Chapter 54: The Night of Day 0 – Connection

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Shiro relocked all of the entrances, then returned to resetting the traps. Since it seemed that there was a voice pipe, I was grateful that she ceased its functions.

Since it seemed that the boys didn’t know what was going to start from now on, they looked this way looking uneasy.
「What will happen to us, from now on……?」
They were eyes like that of a frightened puppy. Most likely, they were thinking that their owner lost, and that their master would change.
「Aah, it’s alright. I have no intention of hurting you two. ……It looks like a pretty strong aphrodisiac was used on you. Have you not released enough yet?」
The young boys’ penises were once again hard. Since it seems that they were administered drugs that strengthened their lust quite a bit, they were close to being at the height of being in heat. The two of them nodded looking embarrassed.
「Shiro, Sara. Have sex with these two. You said you were Harry and Fred, right? Let these Onee-sans make you feel good. Although they will draw a couple of patterns on your bodies, you will be free other than that. Leave it to your partner to a certain extent. Do your best to make it feel good for yourself as well as your partner, okay?」

Shiro took off her clothes innocently, while Sara did so looking embarrassed. Using dye that was mixed with my blood and semen, as well as Sara’s love juices, they drew a simple magic formation on the floor. Since there was a limit to the amount of dye, they couldn’t draw something too big but, well, this is probably enough. Even on the boys’ bodies, they drew patterns so that magical power would be transmitted easily. In particular, they were elaborate on the area that went from their backs to the backs of their heads. It is something that Sara, Astarte, and I had researched and arranged to a certain extent, but I wonder just how it will operate.

Chana was currently in the middle of observing while in a tied up state. Diana, as if to show off to Chana, drooped herself on me. ……Well, it would probably be alright to give her a reward. Taking out my penis that had become halfway energetic, I thrust it out before Diana. When Diana smiled looking delighted, she took it without any hesitation.

Seeing my penis, Chana raised a small scream, and maybe because the boys were hit with arousal, the tan skinned Fred approached Sara, and the white skinned Harry approached Shiro. And then, the three groups of men and women became entangled.

「Aah……! Onee-san, Onee-san, I, I’m already going to let it out!」
「Wait, it’s still too early…… Jeez, it can’t be helped……You’re still hard. Boy, can you keep going?」
The tan skinned Fred warped his face, which was well-featured similar to a girl’s face, in pleasure. Unable to endure it, he ejaculated, but even so, he tried to continue thrusting his penis inside of Sara.
「Not yet……I haven’t let enough out yet. More. I let out more……」
「……That’s good, boy. I think you aren’t used to it yet though. Do it slower……That’s it. Endure it as much as you can……」
Being partnered up with Fred who seemed to have even less sexual experience than herself, Sara clumsily took the lead. Even while she was doing that, she was probably measuring her partner’s pleasure and her own pleasure, and was trying to grasp the flow of magical power.

I needed a subordinate that could create demons other than Astarte, and with her being a Succubus similar to Astarte as well as being a Magician, Sara was the most promising candidate. While ushering Fred in in the missionary position, she raised her own waist up and was trying to squeeze the pleasure. Her small wings and tail that she concealed came out to the surface, and her tail went around Fred’s leg, and coiled around to his butt.
「Fuah? Th, this is……」
「Aah, you don’t need to worry about it. Boy, when you put your dick into your friend’s butt earlier, you said that it was done to yourself as well, right?」
「Ah……Yes, it was……ordered, by Chana, -sama……」
「Which do you prefer? Doing as a boy, or having it done to you as a girl.」
「Ah, either one, either one -desuu! Both my dick, and my butt feel good -desuu!」
「Ufufu……How cute. I kind of understand how there are people that can get into this.」
Her eyes that were gazing at the little boy were wet with lust, and that appearance of hers was already that of a competent Succubus. ……Well, I myself haven’t met with any Succubi other than Astarte and Sara though.

