Chapter 45: The Temple Knight – The Spider Thread Entanglement


Translator: Manga0205

Diana magnificently reached her climax, and although her consciousness remained, she was exhausted to the point of being unable to move properly. Giving instructions to Shiro and Sara, I had them give Diana medicine and spiced mulled wine. After making her rest for a bit, there was one more job that I needed her to do.

On the other hand, the Arachne, who was still restrained and had her raised up body suddenly abandoned, wriggled her hips looking miserable. Right when she was about to be pushed into her climax with just a bit more, Diana, who was playing the male role, had disappeared. Her halfway raised sexual desire, coupled together with the effect of the aphrodisiac that was administered in large amounts, she was probably in an extraordinarily irritated state.

After grabbing a vial, I then grabbed Arachne’s chin. Her resistance was weak. Strongly grabbing her, I opened her mouth, and poured in the fluid that was inside the vial.
「Drink it.」
So as to not show emotions as much as possible, I made a short order. Arachne show signs of hesitating a bit, but maybe because she gave up, she swallowed the medicine.
「Although this might be used in you guys’ place, but it’s a type that will make you want cum more and more to the point that it’s unbearable. Of course, since it’s the same type as the one applied to the dildo earlier, try and feel its effect directly in your stomach. Well, since I didn’t know if it would work on a demon, I tried testing it out with a bit larger portion.」
More than half of this was also a lie. Wanting semen more and more……I don’t know if such a convenient aphrodisiac even exists or not. Since it’s a medicine that simply makes her muscles relax and oversensitized her sexual feelings, it wasn’t any different from the type that is generally circulated around. Besides, there was no guarantee that ointment and oral medicine are the same. ……Well, the aphrodisiac this time is something good if smeared on mucous membrane, I’ve heard that it’s fine when used either way.

「Although I don’t like schemes that entrap people and make use of diversions…… It’s not like we want to fight with the Assassin’s Guild. It’s just, I have a bit of an interest in what kind of guy you guys’ client is, you see? The choices you have from now on increasing is a good thing. The chance of being able to make deals is important to a businessman.」
Although I have no intention of that whatsoever, bluffs are also needed in negotiations. Now then, how will Arachne come out?

「……Did you think, that I would spit that out, boy?」
She was making a complicated facial expression where her pride of not wanting to lose and her yearning for the desires that accumulated in her body to be reduced had mixed in, but Arachne still refused to submit with the strength of her will. Since she’s a demon, the effectiveness of the medicine might be different from when used on a human, but I couldn’t let such a thing be said.

「I think that losing trust is much better than losing your life though? In that case, how about we try negotiating so that we hire the Assassin’s Guild to go against Count Abram’s side?」
Well, the Count most likely also knows that several of his relatives were killed by this Assassin’s Guild, and it would cause a huge dispute if Count Abram were to learn who the sponsor of the Assassin’s Guild was.
Arachne kept silent. She was doing calculations in her heart of hearts. ……In other words, she still had enough sense of reason remaining to be able to do something on the level of composed calculations. There was only one thing that this meant. It was still too early to start negotiations.

Giving instructions to an Orc, I had him bring over a metal table. Undoing the restraining chains on her arms one at a time, I had them changed to being fastened to the table’s pedestal. Made to go face up, Arachne was once again restrained with a form where her abdomen drew a gentle curve facing the ceiling. Excluding her fingertips, backs of her hands, and a portion of her forehead hardening and the number of eyes on her forehead and temporal region increasing, it was the body of a slightly large built and voluptuous woman. Since things like the poison that was stocked in the tips of her nails would be unbearable, mitten-type gauntlets were placed on her. It was different from their original utility, but, well, it’s just right for now.

Even during the time her restraints were being exchanged, Arachne’s abdomen twitched and convulsed, making movements that wouldn’t calm down. It seemed that the fires of arousal and sexual desire were still lit. I needed to maintain things so that this fire wouldn’t be extinguished.

Putting the table at the center, I approached the table while being cautious so as to not ruin the formation that was drawn on the floor.
「……It looks like you still haven’t been satisfied. Since it’s not like we’re mutual enemies right now, how about we discuss things “down there” for a bit?」
I could tell that Arachne’s facial expression slackened a little. That’s right, become careless. Mistake me for an idiot that only enjoys raping women. I pasted on a smile so that such thoughts wouldn’t show on my face. An insincere smile is a basic skill of a merchant. I was used to glossing over my facial expression. It was fine if the insincerity was exposed, so long as the thoughts behind it aren’t read.

Although the Orcs look like they haven’t ejaculated enough yet, if I were to make them rape Arachne here with this timing, they would make the sexually excited Arachne climax, and there would be a high possibility of her becoming satisfied. If she were to reach her climax and cum just once, there were a lot of states where she would become unable to converse with me such as fainting or getting tired that she could go into. Besides, her becoming composed would be the biggest bother. Since there was a need to keep her in this state of sexual excitement where her sexual desire was just barely left unsatisfied, I was unable to use the Orcs. And from the start, there was a huge risk in me raping this spider-woman myself. It was for this reason that I had her raped first by the Orcs to check to see if she had any unusual hidden items or not, but this was not the proper timing for that. ……The chance of risk going to zero would never happen no matter what I do though.

I had laid out two or three measures in order to improve the safety. I had administered antidotes to myself beforehand so that poisons that existing spiders possess or some other poison wouldn’t show any effect. I had several preparations other than that as well, but it would be best if this all finished without having to use them.

