Chapter 55: The Night of Day 0 – Bewitching Flower (Accent-less Version)

Translator: Manga0205

「Harry……U, um. Goshujin-sama……?」
The tan skinned Fred who had just safely became a Satyr just a little while ago was worried about the young boy that was in the same circumstances as him. Since it seemed that he instinctively understood that I was the master, he raised a question to me. ……Aah, that’s right. Let’s see whether he safely changed or not. Telling Diana to “entertain” Chana for the moment, I turned around to Fred.

「Fred. I will have you work for my sake from now on. We will teach you the technique to maintain the figure of a Human, and bestow you a lifestyle where you work and receive a salary. In exchange, your life from now on will become my possession. ……You already understand that, don’t you?」
Actually, it can’t be said that that will always be the case, but although this was just how things progressed, this was a contract. Although it’s possible to forcibly dominate his spirit, my way of thinking that I would like for him to come under my control after consenting to it if possible is probably just my selfishness.
「……Yes. I am Goshujin-sama’s servant -desu. Either way, I had no other path than living as Chana-sama’s plaything. I’m not in a position to complain either……」

It was probably simple to say a complaint like the servile character was dyed into him deeply. However, I didn’t know what kind of lives they lived, or why they were in a place like this. Even if they were technically at an age for having their first ejaculation, and would become splendid manpower in a rural district, they were still children. If one were to lose their parents at such an age and lived as slaves, then surely anyone would become like this. Nevertheless, there was no way that it is alright to treat them like objects. Although I knew that, I turned them into demons, made them my servants, and would use them as tools. Performing evil deeds upon knowing that or performing evil deeds without knowing that, I wonder which one is worse.

「Aah, that’s right. I shall endeavor to be a kind master as much as possible. But even so, I am a demon and a scoundrel. I don’t know if it was fortunate or misfortunate for you to be picked up by me, but please resign yourself on that much. ……Harry as well, he has now safely turned into a demon. Unlike you, he is a mutated Incubus……he’s become a futanari Incubus. Did you get along with Harry?」
I didn’t know how much would be transmitted to Fred, but I at least made an explanation.
「With Harry, we were bought from the same slave trader…… I, although I was teased even among the slaves since I have this outward appearance, Harry got along with me……」
As Fred said that, he looked at Harry. In those eyes, a passionate light that had no intention of hiding could be seen. At Fred’s crotch, his penis was vigorously standing erect.
「Fred. Right now, Harry isn’t just a boy, and has also become a girl. Could it be, do you want to embrace Harry?」
With that one sentence, Fred’s complexion changed in one fell swoop. He was self-aware of his own lust. Harry also finally regained consciousness, looked at his own body, and then stared at the figure of Fred who was gazing at him with eyes full of lust.
「Ah……I, just what……This, this is……my body…… Fred……I, just what did I……?」

「<Possession>. Fred.」
With a small voice, I chanted the Command Word that I set up beforehand. In my own field of vision, a similar scene was being projected as if it had turned into a double exposure. When I closed my eyes, it turned into a sight where the view point was clearly in a lower spot from my own……I could see a mental picture of what Fred was seeing. ……Good.
「<Possession Off>. <Possession>. Harry.」
I checked to see if I was able to consecutively switchover. Once again, my point of view changed, and I could see myself with my eyes closed, and Fred whose penis was seething.
Yosh, I was able to switch over to Harry’s point of view.

……”This” is the function that inserted into the two young boys when I turned them into demons. These two demons would be able to see things, think, and act on their own. However, under certain conditions, they would offer their fields of vision to me, and their thoughts and actions, they would also be offered to me……Reading their thoughts, depending on the situation, I would probably be able to control them for a short time.
Concentrating my consciousness, I was able to feel what Harry was thinking……Nn? ……!? Receiving a sensation that didn’t exist in my abdomen, for an instant, my consciousness was disarrayed. ……That’s right, there was this. I screwed up. This was the reason why I didn’t include this mechanism into Sara and Shiro, or any of the other girls.
Of course, there is also the reason that when inserting something during the demonization process, the biggest problem is that it is really hard to do, but when I receive the sensation of an organ that doesn’t exist within me, I become unable to process that sensational information, and end up becoming disordered. Just now, what I received from Harry was Harry’s vagina and uterus……the sensations emitted from the organs of a woman that I created within him just a little while ago.

