Chapter 39: The Spy’s Visit – Capture Commence


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「……Now then, these are the detail from when you woke up this morning until the time you were seized by me.」
The spy who named herself Therese had already tumbled down from the chair. Unless there were fixed handles on the chair, she would probably tumble down without a doubt. All of her clothes that were on her lower half were torn off, and although her appearance of having soiled herself with piss and love juices was somewhat pitiful, unfortunately, there wouldn’t be a single good thing for me if I were to show her mercy here. After all, even though I went and used the valuable Stunner poison that I thought she wouldn’t be able to remove first, but she did escape once. Honestly, I thought she was a considerable opponent.

「Help me……Help me, hel」
As she was losing consciousness, I lightly slapped Therese’s cheeks. The focus of her dimmed eyes returned, and she gazed at me. Earlier, her eyes had a look of caution and hatred. But now, panic and fear were pronounced and reflected in them.

「Therese. No, I don’t know what your real name is, so young lady of the Assassin’s Guild. You swore something to me earlier, didn’t you? That you would betray the Assassin’s Guild, and that you would become a demon that serves me. That you would quit being Human and become mine. Therefore, I have two commands for you who became my slave. If you are able to loyally perform these commands, you will surely be saved.」

From morning until now, it took a fair amount of time until I could make this spy submit. What interfered with her degeneration was a control through fear. The Assassin’s Guild conducted control through force by several chiefs, and even this girl whose high position was one of the lower grade executive staff was restrained through fear towards the chiefs.
「Oh, that’s right. That jewel that was inside of your luggage was washed away by the river. ……With this, most likely, your comrades will probably conclude that you are no longer here.」
However, that fear was overturned by an even bigger fear that was right in front of her eyes. And then, by giving her the whip at the same time as the candy, the effect increased.
「After all, it was monitoring your whereabouts, right? With this, they will probably not know about your whereabouts for about half a day. ……While is is only slightly, how does it feel to escape from the Assassin’s Guild’s control?」

I’m more skilled than the other party, I needed to make her feel that. Putting aside whether that was true or not, it would be fine as long as she believed that.
「Command……Command, yes, I’ll listen, I’ll listenn!」
While shedding tears, the spy girl waited for my words. Although she’s swearing her allegiance to me right now, if I were to free her even once, she’ll probably go back to how she was before. It was easy to imagine that she wouldn’t take much time to be restrained by her fear towards her chiefs once again and return to how she was.
In that case, it didn’t matter if it was through shock therapy or whatever, if I could replace the target of that loyalty that came from that fear with me……This girl would probably become my loyal servant.

「First, you are to tell me everything about the Assassin’s Guild personnel that got into the expeditionary force. And then, you are to tell me in detail as much as you know about how they plan on assassinating the commanding officer. If you fail in doing this, I will have no choice but to kill you.」
「No……I don’t want to diee……I don’t want to be eaten like that child……」
I reflexively asked for an explanation in response to that dangerous word that I didn’t remember hearing before.

「T, traitors will……be eaten, alive… those, chiefs……!」
Just what did she mean by that? I thought that traitors would be eaten by pigs or something in order to serve as a warning, but it was much worse.
「Do the chiefs of the Assassin’s Guild, eat the traitors?」
「……Yes, that’s right. That’s what they do. Before coming to Abram, when he was usurped by the current chiefs, the previous chief was……while still alive, he was restrained, and had his bones broken……Those guys are monsters! It’s impossible, there’s no winning against themm!」

Maybe because her string of tension snapped, the spy girl once again started crying. While Shiro was keeping a lookout on the spy girl so that she would get violent, I asked a question to Astarte who was waiting at the side.
「Is it possible for demons to push themselves into human society?」
……Well, I do think that it’s a possible story. Astarte and I are examples of that.
「Yes, though there aren’t many precedents. If it’s a demon with high intelligence, it isn’t impossible for them to spread their roots within human society. Nevertheless, I didn’t think that demons would make their nest in Abram. ……But, I can consent to her words.」
Astarte understood something.
「What is it? Could I have you explain it to me in a way that I could understand?」
「That jewel……It isn’t something that an average human can create. Most likely, a demon that possesses the magic tool manufacturing power just like you, Eliott-sama, is involved. And then, that prospect is…..probably that Officer of Arms. Since she had some kind of, unpleasant smell.」

