Chapter 46: The Temple Knight – Ritual of Sacrifice


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Arachne’s response was fast. She probably mustered up the last of her strength that remained. The ends of her legs hardened, and an atypical appearance of a spider suddenly became visible on the upper half of her face. Flipping up her waist, she bent her neck with all her might, and in the middle of her upside down field of vision, she perceived Olivia from the front. From her mouth, a needle……No, a hardened thread that was twisted into the shape of a spear was shot, and pierced through Olivia’s body……or that’s how it should have been.

With a thud, a semi-transparent felt cloth vanished, and a large hole opened up. Seeing it from Arachne’s eyes, the thread pierced through the surface of a wall where there was “nothing” in front of her, and *jyuu*, an unpleasant sound was made. I had expected it, but it was probably some kind of contact poison.
Arachne opened up all eight of her eyes in surprise.
I gave instructions to Astarte who was always in the spider-woman’s blind spot ever since the torture started. At almost the same time, Astarte started to take action on her own. Her nails that were like long extended blades pierced Arachne’s throat.

Diana finally understood the situation, and raised a scream. At that moment, I once again inserted my penis into Arachne, and roughly pushed her up.
「Ah, gah, gah, hah……!?」
Even though she opened her mouth, air leaked out, blood flowed out, and Arachne’s remark didn’t turn into words. Sensing the danger to her life, she started to strongly vermiculate as if to suck up life from my penis. Both of Arachne’s legs banged and jumped, and they had trouble maintaining order.

Holding down the frightened Diana’s body, I took her right hand. And in my right hand, I clutched a dagger that hung on my waist.
「Diana, I shall keep my promise to you. You and I will sever the fear that ties you down. And then, you will once again take an oath. You will live your life from now on as my slave. You will live for my sake, and become my tool. If you do that……I shall bestow you a new life, and pleasure.」

Astarte had already started the ritual. I took Diana’s hand, and made her hold the dagger with that hand. While my penis was thrust into Arachne’s wet genital area, I put the dagger’s tip in between the two hills on Arachne’s chest……ran it along the seam of her rib, and put some strength into it.
「……! ……!」
Fear, malediction, regret, and then pleasure. Those various emotions rose up on Arachne’s face, and she glared past Diana and straight at me. Ahh, curse me all you want. The one killing you is me.
「Diana. Sever……your fear.」
Gently biting Diana’s earlobe, I whispered that as if pouring poison into her. My chest and Diana’s back were glued together, and Diana’s throbbing that was like an alarm bell was communicated to me.

「……I will, Diana will, become Goshujin-sama’s……Eliott-sama’s tool! I will abandon the Assassin’s Guild! Even if I have to kill my comrade, even if I have to lose everything! Make me yours, please make me your toollll!」
Just before those words ended, strength was put into Diana’s hand, and she made the dagger’s blade slide into Arachne’s heart. Unable to cleanly thrust it into the gap, the unpleasant feeling of scraping the bone was transmitted through the blade. Arachne’s body jumped several times, and her vagina displayed intense peristalsis. Arachne was guided to climax right before her death.

Giving the order to Astarte, I had her cut off her head. With the lower half being that of a beautiful woman, and the upper half being changed to more than half of that of a spider, the head of the Mazoku Arachne fell, and rolled on the floor. I wonder if Arachne noticed it. The existence of the semi-transparent prismatic curtain that was stretched around the surrounding of the table that restrained her. And then, the magic formation of sacrifice that was drawn on the floor.

The body of the spider-woman that had lost its head was experiencing pleasure while still having been guided to the climax of death. I wonder if her body would still be alive for awhile even after having its head like a spider. Not having the free time to think about that, the ritual was nearing completion.
「Uu, Uooooooooooooh.」
I noticed that the one raising a beast-like voice was me only after I had let my voice out. It was a bit faster than expected, but without holding it in, I vigorously ejaculated inside of Arachne’s vagina. *Dokuh, dokudokun!* My magical power was spit out into Arachne’s vagina……And there, the ritual would be completed.

……Up until now, the acceptance of magical power from the women by having sex happened many times. The stored amount of my own magical power wasn’t all that large, and at times where a demon was summoned for a short time or when performing a magical ritual, it could be said that a supply from an external source was essential. The deed that was performed just now was an extension of that.

Not only could I receive magical power via sex, I could obtain a large amount of magical power by forcibly sucking up life itself……that was the ritual of sacrifice which sacrificed life. I had known about it as knowledge. I had also heard various stories about it from Astarte. But, I hadn’t attempted it even a single time up until now. It was because although the amount of obtainable magical power at once was large, the fact that it would end at just that meant that it wouldn’t pay off. Between obtaining 100 all at once then ending, and only getting 5 each time, in terms of being maintained over 30 days, the latter was more profitable. Moreover, I wasn’t able to predict that it would create such an enormous torrent of magical power.