「……! <Possession Off>.」
Recovering my breath, I called out to the two young boys that were simply staring at each other without moving.
「Fred. I will give you your first command, as well as your first reward. ……Harry, right now, you thought that you wanted to be embraced by Fred, didn’t you?」
Fred had a question. Harry raised a voice of surprise. That’s right, the sensational information of his female genitalia that I received earlier from inside of Harry was probably arousal. Right now, Harry was probably thinking that he wanted to be embraced by Fred as a female.
「Harry has become a demon, and possesses features as a female. Although he is a man, he is also a woman. And then, seeing your erect penis, the female Harry is aroused. ……Well, since you’ve already experienced being embraced by him as well as embracing him up until now, you probably understand. Once again, this is an order. Fred, embrace the girl Harry, and take away his virginity.」
……Or else, if you’re worried about it, I could take it, but is that alright? Is what I added on in a joking-like manner.

The two young boys……Though one was also a girl……gazed at each other looking troubled, approached each other, and started to become entwined. With this, those two have probably become an existence that would be hard to separate, in various meanings. The lives of those two were already messed up, and the one that delivered the final blow to that was unmistakably me. Rescuing them from the slave lifestyle, from now on I would give them food, things to wear, and jobs, and although it will be warped, I will give them happy lives. If I do that, it has probably already become difficult for the two of them to separate from me as well. ……Making pawns that won’t betray me is a delightful thing.

If I didn’t think about my own benefits, the direction of releasing these two young boy slaves with no where to go without any injuries and having them lose their way on the roadside as a result might be the correct thing to do. ……Well now, am I a bad person, or a good person? I try to be a villain, but I am still not sure if I am doing that well. By no means do I think that the things that I am doing are good deeds but…… Well, in any case, the distressing matter and the detour are finished. It’s finally time to degenerate Chana who was the true objective for tonight.


「……I’m sorry to have kept you waiting. For those two, if you and I are able to create an amicable relationship, then I promise that I will return them to you.」
Because Sara and Shiro were already making the next preparations, they returned outside.
Diana had stripped off all of Chana’s clothing, and tied her up with thread as if to decorate her body. The white thread on her lean tanned body etched a good contrast.
「Will you really? Guys that win with violence, they generally shirk on verbal promises with violence, you know?」
Even while she was trembling, Chana stout-heartedly replied.
「Well, it’s not like I can’t shirk on the promise with violence. In fact, the ones that took the life of the Arachne that was your superior was us after all. That being said, I don’t really have any intention of dominating you against your will. It would only be a pain if I were to pressure you into becoming a demon……And in the worst case, your mind would be broken. Even when I turned Diana in a demon, both this girl and the antidote that you created were excellent after all……I nearly thought that either her life or her mind would be destroyed.」
「……Considering all that, you paid considerable attention to my needs, didn’t you? I didn’t think that you would make me eat food for the sake of preserving my stamina in the middle of my being tortured.」
Diana smiled and replied. Well, it would have been a waste to lose that skill after all.
「And so, along with Diana’s recommendation, I’ve come here to scout you. I expect many things from your skill……Chana the Poison-user.」
「So, what if I were to refuse?」
Chana asked. Well, she’s quite bold.
「Let’s see. I will bring those kids back with me. And then……since I can’t just leave you alone, and I don’t plan on killing you either……Until you feel like getting along with me……」
At that moment, with just the right timing, Shiro and Sara came back bringing along the Orc Leader.
「I suppose I’ll have you get along with that guy who is my subordinate?」

