Chapter 26: The Crow Falls – Live Decoy Fishing

Caution to People under the Age of 18: This Chapter of Man-Eating Dungeon! contains themes or scenes that is not suitable for young readers, thus only read beyond this point IF you are 18 or above.

Being groped all over her body by the countless Orcs on the bed, Sara’s lips, earlobes, nape, and crotch were all stimulated. Taking place in front of all that, I received Shiro’s service. Shiro made it so that her back was turned towards Sara and got on her knees, and while swinging her small butt, she lovingly licked my penis without delay. Maybe because she had a constitution that made it easy for her to get wet, love juices were already leaking from her vagina. And that was all being soaked up by the towel that was laid on the floor so that her knees wouldn’t get hurt.

「Sara, how does it feel to receive service from so many partners?」

Sometimes, I called out to Sara to make sure that she still had her consciousness and watched her response.

「D, don’t say such……Ah……st, stupid things……Sto, not there……Ahaaa?」

It seemed that Astarte had stimulated her clitoris. Since I’m not a woman, I can’t understand that sensation, but it seems that the stimulation received from it is quite strong. After administering the pretty strong aphrodisiac, including the time we were discussing this and that, it’s been close to 30 minutes since I’ve allowed her to be in that condition. For her to still have the emotional strength to say such rebellious remarks despite that, she has my honest admiration.

「Uhm……Goshujin-samaa. Shiro, can’t endure it anymoree……」

「Yeah, it’s about time that I want to stick it in too. ……Shiro, so that Sara can see it clearly, turn your back towards me and sit on top of me.」

While still sitting in the chair, I stick my waist out a bit. After she spun her tail once, Shiro leaned her back on me, and straddled my groin. Spreading her vaginal opening with her own fingers, she tried to make my penis go in but, maybe because she wasn’t used to making it go in herself, she seemed to have a hard time finding it.

「Huh……Where is it? Goshujin-sama’s dick, ah, is it there?」

It would be fine to let her be troubled like this, but I’d also like to be pardoned for being impatient. After grabbing Shiro’s small waist, I pulled her towards me, and slowly thrust my penis inside.

Her tail sprung up, asserting Shiro’s exhilaration.

「Ahhh……Haaa, it’s in me, Goshujin-sama’s thing, it’s in meee……」

Looking over, Astarte was holding Sara’s head, making it so that Sara couldn’t avert her gaze.

「See, take a good look. It went completely into such a small body……It feels very, ve~ry good. Good enough to make you feel fine with losing everything from your life up until now, your pride, and all that you hold dear. You will also understand it eventually…」

「……kh, such a, such a thing is…… Ahh, Shiro……taking in, that much……」

Bit by bit, Sara’s eyes was becoming enchanted by it, and as she was unable to take her gaze away nor close her eyes, she stared at where Shiro and I were connected. Going along with the mood, I made a couple of large movements to service Shiro.

「Fuah! Goshujin-sama, so fierce!」

「Shiro, be sure to teach the still virgin Sara. About what semen tastes like, and how it feels when it is poured inside of you.」

Close to Shiro’s ear, yet, enough so that Sara could hear, I muttered these words. Both Shiro and Sara’s faces reddened, and then Shiro opened her mouth.

「Well, you seee……Goshujin-sama’s thing is, it’s gentle. The ones up until now, they hurt, they were scary, they smelled……The thought that they were delicious, that didn’t happen even once. But, after being made into Goshujin-sama’s dog, Goshujin-sama’s thing was, warm, and delicious.」

Every time she spoke her words, she tightened up. It seems that even if she was fine with saying that sort of thing to me, she was still relatively embarrassed to be heard saying that to others. I, myself, also feel a bit embarrassed from hearing all that, but it doesn’t feel that bad. I used my eye to signal to Dahlia who was accompanying the left out Orcs at the edge of my view. She had just had her head held down by the Orc Leader and had his ejaculation fired into her oral cavity, but it seems that my intentions got through to her.

While in the state of stockpiling the Orc’s semen inside her oral cavity, Dahlia stood up and approached Sara. Pinching Sara’s nose, and estimating the timing that she would open her mouth from being unable to breath, she then kissed her. Going from the inside of Dahlia’s mouth to the inside of Sara’s mouth, the Orc’s semen was poured in through mouth-to-mouth feeding.

「Kh……!? Gehoh, it stinks, what is that? it stinkss!」

When the mouth-to-mouth feeding was done, Sara spit out the semen while becoming teary eyed.

「……This is, Orc semen. Elliot-sama’s semen is, more……delicious……」

Dahlia made that speech to Sara with a serious face. Thinking that that was probably the case, I finally realize that this was Dahlia’s way of expressing good will towards me….It may be possible that she is jealous of the fact that I am embracing Shiro.

「AH……Goshujin-sama, you got bigger……」

Shiro sensitively reacted. It was about time for me to want to let it out once. I stood up and made Shiro turn towards me while she was in a state of being on all fours.