「Uu……St, stop it, so intense. I’ll, cum……!」
「Ufufu, you can let it out, you knoww~. Harry-kun, was it? Since Goshujin-sama said that it was alright, you can let your hot stuff go *pew pew* and let it out inside of Shiro’s pussy. It’s fine even in my mouth, or my butt……’kay?」
The somewhat cheeky Harry was being ridden on by Shiro for a while now. Even though his tone was a bit like a man, since it seemed that Harry was being passive, he was being led around by Shiro for a while. No matter how petite Shiro was, when compared to Harry and Fred who still looked like not much time had passed since their first ejaculation, her body was still big. It seemed that Shiro, who had been forcibly made into a plaything by adult men up until she was embraced by me, was aroused by the experience of embracing a very young boy by force.
「Look, you guys don’t have this, right? Boobs, it’s fine if you touch them, pinch them, or lick them, you know?」
Grabbing both of Harry’s hands, she placed them on her own breasts. While the young boy was desperately swinging his hips, he tried to knead Shiro’s chest, but against her largish breasts, the boy’s palms were still small, and it ended up in a situation where the flesh that he couldn’t grab was overflowing out.
「Come on, come on, let out more and more. Swing your hips more! Get a lot of good feelings using Onee-san, ‘kay……?」
Shiro intensely swung her hips with her posture of female dominance. Shiro’s tail was swinging side to side from the rare experience. While not letting his voice out, Harry most likely fired his second ejaculation inside of Shiro. White, cloudy cum mixed together with love juices leaked out from the part where Shiro and Harry were connected.
「Ahaha, Goshujin-samaa. This kid, he’s still energetic!?」
Shiro threw her body down, and covered Harry from on top. With her tongue and fingertips, she attacked his small chest……his nipples. The boy before his voice changed, the boy soprano raised a girlish sounding scream.


「Don’t……Don’t take my playthin’s! That’s terrible, Diana. Why are ya doin’ such a thing?」
Chana, who had both of her arms constrained by spider thread, said her words not to me but to Diana. Diana didn’t reply to her, licked around my penis with the tip of her tongue as I sat in a chair, and continued to service me. Since she finally looked at me with upturned eyes in the middle of it, I made a small nod and urged her to answer.
「Aahn……Jeez, even though I wanted to service you a bit more…… Chana, since I know how wary you are, I made it so that you can’t move. After all, you’re thinking that you probably won’t be killed, don’t you? Basically, that’s true, you know? I mean, I recommended you to Goshujin-sama after all. How we’re here right now is in order to have you understand Goshujin-sama’s magnificence. ……You seem like you’d try to run away if I didn’t do this after all.」
「Tyin’ people up an’ rapin’ ‘em, how is that any different from how things are now?」

I thought that Chana’s point was honestly quite reasonable in this situation. Even so, this probably still wasn’t the time for me to say anything.
「Ara, that isn’t really the case, you know? At the very least, right now, I am feeling that I want to be embraced with my own will…… And I believe that you will surely become the same.」
After saying only that, she swallowed my penis until it was deep in her throat all at once, and she started to grandly swing her head and service me. It was probably hard to breath for her, but even so, Diana looked like she was happy. Suddenly noticing it, I raised my right foot, and felt about Diana’s crotch with it.
Her crotch was already leaking out love juices. From the stimulus that was abruptly given, my penis leapt out from her lips, and hit the tip of Diana’s nose.

「Diana. Could you get on your hands and knees in front of your friend, and raise your butt up high?」
At those words, Diana obeyed as if it would be a pity to reply. Turning towards the direction of the restrained Chana, Diana lowered her head, and pushed her butt up. The spider legs that grew from her back stretched out, and it looked as if a spider woman was being menacing in front of Chana. That being said, that face of hers was filled with an indecent masochistic joy.
「Di……Dia, na……? Tha’ body……An’ above all, tha’ face……」
I couldn’t tell if Chana was trembling because of the spider legs that stretched out from Diana’s back, or because she saw the concealed sexual disposition of her long associated friend.
「Chana, this is, what I received…… Goshujin-samaa……Goshujin-samaa, ravish, ravish Dianaa……」

Silently standing up, I struck my palm on her raised up smallish and toned butt cheek. *Paan* A satisfying sound was made, and Diana raised a tiny scream.
「Diana. You sure are a bad girl……Doing such a thing, in front of your friend. Was the reason you didn’t earnestly persuade her because you wanted to be seen by Chana over there? To make it known that you were raped and turned into a demon but were a masochist that would get this delighted despite all that?」
「Y, yer kiddin’ me, righ’……? Diana, is……a masochist……!?」
Chana muttered that sounding as if she couldn’t believe it. The pairs of Shiro and Harry, and Sara and Fred, who were embracing each other inside the room, were surprised by the sound, and stopped moving.
「Amazing……So that kind of stuff exists too.」
「Ahah, in that case, do you want to try it too……?」
「That Onee-san, she’s happy from being hit……」
「That girl, she’s that sort of fellow……Boy, are you the same?」
In the surroundings of the two pairs of men and women, several shots of ejaculated cum had created puddles, and Shiro and Sara’s crotches were already frothing with cum.