When the Orc Leader looked over here, he discovered Chana and raised an aroused voice.
「Hii……!? A d, demon!? In the middle of town!?」
Since he could tell that the other women were my subordinates from the magical power, as long as I didn’t give permission, the Orc Leader wouldn’t lay a hand on them. Even so, not being a subordinate demon of mine, the tied up Chana was probably projected as nothing but prey that was alright to rape in the Orc Leader’s perception. Orc have a originally have a tendency to prefer attacking the females of other races and raping them. They try to satisfy their appetites and lust whenever possible, and it is easy for me to suppress those desires, but maybe because he thought that it would be possible to satisfy that desire after such a long time, the Orc Leader’s penis slowly stood erect.
「It was mentioned in Diana’s introduction of me, wasn’t it? I am the Dungeon Master of the Man Eating Dungeon. That is why I lead demons. Now then, which do you prefer? Will you get along with that Orc against your will, or will you willingly get along with me?」
Opening her eyes that were thin like thread just a bit bigger, Chana muttered sounding like she was in a hurry.
「Ahaha……This is quite the villain I’ve run into. I feel like I can understand why Diana fell for you. I surrender, I surrender so I’d like for you to pardon me from being raped by the Orc.」
「Sure, well then, the contract is complete.」
Snapping my fingers, I had the Orc return. The Orc Leader was discontented, but I gave the order for Shiro to comfort him. Since it would take time to go outside, Shiro started to service the Orc further in the room. ……Even though she was so frightened of the man that was the original body for the Orc Leader when she was Human, now she is able to stack her body up on his while looking like she is having fun. It might have been good that Shiro was turned into a demon.

At the same time, Sara came back bringing along Harry and Fred. The black Satyr Fred was triumphantly pulling Harry’s hand, and the white futanari Incubus Harry had deflowering blood dripping from his crotch, but even so, his penis was standing half erect in arousal, and was coming along with his hand being pulled by Fred.
「Chana. From now on, you will become my subordinate. ……Well then, I will now return those children. From today onwards, those children who are subordinates under my direct control will become your new leader. Fred, Harry. From today onwards, Chana is yours. ……The two of you should have fun with her.」
Giving the instruction to Diana, she lifted up the still restrained Chana with her threads, and made her stand up. At a height where it would be easy for the two who were still petite in stature to rape her from front and back, she fixed her and a position where both of her legs were opened up.
「Eh!? Hold on? I didn’t hear anything about that? What’s the meaning of this!?」
Chana was confused and raised a panicked voice.
Her old friend Diana gave a reply sounding mischievous.
「You, like embracing children, right? Because it was done to you against your will by adults when you were a child, being embraced by an adult is scary for you, isn’t it? That’s why, the ones that will embrace you isn’t going to be that Orc, but those children. It’ll be fine to have you embraced by Goshujin-sama as well afterwards, you know?」
「Ah, situations where I don’t take the lead is something I’m not good at. So, can we talk about this?」
That was a surprising reply. Unexpectedly, she might not be used to it.

「Let’s leave the detailed accounts for later. Chana, in celebration of you becoming my subordinate, let us welcome you. First off, I would like for you to enjoy being embraced by the two that had turned into demons just now. Since you will also become a demon eventually.」
「Eh……S, so hey? Harry? Fred……?」
Chana displayed a frightened expression. It would seem that she really is weak with being violated in situations where she can’t freely move about.
「Chana-sama……You have done various things to us up until now.」
Even though he had well-featured girl-like looks, Fred, who had gained confidence as a male, took one step forward.
「Chana……-sama. Even though I said I didn’t want it, you would put many, many strange toys, into my butt……」
Expressing a timid expression on his boyish face, Harry approached her.
「You two. This girl is now your subordinate. You can’t call her Chana-sama. Your master is me, and Chana is a subordinate to both you and me. ……You should get revenge for all of the stuff that was done to you up until now.」

Through the negotiations, Chana agreed to becoming my subordinate. The fact that I cannot believe that from the bottom of my heart is my weakness. Therefore, I would crush Chana’s spirit a little, and make it so that I can dominate her. For that sake, there was a need to temporarily break her pride.

