Chapter 49: The Night of the Secret Agreement – The First Night


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「……I’m kind of, nervous.」
Sitting down on the bed, Olivie muttered that while not looking at my direction.

Even I myself felt like I didn’t know what I should do, just like the time when I didn’t know about women. Olivie had agreed to become mine, and from hereon, I would take her body……take her virginity, and carve my mark onto her. My penis that pumped several times into Dahlia earlier and should have settled down, was standing erect in arousal.
「Wah……So men’s, um……thing, becomes like that……」
Peeking over at it, Olivie’s face became red.
「It, it’s normal, you know? I don’t think that I’m that different from a normal person just because I have Mazoku blood flowing in me.」
If it was just about size, I would naturally lose to monsters whose bodies were big like the Orc Leader. Whether my penis was big or small compared to other people’s, seeing as how I didn’t have any male friends of the same generation, I didn’t really know how it actually was.

As we had such a conversation, I noticed that Olivie’s shoulders were trembling a bit. That was only natural. Since she had absolutely no experience, she probably had fear for what she didn’t know anything about.
「……S, say. Among the female Temple Knights, didn’t that sort of topic come up?」
「St, stupid, such a thing right now……Um, ughー…… Although I heard stories about such things from my roommate who had a lot of superficial knowledge about sex, this is my first time seeing or touching a dick in that condition!」
As if protesting to me who sat down beside her, she lightly hit my shoulder that was next to her. Taking her hand, I pulled her towards me with a jerk. Olivia’s upper body swam, and was pulled to my chest. My heart was ringing like an alarm bell. I lightly grabbed the chin of Olivie’s surprised face. Despite Olivia’s flustered facial expression, as if she had resolve herself, she closed her eyes.

I stole her lips. It was just a light contact where our lightly closed lips met with each other, and ended with a short pause. Olivie’s trembling body was drained of strength, and she lean her body onto me. Extending my tongue, I divided her lips and invaded the inside of her mouth. Olivie seemed to have been surprised by the sudden invasion, but she didn’t bite down on my tongue, and instead, she timidly opened her mouth and allowed the invasion. Lightly licking her nice set of teeth, when I continued as if tempting Olivie’s tongue that was hiding at the back, as if searching for it, her tongue slowly entwined with mine. Strongly sucking in, I pulled Olivie’s tongue inside of my mouth. Returning the favor, as if to reach even further into her mouth, I licked around the inside of her mouth. I poured the saliva that accumulated in my mouth into Olivie’s mouth. Without separating our mouths, and without hesitation, Olivie swallowed my saliva.

「……This is your first time, wasn’t it. Since it’s said that the first time hurts, drink this.」
Finishing our long kiss, we separated our bodies. Since it seemed that Olivie lost all strength in her body, she collapsed face-up on the bed. Her breathing was disordered, and her smallish yet nicely shaped breasts shook up and down.

Up until now, I have had no experience in embracing virgins other than Sara. And in regards to that Sara, since I raped her after thoroughly teasing her with aphrodisiacs and schemes, I honestly can’t say that it was a proper experience. ……And so, being on my own, without using anything, would I be able to make Olivie, who was having her first sexual experience, feel good was, to be completely honest, was the big question. Because of that, I ended up borrowing the help of a method that I was used to for a bit.

「That is……?」
She stared at the small pill that was in my hand.
「An aphrodisiac. It’s a drug in order to make you feel good. However, it’s quite more docile than the one that I used on Diana earlier. Here, they say that the first time hurts after all……」
Slowly raising her upper half up, Olivie looked at me with upturned eyes.
「Is that, an order? Or is it……you worrying about me?」
Those were words that had a bit of flirtation included in them.
「Both. No, I mean, from what I’m told, everyone suppresses the feeling as it’s torn so, this will forcibly make it feel good.」
「Nn……Got it. I, am going to become yours after all. I need to……obey orders……don’t I.」
Closing her eyes, she opened her mouth a bit. After I first put the pill into my own mouth and crunched it, I put some wine into my mouth, and made Olivie drink it with mouth-to-mouth feeding. Her throat made *kokun, kokun* sounds, and I could tell that she had swallowed the pill. With this, if I leave her alone for a bit, the effects should start showing.

