Chapter 53: The Night of Day 0 – The Corruption of Chana the Poison-user (Accent-less Version)

Translator: Manga0205

With the bell for sunset ringing, after the land gates in all directions of Watergate City Abram were closed, the lights were once again lighted in the pleasure quarter. The town of Abram, which was large for a frontier city, has a fixed population that surpassed 10,000, and if the caravans passing through and the craftsmen that were temporarily settling down there were to be included, it would have close to 50,000 residents. Because of that, there exist lots of businesses that can only be kept in this large city.

One of those is the specialized brothel street which has a monopoly on the male and female prostitutes. If one goes to a largish town, it wouldn’t be that rare for several prostitutes to take up position in a corner of a tavern. However, those are organized, and when it came to professional business operations in several buildings, it would probably be difficult to maintain in an average sized town. In places like that, a troupe of itinerant entertainers and traveling minstrels would undertake those kinds of roles and earn some money for traveling expenses.

Abram is a town of water transportation, and waterways of various sizes run left and right through the downtown area. In the vicinity of the pleasure quarter, it has Count Abram’s support, has had fences and benches created in places where there aren’t any barges for ships to take anchorage, and the installation of lampposts has been endorsed. Because of that, even in places other than the barge which was originally required to have nightlights installed, it became possible to see the road to a certain extent even at night. No more than that, there were probably many that fell into the waterways drunk and lost their lives. Even in Abram, the streets that had their lights turned on at the same level of frequency were pretty much the main road and the plaza. Even if it is inside of town, the night is dark.

From a warehouse on the outskirts of the pleasure quarter, a single woman stuck her face out to the street. Her hair that went down to her waist and was bundled together into a ponytail swung, matching her movements. Maybe because the woman inherited blood from the south, she had a strong skin-color that was somewhat dark brown. Her eyes were slender, and maybe because she found something fun, one could tell that her mouth was smiling in satisfaction. Coming out from the alley, which was still dim even if there was light since the light only lit up the front of the bar, without any hesitation, she moved to the normal road. The woman’s gaze stopped on a bench that was at the end of her line of sight. There was a single woman sitting there.

It was a time where one would normally either already be giving their nightly prayers in their home, or be dead drunk at the bar. She did not look like she had drunk too much and was sobering up. The silhouette of the woman sitting on the bench looked like she was a gigantic monster for an instant, and the brown skinned woman gulped for an instant. The time that her facial expression softened was after the figure at the bench stood up and gave a hand sign that she recognized.

「Why, if it isn’t Diana. If you were in town, you should have come to see me sooner.」
With words that had a southern accent remaining in them, the brown skinned woman called out to her. The woman that stood up from the bench……Diana lightly raised her hand and made a friendly reply.
「Don’t say that, Chana. I’ve got my own troubles to deal with, you know. I managed to slip in just a little while ago, you see. The plans changed a bit, and I ended up being a day late.」
Together with the short haired woman called Diana, the brown skinned woman called Chana was a low class leader affiliated with the Assassin’s Guild that was nested in Watergate City Abram.

The underworld business of undertaking various dirty jobs……This could also be said to be a special business that can’t be maintained unless it was done in a large city.
「Diana, I heard just this afternoon that a messenger from the army came, you know. The things that you were doing, it looks like it went well, right?」
Approaching until she was where her recognizable comrade was, she continued talking with a low voice. As expected, there was no telling if there was anyone listening in.
「Well, it’s not like there wasn’t any trouble. For me, although it took some time, it turned into a result that I could be satisfied with. ……Since I can make the report tomorrow, I was thinking that today, I would talk and have a drink with you.」
The two had grouped together since before the chief had changed. Even now, although their roles inside of the organization were different, they were probably the closest beings for each other.
「Ara, you say some pleasant things, don’t you? I was just adjusting some new kids. Since you’ve got the chance, wanna have a taste?」
Diana replied with a wry smile to Chana’s words. Chana didn’t notice within the darkness that Diana was adorned with a small pendant on her ear.
「You’ve got a kink in your tastes after all……Well, since you’ve offered, I suppose I can enjoy myself, right?」

The two women went into the town together. A little while after their figures disappeared into the darkness, a single carriage went forward as if chasing after them.


Away from the pleasure district, Chana’s refuge was in a small building midway between the residential area that merchants use and the warehouse area. The ground floor was a simple warehouse-cum-residence, and after going through the hidden door that was at the back of the semibasement’s warehouse that stored wine and descending down the stairway……one would arrive at a spacious section that was teeming with the smell of soil, water, and an overflowing amount of green vegetation.