From Chana’s mouth, *Hii*, a small scream was raised.
「Chana……Now, I am Chana’s Goshujin-sama.」
「Return the favor……to Chana-sama……, to Chana, for all the things up until now……?」
If Chana was benevolent being as a slave master, then surely a gentle physical intimacy would be awaiting her. In the event that that wasn’t the case……


「Just stop it alreadyyy……Please, I’m begging you……」
While in a situation of being suspended in air, Chana the Poison-User raised a frail scream. It has been approximately one hour since they started. Over and over again, piercing cries of terrible volume resounded. They are screams that seemed like the nearby garrison would come flying in if this place hadn’t been underground and soundproof like I heard it was. The one that was raising screams over and over again was, Chana.

Other than the times that Diana went in to give Chana a massage so that her blood circulation wouldn’t stagnate, everything was left up to both Harry and Fred. Of course, I had intended to immediately stop them if they were to try to perform acts that would cause her to lose parts of her body or her life, but something like that didn’t happen even a single time. The boys continued to endlessly tease Chana for one hour. After licking her breasts, coating aphrodisiacs on her nipples, her asshole, and the area around her vagina and on her clitoris, and moderately attacking her sexually……they left her alone. If she thought that they would thrust their penis into her vagina, they would immediately pull out and both Harry and Fred would play with each other. Commanding her to service them with her mouth, once Chana who continued her fellatio felt aroused, they would make her stop there. Commencing with cunnilingus from the front and back, they relentlessly continued to lick her vagina and asshole until love juices would come oozing out, then once they estimated that Chana’s waist would start jumping up, they would abandon her and then the two of them would go into a sixty-nine position in front of Chana and start servicing each other. Being suspended in midair in a state of having both hands restrained and having her legs opened up, Chana wasn’t allowed to mix in with them nor was she even allowed to comfort herself. I let down my guard thinking that they were children. No, it might be because they are children but……These kids, they are considerably nasty.

「Dianaaa……Please, I beg you. Undo the restraints……I can’t cum. I can’t cum at allll……I feel like I’ll go crazy, I’m already going crazyyy……」
She already might not have the willpower to raise screams. While being embraced by me, Diana gazed at me with upturned eyes. The boys had asked me to embrace Diana in front of Chana. I didn’t have any reason to refuse, and since I understood what their aim was, I enjoyed having sex with Diana in a lax manner. I whispered to Diana with a low voice. Diana gave her reply with a loud voice on purpose.
「Chana, I really want to help you out as your friend very much. But I am Goshujin-sama’s slave, and you are the subordinate of those children who are Goshujin-sama’s slaves. Since I am unable to make any commands, don’t you think that you have no choice but to make a request to your Goshujin-sama?」
With those words, Chana looked at the children looking like she was in despair. The two small demons looked at their former mistress looking like they were having fun.
「I……I’m begging you, Harry……Fred……No, Goshujin-sama……I want to cum, I want you to let me cummm. This half-dead state, I can’t endure it anymoreee……」

Hearing that voice, the boys appeared to be very delighted.
「……What should we do, Fred?」
Looking like he was having fun, Harry asked that of the boy next to him.
「Goshujin-sama, what should we do?」
As if to answer him, Fred came asking that to me.
「You can’t go breaking Chana. She is also my valuable subordinate. As for how far you can break her, since you’ve most likely thoroughly tested it out on-site……Well, you can go as far as just a little before the limit. You boys, please become slave masters that are a little bit kind.」

Chana had driven these kids to the brink of breaking, and it was easy to imagine her stopping right there. Since the children might not understand what moderation is, there was a need to give them a certain amount of warning but……There probably wasn’t much need to worry. Hearing those words, Harry turned towards me and said this.
「Um, Goshujin-sama……I……since there are various things I want to do, with Fred……Could you take a small break, in the neighboring room?」
……Well, since Diana was tortured for more than half a day in a similar situation, I don’t think that Chana will break all that easily either. As expected, since it would be bad to leave her hanging for a long period of time, I had the restraints on both of her legs removed. The ebony-skinned Fred, the tan-skinned Chana, and the white-skinned Harry, they lied on top of each other as if they were depicting gradation. A small puddle of incontinence and love juices had already been created at Chana’s feet. Sometimes taking a look at the situation from Fred’s view point, Diana and I moved to the neighboring room, took a break, and had a meal.

From the neighboring room, voices could be heard alternating between being screams and being coquettish.


