Chapter 30: Watergate City Abram – At the Town’s Inn

Caution to People under the Age of 18: This Chapter of Man-Eating Dungeon! contains themes or scenes that is not suitable for young readers, thus only read beyond this point IF you are 18 or above.

「……And so, this is all the more reason why we need to decide on the place to escape to.」

Maybe because there was a gentle stream of air flowing through the gaps of the window, the small flame of the candle swayed. In the room that we reserved inside of the inn, I finished explaining the situation to Astarte while I lied down on the bed that I rented for several days. After that, Astarte was requested by some guys at the bar to sing and perform musical performances, so we ended up staying at the bar longer than expected.

Surprisingly……or rather, this might only be natural but, Astarte was very skillful at singing and playing instruments.

In addition to all of that, she was originally a Succubus that excelled with the art of seducing men. Looking at the bar, it became a full house. Men, in the bar, that invited Astarte continually recommended her some alcohol, be made to drink the alcohol, and then collapse one after the other.

Even when dealing with the business-oriented negotiations of a different kind that had no place being here and had wedged themselves in that she was bad at, it seemed that Astarte was solidly able to use her art of conversation to change the mood, make the men that approached her have misunderstandings, and make them fall into the same mood she set up. Also, I learned that she was quite the drinker and had stronger alcohol resistance than how her appearance showed her to be. Maybe because the place was flourishing enough to reduce the store’s alcohol cask down to half, we received extraordinary gratitude from the barkeep, and had the unexpected fortune of having the cost of the meals, including my portion, all be the shop’s treat.

「Nn. Lesh’s shee, tha Church ish, ash espected, goin’ ta be a problemm~」

Nn? Astarte is acting odd. Looking at her, her eyes are getting wet, and after looking even closer, the color of her eyes that should be camouflaged sometimes return to their original color. Moreover, even though her manner of walking is steady, her articulation is clearly not functioning well.

……In fact, she is completely drunk.

「Oi oi, are you alright?」

While pouring water from a pitcher into a wooden bowl, I made Astarte sit on the bed.

「Li’m conpletely phine, li’m not drunk at all, ya know?」

Ah, it’s no good. Let’s put her to sleep before something like her transformation becomes undone. Putting our normal residence aside, this place was inside of the town. When I think about the unlikely event that our true identities get exposed, I feel uneasy. Since the light was being produced by only a candle’s miniscule flame, it shouldn’t be that easy to find the faults in our disguises but……

「Eliott-sama, yhou’ve bin pretty cold to me recently, haven’t you~」

She’s in a somewhat bad mood.

「I mean, sure, there shertainly is a mountain of things ta do in order ta live~, wiv yhou being occupied by Dahlia~, Shiro~, and Sara, but aren’t ya neglectin’ me~」

……She has clearly lost all restraint. Or rather, was Astarte the type of girl to say such child-like things?

「Even though we’re phinally alone together, ya don’t lay a hand on me at all, and ya don’t attack any travelers or villages……Are you shaying that my training was of no use?」

She’s……a troublsome drunk.

Astarte hasn’t become this drunk, even when she drinks with Gustave. Although she is from the same generation as my mother, since her body pretty much doesn’t change from the time she turned into a demon, she looks like she’s only a few years older than me.

It’s just, at the top of my cognition of her, there’s the fact that she’s the person in charge of my education, the fact that she was a friend of my mother, and also in tandem the fact that she was a mistress of my father whose face I’ve never seen are all I see and know her to be, so I might have been taking some distance from her in some regards.

But, this Astarte that was severely drunk, pouting, and finding faults with me seemed somewhat akin to a child……Seeing her like this was refreshing. Seeing as how she usually takes the initiative to do things, it’s also thanks to her that the current me is able to withstand all the trials I am dealing with. I am thankful to her for that, but it might be good to try doing things as I like with Astarte on my own once in a while.

「Well then, Astarte, what do you want me to do?」

Sitting down on the same bed as Astarte, I suddenly brought my face close to her and asked her that. Maybe because she didn’t think that I would be the one to make a move, for an instant, Astarte took some distance while looking surprised, but then she immediately brought her face closer.

……Astarte’s breath, while it did have a sweet scent, it still reeked of alcohol.

「I mean, even though I taught you wiv all of my effort so that chu would become great in tha Demon World, chu don’t try to increase your shlaves or domination area at all, and you’re alwaysh occupied wiv Shiro and Sara……」

Looking at Astarte as she muttered idle complaints with a rare downcast look, something inside of me was decided. Strongly pushing Astarte’s shoulders, I pushed her down on the bed so that she was lying face up.


