Chapter 43: The Temple Knight – What is Held, What isn’t Held


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……When she regained consciousness, She saw that she was laid down on a simple, wooden bed. Her armor was removed, but when she looked around, she saw that it was placed nearby. When she saw that a thin towel was placed on her, she realized that she was being treated politely……

Thinking that far, the Temple Knight Olivia remembered the situation that she was now placed in. The Officer of Arms was replaced by a demon, and the one that saved her from a dangerous spot was……

「Have you woken up?」
Being called out to from behind, she was surprised and turned her head around. A girl wearing a maid outfit entered the room holding a water jug. That’s right, it was a room. Most likely, it was a part of this mine.

「This place is……And, you are?」
The young girl that looked like she was of the same generation as Olivia pondered for a bit and then answered Olivia’s question.
「This place is one of the rooms of this dungeon that Master rules over. You were saved by Master, and carried to this room.」
「By the Dungeon Master……And, who is that Dungeon Master?」
「It is Eliott-sama……I was told that you were an acquaintance.」
The maid girl’s response was polite but was also a bit thorny. She has had ill will and hostility turned towards her several times at the imperial court, but she had never received this sort of response from someone that she had just met.

「My subordinates……The soldiers of the expeditionary force, are they safe?」
Entirety over personal. Feeling that she should have asked about this first, Olivia felt ashamed of herself.
「I am sure that there are some that died from the trap that Officer of Arms had set. The survivors have been locked up in the several dead ends of the tunnels. By Eliott-sama’s instructions, the voice pipes have been opened, so they will not suffocate. ……A day has not yet passed since the explosion disturbance. I am sure there have not been any deaths due to starvation yet.」
Their food was only with the supply unit that was outside, but each person at least possessed a small sized water pouch. It wasn’t like the inside of the tunnel was intensely dry. They probably wouldn’t die if it was for just another day. In reality, this meant they were prisoners. She should probably think that it’s better that they still have their lives.

After thinking that far, Olivia observed the maid girl, and then arrived at the thought that she somehow recognized her looks. She had seen a girl in the past that looked really similar to this girl.
「You……Could it be, aren’t you Dahlia? The girl that lived two houses down from the village mayor’s house.」
The maid girl made a response that looked like she was troubled.
「You……Did you know of me when I was Human?」
This time Olivia was at a loss for words. What did this girl say just now?
「When you were Human……Wait, you aren’t Human?」
After the maid girl pondered for a bit, she met eyes with Olivia for the first time and let out her words. Within those eyes, an artificial light that was clearly different from a Human, and a clearly Human-like look that she was worried about something could be seen.
「Just as you have said, I am called Dahlia. I lived in that village, and was a village girl. Was……There is a reason for saying “was”. The memories of the Dahlia that was a village girl that are inside of me are unreliable and are sometimes remembered intermittently. I was killed on the day that this village was ruined……Because I was turned into a demon by Eliott-sama.」


「……That is why, only intermittent memories of when I was a Human remain. Sometimes, I suddenly remember things, but that isn’t me, and is nothing more than the memories of the Human Dahlia.」
Most likely, that was only a summarized explanation. But even so, something deep and muddy accumulated inside of Olivia’s heart.

She felt grief over the fact that the old friend that she wanted to meet with so much, the one that she was happy to meet again with, was the Dungeon Master that she needed to defeat. She felt joy over the fact that that Eliott saved her despite knowing about her position. She felt righteous indignation for the situation where the young girl called Dahlia had lost her humanity and had no choice but to become a demon. And then……she felt a bit of an inferiority complex towards the Dahlia in front of her that wholeheartedly thought of Eliott, and a small bit of jealousy over the fact this girl was embraced by Eliott and loved by him. And so, just as Dahlia had, she was convinced that she herself was feeling jealous.