「……Sorry to keep you waiting, Goshujin-sama. Since the preparations have been made, please come over.」
The time that Fred came to call us over was after more than an hour had passed since we left them. It was around the time after I had ejaculated a second time inside of Diana’s vagina, had made a general check of Chana’s medicine racks, and was wondering if they were done or not.

「Come on, Chana. You need to greet our Goshujin-sama.」
「Chana-sa……N, no, Chana. Y, you need to plead just like how you always made us go, got it?」
The two imps had gaudily decorated Chana with various toys.

Chana went face up in a place of the medicinal plant field where the soil was bare, turned towards me, and opened up her legs into the shape of an M. Opening up her butt cheeks with her own hands, she emphasized her wet crotch as if to make a display of it. There was a blindfold mask that covered up the upper half of her face. An aroma that had a faint amount of stimulatives was wafting about from a small measuring cylinder that was made from porcelain. Most likely it was a sort of enema liquid. Chana’s abdomen was swelled up a bit, and a stopper with feathers attached was crammed into her asshole. It were as if it were an abstruse flower arrangement. Underneath the blindfold mask, those thin eyes of hers were probably wide open and shedding tears. Tears had run down Chana’s cheeks, and the dried traces could be faintly seen. Her mouth was slovenly slightly open, and drool was dripping out.

「Go……Goshujin……-sama……Chana is……a slave to childish cocks……and is a cowardly bitch, that is scared of adult cocks……But, butttt……If it’s Goshujin-sama’s Goshujin-sama, then even an adult cock is fine……」
With a frail voice, Chana expressed words of submission. Harry showed a pitiful-looking face, and Fred looked delighted as he strongly pinched Chana’s nipple.
「Hyaah!? ……That hurts, sorry, sorry. Did Chana make some sort of mistake?」
The master and servant relationship was completely reversed. Fred pointed out the mistake with a soft voice.
「Listen well, Chana. Why are you giving permission to our Goshujin-sama? It isn’t “is fine”. You should beg for it with a “please”, you know?」
After saying that, Fred looked this way. Really similar to Shiro, they were eyes of a puppy that was looking for praise. ……No, by some chance, this kid might be a hunting dog.

「Fred, you understand things very well. Although there is no need for you to be so strict, it is very good that you are able to act while thinking about things for my sake.」
If raised well, Fred might become an excellent employee. There might be a need for me to warn him so that he doesn’t become severe, but I will need to take this into careful consideration.
「Aah……I’m terribly sorry……Your adult cock, into Chana……Please smash it into the perverted Chana that gets aroused by child cocks!」
Chana finally raised a petitioning voice. Seeing that manner of speaking, I made a small laugh and called out to Sara with a low voice.
「Hey, it looks like this girl is similar to you, Sara, in the way that she gets aroused when she uses vulgar words.」
Shiro and Diana heard that and giggled, while Sara made an indignant face.
「I don’t have thread-like eyes like that girl, and I’m not that much of a pervert!」
……It looks like she isn’t self-aware of it. I might need to punish her a bit.

「Hee, is that so. As her fellow pervert, I had thought of filling you up with plenty of cum after this though, Sara. If you aren’t a pervert, then I suppose I should do it another time, shouldn’t I?」
These words promptly showed effect. After all, once Olivia returns, Sara will have to go to Abram’s imperial court. Since we’ll be in the same town, it’s not like we wouldn’t be able to meet each other, but it will probably be difficult for her to immediately be embraced by me like she can now.
「……I, I get it, I’ll admit it! I am……Sara is, a pervert that gets aroused from having vulgar words thrown at her! That’s why, that’s why, let’s have more sex! You villain!」
After making a small laugh, I left Sara with the words “after this”, and then left her alone.
Surely, she was making eyes like that of an abandoned puppy. Approaching the spot where Chana was still saying begging words, I whispered close to her ear.
「From now on, I will pour my cum into you. I will penetrate your small pussy over and over again, turn it into a sloppy mess, and pump demon cum into it. Got it?」
「……Please. Give demon semen, to Chana……Please.」
「Chana, do you understand what will happen to you if I do this?」
I asked her that question while lightly playing with Chana’s clitoris with my fingertip. My penis was already raring to go, but I wanted to confirm things just in case. The two’s training was flawless, as the inside of Chana’s vagina was already melting with heat.

