Chapter 50: The Night of the Secret Agreement – Victims of Pleasure


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「It doesn’t matter if you turn into this or that. While listening to my order, obediently feel good, and become a woman of my liking. That’s what it means to offer your heart and body to me, right? From now on, whenever you masturbate, you must always call out my name. And when I am around when you do it, you’ll be punished if you don’t say it so that I can hear it, got it? ……Therefore, accept the good feeling things.」
I took off the wet shorts. As if to put together a minimal defense, she slid her thighs together to hide her crotch, but that was probably nothing more than a conditioned reflex. I separated Olivie’s raised up legs, then grabbed both of her hands that were covering her face with my left hand, and pinned them down above her head. Grabbing her chin with my right hand, I raised her face. Olivie closed her eyes, thinly opened her lips, and waited for a kiss.

Together with the kiss, I extended my right hand to her crotch, and massaged it a bit roughly. Although her eyes opened wide in surprise, her mouth was still occupied. She mumbled and tried to say something, but all of those words were gulped down by me. Underneath my body, Olivie’s body was trembling. When I confirmed that strength had left her arms, I released the two hands that were restrained. Both of Olivie’s hands moved, and she clung onto me. It was a bit hard to move. Since this was Olivie’s first time with intercourse to begin with, there was no way for her to know what she should do to skillfully embrace me. And in actual fact, I was the same. To begin with, I’ve only had cases where the partner was either proactive, or I would forcibly restrain them and rape them. I’ve never embraced a woman where the partner pretty much didn’t move. I actually didn’t know what I could do to gently embrace the virgin Olivie.

(Light Novel Illustration: Olivie’s First Night)

For a somewhat long time, I kissed her and continued to stimulate Olivie’s genital area while intertwined with her. My fingers still haven’t gone inside of her, but love juices were abundantly secreted, and the entrance steadily became softer. I guess it’s about time to move to the next step.

「Puhah. ……Olivie, you’ve gotten quite wet.」
「Un……It’s kind of, itchy, and a bit scary…… In……there, is where Eliott’s……is, going to, enter, right……?」
「That’s right. The chastity that you’ve kept safe, I will steal it. But, I’ve heard that it hurts when it’s your first……Olivie, since you’re going to be mine, you’ll need to learn how to service me. ……I’ll have you do it, with your mouth. First, I’ll be a bit forceful in making you do it.」
Separating my hand from her crotch, I brought my body further up the bed. How should I say this, I felt a real dunce during this small break, but it seemed that Olivie didn’t have the composure to mind it. Standing at the side of the bed, I thrust my raging penis in front of Olivie’s face. Of course, the bed’s height was adjusted so that it would turn out like this in general.
「Get onto all fours, and turn your head towards me……Like that.」
「Like this……Hii? Eh, erm……Looking at it closely, it’s kind of, a bit scary…… It feels like it had a much cuter form when we were small……」
Obediently getting onto all fours, Olivie was bewildered from being in a situation where my penis was thrust right before her eyes.
「Of course it’s different from when we were small. If you’re going to say that, then the same could be said for you, Olivie. In the past, your boobs were flat, and you weren’t growing hair down there, right?」
「Th, that’s true but……Eliott, I was just thinking that the women you have around, a lot of them have big boobs.」
Olivie’s breasts, the nipples pointed up a bit and were bowl shaped, and in terms of size, they were probably average in the world or maybe a bit on the moderate side. Probably, it felt they weren’t all that different from Dahlia’s. ……For Astarte and Shiro, went put up against their heights, their breasts were big, and Sara was the opposite, having a tall height, and had moderate breasts. Sara is also the same but I guess the size of their boobs is something that women worry about.

「No matter what shape they have, it isn’t something that has really bothered me……What I am interested in is just how much those breasts can make me feel good, and if you’re able to make me feel good. Now then……Well, Olivie. Lick my penis with that mouth of yours, and in addition to that, could you make it feel good? For starters, since you probably don’t know how to do it……I’ll take the initiative, and go a bit forcefully.」
When I caressed Olivie’s soft hair, I grabbed her head with both hands.
「Open your mouth. Don’t let your teeth touch it.」
As if having resigned herself to me, she closed her eyes, and opened her mouth up a bit. I pushed the tip of my penis inside of Olivie’s small mouth. Still bewildered, and even while darting her eyes about, not knowing the method or anything, Olivie moved her tongue trying to make me feel good. Slowly, I took my penis in and out. My penis was going in and out of Olivie’s well-featured face, in and out of her small mouth, and sometimes, her expression warped into a pained one. It looked as if she couldn’t breath properly, and I could tell that her nasal breathing was becoming rough. For a short while, it would get caught deep in her throat and she looked like she would choke, and when it looked like it would go out of her mouth, she would hurriedly put it back in her mouth, and she repeatedly went through trial and error, but it finally seemed like she understood my penis.
Separating both of my hands that held her head in place, I caressed her ears and cheeks. Maybe because she was finally able to get some composure, Olivie became able to inquire about my reaction with upturned eyes. *Jyupu jyupu* Saliva was secreted from Olivie’s small mouth, and wet my penis plenty.

