Chapter 36: Expeditionary Force – Preparations for the Reception


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What greeted me as I returned to the dungeon was Shiro’s passionate caressing and Sara’s abusive tongue. Commanding Dahlia to make various preparations, I considered asking the two about the underworld of Abram but……it seemed that two weeks of abstinence was quite severe for these two. She didn’t say any complaints, but even Dahlia was probably sexually frustrated. I’ll need to make Dahlia pleased as well afterwards.

「You, turning a person into demon……training me to have this kind of body, and then neglecting me, unbelievable……」
「Yo’r sho tewible……Masta’s dick, ih’s been two hol’ weeks.」
As I sat down on the couch, Sara and Shiro sat down to my left and right respectively. Now, similar to Dahlia, they were wearing allotted servant outfits that could be called maid outfits, but in regards to Shiro who had a small build and a large chest, her outfit was a bit largish and her tail protruded out from her skirt. Making it so that she placed her chest on my thighs, she buried her face between my legs, and lovingly licked and sucked my penis. And although Sara was salty from the tedium of these past two weeks and complaining, she was cling onto me from the side, and play-biting my ear. Pulling Sara’s waist closer to me with my left hand, I stole her lips. And with my right hand, I dishevelled and caressed Shiro’s hair, and sometimes caressed her throat.

「Sara, I told you to call me by Goshujin-sama, didn’t I?」
After separating from her lips, I made a small scolding to the slightly dazed Sara.
「I, I mean, you are……」
「Do not back talk. Sara, what are you to me? Have you forgotten?」
Occasionally, if I don’t make her aware of it like this, the original Sara comes out. The controlling power towards her, it was made with the minimum amount of binding at the moment she was made into a demon. But even so, making her hold respect for me and making her hold loyalty to me are a bit different. For example, seeking loyalty from the Orcs was completely pointless. And for Dahlia and Sara, maybe because it was from their original nature, or maybe because it was a demon trait from when they became demons, their loyalty towards me was high. It could even be said that they were dependent on me. However, Sara’s independent spirit was strong, and she would occasionally be disobedient even though I dominated her. Well, although that part of her is also enjoyable, since we can expect that some guests will most likely be coming, I will need her to able to act maid-like to a certain extent or else her appearance won’t match.

Making her face go bright red, Sara faltered.
「I see, Sara, could it be that you’ve lost your loyalty towards me? Shiro, it should be around the time that you’re wanting it. Besides, if you do any more than that, I’ll let it out in your mouth.」
Ignoring Sara, I called out to Shiro who was engrossed in getting my semen out through her fellatio.

Instead of replying with words, she swung her tail remarkably strong, put my penis deep in her throat, and generally rubbed her tongue on it as if to twine around it. After stroking Shiro’s ears, I lifted her head up a bit. Looking reluctant to part with it, Shiro separated her mouth from it, and my penis that had hot steam rising from it shook.

When I stood up from the couch, I turned around to look at the two of them, grabbed their heads, and pulled them to my waist.
Being a bit forceful, I stuck my penis in between the two’s faces. My penis that was wet and sticky from Shiro’s saliva wet Sara’s face.

Shiro was delighted, and crept her lips along my penis’s shaft as if playing a harmonica. After a while of looking a bit agonized, Sara flutteringly crept the tip of her tongue along the glans of my penis.
「Ugh……Here I come!」

From the start, I was brought to the limit by Shiro’s lips. The reason why I held back was to release it all at once while aiming at their faces and ejaculate. Since we hurriedly returned from that inn, about five days worth of semen flew out. Making a *dopuh* sound, the high viscosity, white liquid scattered about.

「Ah……Aah, AaAah……Hot……the semen, so hot……」
「Ahaha, it’s so delicious. Goshujin-sama’s semen, it’s delicious……」
Shiro, just as usual, licked off the semen that scattered onto Sara’s face and started grooming her. Normally, I would gaze at her appearance that looked like a puppy messing around, but today, for the sake of Sara’s training, let’s change the plan a bit.

Pulling Shiro’s arm, I drew her closer to me.
「Sara, stay like that. You aren’t allowed to wipe off the semen that’s on your face, got it?」
「EH, you, what’re you……」
While she was saying that, I made Shiro stand with her back facing me, and spread both of her legs open. Both of Shiro’s hands were put on Sara’s shoulders, who was still sitting on the couch. Through Sara’s eyes, in front of her was Shiro’s semen-covered face. Behind that, she saw her back, butt, and tail twitchingly move, and then she saw me standing further behind all of that. Even if my stamina diminished somewhat, there was no way five days worth of sexual desire would be settled with just one ejaculation.
After making it so that my excitedly standing penis could be seen by Sara, I grabbed Shiro’s butt cheeks with both hands, and made a declaration.
「Shiro, from here on, I am going to ravish you doggy-style. Which one should I do? Where do you want me to let it out?」

During the past half year, I have been training Sara and Shiro so that they could use their anus as sex organs just like Dahlia. Shiro enjoyed both ways. As for Sara, she might not feel it all that much in the meaning of a pleasant feeling, but she ended up becoming extraordinarily aroused from having her anus raped.

