Chapter 27: The Crow Falls – Changing Into a Succubus

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「I… I, really am perverted! I want to do more perverted things! I want to! Take it, rape me, defile me……More, I want you to do more perverted things to Sara……!」

Yosh. I’ve taken her pledge. And her mentality isn’t broken yet either.

「……<Let go>」

The Golem arms that had gripped Sara this whole time released its strong grip on her legs. Grabbing both of Sara’s legs, I raised them up to make her lie face up on the bed and then I spread her legs wide open. The thicket of her crotch that had not yet been passed through by anyone twitched before my eyes, and the small chrysanthemum-like hole below that wriggled as if trying to hide itself. As if it were revealing the speed of its throbbing, as if it were breathing, her lips that were wet with love juices twitched and trembled. Bringing my face close to it, I lightly kissed her clitoris.

「HIAH!? AH, AAH!?」

As if she were struck by lightning, Sara’s waist sprang up.

It was the same as the cunni-lingus that she received earlier, but back then, she was made to be half-dead with incomplete stimulation the whole time.

On the spur of the moment, I strongly sucked on it, and sweetly bit it.

「STO, NO, DON’T……It, It’s coming outttttt!?」

Together with her scream, a small amount of water spouted out from Sara’s crotch with a *Pushaa* sound. Unexpectedly, my face was completely showered by it.

……This is my first time seeing the actual thing but this is the squirting thing huh.

「Sara, for you to pee even though you’re not a child, what a hopeless girl you are.」

When I said that to tease her, Sara, being in a state of not knowing what had just happened, became teary eyed.

「S……Sorry, I am really sorry! Just now, I had no idea what that was, and I was unable to hold it in……」

Thinking that she had leaked out her urine, she was probably truly bewildered. I thought that it was a bit cute, but since it was the right time, I took advantage of it.

「You’ll need to be punished……Sara, turn your butt towards me.」

「EH……Um, I’ll apologize if you’re angry so……P-Please.」

「Turn your butt towards me.」

Without shouting, I indifferently made that command. Looking frightened, Sara turned her body over, went on all fours, and stuck out her finely shaped butt.

*Paan!* (Smack!)


A light red handprint remained on Sara’s butt cheek. With a second and third time, I conducted spanking.

「A punishment is needed for bad girls. It’s because Sara is a bad girl that you are being spanked, you know? Sara, will you be a good girl from now on?」

As I was spanking her, love juices were finally dripping from Sara’s crotch. I confirmed it once again, but it looks like it’s true that she is seriously strong-willed.

「I am sorry, I am sorry, Sara will become a good girl, I will become a good girl so……」

「Okay, so Sara is a good girl……Then, say this. 『Please put Goshujin-sama’s dick, into Sara’s pussy, and turn Sara into a woman.』」

「Ah……Yes, I understandd……Please put Goshujin-sama’s dick, into Sara’s pussy. Please turn Sara into a woman……! Please, I’m begging you. At this rate, Sara, is going to turn into an idio……AHhhh!」

Right before her screaming was over, I grabbed Sara’s butt, and thrust my penis into Sara’s undeveloped vagina. Seeing as how her entrance became slippery with love juices, it smoothly went in, but immediately after going in, it encountered a strong catch. Long before I realized that this was her hymen, I broke through with all my might.

「AHHhhHH! It hurts, it huuuurts!!」

Since this was my first time sleeping with a virgin, I honestly had no idea how much it would hurt. But even so, at this current stage, I needed to repaint her spirit. I can only put my trust into things somehow working out through the results of the aphrodisiac and the teasing done up until now.

「Saraa……Congratulations. You’ve become a woman.」

Shiro snuggled up to Sara’s tear-stained face, and licked off her tears.

「It really is great that you were made into a woman by Goshujin-sama. Unlike during my first time, where it only hurt. Does it feel good?」

「I……I still, don’t kno……AH!」

「Soon……It’ll turn good.」

Saying that, Shiro stole Sara’s lips. It would be nice if the pain softened while she was preoccupied with the sensation of the kiss.

Looking closely, our connected area was dyed red with blood. So that was proof that her hymen was broken.

「Elliott-sama, blood comes out only on the first time. For a little while, please do it slowly.」

Complying with Astarte’s advice, I slowed down my movements. In place of dropping my piston speed, I stretched my hands out to other places. Extending my hands to her small sized chest, I groped her lovely breasts that could be hidden with my palms, and kneaded her nipples. Her nipples seemed to be quite sensitive, because just by lightly kneading her already hardened nipples, she reacted even further. Although it’s good that she’s slender, she wouldn’t receive retribution if her boobs were just a little bit bigger……


Sara suddenly raised her voice.

「My chest is……my boobs are hot, so hottt……!?」

「Huh, Sara-chan, your boobs increased in size……?」

Due to Shiro’s puzzled voice, when I confirmed it once again, I felt a more sinking feeling on my hands than before.

Now that she mentioned it, maybe because of my lack of judgment at first, it seemed like the mass had increased……?

「Elliott-sama, that happened because of you.」

Due to Astarte’s words, it was my turn to be puzzled this time.

