Chapter 44: The Temple Knight – Unravelling the Spider Thread


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When she was transformed into her spider-man form, Arachne’s arms and legs had both increased, but right now, the lower half of her body had returned to being that of a human’s. Since I had observed her during the fight, I was able to predict where her additional legs would sprout out from. I had placed additional restraints in that area as well so that she wouldn’t be able to make any strange movements.
I also made her bite onto a gag so that she wouldn’t bite at me with her fangs or scatter her thread about. There was a need to get some information out of her afterwards, but right now, taking away her willpower and snapping her spirit took first priority. It was for this reason that she was similarly administered a large amount of aphrodisiac, and was raped by several Orcs while being shown the foolishness of her subordinate right in front of her.

Even the Orcs that were created from the members of the Red Crow had been reduced to close to half their original number during this fight with the expeditionary force. Since I had decided to abandon this dungeon, I might have needed to reduce their numbers in the end, but losing pieces under my control was something rather lonesome. In addition, the Orcs were angry from losing their comrades and needed something to vent their anger on. Since there was also that, I gave the Orcs permission to rape the Arachne. There wasn’t a single ounce of feelings to make it feel pleasurable for the partner in the Orcs’ rough and intense hip-use. Even if she was an Arachne, her current body was something based on the human female. To the Orcs, the number of her arms wasn’t any sort of problem.

Sometimes, a resounding moan would be raised, and an Orc would ejaculate inside the Arachne’s vagina. Yellow cum would thickly ooze out onto the Arachne’s legs that were restrained by chains. Raising her flushed face, Arachne glared at my direction. ……It seemed that she still hasn’t had enough.

「AAAAAAAAaaAaAaAahh, Chiefff, I’m so sorryyyyy. I’m, done forrr. I’m becoming Goshujin-sama’s slaveee. I won’t be returning to the Guild anymoreee. No, I don’t want to be killeddd, it’s fine, being embraced feels really gooddd.」
Although she had bound Diana to her by fear, I wonder just how much the Arachne’s pride and sense of reason will break from the betrayal and foolishness of the subordinate that she trusted enough to leave any negotiations up to her to do alone.

Since I was still in the middle of thinking about the timing to make her into a demon, I still haven’t turned Diana into a demon. It’s not like she would definitely turn into a demon if I released my essence in her vagina, but I simply didn’t have the time or flexibility to allow that. She had been in this situation since half a day ago, and on top of that, in order to not make Diana, who was a Human, push her body too far, I would sometimes make her take a rest but, maybe because her sexual desire had already broken through the threshold of her sense of reasoning, other than the times she was dozing off, she was either being ravished or would start masturbating on her own. If this continued for another half a day, she will most likely be broken to the point where it will be impossible for her to return to her original state. It wasn’t that I didn’t feel a bit of pity for her, but I couldn’t expose my own life to any danger. Diana was a dangerous existence on a level that I needed to make powerless with any sort of method. ……And then, in addition to that, she was capable to a level that I wanted to make her degenerate and add her to my ranks.

During those breaks, I would gaze at the Arachne that was being raped by the Orcs, call out to her, and use various hands in order to crush her pride. Things close to torture that were accompanied by pain, maybe because she herself had performed such things or maybe because she possessed a resistance to it, didn’t have much of an effect. Times where liquid enemas were used and criticized her and times where she was made to throw out all of the stuff that was inside her belly, those had large responses. Since it seemed that she had high pride as a woman, I understood that this sort of attacking worked on her, so this sort of torment continued. And then……

「Ahh, the Chief’s insides, its undulating. So good, I’m making the Chief cry using a dildo! This is the first time……!」
Using a phallic-like item that used an animal’s horn, wood, and metal, she called it a dildo. It was a so-called variety of sex toy, and it’s said that if it were a rich noble using it, they would apply various ornaments on the dildo. One of the shady merchants that used this dungeon as an inn was a trader that dealt in these sorts of toys. What we bought from that female trader in the past after an on-site test was a slippery double-headed dildo for female use that was made from a bull horn.

Since I had no plans nor a chance to use it, it was mainly only used when Shiro would torment Sara, but after remembering its existence, I had the dildo equipped on to Diana and had her rape the Arachne. It seemed that being raped by the subordinate that she once controlled made a big wound on the Arachne’s pride. Her already flushed face became even redder, and her facial expression of anger gradually changed into one of humiliation and pleasure. Is it nearing a good time?

It seemed that Diana was used as Arachne’s sex toy in the past. She would accurately attack the spots that seemed to be the Arachne’s erogenous zones, lick her, slurp up the love juices and cum that came oozing out of her, and lovingly caress her restrained limbs. Her fingers would dance about in her vagina, and sometimes, she would thrust her fingers into her anus, and she would make them wriggle and dance. Most likely, she was probably returning the favor on things that were done to herself. Diana’s bewitched face would sometimes become gloomy, and at other times would be full of sadistic joy.

「Ahh……How lovely. The Chief’s pussy and anus, both of them are so sloppy. You know that don’t you. It is about you after all. You would, always, play with us, though it was good, if that thread, was there……OOoh. So good, the Chief’s pussy, so wonderfulll……Aha, since I don’t have any right now, we’ll use your hair as a substitute, okay?」
After pulling several strands of Arachne’s hair, Diana wrapped them around Arachne’s nipples, and tied them up like ribbons. Maybe because a subtle stimulus went in, Arachne’s nipples that were halfway standing and halfway calmed had now perked up and tensed up.