「Todayy……since it’s been so long, first, I want it in my pussyy!」
「……Roger that.」
Sliding down her wet panties, I obediently thrust my penis into her pussy. As if she had already prepared for it, together with a slippery sensation, my penis was swallowed up by her warm vagina. Shiro’s back sprang up, and when I stopped moving, she slowly lost strength. When I slowly pulled my penis out, a small amount of drool and some heavy breathing leaked out from Shiro’s mouth.
「Aa~, Aa, ah, ah, ao~~, kuun.」
With two, three times of slowly going in and out, her physique stabilized. Freeing up both of my hands that were groping her butt cheeks, I moved a leg forward a bit and grabbed Shiro’s chest. Going on her back as if to cover it, I lightly bit on her fluffy dog ear, and blew into it.
「Fyan! Aah, ah, iyaa, kuan, kuun」
Matching the rhythm that I was inserting my penis with, Shiro’s voice leaped out.
「Shiro……You, is it that, good? Is Eliott’s cock, that good?」
Having been made to wait, it must have been unbearable for Sara as she was shown the melting Shiro’s face right in front of her. Her breathing had become rough, and when I became aware of it, Sara was licking off the semen that remained on Shiro’s face.

(Light Novels Illustrations: Sara licking Shiro)
「Nchu……Puhaa, it smells……Why, does such smelly semen……」
「Saraa……Kiss, kiss mee……Goshujin-sama’s semen, give it to Shiro tooo……」

The second ejaculation was gradually getting closer. This time, there was no need to endure it.
「Shiro, cling onto Sara.」
Shiro had no hesitation in following my words. I freed her upper body, and she clung onto Sara as if she had crumbled down. Both of their lips and tongues stayed intertwined. Holding Shiro’s lower half that now looked like it would crumble in my arms, I fired my cum into the deepest part of her piping hot vagina. *Bikun, doku doku!* (Twitch, gush gush!)

Her waist jumped two, three times, and Shiro’s upper half shook intensely. Her tail jumped straight up, and after a few seconds, it slowly lost strength and crumbled down.
Nevertheless, Shiro, with her lips still on top of Sara’s lips, was lead to climax and fainted.

「Aa, Shiro……Shiroo……That’s no good, you can’t……make such a slovenly face……」
Laying Shiro’s body, who had lost all of her strength, down on the bed, Sara started to slurp up the cum that was leaking out from between Shiro’s thighs. The appearance of the former Magician stick her face in between Shiro’s thighs, who only had her panties taken off as far as her knees, and muttering while playing around with her own crotch was cute to the point of being ridiculous.

「Sara, do you think you could tell me what it is you’re doing right now?」
Of course, I could tell just by looking.
「Since your semen was flowing out……from Shiro’s pussy……Wait, just what are you making me say ah.」

Before she could finish speaking, my fingers caressed the defenseless Sara’s butt, and in order to put my fingers into her vagina, I ended up interrupting Sara’s explanation.

「Sara, what would you like me to do?」
「……Fuu, fuu……」
Stuck between bashfulness and sexual desire, Sara’s breath became rough. Even after being raped and defiled over the past half year, Sara hadn’t discarded this shyness of hers. Even after I fucked Dahlia in front of her eyes while she was being gang raped by the Orcs all night long, Sara’s shyness didn’t break.
It was for this reason that I would sometimes want to stimulate her shyness like this and enjoy it. Though, the times when I rape her from behind when she’s in the middle of compounding medicines (though, as expected, there were times where I wouldn’t do it since I knew when it was a truly dangerous time), she would raise a scream loud enough that Shiro would burst in mistaking it for an enemy attack……

Even while Sara was being conflicted, seeing Sara like that, my penis slowly regained its vitality. As if she was hypnotised, Sara’s hand stretched out, her slender fingers grabbed my penis, she brought her face close to it, and her lips……Just as she was about to do that, I restrained Sara’s head.
「Eh, aah…..Nn, why……?」
「Sara, why do you want it? I won’t understand if you don’t put it into words, you know?」
Sara’s face went one step redder and she glared at me.

「U, um……Penis……Dick, cock……I want to lick it, please……let me suck on it.」
She was probably becoming mismatched with her own words, but, just a bit more.
「Who are you begging to? Sara, what are you to me? Do you not know?」
Once again, Sara made a face that looked like she was about to cry.
「Um……Sara is, this indecent Sara is, Eliott-sama’s……Goshujin-sama’s, perverted maid. Your slave.」
She wasn’t troubled on which word was correct. Most likely, Sara was searching for the word to use that would make her the most aroused.
「That’s right. The bitch Sara is Goshujin-sama’s slave.」
When she made her choice, she herself would deny it without fail afterwards, but right now, she made a very delighted face.
「So, what does the bitch and slave Sara want to do?」
「Please……let me suck on your cock. I also, want to lick it like Shiro did.」
「And after that? Are you fine with just licking it?」
「Ah……Um, rape……Please rape me! Whether it’s my pussy or my asshole! A lot, I want to be pounded hard and fast by Goshujin-sama a lot!」

Alright, this much should be fine.
「Then, lay face up on the couch. Open your legs on your own……」
She probably couldn’t endure it anymore. When Sara laid immediately face up, she spread her long, small legs as if she were holding them up and displayed her crotch. Her thin haired vulva was already kept in suspense, and her panties were already flooded.

Raising her panties up as far as her knees, I placed my penis on her crotch, and rubbed it on her clitoris area several times. Appearing impatient, she raised her butt up and tried to somehow catch my penis. Matching the timing, the moment that Sara raised her butt to my waist with all her might, it penetrated to her deepest part.
「Agah……Ah, haa……Ah, aaah……」
*Jyuwa* At the same time I felt some warmth, Sara had involuntarily urinated. Below the couch, her piss had dripped down and created a puddle.

「You peed yourself again? Sara, it looks like you need some punishment……」
She raised a sweet scream. Around the time of my third ejaculation, Sara reached her climax about three times.



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