Slowly taking my time, I gave two, three shots of spanking to Diana’s butt. With her flirtatious voice resounding, her love juices dripped onto the floor.
「Quick……ly……Quickly, Goshujin-sama’s cock……Stuff it in, please stuff it innnn……」
「……Very well. But, Diana, why are you ordering me around? You said that you wanted to become my slave. For such a slave, I need to give a punishment.」
Of course, it’s not like I was mad at her. It’s just that Diana would be more delighted like that. Slowly arranging my penis, I pierced Diana all at once.
Raising a voice that sounded like air was escaping her, warm liquid streamed to the floor from Diana’s crotch. It seems that she peed herself from the pleasure and shock.
「Gooddd, so superb, Goshujin-sama! So harsh, so cruel……Superb.」
Strongly gripping Diana’s short hair, I forcibly raised her body up. In front of the restrained Chana, she was being violated by me from behind while in a standing position. Without even trying to cover her eyes, Chana gazed long at the hip movements that were repeatedly going in and out right in her own gaze and became fixated on it.
「No way……An adult’s thin’……is in Diana’s……place……」
Forcibly turning her grabbed head my way, I high-handedly stole Diana’s lips. While being ravished, Diana proactively entwined her tongue, and tried with all her might to cover and hide my lips with her own small lips. While I was in such a state, I felt from Shiro and Sara, who were in the middle of and continuing having sex with the boys behind me, that my magical power was permeating into the boys. It seems that they were about to reach the climax as well. Being able to turn them into demons in one go if they were to match the timing with when my ejaculation would happen is what Sara and I predicted.

「AH, AH……I’m sorry, I’m sorry……AAH!!」
At that moment, Diana’s whole body stiffened up and she reached her climax alone. Shoot, in exchange for turning my attention to the other places, I was unable to check Diana’s state.
「AH, it’s coming out, Onee-san, I, I……!!」
「It’s coming, it’s coming out again, it’s gonna go *dopyu dopyu* from my dick!」
In a few seconds, the boys, unable to endure it, ejaculated, and Shiro and Sara also reached their climax. Putting aside how we were making Chana atrophied, the chain demonization experiment ended with an incomplete result.

「Uwah……My body, my body is hot……!」
It would seem that Sara was splendidly able to guide Fred, who was embracing her, to becoming a demon. As he twitched and trembled, small animal hair grew on Fred’s waist, the direction of his knees bent into the other direction, and hooves rose to the surface on his bare feet. In his free-flowing hair, warped horns like that of a goat……they were small horns that suited his age though……had grown out.
「……A Satyr, huh. Since it was something of an incomplete transformation, I wonder if he would be able to live among the Humans if he learned how to control his magical power later?」
When I was thinking of such a thing, Shiro called out to me sounding flustered.
「Goshujin-sama, this child, his state is kinda……!?」
When I turned around, Harry was groaning sounding like he was in pain. Approaching him, I looked closely at the flow of magical power. ……Aah, it’s the same as what happened to me before. The magical power was flowing incompletely, but having said that, it was rampaging about in his body while he was in a state of not having become a demon. Since Diana had climaxed before I ejaculated, the chance to turn into a demon wasn’t given to Shiro who couldn’t manage magical power and to Harry who she was embracing.
「This is bad, we need to give him a switch that would hurl his sense of reasoning one more time.」
「But, but, Goshujin-samaa. This child has already let it out over and over again, and is now wilteddd……」