Around the time that Diana once again held Arachne’s ass, and started to swing her hips. Confirming that drool that couldn’t be held back by the gag that was stuffed in Arachne’s mouth was trickling out, I finally gave an Orc the instruction to remove Arachne’s gag.

(Light Novel Illustrations: Tormenting Diana and the Arachne)

「Fuah, aAaAAA. Puhaa, haa, haa……Ah, Ahn.」
I approached the roughly breathing Arachne while hiding my right hand at my back.
「Officer of Arms-dono. No, Chief of the Assassin’s Guild-san. While it is a bit late to be asking this, how do you feel?」
Arachne glared my way while keeping a red face, and talked with abusive language.
「Dammit, I’ll kill y……agah!?」
To tell the truth, I also had the objective of making her open her mouth in the event that she still hadn’t been bewitched. Thrusting my hand into her mouth, I pricked her tongue with a special needle that I stole from Diana’s luggage. There was a fine slit cut into the needle’s surface, and it was a dart with an overall length of about 5 cm that would mainly have poison inserted in it. Although this time I used it with my hand.

「Bastard, what did you do!?」
「Don’t worry, it isn’t poison. It’s merely, a drug that will make you feel even better. It’s the same thing that was used on Diana……Since it’s an undiluted solution, it’s several times the amount used on Diana, I guess?」
To tell the truth, I lied a bit. In regards to Arachne, I even thought that it didn’t matter if she were to break. Besides, there is even the possibility that I’ll be killed if she recovers. Therefore, there was poison inserted together with the aphrodisiac in this needle. ……Only the amount of aphrodisiac was accurately reported though.

Arachne’s face clouded over. Maybe because she couldn’t control it, a portion of her face transformed, and small cracks……no, eyes emerged on her temporal regions and forehead.
「It looks like you’ve become unable to maintain your transformation. Since we were both lying about our social positions before, we weren’t able to have anything but stiff greetings but……Right now, our secrets have been exposed to each other. It’s fine if you cum without reserve, you know?」

Arachne’s face scowled from these provocative words, and as she was about to use abusive language, Diana made a remarkably large stroke with the timing of when she opened her mouth.
This was my first time hearing this woman’s voice filled with sexual passion. Noticing the coquettish voice that she herself had raised, although she tried to cover up her mouth, all of her arms had been restrained. Although she struggled and tried to tear the chains off several times, the wedges that were deeply hammered in and the chains remained unyielding.
「What, this is a long-awaited chance for you to warm up your old friendship with your former subordinate that you abandoned. I won’t do something so boorish as getting in your way. Don’t mind me, and cum like mad to your heart’s content.」

To break her pride, I had to make her think that she can’t win. First, as long as Arachne’s spirit wasn’t completely broken, it would be difficult to reach the negotiation table. It was possible to take her life, but if possible, I want to procure information from her before that. If it’s possible, I also want to put Arachne under my control. It’s unknown just how far we can go, but let’s do as much as we can.

「Sara, Shiro. You girls watch over the climax of our guest as well.」
I called out to the two that had gone in and out of the room several times during the event and had now returned and were now in waiting. Being bored and having sex flaunted in front of them as if to insinuate them, I understood that the two of them had become frustrated. Or rather, maybe because I had a mental like with the demons that were under my control, I could read that to a certain extent.
That being said, it’s not like my body had several penises. Since I could only have the two of them endure it for today, this was a way to have them help out here, and let them enjoy themselves at the same time.

「Onee-san, you’re a spider demon, aren’t you. They’re a bit scary, but your glossy legs are pretty……Your pussy, and the place that you pee from aren’t different from that of a Human, right?」
With a gaze that was innocent, yet overflowing with lust, Shiro asked that question.
「How unsightly, after being made to cum over and over, that well-featured face of yours has been unshapely warped. ……Fufufu, it looks like it feels really good, doesn’t it? Hey, how does it feel? Losing everything and being raped from behind by your former comrade, how does it feel?」
Sara said that sounding as if she were looking down on her. It was a manner of speaking meant to make cuts on the other party’s pride, but she might be stacking up her former self on top of that appearance.
「Just once is fine, I’ve wanted to try messing you uppp! My pussy, and my asshole, they were always raped by the Chief……Just once is fine, I wanted to ride on top and get sloppyyy! I’m sorry, raping the Chief, it feels so good that I can’t stoppp!」
Diana is already half-crazed. All of the restraints that she suppressed until now have probably all been undone. The spy that was used as the Arachne’s sex slave now turned her twisted lust towards her former master.

Biting her lips and closing her eyes, she endured, and endured. Nevertheless, a voice of humiliation and pleasure leaked out, and her eyes opened. Aphrodisiacs were amply applied to the dildo in place of lubricant. In this room where the sound of their hips and the dildo banging rhythmically resounded, becoming unable to hold it in anymore, the Arachne’s coquettish voice leaked out.

「Bastard……Ah, AaAAH, I’ll kill y……Ee, EEE, ya……Yaaaaaa……Aah, ah, AHHHHHH!」
With fangs still growing out on both sides of her lips, she shed tears, and being unable to wipe off her drool, Arachne raised her voice, and swung her hips.
「I’m raping her! The Chief! The spider that raped me over and over! Aah, Aah, AAHHー!」
Being driven to climax over and over again up until now, maybe because she finally reached the limit of her stamina, after Diana struck a remarkably large stroke on Arachne’s rump, she crumbled down from the knees.



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