「I cannot do it myself, but your father also possessed that power……Since you are changing a human into a demon, it isn’t impossible to recreate their body. That being said, that normally cannot be done. It is a power unique to “tuners” but……As expected, Elliott-sama, you are exhibiting the talent to 【create/recreate something】……」

Astarte’s eyes looked as if she were looking at something that she dearly missed. When she confessed that, I was a bit jealous of my father that was no longer here.

「Ahaha……My boobs, got bigger……Since I was getting bothered, by how small they were, I’m a bit, happy……AH, something, is coming? Is something coming? No, I’m scared, what is this, what. What!?」

Tightening up, the inside of Sara’s vagina convulsed. Whether it was the effect of the aphrodisiac or the effect of what accumulated up until now, it seems that the pain changed completely to pleasure.

「It’s alright to let it flow, leave it to your body. Speak it out, voice it out. It’s fine to become sullied even more, you know?」

Bending over her back, I whispered that close to her ear. I blew a light breath to the earlobe I’m lightly nibbling on.


Leaking out a voice that sounded like she want panting, the upper half of Sara’s body crumbled down. Her crotch was became warmly wet. It was a small amount, but it looks like she really did piss herself from the pleasure.

「You peed yourself again? Sara, do you like peeing yourself?」

「I, I don’t know……I don’t know……It feels……good, being embraced by a man, feels good……」

I could tell that my magical power was gradually accumulating. The semen that she was made to swallow as well as my magical power coursing through her body; was slowly changing her body and rewriting her mind.

「In that case, Sara. I’ll be cumming soon, okay?」

「Fue……? What, were are you going……?」

「My cum is going to spurt and pour inside of Sara’s pussy.」

I dared to speak out such vulgar words. Sara’s face that she had turned to look at me with was overflowing with a bit of fear and a lot of joy.

「Now then, Sara. Be sure to say it out properly. What will happen to you? What do you want to happen?」

「……More, defile Sara more! Please spurt Goshujin-sama’s cum in my pussy! Make me feel good even more, make me even more of a bad girl! More, please give me more! I’m begging youuuu!!!!!」

「I’m letting it out! I’m letting a lot out inside of Sara! Accept it all……!」

(Light Novel Illustration: Thalia’s Fall)

*Doku doku doku!* (Splurt, splurt, splurt!)

From my penis, semen came flying out together with each throb. The released semen hit the entrance to Sara’s womb, and then her womb that was deep within her, the inside of it that was on the other side of its entrance, her soul, my magical power infringed on all of that.


Her crumbled down upper body bent back like a shrimp and she moaned like an animal. Sara moaned with an expression of ecstasy, and Shiro lovingly embraced Sara’s shoulders.

「Shiro, Shiroo……Sex is……the bestt……」

*Pusha, pushaaaaaa* (Spray, spraaaay)

Losing strength in the upper half of her body, Sara collapsed. Involuntarily urinating at the same time as her climax, Sara fainted while making a warm puddle. Coincidently, together with her fainting, changes occurred in Sara’s body. Right when I thought that there were light shadows created at the lower areas of the shoulder blades of her back, small membrane-like wings were created. In the area right above her anus, which was uncovered because she was in a pose of sticking it out, a tail made of skin membrane was similarly created.

「Ara, this girl, she became the same race as me.」

Astarte said that sounding a bit surprised.

「Then that means……She’s a Succubus?」

「Well, there are big individual differences among Succubi but……when compared to Imps, we are a race of high ranking demons.」

「Hmmn……Well for the time being, we’ve achieved our goal, so I guess that means that my dungeon is at peace for now.」

「Yes, it is just as you say. Well then, Elliott-sama. Just as you promised, you will take your time in embracing me this time, right?」

Taking advantage of Astarte’s words, Dahlia also pulled my hand, and placed it on her own chest.

「Master……I want you to be affectionate with me too……」

Looking over, Shiro was embracing the still hazy Sara, and licking off the semen that was pouring out from her crotch. It would seem that Shiro has (although it may be restricted to Sara) an inclination towards lesbian love.

「Orcs. I shall give you your reward. You can ravish those two over there.」

The Orcs became excited from those words, and Shiro and Sara, who had finally regained consciousness, displayed looks of fear……and just a little bit of anticipation, at the sexual assault that they would soon be receiving.

「Sara, Shiro. They were formerly your companions. As you all will similarly be my subordinates from now on, you should all get along. ……It will probably feel good this time after all.」

When we left the room, the Orcs’ cheers and Sara and Shiro’s shouts (that I couldn’t tell if they were screams or flirtatious voices) reverberated……and within a few minutes, sweet voices started to be heard far away.

Several days later.

The remaining members of the Red Crows that waited for the poison to wear off at the hunter’s shed searched for their leader and the others that didn’t come back, and once again scouted the mining village. What they saw was the sight of the village that didn’t have many changes……and a group of armed Orcs that they didn’t see last time. The Orc Leader had a large build that isn’t often seen, and although that group was few in number, it had taken control of it.

……Right when they noticed that they could recognize the Orcs’ armaments.

The remnants of the Red Crows understood that the Adventurer team called the Red Crow no longer existed. They returned to Water Gate City Abram, and from there, they mixed in with another mercenary group and escaped to another region. From their mouths, they begun to spread rumours that there was a fearsome Dungeon Master that would change anyone that visited the mining village into demons, and before anyone knew it, the mining village was soon called “The Man-Eating Dungeon”.



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