Aah. Olivie was on her knees in front of me, and servicing my penis. In order to make me feel good, she thought, she tested, and she sent flirtatious gazes at me. That’s right. I wanted to love you. I wanted to wreck you senseless, and dominate you. That isn’t contradictory or anything. That is what I suddenly understood.
「Olivie, that’s it, you’re doing good.」
When I patted her, her facial expression melted a bit, and she smiled while holding my penis in her mouth. *Pecha pecha* Making a sound like a kitten licking up milk, Olivie licked my penis. Already graduating from the state of only holding it in her mouth, she would poke the glans with the tip of her tongue, she would lightly hold it in the side of her mouth, and she would extend her tongue to my sack. When she held the tip in her mouth, I pushed my hips forward, and deeply inserted it.
「I’m letting it out, inside of your mouth, I’m ejaculating.」
My waist jumped with a start. *Dopudopu* I released a large amount of cum inside of Olivie’s mouth. Trying to swallow my cum, her throat moved several times. However, maybe because the ejaculated amount was too much, a portion of it leaked out from the crack of her mouth and my penis.
「Ehoh, keho, nn……」
Spitting my penis out from being unable to endure it, Olivie choked, and repeatedly took deep breaths. Bringing her head near as if to lean it on my abdomen and look at my penis that still hadn’t lost its vigor, she muttered sounding reproachful.
「……I didn’t hear, that this much would be let out……Even though, I wanted to swallow all of it…… Moreover, it has a strange taste, and it’s sticky and hard to swallow……」
While playing with my penis with her fingertips, she utter such complaints.
「It’s one of those things that you’ll be fine with eventually. I wouldn’t know though since I myself haven’t swallowed my own stuff. ……Olivie. Would it be alright to do it now?」
As for what, she probably understood without me saying it. Olivie froze up for a moment, but instead of answering me, she started to lick up the cum that remained on my penis.
「From here on, I will ravish you. I will steal your virginity, and will completely make you my woman. This is something that has already been decided. However, I want to hear it properly from your mouth. I want you to say that you want to be made a woman by me, to be ravished by me, and that you want me to take your virginity.」

When she finished cleaning up my penis, Olivie separated her body a bit, and turned towards me while sitting on the bed. Since I was also in a state of standing on my knees, I lowered my waist, and accepted her gaze from the front.
「Eliott…… I, the only child of the Blair House and Temple Knight of the River Goddess, Olivia, will live the rest of my life for your sake. ……Um, although my skills as a woman are still immature, I will study a lot so……if you tell me to become indecent, I will become more indecent. Ravish me, snatch me away. I want you to carve into this body that I am your woman. ……I like you. I love you. I have always loved you. So ravish me reckless……Please make me yours.」
Pushing Olivie’s shoulders, I made her lie face up.
「Open up both of your legs, and on your own, open up your butt cheeks and show me. With you becoming so wet, I will confirm whether you’re prepared to receive me or not.」
「Wha……O, on my own……Uu, Eliott, you meanie……」
Even while saying that, Olivie obeyed my words. Opening both of her legs into an “M” shape, she pull her buttcheeks with her own hands, and opened her crotch. When I brought my face close and observed, it was already wet with love juices, and a faint amount of steam was rising up. ……Just like that, I made a kiss to her small sprout that was covered by her prepuce.

Her response was sensitive. I dove my head in before Olivie could close her legs, and relentlessly poured down a storm of kisses. Accordingly, my hands went around her butt, and held her with a shape of holding her buttocks in my arms. Both of Olivie’s hands which should have been holding her own butt had already left their initial posts, and moved around trying to pull my head away, while at other times, would push my face even further. Of course, there was no way I would be removed. Using my tongue, my lips, and sometimes the tip of my nose, I attacked Olivie’s genital area and her clitoris that was covered in prepuce. In real time, it was probably about five minutes. As my endless attack continued, the way her hips jumped changed, and a voice that couldn’t be considered flirtatious or moaning was heard from Olivie’s mouth.
「U, UBAaA Yes, AA, AAA, I’mb gumming, I’mb gumminnnggg!? Stob id, stob it……I’mb going grazy……!?」