「Chana, your medicinal plant field, did it get expanded again?」
「That’s right. What’s rare is……This time, I got my hand’s on some hyphae, see? And it’s got some interesting features, you see. You know about Slimes, right……」
Chana is a Herbalist that single-handedly took charge of management of medicines and poisons within the Assassin’s Guild. However, her nickname within the organization is 「Poison-user」. The chemicals and poisons that are used in the Assassin’s Guild are mostly things that Chana raised and manufactured.
「Since I don’t understand the detailed things, you don’t need to explain. At any rate, that anti-poison drug really was effective.」
Chana, who had tried to start an explanation on the hyphae, smiled with a broad grin to Diana’s words.
「Although it’s best if it ended up being useless, I’m glad that it showed its effectiveness. So, how was it? That rumored Dungeon Master or whatever.」
「He was a good man, you know? Enough to make me want to change to him from those damned women.」
There was still no one else other than Diana that knew about the facts that were behind those words. Maybe because she took that as a simple grumble against their bosses, Chana made a wry smile and replied to her.
「Although this place is probably fine, it’ll be scary if someone were to tattle on you, you know? The Snake Princess-sama gets particularly easy to anger when the Spider Princess-sama isn’t here, after all. ……Now then, I’ll formally introduce you. Harry, Fred. You have to provide service to your Goshujin-sama and her guest.」

Operating a lever that was on the side of a pillar, Chana called out to the depths of the room. A metallic sound of a lock being undone resounded, and after a little while, the jangling sound of chains being dragged were made. What appeared after a little while were two young boys whose ages were around 12 or 13 years old. Each of them had a small basket that had a pitcher that was enough for one person, a cup, and a small sake bottle in them.

One of them seemed to be born in this region, having white skin and dark brown hair. His well-featured looks that seemed like he was probably cocksure before were trembling as if he was putting up with something that he couldn’t endure. The other one seemed to be one of the minority peoples of the south, having dark skin that seemed like ebony, and ashen hair. He looked timid, and his looks that made him look like a little girl were trembling in the same way as the other young boy. The two young boys were connected by the metal chains that were on their leather collars, and they were dressed in long leather gloves on both arms, and leather stockings that covered up until their knees on both legs. They were dressed in the opposite color of their respective skins, the white boy had black, and the tanned boy had white. And then, their clothes were only those, so their torsos were bare and naked. Maybe because some kind of medicine was used on them, their small skin covered penises that suited their ages were standing tall even in this situation.

「The white skinned and slightly cocksure one is Harry, and the dark skinned bashful one is Fred. I got them just a little while ago, and I guess it’ll be about a week today?」
Chana explained looking like she was having fun. A fire of sexual desire was lit in her eyes, and her slender tongue licked her bottom lip.
「I felt that your taste for little boys was going to come up sooner or later. So, why are these children growing tails?」
What Diana pointed to while she was accepting the basket was the young boys’ small butt. What was dangling there was a butt tail decoration inserted into their anuses.

「Let’s see……Harry, could you tell our dear guest why you are attached with those tails?」
While grabbing the penis of the white skinned boy that had come to her, Chana whispered into the young boy’s ear. During the span of one week, he was probably given various training. Harry lost his bearings for an instant, then his face turned red, and while trembling in humiliation, he answered with a low voice.
However, that voice was low, and was at a volume that it was questionable as to whether it would reach Diana or not. Having piled up training as a spy, Diana was able to hear everything, but understanding what Chana desired, she answered him like this.
「Harry, your voice is so low that I can’t hear you, you know? You’re Fred, right? How about you? You’re also growing a tail in your butt but……Do you like it?」
The tan skinned Fred, maybe because unable to endure it even more than Harry, moved his waist so that his erect penis would rub against Diana’s hand. Pre-cum fluid was already leaking out……Most likely, his erection had lasted since before Chana and Diana had come back here.
「Harry? You need to answer our dear guest’s question. Come on, purr with a louder voice, okay?」
Chana twisted Harry’s penis. After raising a small scream, then gritting his teeth, the boy called Harry answered.
「AH……By Cha, Chana-sama……It was in order to make my butt hole deep -desu! Amazing……It felt amazingly great, and I, it’s like I became a girl……」
「That’s right, though he was defiant at first. Harry is already a pervert that gets pleased from me attacking his butt.」
Chana called out to him sounding delighted. Diana made a tiny shrug of her shoulders looking amazed.