……How troubling, the situation doesn’t look too good. At present, I didn’t know of a method that would remove the restraints of the mind like what is felt when reaching a sexual climax, and would infringe upon the soul……A method that would become the switch to turning into a demon. There is one more thing that we could do, but no matter what, it is much too cruel to let this young boy die and make him a Zombie.
「Ah……Onee-san, Onii-san……I, my……body is, my body is hotttt……」
With feverish, wet eyes, Harry raised his voice sounding like he was going to cry.
「Goshujin-sama, you still haven’t let it out yet, right?」
「This child, it looks like he’s already grown accustomed in that regard. Goshujin-sama, with your dick, I think it would be fine if you violate this child as a girlll.」
「Aah, so that’s what you mean……Wait, ehh!?」

……Dammit, I didn’t think it would turn out like this. Because I failed to ejaculate earlier, my penis which had become halfway standing was thrust out in front of Shiro’s face. When Shiro had gotten onto her hands and knees and started servicing my penis, maybe because it was a conditioned reflex, Harry, who was lying face-up underneath Shiro’s body, also stretched his tongue out together with her, and started to service my penis. ……There are male prostitutes, and I’ve heard that they are regularly requested, but I thought that they were things that only women bought. However, this child, he was clearly trained under the assumption of being bought by men. By some chance, could it be that he was purposely made like this to have even this boyish tone be matched up with the customer’s liking? My thoughts were in chaos. Even if he is a child, and even if Shiro was doing it together with him, having my penis licked by a man is strange. With the strange unpleasant feelings, feelings of guilt, and arousal all mixing together, my penis already recovered its strength. ……Well now, am I really alright with this?

Although I was in confusion, I knew what I needed to do. It was no use to neglect him for too long. When I went around to behind Shiro and Harry, I peered into where they were connected. Harry’s penis had already lost its strength, and had fallen out from Shiro. ……Scooping up Shiro’s love juices, I rubbed it into Harry’s asshole. Certainly, it was probably put to use several times. My finger was sucked in without any resistance, and was squeezed tightly.
His beginning confident appearance melted in an instant, and changed into a feminine tone that held flirtation within it. Since it was the same as when he was used by Chana at the beginning, could it be that he was instructed to purposely use a manly tone? Although it didn’t go as far as him getting on top of Shiro in order to turn towards me, Harry tried to follow my movements with anxious-looking moist eyes. ……Most likely, that flirtatious movement that was probably trained into him as a sex slave, even if he himself wasn’t intending for it, probably tempted arousal. That being said, this might be my own prejudice but I don’t have a preference for embracing men. But other than that, I couldn’t think of a method that would save him……Haa, if only this child were a girl.

First of all, I thrust my penis into Shiro’s vagina, who was pinning Harry down in a state of being on her hands and knees.
「AH……Goshujin-sama’s thing, it came, suddenly his big thing cameee……!」
Enjoying the sensation inside of Shiro’s vagina for a while, which was hotter than usual, I pulled out my penis that was wet with her love juices, and established my aim. Even though I’ve ravished women’s butts several times already, with just the partner being a young boy, I had a considerable amount of emotional resistance.
That being said, if I were to leave him as is, this young boy would surely die. If that were to happen, Chana, who was the purpose for all of this, will have her feelings dampened all at once, and would probably become hostile.

Partly in order to encourage myself, I spoke out and made a declaration.
「Harry, from this moment on, I will ravish you. Like a girl, you can raise your voice and feel it.」
Looking surprised, Harry turned his eyes towards me who declared what should have been known.
「……Me, like a girl……?」
Bending over Shiro, I inserted myself into Harry, who had his body fixed in a face-up position. ……Even with the love juices and the lubricant that Chana used, the entrance was pretty tight. However, maybe thanks to the training done by Chana, after getting it through the entrance, I was able to insert it smoothly.
「FUAaAAH……I……Even though I’m a man……Such a……」
Harry’s baffled voice could be heard. His self-consciousness was that of a man, his pleasant feelings was that of a woman (is probably what Harry is thinking). His spirit wavered from that imbalance. Most likely, he shouldn’t have been like this from the beginning. I was merely getting a free ride from the results of Chana’s training.

……While thinking that, I suddenly came up with something. Unexpectedly, wouldn’t this be possible? I probably should have asked about what Harry had to say and about his aspirations, but after realizing it, I started to try out what I came up with.

