counselling from you, got it!?」

「In other words, you had neither money nor pedigree. Even though you certainly do have the talent and had made the effort, I guess you weren’t able to be successful at the academy. So, you dropped out of the academy early, and tried to gain strength by putting it into practice as an Adventurer……Is that what you were thinking?……I can only say that you have been naive.」


Now, her face was red not only because of shame but also due to anger.

「You thought that you could live by your ability alone, and so, without investigating who you are joining with, you went and joined a good-for-nothing Adventurer party. The good-for-nothings committed the crime of killing other Adventurers in the middle of town, which meant that you, unluckily, had joined a group of criminals. And then, just as you were about to be raped by your companions. Luckily, or maybe unluckily, you had come here. If I weren’t here, wouldn’t your fate be nothing other than to be a collar wearing, semen covered slave?」

Looks like I hit the bullseye. She was clenching her teeth, but her eyes were moist. There’s no doubt that she was doing her best to hold in her tears…..She probably had the ability, and had probably put in great effort. It’s just, this girl wasn’t good at making friends, and she probably a bit unlucky on top of that.

「You will die. Unable to triumph over those guys at the academy that were jealous of you, that made fun of you. Your talent is truly genuine. And you probably have more knowledge than the average Magician. Without being able make use of that talent, you will lose everything in this remote Dungeon. That being said, even if you hadn’t come here, in the near future, the guys that you thought were your friends would have drugged and raped you, cover you in semen and aphrodisiacs, and then, living under these good-for-nothing men while being kicked around by them, you would have turned into a miserable bitch so……yeah, there isn’t that much of a difference.」

To tell the truth, this girl’s talent is too good to lose. I mean, you would kill for it. That’s why, as I was carefully trying to restrain her resistant heart, I was also scared of failure. Nonetheless, I have no choice but to break her spirit. I have the role of the whip and the one with the role of the candy is Shiro.

「Hey, Saraa……It’d be a waste for you to die here. Let’s be together, okay? Become a demon together with me, and let’s be kept by Master, okay? It feels rea~lly good. Sara, I don’t think you have done it yet, but it feels more ama~zing than masturbating. It feels good enough to melt your body and your mind…..」

「Baka……Ba…Ka…, what are you saying in a place like this, ahha…….!?」

Sara’s expression started to fluctuate. From despair and a fear of death, things suddenly shifted to talk of juicy sex. It was lewd, but it unmistakably meant “She would live”. Shiro probably wasn’t thinking that far ahead, but like this, the aim of this conversation was to plant the idea in her head that it was “Either be killed, or be embraced together with Shiro”. These were her only two choices. Although there were two injured Red Crow members in shack beside the tavern, it can be said that the victory and defeat has been decided. There is no one who will come to save Sara, so I have plenty of time. However, if I waste too much time there is a possibility that Sara’s magic will recover, and since her ability to think will return eventually, the choice of “escaping by herself” will probably come to her mind. I want to degenerate her while she is still powerless.

「Thalia……No, Sara. Whatever you choose, it would be a waste to die as a virgin, wouldn’t it? So I will let you choose. Will you have your virginity taken by me, or will you have your virginity taken by your former companions. I won’t pressure you, so go ahead and choose.」

Her former companions are the Orcs that were currently on standby surrounding me. Their dicks are still full of vitality, and just as I thought, they slowly gathered around Sara. They will not attack unless I order them, but what they are aiming for is obvious. Making a small shriek, Sara stiffened up. Well, seeing as how her former companions now have this kind of appearance, I think that there is nothing more terrible than this.

「I, I don’t want either…..I don’t wanna die, I don’t wanna die yet……」

Maybe because her spirit finally broke, Sara started crying. Shiro didn’t seem to quite understand why Sara was crying, so she worriedly started to lick the tears that were going down Sara’s cheeks.

…..It seems that I need to shake her a bit more.

「Sara, I will give you more variables to think about…… Hey Orc’s! Come here and make Sara feel good. However, you are not allowed to insert it in her. When you are unable to stand it any longer, go ask Dahlia and or Astarte for assistance」

Dahlia was standing at a side quietly. Astarte, who was watching over what I would do, seems to have guessed at what I was trying to achieve. Although she didn’t relish in what she has to do, she came over and started to stimulate the Orcs’ penises. The Orcs’ breaths became heavy with arousal, and they started to strip Sara’s clothes. I commanded Dahlia to bring the perfume oil. After Sara was stripped naked, Dahlia started to smear Sara’s body with perfume oil. This perfume oil also has an effect of being an aphrodisiac so Sara’s breathing started to become heavy.

「Ah, wh, what, what are you doing!?」

I ignored Sara and beckoned Shiro towards me.

「Shiro, come here and make me feel good. Let’s have you show Sara how you are when you are being embraced. Astarte and Dahlia you should also join Sara and make her feel good…….However, be sure to not let her cum at the end.」

「Masterr, I understandd.」

「Understood, Goshujin-sama.」

Shiro and Dahlia responded immediately.

「Elliott-sama, you have become quite malicious, haven’t you?……Since you have a talent in this sort of thing, it’s a good thing for me though.」

Astarte called out to me in a somewhat exasperated voice. She is probably the only one here that understands my ideas.

「I’d like you to cooperate, but…….Astarte, don’t you hate this sort of thing?」

「No way. Someday, you will be the ruler of Demon world. If I can be of use to you, then it would be my pleasure…… Is what I would like to say, but I don’t really like being partnered up with Orcs. So……Once this is all over, please embrace me plenty 」

Making a small smile, she headed towards Sara.

「Noo! St, stop it! Don’t touch me」

「You were called Sara, correct? You don’t know the touch of a man, right? …..…..I’ll be sure to teach you various things. Though, it will be about fun that only fellow girls can achieve.」

Astarte got behind Sara, whose legs were fixed onto the bed, called out to her and then stole her lips. As Sara’s eyes darted about from suddenly being kissed, the Orcs’ stern fingers began playing around with Sara’s arms, thighs, and modest breasts.

Dahlia stood before the bed, brought her face close to Sara’s crotch, made her tongue crawl about the thin thicket and chasm that Shiro was playing with earlier, and started servicing her.

「Ehehe……Masterr, we’ll show Sara how Shiro is when she’s feeling good.」

「That’s true….. Let’s show her clearly, so that she will come over to our side willingly.」



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