「Ah, ahhh……Arachne-sama, forgive me!」
The spy girl raised a frightened voice. Her fear towards the Assassin’s Guild was still strong. Arachne……If I remember correctly, that was the name of the spider Mazoku that is in the folklore of the north.
「Arachne, is it……That’s an unpleasant opponent.」
「Arachne……That’s the spider Mazoku, wasn’t it? Although I don’t know the details, they’re a formidable enemy……aren’t they. Hey, you. Was that Arachne the one that you were reporting the situation to last night?」
While talking to Astarte, I slapped the spy girl’s cheeks. Making a light smack sound, the spy girl’s cheeks were dyed light red. My face was still smiling. In order to give off an intimidating air, it was better to be mysterious. This was a result of Astarte’s training but……to be honest, hitting a frightened girl didn’t agree with me.

I talked to the still petrified spy girl with a soft voice. I immediately gave the candy after the whip. The expeditionary force’s invasion was steadily advancing, but now was the time to be getting information.
「If you tell me, it will end without you meeting with anything painful or scary, you know?」
「Y, yes……She changed places with the Officer of Arms that should have come from the capital. She is one of the two chiefs of our Guild……」
「Will the other one, be coming?」
「No, the other one is remaining in Abram……」
I see. The chance might not be zero. Playing the role, I made speech to the spy girl with a cheerful voice.
「In that case, you are lucky. This will probably end without you dying.」

It was important to give her a bit of hope after making her despair. Since this spy girl is an intelligent girl, unless I make her panic as well, she’ll be able to level headedly calculate things. I need to make her think that my side was advantageous to a certain extent, and give her the impression that I can win. And then, if I can get through with that, if she is a smart girl, she should be able to think of what she should do for the sake of her own survival all on her own.
「The Officer of Arms-dono will die from an unfortunate accident, you see. She came to subjugate the dangerous demons that live in the Man-Eating Dungeon, so the danger of encountering an unfortunate accident could happen to anyone, right? That’s why……I’ll be needing your cooperation.」
Signalling with my gaze, I had a collar that I had Dahlia prepare yesterday brought over. At the same time, I unfastened the binds that restrained both of the spy girl’s hands. Astarte went around to the spy girl’s back, as it was only natural to stand on guard to make sure that she didn’t make any strange movements.
「From here on, you will once again declare that you will become mine, and put that collar on yourself. Although I won’t explain what it is, just think of it as a symbol that you are my slave. It will be fine if you consider it as being on the level of it might being able to do something the moment you betray me.」
As a matter of fact, it didn’t have such a convenient function. At most, it makes it so that I can tell her location. Even so, well, there isn’t any proof that would let this girl conclude that what I said was a lie. Inducing her to put the collar on herself was, well, something of a ceremony. By making her body feel that she betrayed her previous owners by her own will, I wanted to lower the possibility of betrayal once again even by a little.

The spy girl tightly grasped the collar with both hands, and brooded over it looking frightened. Various thoughts were probably rushing about inside her head. This was proof that she had yet to fall completely. As I thought, as long as I don’t show definitive proof before her eyes, this girl probably won’t break from the bottom of her heart. In that case, I should plan with that as the prerequisite.

「You said that your previous chief was eaten, didn’t you. That Officer of Arms…….Was he done in by that Arachne?」
I changed the topic for a bit.
「Including me, in front my comrades eyes, as an example……while still alive, he was spun and wrapped up by Arachne’s thread, and had his lifeblood sucked out. He had all of his bones broken by the other chief, and swallowed whole……That person, while he was screaming……」
The light of her will vanished from her eyes. The fear was probably etched too deeply into her, and it seemed that her ability to think fell again. It seemed that the spy girl leaked piss once more. Well, although it couldn’t be helped since she couldn’t control herself due to the medicines, if done poorly, the fear that made this girl, who possesses much more courage than someone like me, piss herself would……I don’t want to think about it too much.