「Hey, Astarte, what you’re saying is nonsensical, you know? I made Sara and Shiro into my slaves, didn’t I? Saying that I should increase them more, saying complaints when I do increase them, just what is it that you want me to do?」


As she tried to say something, I put two fingers in Astarte’s lips and interrupted her words. When I touched around her tongue and oral cavity with my two fingers, Astarte immediately started to caress my fingertips with her tongue.

「It’s true. I certainly didn’t lay a hand on you during this trip. I mean, these are all firsts for me since I was born. From having gone out this far, even making a camp. I’m not so bold as to suddenly embrace a woman while attacking a coward outdoors right then and there.」

In Astarte’s eyes, a flirting light gradually started to grow. She might not really be listening to me, but I didn’t mind it and continued. With my other leftover hand, I slowly started to strip off Astarte’s clothes. Astarte bent her body and cooperated so that it would be easier for me to undress her, but once half of it had been taken off, I got irritated and stopped,

「That’s why, you’re not the only one that is pent up. ……But, I won’t give it to you right away.」

With those words, Astarte made a distraught, sad-looking face. I wonder why Astarte shows this childlike expression only when there aren’t any other women around.

「Astarte, comfort yourself on your own while we’re still in this position. You don’t need to mind me. Since I’m tired from the long trip, if I see you get into a sexy mood, I might get in the mood as well.」

In actual fact, that is just a huge lie. My penis is very much full of vigor, and I’m sure that Astarte knows that fact. But, I commanded her despite knowing that fact, and made her obey me. This was a tactic to make us both get aroused. Besides……It could also be said to be preparations for the upcoming days.

「Puhaa……Eliott-sama, please, I’m begging you…… I’ll masturbate so, I’ll show you so, at the very least, please let Astarte lick Eliott-sama’s dick.」

「That’s, if it’s after you cum once in front of me, then I’ll allow it. Now then, what will you do? If you won’t do anything, I will go to sleep in the other bed. Tomorrow will probably be busy as well after all.」

Astarte’s face was slightly warped with disgrace. The partner that she had seized the initiative of up until now had done the reverse and taken the initiative on her. Well, I think she was probably vexed, but she said it with her own mouth when she pledged her allegiance to me. If she couldn’t endure that much, it would eventually become no good.

「Come now, what’s your answer?」

「……I under, stand. I understand! It’s fine if I do it, right? It’s fine as long as I masturbate, and go mad as I cum, right!? Look, please look! At Astarte’s masturbation, look to your heart’s content……」

Part of this was probably out of her drunken vigor. She probably also had some shyness. That shout, when done unskillfully, was loud enough to be heard in other rooms, and there was no hesitation in it. Bearing in mind her duty as a retainer that she had up until now, or maybe about how it was also different from my conversations with her as the educator with some distance between us, it felt as if I was able to see Astarte’s natural face for the first time. Astarte lied down on the bed at a right angle, and as she grabbed her breast with her left hand and fondled her crotch with her right hand, she closed her eyes and started to pleasure herself. With a rhythm that slid her body, her head reached the edge of the bed, and she had a figure where half of it was floating in the air. Astarte was in a state where her face was right in a spot that was close to my knees as I sat there.

「Ah……Ahh, ahn……It feels good, it feels good but……」

She continued the masturbation that she wasn’t used to for several minutes, but it seemed that it was just not good enough. Raising my waist up from the bed, I thought of something good while Astarte’s eyes were closed and decided to do a bit of teasing. Grabbing her hand that was attacking her breast, I brought it to her crotch.

「Listen while keeping your eyes closed, okay? While you are fondling your crotch on your own, tell me where and how you are currently touching yourself, got it?」

Seeming to have been surprised by what I said, Astarte was at a loss for words for a moment while expressing a look of surprise. Why didn’t she open her eyes, was that because she was trying to obey my words despite her being surprised?

「Um……Right now, while I am fondling the outer edge part of my pussy, I am putting my fingers deeply inside. Since it will end immediately if I touch my clitoris, I am slowly loosening the inside and……Hyah!?」

The reason for the high-pitched voice, was because I extended my hand and strongly pinched her clitoris slightly. Her fingers that were going in and out of her vagina, seemed surprised and grabbed my hand that was attacking her clitoris.

「Ahh, it was true. You immediately became sensitive.」

When I whispered that in a teasing way, her face went red.

「Come on, your fingers have stopped, you know? Continue.」

When I urged her on, the indecent show restarted once again. It was about time that I started to become unable to endure it anymore.