「……The truth is, I was scared of saving you.」
Dahlia made a small mutter that sounded like she was confessing.
「Olivia. Unlike all of the others, you know about Eliott-sama when he was Human. You know about Eliott-sama who even I didn’t know about when I was Human. You were deeply cared about by Eliott-sama when he was Human……And even now, that person thinks about wanting to take care of you. Even though you possess the mission of defeating that person. What I am afraid of……is you taking that person far away from me.」

Being a Golem, Dahlia’s face scarcely made expressions. But even so, eyes tinged with grief and tears accumulating a bit could be seen.
「Dahlia……You, really do love Eliott, don’t you.」
She once again asked about something that didn’t need to be confirmed.
Dahlia made a small nod without letting out her voice.
「But, I am unable to request such a thing from that person. I am Goshujin-sama’s possession, and was made to be at Goshujin-sama’s side. If I am able to someday die for Goshujin-sama’s sake……Then that would be fine. And above all, that is a desire that surpasses my standing……」

Taking the hand of Dahlia, whose eyes were cast down, Olivia called out to her.
「That’s no good, being like that. ……Ah, um. I, erm……That kind of thing is, I haven’t done it with anyone yet……but. That feeling of loving Eliott, it isn’t something anyone should stop.」
Dahlia opened her eyes wide in surprise a bit. Noticing that, Olivia continued her words feeling a bit embarrassed.

「That is, erm……I also, even I, yeah. I……like that person. Yup. Learning that Eliott is the Dungeon Master, I’m surprised, and troubled by it. But, having met earlier, having stupid conversations like when we were kids, having him see me when I was crying,……Having my life saved by him. I finally get it now. I, am also in love with Eliott.」
Saying it with her own mouth, she once again become self-aware. And then, she became a bit troubled about the complicated circumstances that surrounded her and Eliott.
「That being said, I have no intention of hindering you, and you shouldn’t feel like you should hold back. ……Though, I’m still troubled over what I should do. But, while it’s fine that my life was saved, the soldiers have been caught. What will happen to my life all depends on how Eliott feels. Whatever happens, depends on that person. At the very least, I would like to have the soldiers sent back alive though.」

There was a bit of silence. After making a small nod, Dahlia stood up, and beckoned Olivia over.
「I shall guide you to where Eliott-sama is. ……You have shown that you know what it is that you have to do, and I have received your words saying that it was no problem. Do you have the courage to know about what it is that Eliott-sama does after having the master of this dungeon?」

Olivia stood up at those words. She considered putting her equipment on for a instant, but she immediately gave up on that. The fact that they had placed her equipment there like that was a declaration that they had no intent of treating her roughly. Or maybe, it was a declaration that said that they were strong enough that it wasn’t a problem even if she were armed.
「Yes. Even if Eliott were to serve me poison, as I currently am, I would have no other choice but to drink it. What is Eliott doing right now?」
Dahlia answered in a flash.
「He is, raping women.」


「HaaaAHHHHHH! It’s in, it’s coming in! So good, more, more. Goshujin-sama, more, feel good, using, Diana, please!」

Actually, me raping Diana is something that happened no more than half a day after capturing her. Capturing her during breakfast, the expeditionary force’s attack starting just after noon, and from there until we defeated the Officer of Arms, this was all after making her go half-dead for several hours. She stuck her butt out while standing, and opened her butt cheeks on her own. Maybe because she didn’t have any strength in them, her knees were slightly trembling. When I slowly pushed aside her pleats and inserted my penis so as to tease her, maybe because she couldn’t endure it any more, thin colored urine came spouting out from her urethra. As if to say that she was impatiently waiting for it, Diana’s vagina wriggled, doing a peristalsis, and tempted my penis to go deeper. The pride of the spy that resisted me so much that morning, finally completely melted from the sexual desire that tormented her for half a day, from the fear of the Assassin’s Guild’s retribution, and from the fact that the chief who was a symbol of fear for her, the Arachne, was captured.

Her eyes were cloudy with sexual desire, and her intellectual face was melted with pleasure. That appearance where she is unable to hold back her tears and drool, it was both unsightly and bewitching, and it also felt a bit cute. Although it was managed by Astarte and Sara, who were strong with pharmaceutics, an amount of aphrodisiacs where it wouldn’t be strange if she broke if she were a normal woman was administered, and on top of that, she was in a half-dead state for half a day. Even just from what I saw, she had gotten off more than ten times. No matter how much of an assassin that excelled in drugs and sexual wiles she was, the human mind and body have their limits. Her sense of reason was on the brink of breaking. Since I had planned on bringing her to the brink of breaking, changing her into a demon after completely snapping her spirit, and dominating her, there was a need to bring her right to the edge.
And then, there was one more.

「Fuuー! Fuguh, guh!」
Even if she tried to struggle, both of her feet were restrained by metal chains that were attached to the ground by a wedge that was hammered into the floor. Even if she tried to escape, all four of her arms were restrained by the chains that hung down from the ceiling. The spider Mazoku, Arachne, was seized in a state where her body stationary, and being raped.



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