Pulling up Diana who had regained consciousness, I laid her down on top of Arachne so as to cover her with her. When Diana understood the situation that she had been placed in, she stole Arachne’s lips without saying a word, and massaged her breasts. Diana and Arachne raised each other up while rubbing their breasts and crotches up against each other.
「Arachne. Diana. The two of you, won’t you become mine? Diana, you said that you would become mine, didn’t you?」
Placing my hand in between Arachne’s thighs, I slowly massaged them while lightly looking at her reaction.

「……That also, might……be, good……Ahh, aah, Diana, so good.」
While getting several of Diana’s kiss marks etched onto the nape of her neck, Arachne answered me.
「Goshujin-sama’s things……Me, and the Chief.」
Diana was already unable to understand all of my words. Swinging her hips looking impatient, she attacked Arachne’s erogenous zones, and she would sometimes sink her gaze into me, and communicate her lust. Well, certainly, I myself have ejaculated inside of Diana only once, and since I have only focused on making her aroused after that, my penis was also now erect to the point of hurting. I could see Shiro and Sara’s greedy gazes, but unfortunately, this was not a time to enjoy myself and embrace those women. ……It’s a common saying that Dungeon Masters indulge themselves in doing bad things, but that really is a downright lie.

「Now then, I’m also feeling like I can’t endure it anymore. Can I insert it?」
While muttering that in a way that I could be heard, I leaned over, and observed their genital areas as they coiled about each other. Diana’s genital area that was now on top had her pubic hair trimmed into a small triangle, and was currently sticky with love juices. It seemed to have originally been on the smaller side, and her pleats would normally be closed, but when pressed against Arachne, it was opened up a bit, and her nectar came dripping out. Arachne’s genital area that was now at the bottom, maybe because she didn’t really groom it, had hard pubic hair spread out. Her own secreted love juices overflowed together with Diana’s love juices that were dripping out from above, and her her spread out pubic hair shinily glistened as if it were wet with morning dew. ……Of course, unlike morning dew, it possessed heat that caused steam to rise up though.

Holding the dildo from before in my hand, I made it so that the two of them couldn’t see it, and inserted it into Diana. Just in case, I made it so that it looked like I inserted my penis into Diana.
「Haaaa……Nnu, it’s hereee, it’s hereee……」
The muscles along her back bending backwards, Diana raised a coquettish voice from the insertion that she was eagerly waiting for. Making a few shallow strokes, I slowly pulled it out.
「AH……AaAaAah, nooo, I don’t want you to pull out……」
Becoming teary eyed, Diana made a petition. She’s become docile in just a single day. I slowly inserted the dildo that had been warmed up by Diana’s love juices into Arachne. ……Although I don’t think it will happen, but if the dildo were to be crushed with this, I would no longer have any ways to degenerate her.
「Ah……Aah, UAaaaAaaaAaaAh」
Arachne’s waist jumped up with a start, and Diana’s lower half was raised up for an instant. Yosh, her abdominal muscles are amazing, but it seems like there aren’t any traps inside of Arachne’s vagina. After pulling the dildo out all at once, I inserted my own penis into Arachne’s vagina. It’s hot. The clamping wasn’t strong, but a heat that felt like it would melt me enveloped my penis. Her soft flesh gently wrapped around it.
「UAH!? U, UAaAa!?」
It seemed that she realized the difference. The way her eyes opened became a bit bigger.
「Aah! That’s so nice, getting the real cock is so nice! Goshujin-sama, me too, me too, I want the real thing!」
It seems that Diana guess the situation from Arachne’s reaction. Grandly swinging her hips, she made an appeal to me. At that time, a signal was given from a place that the two of them couldn’t see. ……It seemed that Olivia was coming over here.
My chest hurt for only an instant, but I concentrated on what was in front of me in order to shake it off. ……What “perfect” timing. I guess it’s about time for the trap.

Pulling my penis out, I lightly poked at their entrances, and asked them a question while putting the tip in and out.
「Arachne, Diana. There’s something I want to ask you. If you obediently tell me, I’ll let out a lot inside of your vagina.」
Clouded up by sexual desire, Arachne’s facial expression was absentminded. I couldn’t see Diana’s facial expression since I was doing her doggy style, but I could make a guess.
「Who was the one that made the commission to make the expedition fail and to assassinate Temple Knight Olivia? If you know what their objective was or what their background is, I’d like for you to tell me.」

Arachne was about to open her mouth, but it seemed that her senses returned a bit at that moment. Her face warped, and she closed her mouth. It’s unfortunate, but I had anticipated this. However, Diana opened her mouth. This was my second aim.
「The client isss……A town noble, the servant of a town nobleee! They tried to conceal their social status buttt, the family crest that could be seen a bit underneath their overcoat……Their crest of a Gryphon and a tower isss……」
「Diana. Be silent!」
Arachne bared her fangs and shouted. Diana’s body recalled the fear that was etched into her, and she stiffened up in an instant. ……As I thought, her sense of reason still remained.

Now then, just as I was thinking about what I should do, a voice called out from the side.
「What……what do you mean by that!? The crest of a gryphon and a tower, it’s from the Baron Lanvelt House who is also Count Abram’s son-in-law……!」
Arachne, Diana, and I turned our gazes. In front of me as I was raping two women, a door that was alongside the wall was opened, and the one that was brought along by the maid-clothed Dahlia and had appeared was……the Temple Knight, Olivia.



  1. oh damn worst timing ever

    • No he timed it perfectly so even if they only gave a hint “which they did” Olivia would be able to figure out the answer. Truly a gifted interrogation. The biggest problem about using pleasure instead of pain when torturing a prisoner is to stop before completely breaking them. Human tolerance for pleasure is lower than pain, and like a drug they will do anything to get more.

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