I sent a signal to Dahlia with my gaze. Dahlia approached the spy girl from behind, and hugged her.
「It’s alright. If you leave it to Master, everything will be alright.」
When she blandly said that, the caressing that stopped before restarted. Since Sara and Shiro, who had been constantly teasing the spy girl up until earlier, were currently back inside the dungeon, I ended up entrusting things to Dahlia.
「AH……Ahh, ah……」
She raised a scream just now and climaxed. She probably found it difficult to even hold it in anymore. The spy girl raised her voice once again and started writhing about. ……Dahlia’s caressing, maybe because they were the same gender, was merciless.
「Now then, swear your allegiance to me once again. Although your loyalty isn’t something that I can expect much from. Because of that, you do understand that you have no choice but to be liked by me if you want to survive, right?」
「Master will keep his promise without fail. I was also saved by him.」
This was also one of those so-called carrot and stick things.
「What I desire from you is, information. An expectation of what kind of plan the Officer of Arms……the Arachne is going to use to perform the assassination, what kind of ability that she possesses, and, if possible, what kind of weaknesses she has. The more that I know, the more your value is raised, and the more the possibility of us winning increases……In short, the likelihood you’ll survive also increases. Now then, Therese……No, what is your true name?」

Even while she had a hand thrust into her crotch and was raising her waist and sometimes twitching from the relentless caressing, the spy girl answered.
「I……will……obey……you. To your great self……I, Diana, swear my allegiance to you. So, save me……please, save me……」
Saying that alone, the young girl that revealed herself as Diana personally put the collar on, and fastened the metal fittings with trembling hands. After that, she faced my way, and smiled with eyes filled with a mix of tears and sexual desire. ……The slave turned towards the master, and drew near with a gaze containing flirtation. I was somehow able to bring her this far.

Giving an order to Dahlia, I had her stop caressing her. After repeatedly making her climax several times until she was half-dead for several hours, she was probably quite exhausted. While cleaning her body with a towel, I gave her a small bit of wine in place of a tonic.

「Diana. You are my servant from now on. However, naturally, as long as Arachne is here, your loyalty probably won’t be stable. That is why……Why don’t we first start off with crushing Arachne.」

Normally, I should make love to Diana, whose body is complete with sexual excitement, make her submit, turn her into a demon, and the control her but…… In the current state where there is no telling when the expeditionary force would be coming, the timing was regretfully too poor.
「Goshujin-sama, what would you like for me to talk about first……」
With a face that was still a bit absent-minded, Diana asked that question.
「First, give me the details on as much as you know about Arachne’s abilities and her assassination strategy. I suppose I would like to hear about what those jewels that you planted during the night will be used for as well. ……Actually, except for the ones planted in the dungeon, most of the ones planted in the neighborhood had their locations changed.」

When she heard those words, it seemed that Diana finally accepted something within her. It looked like she was able to grasp that I was definitely skilled at one or two things. Now then, from here on, it’s my turn in this game..

The expeditionary force, the assassin, and then us. There were three forces on this life-risking game board

We can’t afford to lose against the expeditionary force. The assassin needs to assassinate the expeditionary force. The expeditionary force intends to kill us, but if left as is, they will get assassinated. And then, for us to win, we need to crush both of the expeditionary force’s and the assassin’s victory conditions.

The areas that we have the advantage in are that the stage of the game is our dungeon, and that we were able to know about the assassin’s hand to a certain extent. The areas where we have the disadvantage in are that the expeditionary force’s commanding officer Olivia, who is the target I am going to save and degenerate, is capable, and that we would be defeated if we let our guard down. I understood the situation. I also decided on what was possible. All that was left was to move with the flow. The chances of success, were there.



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