Raising my face, and looking over the curve of her slightly bulging stomach from her crotch, I gazed at Olivie’s face that I could see on the other side between her two bulging breasts. Olivie was shedding tears, and met her gaze with mine. When she made a small nod, I raised my body and moved my waist, and then I put my penis against Olivie’s private lips which I had been thoroughly licking up until now. When I pressed the tip part of my penis against it, her pleats opened up a bit and informed me that the preparations to receive it were ready.
「This pain, is something I have given you. Your virginity, is something I have taken. You should never forget this, Olivie. The one that you offered your body and heart, your soul and your virginity to, was me.」
At the same time I announced that, I thrust my penis in all at once. There was a sensation of it getting caught in something……and it penetrated without much resistance. She has received training as a knight, so it was probably worn out to a certain extent. Nonetheless, pain is pain, and there was no mistake that there was an intense pain.
Tightly closing her eyes, Olivia swung her head and endured the pain. Although an aphrodisiac was being used, just looking at her looked like it hurt.
「Should I, pull out once?」
「No, I don’t want you to pull out!」
While tears were coming to her eyes, Olivie resisted against me taking my penis out.
「It hurts but……It hurts but, I’ll endure it. Eliott, I’m going to be your woman after all. At the very least, I’ll go to the end on my first time……」
My penis responded even more to those innocent words.
「AH……Why, did it get bigger……」
Bringing my body down, I glued myself to Olivie’s body. Rolling over and going to my side, I made Olivie ride on top of me. Making my waist jump up, I thrusted up from below. It was unfortunate that I couldn’t see Olivie’s smallish butt, but there will be many chances to embrace her from now on. Right now, I first had to divert Olivie’s pain.
「Open up your legs, with the image of wrapping them around my waist.」
Olivie obediently obeyed. After that, I raised the upper half of my body, and transitioned to a position where I was sitting on the bed. It was the face-to-face sitting position. By doing this, Olivie would be able to glue herself onto me even more. Not long ago, she saw Dahlia being embraced by me in this position, I saw that Olivie was somewhat gloomy. That was why I decided to embrace her in the same position.

「Look, it’s the same pose as Dahlia from earlier.」
「Ah……Like this, the pain, is still……Ah?」
With her own body weight, my penis ended up going in even deeper. But even so, when I stopped my assertive movements for a moment, the aphrodisiac displayed its effectiveness. And then, I could tell that inside of Olivie, the pain had been overtaken by pleasant feelings from the sense of security of being glued to me with the shape of us embracing each other.
「Concentrate on your pussy. Right now, how does it feel? How do I feel inside of you?」
I whispered close to her ear with a voice that wasn’t low. Of course, it was because I needed to say it so that she could hear it.
「Um……Eliott, your dick, has become really big and is buried in my stomach…… Occasionally, it twitchingly moves, and my stomach……my pussy is trembling……」
As if in concert with those words, the inside of Olivie’s vagina vermiculated a bit. A new arousal switch might have been turned on from the slang that she used herself.
「That’s good, become more obscene. Swing your hips like you did just now, and search for the spot that feels good. Say more dirty things. Inform everyone that you are my obscene bitch.」
「Un, got it……Your dick, Eliott’s dick……It’s rampaging. Inside of my pussy, inside of my pussy that was a virgin just a little while ago until everything was stolen by Eliott, I, even though it’s my first, even though it still hurts, I feel somewhat fluffy, and it feels good, so gooddd, it feels so gooddd, dick, Eliott’s dick is so gooddddd!」
Going slowly at first, Olivie’s hips gradually started to dance intensely. So as to guide that, in order to make it even more intense, I matched her and thrusted my waist up. Only the creaking of the bed, the heavy moaning that Olivie made without saying any words, and the breathing that I was doing resounded in the room.