「……Astarte, open your eyes.」

What was in front of Astarte’s now open eyes, was my penis that was taken out of my pants and thrust at her. I fear that it’s likely that it smelled, and she probably anticipated that something was already there. Astarte started to entwine her tongue around it without any hesitation. Controlling the angle of her body on her own, she moved her body so that her head would stick out from the bed. Seeming like she already forgotten about hiding her outward appearance, her deep red hair hung down like a curtain.

「Your hands have stopped. Continue.」

Because she had become face up, to help Astarte who couldn’t hold my penis in her mouth all that well, I lowered my waist, which in turn, lowered the angle of my penis and had Astarte hold it in her mouth. Since I understood that it was the right angle after doing it for a little while, I held Astarte’s head with both hands. Her soft hair coiled about my fingers, and while I gently caressed her earlobes with my thumbs, I took my swelling penis in and out of Astarte’s lips and throat.

Treating Astarte’s head as if it were a tool, a somewhat corrupt and pleasant feeling of domination intermingled.

「Ppu, pufuaah……npuh…puah…nmu……」

I unconsciously felt like my waist would start swimming from the pleasant feeling of my penis rubbing against the inside of her throat. Since the top and bottom of her head were usually reversed, the parts that received stimulation were also different. Astarte would sometimes fondle her crotch as if she had just remembered, but her fingers had already stopped moving. Maybe because the pleasant feelings had caused an overload, her long and slender stretched out legs would sometimes twitch and tremble.

「Astarte, attack your clitoris yourself, and then cum all at once!」

Astarte answered with something, but since she was holding my penis in her mouth, only a small breath leaked out. But even so, her fingers, as if they were a separate creature, strongly attacked her own clitoris. Both of her softly opened legs stretched out as far as they could, and together with a convulsion, her love juices flew out with a *pushuu* sound.

「Ugh……Here I cum, Astarte, I’m going to let it out inside your throat!」

Although I tried to ejaculate at the deepest part of her throat, I made a mistake in the timing and started ejaculating inside of her mouth. My penis, as if it were bouncing, flew out from Astarte’s lips, and hot semen scattered all over on the tip of her nose, on her chin, on the outside of her throat, and on her breasts.


Because her throat that had been plugged up until now had been opened up, Astarte raised a loud voice along with her climax. No, she had been shouting until now, but I guess it just that her throat wasn’t able to convey the sounds she wanted to make. Although I myself didn’t have much fatigue, my waist was about to give out due to the pleasant feeling. So this is the power of a Succubus……is what I thought, but then I suddenly noticed.

……Astarte had lost consciousness.

Squeezing out the remaining semen, when I wiped it off as if trying to insert it in Astarte’s soft hair, Astarte finally regained consciousness. On the floor of the other side of the bed, her love juices created a large stain and steam was rising from it.

「……Ahh, aahh……Eliott……samaa……」

It seemed that she lost consciousness for only a short time. Her limbs that had lost their energy slowly regained their strength, and she got up.

「Astarte, although it seems you haven’t sobered up yet……You still, haven’t had enough, right?」

Although I had already released quite the huge load, it still wasn’t enough. And, I already knew that Astarte wasn’t a partner that would be satisfied with only having it released in her mouth.

「……Yes, my fire has been lit.」

While licking up the remaining semen on her lips, she bewitchingly smiled. It was already late into the night, and the moon had passed its zenith. Although the seasons had passed winter, for a body that was covered in sweat, the air was still cold. If we were to open a window, we would probably freeze.

「That being said, if we stay like this after having finished, it feels like we’ll catch a cold.」

I piled up kindling in the fireplace that this room was equipped with, and using tongs, I threw in charcoal that was placed in some thick ceramics. Because it had been left alone for a while, the charcoal that the innkeeper had tactfully gone out of their way to heat up beforehand had almost let the fire go out. However, the fire had not completely gone out yet, and it had somehow ignited the kindling and accomplished its duty. The flames of the fireplace illuminated the inside of the room, and decorated the approaching Astarte’s naked body with shadows.

「Eliott-sama……Instead of looking after the fire, please look after me.」

Her supple fingers twined around my head. Embracing me from my back, she sweetly bit at my earlobe. It seemed that she either sobered up, or her sexual desires surpassed it. There was no mistake that Astarte’s screams were heard by close to half of the inn’s residents. In the end, we took quite a bit of time after that, and I poured semen inside of Astarte at least twice. After that, maybe because the two of us used up all our strength, without wiping off the semen or fixing up our clothes, we slept like logs while still naked.



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