「Olivie. Seeing as how you’ve become my woman, you will be embraced by me, and you will need to learn how to please me. Do you remember what Dahlia did earlier?」
Olivie’s face once again reddened from those words. Maybe similar to Sara, or maybe even more than her, it looks like her shyness was strong. Well, that might be……due to her good upbringing.
「U, um……I put, the gentleman’s……thing, in my mouth, right……」
She timidly asked that. I could tell that there wasn’t the sounds of lust on the undersurface of her voice, and was genuine bewilderment.
「That’s right. You hold my penis, in your mouth, lick it, and search for the place that will make me feel good. First, why don’t you try touching it?」
Taking her hand, I made her touch my penis.
「Hot……So it was, this hot.」
She instantly tried to pull her hand back with a start, but since I was holding her hand down, she couldn’t escape.
「Lightly grasp it, and stroke it up and down……Olivie, have you ever experienced masturbating yourself?」
When I asked her that in a mischievous way, she once again ended up looking like a boiled octopus.
「This is an order, Olivie. Answer me.」
「……You see, since I have heard stories about it, as knowledge, I’ve known about it but……」
Like a child that had their prank exposed, she put the fingertips of both hands together, and bashfully opened and closed them. For the time being, although I was grasping her hand, I gave her enough freedom to do this. Judging from this reaction, it’s not like she absolute has no experience with it……Or that’s how it should be.
「You know about it but?」
「……On my own, I tried touching it only for a bit through my underwear, but, it was somewhat, the stimulus was incredible, and I got scared……」
It seems that she felt a pleasant feeling and was frightened by it. Although that’s a cute story, for my sake, I need her to become more lewd.
「Is that so? Unexpectedly, you’re……Ah, that’s right. Before you started your capturing of the dungeon, after picking up this pendant, you probably returned to your campsite, and took a nap, right? 」
Olivie turned her face towards me wondering what I was talking about. On her chest, the pendant that I entrusted to her and made her pick up at the inn glittered. Once again gripping both of her hands, I made her take hold of my penis. For the time being, making her get used to it was important.
「……Eh, why do you know about my movement route!?」
「That pendant, it’s a magic tool that I created, you see. I made it so that I would be able to confirm the location of the pendant. That’s why, even when you were attacked by the Arachne, I was able to tell immediately where you were being attacked.」
Of course, if the distance were to widen, it would become that much more harder to understand the exact location, but I would be able to predict the general direction and distance. If it was as close as somewhere in this dungeon, I would be able to confirm the location with considerable accuracy. And then……
「……During your nap, what was with you gripping this pendant and calling out my name several times sounding brokenhearted?」
I made it so that I could also hear her voice a bit.

However, that was only when it was near by. In truth, when it was separated as far as the campsite, I couldn’t hear anything. It looks like I caught her a bit, or maybe I just wanted to tease her.
「Eh, ah, um, that’s, th, that was, that was……Y, you heard that!?」
Splendidly getting caught, Olivie went red, and squirmed about……Ah, ouch, ouch. Lightly going into a panic, Olivie gripped my penis with all her might.
「Ouch, that hurts, don’t grip it that strongly, it’s going to break!」
「Ah, s, sorry……」
Quickly parting her hands, she separated her hands from my penis. She stared at the hands that had been grasping my genitals up until now. Well, the fact that pre-cum juices were sticking on a bit on her fingers is something that she could probably tell even if I don’t point it out.
「……Olivie, lick the liquid that is on those fingers.」
Her movements froze for a moment.
「This is, an order, you know?」
「……It’s, an order?」
「Yeah, it’s an order. That’s why, there no need for you to make a decision on what to do. At least, in regards to this.」
Looking at her fingertips, then looking at my face. She repeated this several times. While fidgeting, Olivie raised her fingers, and held them in her mouth.
「……It has a kind of, weird taste……」
With a hard to describe face, she reported that to me. She looked like a puppy, and was adorable. Placing my hand on Olivie’s head, I lightly rumpled her hair and stroked it.
「……Olivie, you really are a good girl. So cute.」
Seeming like she found it hard to reply, her face reddened and she cast her eyes down.
「But……this is a punishment for lying to me earlier. Right here, right now……I will have you show me you masturbating.」