Diana’s long time partner Chana had a pederasty fetish. It seems that she was assaulted by her parent, and that seemed to be the cause for her possession of fear for adult men, but that isn’t something that should be talked about at this point. Due to the Arachne who was a chief of the Assassin’s Guild, both Diana and Chana were raped as pets, and had also taken customers at brothels. For Diana, that was a reconfirmation of who was the ruler, and although there was some humiliation, there was no pain to it. However, taking customers who were adult males as the partners, for Chana, that was a huge pain, and it seemed that it became psychological stress. After obtaining a certain amount of status within the organization, Chana ended up indulging in this sort of small corruption. Waifs that were abandoned by their parents, purchased slaves, and sometimes kidnapped children. Breaking in powerless little boys, taking them as targets for sex, it seems that she couldn’t obtain pleasant feelings unless she did that.

Via the ornament that was attached to Diana’s body, I……an Endowment Magician, and former Dungeon master, Eliott, checked the situation inside of the Herbalist Chana’s refuge. How should I say this, there are various kinds of fetishes, aren’t there.

「……Those kids, they’re cute, aren’t they, Goshujin-samaa」
The one who said that and was looking into the water basin together with me was Shiro the Thief who had been turned into a Weredog. Maybe because her tastes were relatively close, her tail was swinging side to side.
「……I do think they are cute but. How do you feel about that sort of taste?」
She turned her face but they probably entered her sights. The one that spoke up was Sara the Mage that handled spirits and was turned into a Succubus. The two of them are retainers turned into my servants.
「No, um……I don’t have the preference for embracing the same sex, you know?」
Certainly, this is a sort of inflammatory situation, and those two boy slaves have some pretty well-ordered features. That being said, the fact that they are of the same sex as me is a huge obstruction for me psychologically. Besides, the objective this time was the Herbalist Chana that Diana said that she wanted to have change sides, and those children were extra.
「But, those two, they have features that make them look like girls, you knoww? Goshujin-sama, wouldn’t it be fine if you turned them into demonss?」
「Eliott, to begin with you, with our……Erm, even though you ravished our butts so thoroughly. Men have the same butt holes don’t they. Is it somehow different?」
It felt like there was some truth in Sara’s point, I wanted to say that there was a huge difference in that. However, in regards to obtaining male demons, I felt that it would be good to have some.
「……Shiro, Sara. You girls, do you want to try having sex with those kids?」


「Harry, are you a boy? Are you a girl? Your cock, do you wanna put it in my pussy and thrust it? Or, do you want a cock put in your butt pussy and get rammed?」

Most likely, this was a type of training where by making them say slang, they would learn to be aroused upon saying those words. With her slender fingers, Chana played with Harry’s still erect penis. His erection not calming down was probably because some kind of drug was used.
「Well then, Fred. How about I have you service me. If you do good, I’ll let you do it with me, you know?」
When Diana said that, she changed her posture. Her point of view became a bit lower. Most likely, she brought her waist off from on top of the sofa she was sitting on, and was grandly opening up her crotch. The young boy called Fred unblinkingly stared at Diana’s crotch, and sexual desire welled up on his childish face.
「Dear guest, my dick……my dick is suffocating -desu. I want to let it out, I want to let it out -desuu!」
Chana made a small rebuke to Fred’s words, who was at his wit’s end.
「Fred, what are you asking to our dear guest? Since you are a service slave, why are you asking to be serviced?」
「Hii……I, I’m sorry, I’m sorry! I apologize for that……」
Maybe because absolute fear was engraved into his body in the one week, the tan skinned Fred went pale while still having an erection.
「Aah, I’m not mad, so it’s alright. ……Well then, could I have you do it with your mouth?」
Fred immediately got to his knees and buried his face into Diana’s crotch. Like a puppy licking up milk, a *pecha pecha* sound could be heard.
「Ara, you’re pretty good……」

Seeing that situation, Chana called out to her sounding satisfied.
「It’s because I took a week and trained them from scratch. Pretty good, isn’t it?」
After saying only that, she brought her face back and once again called out to Harry.
「……So, where’s your answer?」
Receiving permission to answer, Harry, while moving his waist looking pained, shouted with a loud voice.
「Ah……I, I want to put it in -desu! I want to put my cock, inside of Chana-sama’s pussy, and thrust it -desuu!」
「Nicely said. Well then, it’s fine, you know? I’ve been pretty wet for a while now. Now then, thrust it in right here……」
Chana grandly spread out her own crotch, and raised up her legs with both arms.
Maybe because her flexibility was high, she easily raised her toes above her own head while sitting on the sofa.As if waiting impatiently for it, Harry tried to insert his erect penis. However, he was probably still not used to it as he couldn’t get it in that well, and after redoing several times, he finally started having sex.
「Aah……Aah, AAah, ah……So good, the inside of Chana-sama. It’s amazingly good -desuu……」
By no means did Chana have a large build, rather, she was on the petite side, but even so, her body was bigger than the young boy’s body. Sex between a small young boy and an adult woman, it looked as if the boy was being wrapped up in the woman’s flesh.