「Iyaa, iyaaaaaa!?」
Diana’s raised scream
Was done in a voice similar to Dahlia’s scream.
My body was hot as if it were burning. With my penis as the center, magical power was sucked up, and I knew upon my knowledge that until it diffused throughout my entire body, the balance of magical power in my body would collapse. But, what in the world was this? Almost like the time when I nearly drowned in the river when I was a child, various scenes, experiences, memories, and knowledge streamed past me. Most of it was at a level of being able to faintly perceive something and not something that I could understand. ……This just might be Arachne’s memories and experiences, maybe even her knowledge. Was eating up someone’s life something this terrifying……!?

Most likely, it was something that happened in less than ten seconds in real time.
My experienced time felt like it was several tens of minutes, but the ritual ended. On top of the table, there was Diana who had wet herself in fear, and a faint amount of dust that was once Arachne. Leaving the cut off head, Arachne’s body was all changed into magical power, and was “eaten” by me. No, I should probably say that I killed her, and then ate her.

It felt as if my whole body was burning. It seemed like magical power was leaking out from the joints of my body. I felt bad as if it were the morning of a hangover, and in addition to that, my sexual desire felt as if I had abstained for several months.
「It would seem that the sucked up magical power has crossed over the maximum permissible level for Eliott-sama’s body.」
Astarte indifferently explained. Sara, Shiro, and Olivia, all of them were at a loss for words for the event that just happened.

My thoughts wouldn’t settle down. I need to spit this out, I need to spit this whirling something out somewhere. When I was thinking that, I noticed the frightened Diana who was still clinging onto me, and Dahlia who had nestled close to me.
「……No, please, Goshujin-sama, I’m scared, don’t kill me, don’t kill me……」
Dahlia fastened chains on both of Diana’s legs so that she wouldn’t run away. And then, she took off her own uniform.
「Master……If it hurts, please use me, and this girl. We are, Master’s tools. Use us……please.」

What I needed to do became clear with those words. Grabbing Diana’s chained legs, I pulled her towards me.
Holding down Diana who was trying to run away, I mercilessly drove my penis into her vagina. I thought that her sexual desire had vanished due to fear, but because she had leaked out urine, lubrication wasn’t a problem. When I inserted it all at once, her facial expression of fear disappeared, and she returned to her sexually excited state in the blink of an eye.
「Hot……It’s hot, it’s so hot, Goshujin-samaa……?」
Most likely, my overbearing conduct that probably would have caused pain if I did it during normal sex had turned into an intensely pleasant feeling for Diana who had continually been in sexual excitement for more than half a day.
「Diana. Up until now, what kind of things were done to you by Arachne? Come on and say it in front of everyone. You are……No, you’re my tool. There is no need for you to feel ashamed, and there is no need for you to hold doubt for my orders.」
When I let my mind wander, what I fired in order to keep myself from moaning, were words meant to disgrace Diana, and to reconfirm my position to her. ……I might actually be gradually getting an appropriate personality as a Mazoku. Not having the spare time to be immersed in that sentiment, just as the heat of my body commanded me to, I grabbed Diana’s butt, and ravished her.

「N, normally I would be put to work at a brothel……Aah……If there was an order, I would sleep……Ah, with the assassination target, and I would kill them at the moment I partnered with them…… All day long, I would be made to lick the Chief’s pussy, or I would be made to pass the time with a dildo inserted in my butt the whole time……」
The moment I heard that, I took my penis out, lifted up her waist high, and inserted my penis in her anus.
「HIiiiiiIN! YES, THAT! Even though I detest it, even though it’s embarrassing, I can’t get enough of it!」
Maybe because the surrounding gazes piercing her had changed into pleasure for her, Diana climaxed in no time as I raped her butt. After I had pulled my penis out, Dahlia snuggled up close and started to lick her making a lapping sound. Having both her butthole and her vagina attacked at the same time, Diana could only tremble and shake her hips in no time at all.
「AH, AaA, Aa, AAAA, I can’t, I can’t anymore, cumming, I’m cumming, Goshujin-samaa!」
「Not yet. Hold it in until I give you permission.」
I think that it was a harsh order. But even so, at this stage, I want to make several layers of training. After about ten strokes, I pulled my penis out from Diana’s anus.
Because she was toyed with for more than half a day, other than intestinal fluids, she didn’t have much dirt on her. But even so, Dahlia wiped my penis with her apron, and insistently licked it clean with her own tongue. Once Dahlia was done with her cleaning, I once again inserted my penis into Diana’s vagina.