「It doesn’t matter if you are a man or a woman. If you want to become a girl, then it’s fine if you become a girl.」
Concentrating my focus on my penis, I grasped the flow of my magical power that was inside of Harry. With it having lost the place to go to, I gave direction to the magical power that was searching for an exit and was rampaging inside of Harry’s body, controlled it, and incorporated what I was thinking. Up until now, it was done unconsciously. This time, I became conscious of it and overwrote the partner’s existence. ……Most likely, even the partner’s thoughts.
「Now then, let me tell you what you desire. You, wanted to become a girl, didn’t you?」
……Aah, I got it. It’s this. So this is what it means to tune my partner.

Right now, for my own convenience, I was trying to overwrite the existence of the young boy known as Harry itself. Harry might not have had such a desire from the start. It might be nothing but a habit that he unwillingly learned from being trained as a slave. However, deciding that that was his own desire, and overwriting his spirit and flesh to be just like that is, possible for my current self. Even if I am unable to go as far as changing everything, I am able to guide it, and tune it to that side. As if I were tuning a piano’s musical interval to my own liking.

「AH……My chest is, my butt is……I, I’m feeling weird, something’s here, it’s here. I’m scared, I’m so scareddd!?」
「Harry, don’t worry. Goshujin-sama will surely make you feel good. There’s nothing scary, so accept it.」
Feeling fear of his own body that was changing because of the pleasant feelings and the infringement of the magical power, Harry burst into tears. Although Shiro didn’t know the particulars of it, she licked off Harry’s tears. Since Harry’s penis regained strength and was now erect, it was easily gripped and put to Shiro’s vagina.
「Shiro, be a partner for Harry’s boy side.」
「Ahahah, boy, you’ve gotten energetic here too♪」
「FUAAAAaaah, I don’t get it, I don’t get it at all! Both of them, both of them feel really good!?」
While hearing Harry’s flirtatious voice somewhere off in the distance, I was making an image. In his body, the internal organs that don’t exist. On his body, the external organs that don’t exist. Manipulating the magical power, I called to mind a form. Just like that, I recreated him, and fixated it.
「Something, something is coming! It’s coming! Scary, it’s really scaryy, Aah, AAAaaaah.」
Probably able to understand that his body was being recreated into something different, and maybe because the restraints of his sense of reasoning were released from his fear of the pleasant feelings and some other unknown feelings, Harry clung onto Shiro and started to cry.
「It’s alright……You’re going to stop. You’re going to stop being Human, and become a perverted demon. Just like me, you’ll become Goshujin-sama’s bitch……Ah, wait, you’re a boy though……You are going to become, Goshujin-sama’s demon.」
The words that Shiro whispered, unexpectedly guessed correctly. That was what I was aiming for. I alternatingly thrusted my penis into Harry’s butt and Shiro’s butt that was vertically lined up with his. Harry’s penis was inserted in Shiro’s pussy, and he was trembling in a state of being unable to even move from the pleasure.
Shiro and Harry’s pleasure swelled up as if resonating with each other, and at the same time, I was getting close to my limit.
「I’m cumming, Harry. Now then, both your mind and your body, they’ll get mixed together……!」
*Dokun, dokun* Grandly, my two times worth of ejaculation was thrown into Harry’s intestinal area. At the same time, I felt that Harry’s penis also ejaculated in Shiro’s vagina. And then……


Slowly separating our bodies, I observed the completely exhausted Harry. His boyish shortcut hair and sharp looks stayed the same, but his body became a bit more feminine. His chest bulged a bit, and below his penis that was dangling without any strength, there was a new organ……making him a woman, a vagina was created.
「Eliott……You, could it be that you reconstructed this child into a woman!?」
Taking a breath, Sara sharp sightedly took notice of that, and interjected.
「It’s because I don’t have a preference for homosexuality……Thinking that I might be able to do it, I tried tuning him a bit. Although it looks like I couldn’t turn him completely into a woman, I guess I should say that I was able to turn him into a woman? Look, Sara, I made your originally flatish chest a bit bigger, right? It’s an application of that.」
「Aah, you could have made them a bit bigger……Wait, what are you making me say!? ……So this means, this child is……」
Although she hit me with some frivolous talk, Sara seemed to understand the fact that this all signified.
「Even I didn’t know whether or not I could do it. But, I could tell. Forcibly overwriting his spirit, definitely is difficult. With Harry having that sort of inclination from the start, although it’s a fact that it was easy because he had received that sort of training……I became able to change even the other party’s gender. No, I will probably become able to do that eventually.」



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