Chapter 52: Prologue – Welcome to the Town of Spiderwebs!


Translator: Manga0205

I won’t say anything bad, so that’s why I’m telling you that it would be best if you either secretly leave this town, or come under my protection. I’ve evaluated you pretty highly, and I thought that we might become good friends. This is, well, it’s true, you know.

If I said that I completely didn’t think things like you were beautiful, or that you were sexy……Well, that would be a lie. Just as you know as well, it’s not like I am starving for women. ……No, um. Yeah, since I naturally like things that feel good, I do like embracing women. Doing it against their will, I don’t really like doing that……Please don’t make that face. The fact of not liking it and the fact of doing it regardless can coexist.

Since there is no need to hide it at this point, I’ll say this ahead of time but I am able to turn other people into demons. On top of that, I am able to control the ones turned into demons. ……Well, you don’t think that I am honestly telling you everything, do you? And that’s fine. People with strong wills like you don’t fall that easily after all.

Aah, that’s right. If you want to call me a devil, then go ahead and call me that. I don’t possess the means to deny those words. Although it was in order to survive, and though there were few that were done directly, there is no mistake that I have killed many people indirectly. I’ve turned many women into demons. And Dahlia, the one you also know well of, is also a demon. ……You’re surprised, aren’t you. You can’t tell from her outward appearance?

That girl was attacked by mercenaries, raped, and slain. More accurately, at the time that I came running to her, she was about to die from excessive bleeding. The employer of these mercenaries is……probably, your lord, or maybe the man who was your lord. Although I still haven’t gotten positive proof, it’s certainly either your lord or a similar Abram City noble that was similarly aiming for the rights to the mine.

That’s right. Dahlia and I are natives of the mining village Grandol. Aah, that face, it seems that you’ve realized it. That’s right, the local that ended up saving Feudal Lord Abram’s niece, Miss Olivie the Temple Knight, from danger was none other than me. Incidentally, that information is nothing but half the story. You probably already get it, don’t you?

The master of the now exterminated Man Eating Dungeon, is none other than me. Well, various things happened and I compromised with Olivie……Aah, I didn’t mention it, did I. Olivie and I are acquaintances that played together in that village in the past. Though, since we hadn’t seen each other for close to ten years, I was truly surprised when I heard that she had become the commanding officer of the subjugation of the dungeon’s demons.

That girl was exposed to the risk of assassination. But even so, that girl couldn’t even run away. The one that instructed for the assassination……I don’t need to say it any more, do I. That is already something that you yourself know very much about, isn’t it?

「Eliott-sama, the arrangements are complete. ……I am surprised, truly……-nano desu ne」
Aah, thank you. ……You’re surprised that that person is here, aren’t you. Although I do think that’s understandable, that person is someone I degenerated prior to this. Well, various things had happened, you see.

「……Eliott-sama, keep that off the record……」
Aah, sorry, sorry. It’s just, you weren’t made to fall into a trap by that person. I had it arranged so that I would meet you “here”. Of course, I had extracted various pieces of information before all that. Just as you have your own position, she’s also had her own circumstances. Besides, her sexual disposition is more……No, since I really will make her mad if I say anymore than this, I’ll stop here.

Now then, I will have you listen again. This world isn’t pretty. Even in this Watergate City Abram, it has both a surface face, and a shadow face. Up until now, you have lived in the surface world, and after catching a glimpse of the underworld without desiring to, you ended up taking a step into it. You can understand that that is something I did not desire, nor is it something that you desired.

This town is something like a spider’s web. Although it’s pretty when looked at from a distance, it’s nothing but a traps that aim for prey all over the place. People like you, are something like the so-called butterfly caught in the spiderweb.

Your choices from now on are to either be eaten, or to become a companion of the spider yourself. The ones that I am able to suggest are only these two. If you say that you will stay like this and really wait for death to come, it’s disappointing but, I won’t stop you. There would be nothing for me to gain even if I were to force you to my side despite you not having the mind to do so, and it would only turn into anxiety. It would probably turn into unhappiness for you as well.

But, if. If you possessed even a little good will, and held even a little trust for me, a villain. You coming to my side, isn’t impossible. Well, there will be some various things to do though. I cannot go as far as guarantee on whether or not it will be something pleasant for you, since half of it is for you to become my woman.

There isn’t much time for you to worry about it. Come now, I want you to decide.
In addition to that, I want you. That’s why, I will say it like this.

……Welcome, to the town of spiderwebs, to the Man Eating Dungeon!



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  2. ok i got more confused here but i remember it was epilogue, its this the end of the novel or just end of arc for a new chapter later ?

  3. I’m guessing he’s turning another spy/assassin into demon

    • I think she is some retainer of a noble. Elliot said she existed in the surface and stubbled into the underworld, so I don’t think she can be an assassin.

      • Probably some kind of Knight or a noble or some other person living “in the light”(as in not having to do with assassinations, murder, extortions etc (at least not knowingly) at least up till a while before this chapter/prologue)

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