「Diana, sorry, but could you return Fred?」
Chana called out to Diana who was sitting next to her. When Diana guessed her partner in crime’s intention, she held the head of the tan skinned boy who had buried his face in her own crotch and pulled it away. Diana relayed the order to Fred, who looked up at Diana with a puzzled expression.
「It’s your Goshujin-sama’s order, Fred. ……Join them over there and do what you need to do. Do you know what it is that you need to do?」

It was probably already crammed into him. Fred stood up, and tightly grasped his small erect penis. Chana who sat on the sofa, and Harry who swung his hips from the front. And then, Fred stood behind him.

Chana freed both of her legs, and firmly held Harry’s body down. It seemed that Harry understood what was going to happen, and struggled for an instant.
「Fred, stop, don’t……!」
「Harry, even you, did it to me, didn’t you……Besides, I, can’t take it any longer……I want to put it in, I want to put it in that I can’t take it any longer!」
Fred grabbed Harry’s butt, and pulled the tail out from Harry’s asshole. Maybe because a liquid medicine had already been applied, there wasn’t a smell of intestinal fluids, but the aroma of medicine that had stimulants. Confirming its condition once, then twice with his finger, maybe because he judged that there would be no problem, Fred thrust his penis into Harry’s asshole with no hesitation.
「Agah!? Ah, aaaahh……」
Harry raised a scream from something that was a mixture of pain and pleasure. After Chana took a purple liquid from a small bottle that was in the basket and held it in her own mouth, she kissed Harry and made him drink that liquid.
「Harry, you have to match Fred, and move your hips, you know? You have to make me feel good with your boy side, and you have to make Fred feel good with your girl side, you know?」

Both Fred and Harry, they were no longer able to make any proper words. As if their nerves were being fried by the abnormal pleasure, they went nuts over the carnal sex. It probably wouldn’t take them long. ……Let’s also start our preparations.


「……Chana, you’ve gotten quite through with your preference.」
After they climaxed, Diana muttered while gazing at the two young boys that exhausted their energy and collapsed.
「To begin with, are you able to be satisfied doing it with those children?」
「An adult male’s thing, it’s so rough and big that it only hurts. This is the best for me. After all, they can’t oppose me, see. ……If I suppress them from the beginning, if I use drugs and have three days, I can make them like this. I use them on women too, and even adults, well, if I take a week, I generally break them. ……Ah, come to think of it, even though I thought of letting you enjoy it too, I ended up letting you lay idle. Sorry, I’ll wake them up later, so let’s do it again, okay?」
Going by the sound being made, it seemed that Chana was wiping herself and the boys’ bodies with a wet towel. My will was transmitted with a small sound from Diana’s earring. Since a voice would be found out, it was only a sound though. Nevertheless, Diana immediately understood that permission had been given from me, and cut into the main question.
「That power, have you ever thought of wanting to use it more freely?」

She could probably infer the intention from Diana’s few words.
「……And what do you mean by that? By no means would I say that I’m satisfied with the current situation, but Diana, what do you wanna do?」
「You see, today, I came to scout you. Even you, you probably don’t obey the current chiefs from the bottom of your heart, right?」
The audible sound vanished. Chana was clearly on guard.
「Diana……what, happened to you there? Do you think you can win against those guys, or something?」
「……Well, that’s true. I was also like you at the beginning. That’s why……」
The sound of cutting air, the sound of glass breaking, a small scream. Thing turned out like that, and I finally arrived at the underground medicinal plant field.


Following Diana’s leftover device, we entered the medicinal plant field. The clapper trap had already been taken care of by Diana, but just to be sure, I had a check done by Shiro.

Diana let a part of her spider heteromorphism come out to the surface, and held Chana down. Both of her hands were already tied up with thread, and both of her legs were being held down. Hearing the sounds, the two young boy slaves awakened, but Shiro nimbly pinned them down and tied them up. Having gotten used to being dominated, the young boys obeyed without making a fuss.