「What will……happen to me……?」
「You will also turn into a demon. Just like Diana……Just like Harry and Fred. You will become a demon, loyal to me.」
At the same time I finished speaking, I arranged my penis, and penetrated her all at once.
Having been teased halfway for two hours, Chana swallowed up my penis as if it were being sucked in.
「Ooh……ooo, OoooOoo……!!」
Maybe because all of the saved up shares were released all at once, Chana’s body convulsed repeatedly in short intervals, and she reached her climax all at once.
「No, it’s scary, an adult’s huge thing, is inside of me! It’s inside of me……I don’t want it, adult cock is scary……Uun, Aah……」
Even her body that was trembling in fear, because it was completely in sexual excitement, her being captivated was faster. Her horrified voice saying that it was scary included a sweet sound before she knew it, and her waist had started undulating.

When I reached the deepest I could go in, I could tell that something was hitting the tip of my penis. Aah, could it be……
「Goshujin-sama. Chana……the inside of her stomach, all of it is clean.」
Harry reported that while fidgeting. Then that means, could it be liquid medicine?
「Right now, inside of Chana’s stomach, a specially made Slime that Chana raised is jammed in there.」
「……A Slime!?」
I couldn’t hide my surprise at Fred’s words. Slimes were a variety of primitive plants, and they would occasionally appear in wetlands. They were a variety of plant that was a gelatinous insectivore, that did not have any sort of intelligence, would react and engulf things that touched it……That was all that it was recognized to be. Since the ones that grew up to be bigger would sometimes engulf unfortunate travellers and animals and cause them to die, they were treated as things similar to demons by the public. I had heard that according to their classification, they secreted strong acidic liquid and were things that could melt flesh but……

「Could it be, you did selective breeding for the sake of doing this sort of thing?」
I asked that to Chana who was still blindfolded. Stopping my waists movements, I teased her by leaving only the tip of my penis put inside of her.
「Ah……No, stop it, pulling out, don’t pull it out……」
「Chana? That isn’t what I’m asking about, you know?」
Putting my finger tips in her small mouth, I groped about inside of her mouth. Chana’s long tongue licked my fingers, and started servicing it. Pulling my fingers out, I gripped her cheek and slightly raised her face up.
「Shall I pull the butt plug out just like this?」
It seemed that those words worked splendidly. How Chana impatiently twisted her body was in no way her trying to escape.
「Come now, answer me. Chana, what is inserted inside of your butt?」
Maybe because her shyness swelled up at this late point in time, or maybe because it was some other sort of arousal, Chana’s cheeks blushed.
「That is……a selectively bred Slime -desuu……It’s a variety of hyphae, similar to Slimes……The acidity is weak but, it possesses……virulence……and through selective breeding, the poison was taken out……It was made to be inserted, together with aphrodisiacs……Aah, ahn. Goshujin-samaaa, I’m begging you, the scary thing, I want more of the scary thing……!」
「Are there, more of them?」
「There are, there are……All of them, I give them to you……Everyone, belongs to Goshujin-sama and the others after all……」

……Yosh. After hearing that, I once again thrust my penis into Chana, and repeatedly took it in and out of her.
「AaAaAaAAAHHH……Adult cock, noo……It’s reachinnng, it’s going to a place, that child cock doesn’t reachhh……」
Chana’s body is petite to the point where even I who doesn’t have a large build or anything could easily lift her up. Even when compared to Shiro, she is a bit smaller. That’s why, while still inserting it while facing her in the missionary position, I lifted Chana up and tried standing up.
From the blindfolded Chana’s point of view, she probably didn’t understand what was happening for an instant. Her tightening became stronger, and her slender legs wrapped around my waist to press harder. Even her hands that she had used to split open her butt on her own had gone around to my back so that she wouldn’t fall, and she took the form of her clinging onto me. With her being in a situation that was similar to me holding her like a baby and cuddling her, Chana’s waist lowered due to her own weight, and I automatically penetrated deep into her due to my penis.
「S, so deep……!?」
Arching her head back, Chana’s head went face up. Opening up one hand, I grabbed the back of Chana’s head, pulled her towards me, and stole her lips. She seemed to have been surprised at first, but she immediately entwined her tongue around mind. For a short while, she entwine her tongue around mine as if she forgot how to breath. When I became aware of it, my pants were considerably wet with Chana’s love juices.