「……Ah, this, this……It’s kind of, hot, and scary……」
On top of the bed, Olivie was lying down with her body in the shape of a “く”. Both of her hands were placed on her crotch from above her skirt as if to cover it, and had the appearance of being tucked into her thighs. Although it seemed as if both of her hands had almost no degree of freedom, she was slowly stimulating her crotch through the cloth. And although it looked like she was pressing down on it rather than playing with herself, this might be a strong stimulus for her innocent body despite that. That being said, I don’t actually know what a woman’s masturbation really looks like. I guess I’ll try asking everyone else about it next time……No, I feel like that will make them make really displeased faces.

I was beside her, and gazing at her appearance while sitting on the bed. Maybe because it really was embarrassing for her, Olivie had her back turned towards me. Maybe because she didn’t really know how to do it herself, Olivie had her eyes tightly closed. Although I was nothing but impatient as I watched her, when I saw that her back would sometimes twitchingly move, I could tell that she was faithfully keeping to my order, and was probably attempting to do her pretty much first masturbation. ……As being in the position of becoming her master, is this where I should be teaching her various things?
「Hey, Olivie. At that time, why did you call out my name?」
The moment I suddenly, although it can’t really be called that, said those words, Olivie buried her face into a pillow.
「……That reaction, it means that even you know why yourself, doesn’t it? You can’t lie to me, you know? The one that said that your heart and your body would become mine, Olivie, was you after all.」
Slightly raising her face from the pillow, she looked at my eyes with upturned eyes.
「……M, meanie……」
「That’s only natural, right? I am the evil Dungeon Master, and you’ve made a contract with that Dungeon Master, you know? 」
Maybe because she had finally given up, Olivie whisperingly spoke out her words.
「Well, you see……On the way, you came to meet me at that village, right? At that time, I was happy that we were able to reunite, you saw me crying……and um, you k, kissed me…… Eliott, although you weren’t a combatant, after hearing your story about the pendant, I felt like I was being protected……And although I didn’t think that you would actually protect me at the time, it, made me happy. I ended up, wanting to see you one more time……And before I knew it I, um……」
「In the middle of your break, even though the other knights and soldiers were close by, you went and masturbated?」
「D, don’t say that……A, at that time, it didn’t turn out like this.」
Olivie, you’ve dug your own grave.
「Hee, is that so. ……With the fact that it was different at that time, how does it feel now?」
When I gently brushed her back, she twitched and an over sensitive response came back at me.
「U, um……」
Making a sidelong glance at the flustered Olivie, I fixed my body’s direction, and grabbed her somewhat small butt with both hands. Undoing the string stopper, I took off her skirt. I made Olivie’s body, which was turned sideways, go face up, and both of her legs stretched up to the ceiling. When I took off her skirt, maybe because of her minimum personal appearance as a noble, her silk shorts that were moderately decorated with lace had displayed themselves. The crotch portion was, wet and had changed color.

「……You’re wet.」

Covering her face with both hands, Olivie let out a voice that sounded like she was going to cry. The fact that both of those hands were moist and wet from her own love juices, she was probably aware of it herself.
「It’s fine, Olivie. This is natural, and there is also the effect of the aphrodisiac from before. It won’t become proof that you’re remarkably more obscene than other people. Besides……From here on, I’ll be having you become more lecherous for my sake.」
「More……I’m scared, though……I. What’s happening to me……?」
Right now, it seems that inside of Olivie’s head, her shyness and curiosity are mixing with each other. If the shackles of common sense and good sense, which are strongly planted in her mind, are removed, she might obediently entrust herself to the pleasure. If there was any time to do it, it’s now.


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