「Chana. Allow me to introduce you. He is the mining village’s Dungeon Master, and my current master……He is the personage that killed that spider woman, and gave me this strength. If possible, I would like for you to come together with me.」
Chana turned her face and looked at me. Unfortunately, I’ve made it so that my face couldn’t be seen……Until she becomes our comrade, I don’t want to reveal my face as much as possible. No, to put it more accurately, from now on, I don’t want information that connects to my identity to be let outside as much as possible. That being said, having my whole body painted with dye to change my skin color is also a pain. That’s why, I ended up wearing a mask. Looking like it would be used at a festival, it was a jester mask with feather decorations attached.
However, since there wasn’t time to paint color on it, the face portion was pure white. ……Well, since it’s something that breaks easily, it’s a fact that I wanted to cut corners where I could.


「I’ve heard much about you from Diana, Chana. ……The antidote that you created was extraordinarily effective. I nearly let Diana get away because of it.」
When Chana heard that, it seemed that she gained interest.
「……Well thank you for the compliment. Although I don’t know your name, demon-san. I don’t know if you’re trying to be friendly with me or not though. If possible, could you let me hear what kind of effect it had with what kind of circumstances?」
It would seem that she was taken with interest on just how much of an effect the medicines she made herself had. She’s quite a researcher. Well, she might be close to me who studied magic tools and endowment magic in order to live, but this girl was much more genuine.
「We can probably talk about that in time. I hold a respect greater than normal for your knowledge and techniques in medicine and poison. That isn’t a lie you know. It is because of that, as well as this being Diana’s request, that I came here to invite you. ……I will get straight to the point. Arachne is dead. We killed her. Diana is now on my side, and with my power, she ended up taking over Arachne’s abilities.」
With those words, she probably understood various things. The moment that Diana displayed her heteromorphy, she probably knew. Even so, she might have not wanted to understand.
「Are you……a Mazoku?」
That voice pretended to be tough, but it was trembling. Well, that’s understandable.
「Well, that’s half correct……Let’s leave it at that. That being said, it’s not like I’m strong individually like Arachne. It is because of that that I would like to borrow everyone’s strength. It’s at a level where I can’t choose the means, see. What I desire from you is, that I want you to lend a hand in my work. Although I’ve heard this from Diana, it’s not like you are obeying the current chiefs because you like to either, right?」

With those words, Chana’s gaze swam. She was probably doing calculations. In that case, I need to provide her information that will make my side more lucrative.
「Arachne is dead. Since there are two chiefs, there is one remaining. Their fighting power is halved. Although I do not completely know to what degree that the remaining subordinates will obey the remaining chief but…… Well, I have no intention of pulling anyone in beforehand other than you and Diana. At the very least, at the current point, since they still don’t know that Arachne is dead, I have no intention of letting that chance go to waste.」
「……Could it be……」
「I have a collaborator known as Diana. And then, the information that the expeditionary force is safe, that the assassination failed, and that Arachne is dead is still something only know by the people here. The message saying that the expeditionary force has safely returned will, at the earliest, probably be delivered midday the day after tomorrow. That’s why, tomorrow……I intend to raid the Assassin’s Guild, and take it over.」

Chana was worrying. Most likely, inside this medicinal plant field, there is probably either an escape route somewhere, or some kind of communication method. Either gain a debt of gratitude with the Assassin’s Guild, or joining me, she was still worrying over which was was more desirable. ……In that case, let’s pressure her as planned.

「Diana, let’s do it as you desired.」
Hearing those words, Diana snuggled up to me with pleasure.
「Shiro, Sara. Just as I said before, there is something that you will need to learn as my retainers. Release those two young boys. ……You will have sex with the two of them.」
Hearing those words, Chana and Sara raised their voices at the same time.
「What are you going to do to my kids!?」
「Ha? Just what are you making me do!?」
……Even if you say it at the same time, please don’t think that I can make out what you said.
「First, Chana. I have absolutely no intention of snatching them from you for all eternity. Incidentally, even if you tell me that they are children, I don’t have a taste for embracing men. I would like for you to think of this as something like an advertisement in order to demonstrate my power to you.」
Calling Sara over next, I hugged her tightly and stole her lips. Once again, I conveyed my ideas to Sara, who had stopped moving and had become unable to think.
「Next, Sara. Earlier, you were watching them with intense concentration together with Shiro, weren’t you? It’s not like I’m trying to say that you are a pervert with a taste for young boys. ……Besides, I will be especially troubled if I don’t have you learn this. You are the only one that has received my magical power and has knowledge on magic on top of that. Probably, you’ll do it much better than Shiro……It’ll probably be just like me.」

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