「Shiro, make a greeting to Sara.」

Maybe because my intention got through to her, once we got close to her, Shiro raised the upper half of her body and leaned on Sara.

Right when Shiro and Sara were in a state of hugging each other, I instantly strengthened my piston-like movements.

「AH, AH, AH, AH, AH, AH, AH…So good, Goshujin-sama, that’s so goodd. More, moreee!」

Stretching out both hands and trying to hold Sara’s head, Shiro raised her voice in exhilaration.

「Stu……stupid, Shiro, why’d you do that here……!?」

Even while she said that, both of Sara’s hands that were restricted to the front of her body finally hit upon her own crotch. The reason why she was squirming about was probably because she was unable to endure it anymore and had started to masturbate.

「Look! I’ll show it to youu, Sara! The place where Shiro will cum from her shameful bitch pussy, I’ll show it to youu!」

With that scream that had no shame nor honour, I had also reached the limit of my patience. Strongly gripping onto Shiro’s butt, I thrust my penis in remarkably deep, and ejaculated towards the inside of her womb. While being inside of Shiro’s vagina, I poured in my semen all at once.

「I’m cumming, I’m cumminggg! AHH, it’s hott, sho hottttt!」

Shiro’s body convulsed grandly, and her back bent backwards. Small beads of sweat gushed from her entire body, and coiled about on her thin peach fuzz. The exhausted Shiro’s body nestled onto Thalia.

「Haa……haa……ah, that’s rightt……」

Maybe because she remembered something, Shiro moved her body and undid our connection. Seeing my penis that was still half hard, Sara made a startled face, but Shiro didn’t mind that and tried to suck the remaining semen out from my penis. That felt so good that my waist gave out a bit.


Accumulating a bit of my semen inside of her mouth, Shiro turned her head over to face Sara. Guessing what she was going to do, Sara shook her head in refusal like a child.

「Wait, Shiro, stop, I’m begging you……mugu.」

Going from Shiro’s oral cavity to Sara’s oral cavity, this time it wasn’t the Orc’s, but my semen that was being poured in. In the middle of the long kiss, maybe because she had gone into dyspnoea, Sara swallowed my semen as if she had given up.

「Ehehe……Saraa, I shared it, with you…… Goshujin-sama’s semen, when you swallow it, you see, you get a lewd feeling, and you start wanting more and more……your insides get hot, you want more to be let out in your insides, and then it becomes heartrending. ……You understand it now, right?」

While licking Thalia’s lips and cheeks, Shiro whispered to her.

「That’s, a lie……It’s all a lie……」

She was halfway crying, but despite that, Sara’s fingers didn’t stop groping at her own crotch. She might not be aware that she’s already masturbating.

「You’re a girl with a lot of pride, aren’t you…… Elliott-sama, with this type of girl, it is better to thoroughly defile her once. Usually, this type of girl is seriously strong-willed after all.」

Astarte proposed that to me in a way that she would be deliberately heard. Sara responded to that and raised her voice, but it already could only be heard as an appeal…… Moreover, I couldn’t hear it as anything else but a voice wishing for masochistic pleasure.

「Noo……I don’t want thiss. I don’t want to reek of cumm……I don’t want my pussy to be wreckeddd……」

She started using slang that she hadn’t used up until now. That’s probably proof that she’s lost all restraint. In that case, let’s corner her more.

「Orcs, make a bukkake on Sara’s face with your guys’ cum. You don’t need to go easy on her. Dahlia, Shiro. Help out so that it’s easier for the Orcs to ejaculate.」

「No, noo, stop itt……! I don’t want Orc cocks……」

「Sara, you really are a child that doesn’t listen. Orc Leader…… It looks like Sara wants to lick your dick, you know?」

Gaining my permission, the Orc Leader got onto the bed from the front and while raising an aroused voice, he grabbed Sara’s head. While paying close attention so that I could immediately stop him if he became too violent, I attentively watched the Orc Leader thrust his penis in front of Sara’s face. Having the huge penis that was thrust before her hit her cheeks several times, even Sara, who had been shaking her head in refusal, opened her mouth looking like she gave in after a while had passed.

The Orc Leader’s penis, which had a girth that was close to the size of child’s fist, couldn’t quite fit inside of Sara’s mouth, so while only about half of the glans was held in her mouth, Sara wriggled her tongue about. Seeming to be irritated by it, the Orc Leader forcibly thrust his penis several times. Continuing the forced irrumatio for a while, he accidentally surpassed her throat’s hold, and then his penis thrust deep into her throat. Sara’s eyes went wide open, and she writhed about looking like she found it hard to breathe. As expected, she would suffocate if things continued like this, so I ordered the Orc Leader to stop, and gave a single instruction to Astarte. I could tell that the Orcs started to move behind me. The Orc Leader really disliked my order to cease, but being unable to go against my order, he reluctantly pulled his penis out.