「Now then, Chana. It’s about time for you to get close to climaxing, isn’t it?」
The magical power that accumulated in my penis was slowly permeating into the interior of Chana’s womb. The pulsation had become readable, and I could tell that a wave of climax was approaching.
「I will pour a lot of cum into your womb. I will have your current obscene and unsightly self as you reach your climax seen. By everyone……」
When I whispered that close to her ear, I tore off the blindfold.
In the surroundings, the audience that was sexually excited from seeing us respectively started to have sex.

Sara was loudly encouraging the now timid Harry while being ravished herself, and was caressing Harry’s female genitalia with her fingers while being ravished. Fred jumped at Diana who had gotten onto all fours on her own and was inviting him by raising her butt up high, pressed down on her butt, and ravished her from behind. It seemed that Shiro had already finished the first round, was licking and sucking on the Orc Leader’s penis as if playing a harmonica while lying down face up, and was enjoying afterplay by means of the Orc Leader’s tongue.

The women, while playing around so obscenely, looked at Chana. At the moment she felt their piercing gazes and her tension was driven up, similar to the blindfold, I pulled out the plug with bird tail feathers that was stuck in Chana’s butt……And at the same time I pulled it out, I released my semen in one go. I slightly felt how the cum was pouring into her at her abdomen that was stuck onto me.
「Eh……I’m being seen, by……everyone, being watched……!!!??」
Chana’s climax arrived after a short delay. From her lower abdomen to her abdomen to her chest, trembling similar to convulsions arrived, and while she raised shouts that didn’t turn into words, both her arms and legs tightened around me. Maybe because she couldn’t endure it any longer, a loud sound was made, and ooze that gave off steam gushed out from Chana’s asshole.
Her climax shout sounded like a low groan. Stealing her lips so as to stop it, I suck on her tongue, and play-bit it. Chana’s eyes that were thin like string grandly opened wide, slowly became murky with lust, and became charmed. Clinging onto me with all her might, strength slowly left Chana’s body, and she collapsed face up. As expected, even if the ground was a soil portion, it was not good for her to fall face up onto it. Supporting her waist that still had my penis pierced into it with both hands, I prevented her fall. Harry and Fred came near, and laid Chana’s body down.

Minute trembling ran along Chana’s whole body. She had not yet regained consciousness, but it seemed that the demonization had started. Things that seemed like botanical thread or like small ivy started to blend with her hair and fingertips. The ends of her shoulders and the back parts of her fingers became hard like tree bark. The coloring of her lower abdomen fell out, and the skin from her waist down when from a light yellowish-brown to close to white.
「……Aah, I see. So, your real nature is this.」
What was created there was, an Alraune. She was a plant demon that possessed a human figure, could lead people astray with her scream, and possessed poison. At the very least, Chana changed into a demon that possessed a nature that was really similar to that.


「Eliott-sama, that was splendid. With this, I can also end things without killing my friend.」
Diana said that, woke up Chana, and moved her to the couch. They’ve known each other for a long time, so they are probably precious comrades to each other. It really is great that she was able to become a demon without any problems. ……Thinking about things that far, I suddenly thought back upon it. It’s great that she became a demon. Is that, really true?

「What’s wrong, Goshujin-samaaa?」
「S, so hey……The promise, you’ll keep to it, right?」
My thoughts were brought back by Shiro and Sara’s voices. That’s right, this is something where there’s no use in thinking about it.
「Aah, how about we keep to the promise right now. Shiro. Hold Sara down and turn her butt this way. ……Now then, I’ve kept you waiting. Your butt or your pussy, which one do you want me to violate?」

Leisurely spending time until close to dawn, we collected ourselves, and slept on top of a bed for the first time in a while.


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