「Eliott……love you, I love you……」
Entwining our tongues, Olivie wrapped both of her arms around my back, and desperately clung on to me.
「You, are mine. But, I won’t make you a demon.」
Our tongues entwined, in a break from kissing her lips, I warned her, and added words as if to give her detailed instructions.
「……Why……? You won’t, make me a demon……and dominate me, like the others……?」
「You, will return to Abram as a Human. And then, we will also go to Abram. You will provide accommodations for my sake in Abram, and walk around. I will lend you strength from the shadows in order to protect Abram, and take up any dirty work. That is what we’ll do. This is……my order.」
「……Un, that’s right. The one that wished for that, was me after all.」
「Even when you return to Abram, you are my woman. I will embrace you when I want to, and rape you when I want to. Got it?」
「Un. Whenever you want, rape me as much as you want. If it’s by you, Eliott, any time is fine……」
Even in the middle of embracing each other and having sex, we planned our schemes from hereon. For Olivie and I, such a relationship might suit us.
「Surely, you will eventually be made to go into a political marriage of convenience. At that time, choose a partner that has a similar hair and eye color as me. ……Olivie, I don’t want you to give birth to a child of another man.」
「……Un, I understand. I, will conceive your child. In order to give birth to your child, I will betray the partner that will become my husband……」
「That’s right. Although your body will stay Human, your heart and soul belong to me, a Mazoku. ……That’s why, your sins are all mine. You, are mine after all.」
「No……Let me take a little of the responsibility for it as well…… For your sake, I will also, take the sin……」
Olivie’s body trembled grandly. It’s not like I was really about to orgasm, but it felt as if my body was impatiently waiting to ejaculate.
「I’m going to cum, Olivie. From hereon, I’m going to pour my cum, inside of you. Hereafter, I’m going to pour it into you, over and over. Just like the other women, you are going to live in order to be embraced by me. Got it?」
I was about to reach the limit of my endurance. Putting my strength onto her butt cheeks, I held back my desire to ejaculate.
「Un……Let it out! Fill me up! Put your mark, on me……Mu!?」
Grabbing hold of the back of Olivie’s head, I forcibly stole her lips, and closed up her mouth.

My waist sprang up. My field of vision blurred into a rainbow color. The surrounding sounds became distant. ……Olivie.

Embracing each other in a face-to-face sitting position, our lips still locked together, as if to strongly seize each other……I, vigorously ejaculated inside of Olivie’s vagina. Both of our waists springing up, our abdomens repeatedly touched as if to smack together. Every time my cum flew out from my penis, Olivie’s lips would tremble, and her tongue would stop moving. My cum that was ejaculated many times finally started overflowing from inside of her vagina. When the last drop was squeezed out inside of her vagina, Olivie went limp and crumbled down.

I slowly laid Olivie down on the bed as she lost consciousness. When I pulled my penis out, there was froth, and the white cum and red virgin blood that was overflowing from her vaginal opening formed a marble pattern on the sheets. While making rough breaths, I stared slightly above the entrance to the room. It was there that an 「eye」 that I myself had installed. And then, even a single voice pipe was left open.
「Everyone, you can all come in. The truth is, I had planned to introduce her in front of everyone but…… Since she’s fallen asleep, we’ll do it again afterwards……For now, I guess we’ll do self-introductions.」


The time that Olivie opened her eyes, was about five minutes after that.
「……Ah, I……」
「Olivia-sama, here is a drink.」
Without a moment’s delay, Dahlia handed her some chilled fruit water.
「Ah, thank you……」
Maybe because her consciousness wasn’t clear yet, Olivie answered absentmindedly.

「Aah, deep, it’s in so deepppp! Today, I was put on hold the whole time soooo……I’m so happyyyy!」
Most likely, with the remarkably loud voice just now as the trigger, it seemed that the surrounding sounds returned to her.
「Eh……That voice just now……Eh? EH!?」
Inside of the same room, right now, there were five women that were either naked or half-naked other than Olivie. Every one of them had their eyes shining with sexual desire.
「Olivie, I’ll introduce them to you. You already know Dahlia, and you were watching as Diana was turned into a demon earlier, right?」
「Y, yes. B, but why is everyone undressed……?」
Although she probably understood inside of her head, her sense of reasoning was probably rejecting her understanding. It will turn into drastic measures, but everyone here is my woman. Let’s have her understand at least that.
「Isn’t it obvious? It’s, your welcoming party. Everyone, is my woman. Olivie, since we’ll be having a long association with you from now on……I thought it would be better for you to know everything. Aah, just as I was embracing you earlier, Olivie. Everyone was watching.」
Other than Shiro who was being ravished by me, the other members surrounded Olivie while exchanging greetings with her.
「Erm, this is……Eliott, in other words, this situation is……」
Understanding the circumstances, Olivie once again dyed her cheeks completely red.
「……Olivie, at last, my hand has reached you. At last, you have become mine. That’s why, from today on, you are a sister of these women, their comrade, as well as lover.」
……Even though she understands. Even though in the depths of her heart, together with her anxiety, her chest was beating with a bit of anticipation. Matching with Shiro’s climax, I vigorously ejaculated inside of her vagina. As expected, it was impossible to consecutively do it many times, but this is where I need to show her a bit of my good side.

Leaving Shiro who had collapsed onto the floor just like that, I walked up before Olivie. Holding the waists of Astarte and Dahlia who were on my left and right, I made a declaration.
「Once again, Olivie, I will welcome you. ……Welcome, to the Man-Eating Dungeon!」



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