「Diana, from here on, I am going to make you a demon. The Human Diana will disappear, and become my faithful demon. ……Are you happy?」
「Y, yes……I am happy! I, will stop being Human! I’ll become a demon……Become Goshujin-sama’s tool, and I want to be used for more good feeling things!」
She probably no longer has the ability to properly think. But even so, her heart hasn’t been completely broken. Her fear and her pleasure, everything that tied Diana’s soul down underneath Arachne, it’s finally become mine. I’m sure that this girl will become a good pawn.

「I’m cumming……Here I cum! Diana, cum! Cum like mad!」
「I’m cumming, I’m going madd……! Ah, Ah, AAaaAaAAAAAAAAH……!」
Gripping her butt remarkably strongly, I inserted my penis into her deepest area, and ejaculated with all my strength. Making a *dokudoku* sound, a large quantity of cum, the overflowing magical power poured into Diana.
「Hot, so hottt……!?」
Making a *pusha* sound, Diana squirted out a vigorous stream of water from the vicinity of her urethra. ……I guess this was the thing called squirting. Just like that, she once again urinated involuntarily, and created a warm puddle of water on the table. The faint traces of ash and dust that were once Arachne that were on top of the table were washed away just like that. Diana went white eyed and lost consciousness.


Losing consciousness, Diana’s back twitched and trembled. Several lines ran along it like tattooes, and drew patterns on her tight body line. The patterns were shaped like stars, and there were a total of four of them. Each of them were a vertex, and were laid out as if to draw a rectangle on her back. Two underneath her shoulders, and two on the sides of her hips. The star shaped patterns bulged, and just when I thought that they had swelled just like sarcomas, narrow organs that I couldn’t tell if they were arms or legs were suddenly produced from there. Those four organs that were covered in hardened skin weren’t organs from a Human body, but instead gave the impression of a spider’s legs.
「Fuaah……What, did I……?」
Looking closely, the tips of Diana’s fingers and toes had similarly hardened. Most likely, if she got used to her body, it would probably be possible for her to similarly hide them.

「Diana, good morning. How does it feel to turn into a demon? It would seem that you……have been reborn as a kinsmen of the Arachne.」
That Officer of Arms’ actual name probably wasn’t Arachne. Since Arachne is given name to indicate the entirety of the spider Mazoku that are close to Human form, so it was most likely her nickname within the Assassin’s Guild. Diana had a slightly different way of increasing her limbs from the Officer of Arms. Maybe because it was an influence of my magical power, rather than being creature-like, the hardened parts looked slightly metallic.
「Ah……Aah, I’m, no longer Human. Just like her, I’ve obtained strength……Aha, ahahahaha.」
After she laughed for a bit, she slowly raised her body up, and turned around towards me. She knelt down, and lowered her head. Her newly added limbs bent and curved as if to wrap around her body. I see, at the very least, it seems that she is able to control her increased arms and legs without a problem.

「Goshujin-sama. From hereon, I will become a spider for your sake. Whether it be assassination, or secret information gathering, I will do anything……So, from hereon, um. ……Please, make me feel good.」
With a cheerful face, with a facial expression that clearly had flirtation included in it, the spy with a short-cut hairstyle swore her allegiance to me.
「Yeah, I’ll be counting on you from now on, Diana. ……Let’s see, there’s something I would like to consult with you later. But, rest for right now. You are very exhausted.」
After all, I did make her have half-dead sex without letting her eat for several hours. Even if she had become a demon, her body probably wouldn’t last without food or sleep.
「……Th, thank you very much!」
Maybe because she was really happy, Diana was moved to tears. Did the Assassin’s Guild handle their people that badly? Astarte took Diana, and returned to the bedroom.

Now then. The moment I tried to stand up, I felt dizzy. When I noticed, my penis was still standing tall as if to say that it hadn’t rampaged enough, and my ability to think once again went hazy.
Looking over, I saw that Olivie was stout-heartedly looking my way. I was a bit happy that she looked my way even though she had been shown such a cruel situation but……I want to ravish her. To take her by force, to tear off her clothes, to push her down……Not good, my thoughts won’t calm down. As I tried to extend my hand out, I stopped it, and when I was hesitant, my penis was wrapped up in a soft sensation.

「Master, it looks like your magical power is still overflowing. Even though you are going to negotiate with Olivia-san, this situation isn’t good. Therefore……please, use me.」


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