「Gehoh, gehoh…… That’s impossible, something like that won’t fitt……」

Waiting for Sara to adjust her breathing, I made preparations during that time.

Specifically, Astarte, Dahlia, Shiro, all three of them were stimulating the prostate glands of the Orcs that were lined up in front of Sara.

The several Orc penises turned into a meat battery that is aimed towards Sara.

「Hey, Sara. Look……over here♪」

Responding to Shiro’s happy voice, Sara, who was looking down and adjusting her breath, raised her head and opened her eyes wide. She finally understood why the Orcs’ fingers that had been crawling about her whole body up until now had disappeared. The Orcs pointed each of their penises towards Sara’s face, and started to fap all at once. Making splurting sounds, the high viscosity and cloudy Orc semen rained incessantly on Sara. Sara’s blue-violet colored hair, was dyed white.

「Ahh……so dirty, the Orcs’ cum, it’s so dirty……」

Becoming covered in semen, the dazed Sara mutters to herself, while steam rises from her hair. A surprisingly sensual tongue stretched out from her lips, and licked off the cum surrounding her lips. Even now, both of her hands were still touching her crotch as she continued to masturbate.

Shiro rushed over to Thalia and joined in the action in order to lick the cum off her. She looked like a dog that was grooming her companion.

「Sara, how was it? Hurry up and get rid of your virginity and let’s be embraced by Goshujin-sama togetherr♪」

「Virginity……embraced……Is a cock, going to be thrust into my pussy……?」

She was probably numbed to several things already. She absentmindedly repeated words. Getting close to Sara, I peered into her face.

「Sara, since you’re a bad girl, I will need to give you your punishment. I’ll defile you and I’ll torment you even more. That’s why, tell me yourself what it is that you want me to do.」

Deep within her blue eyes, I could tell that there was something unsteadily wavering.

「Noo……Don’t push a smelly cock into mee……」

Looking at the flow of things up until now, it seems that “Coerce me into things I don’t want” is what Sara desired. I stuck out the penis that had gone inside Shiro just a little while ago.

「Noo……No, noo……Nmu」

Becoming teary eyed, even while saying words of refusal, she obediently held my penis in her mouth. As expected, since she probably had no experience, her tongue usage was crude, but she became frantic and repeatedly slurped and sucked it.

「Sara, twine your tongue around more. Do it to around the tip and sack like you are kissing them.」

「Saraa, Shiro will suck Goshujin-sama’s dick together with you, ‘kay. ……You see, I’ve always wanted to get along with you. That’s why, I’m happy to be together with youu……」

Shiro joined in and serviced me. Sara, even while she was bewildered, matched with Shiro and started servicing me.

「It’s starting to feel good. ……Sara, where do you want me to let it out? Your face? Inside your mouth? Or do you want it all over your hair?」

「Ah……In, inside my mouth……」

Maybe because she’s becoming a bit more obedient, Sara absentmindedly replied.

「Well then, I’ll let it out on your face.」

「Sto……Not, the face……」

「On Shiro too, ple~ase let it out on Shiro too♪」

Shiro kissed Sara, then my penis was inserted in between those united lips. From that pleasant feeling, I gave my second ejaculation. My white liquid got onto Shiro and Sara’s faces, and defiled them both. The two of them kept quiet and immediately slurped at my glans, and started to suck out the remaining semen.


「So Sara thinks so too♪」

Directly bestowing my semen on Sara’s face and inside her mouth, I could tell that my magic power had finally penetrated into her soul. It’s probably about time.

Thalia……No, this is a perfect time. Let’s have her cast away this name.

「Sara, I will now deflower you. The virgin Thalia will become my woman, the Magician Thalia will die, and be reborn as Sara. Your soul will be soiled, you will be covered in semen, and you will no longer be a human, but be made into a lewd demon.」

Sara looked up at me with absentminded eyes.

「I……will die?」

「It’s not like you will actually die. The Thalia that was a virgin and a companion of criminals will disappear, and turn into the lewd bitch Sara. Your soul will be defiled by me, you will lose your humanity and turn into a demon. You will turn into a perverted and indecent-looking demon.」

「I’ll become indecent……and perverted……?」

「That’s right. You’ll become covered in semen and come to love sex. You’ll become a bitch that offers her pussy, mouth, and butthole to me. Are you happy?」

「Even my butthole……No way, that’s so dirty……」

「That’s right, you are dirty. But, that’s what you desire, isn’t it?」


「That’s right, you were thinking that you wanted to be forcibly raped. However, Thalia’s pride to protect herself was too high, so the only thing she could do was hide and masturbate. You don’t have to hide anymore. You don’t have to act tough anymore. ……Moreover, you were able to make a friend, right? ……This is the contract. If you really don’t want to, I won’t turn you into a demon. However, if you do desire it, I will steal your virginity, make you my woman, and turn you into a demon. ……Now then, tell me what do you desire?」



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