Chapter 61 – Front Face, Back Face: Debriefing Session

Chapter 60: Assassin’s Guild - Assassin’s Guild Seized

Chapter 62 - Back Face, Front Face: Two Flowers

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「Then in that case… Since we’re already here do you guys mind servicing me? Both Olivie and Sara are my women after all.」

Sitting on a decently large king-sized bed that could readily accommodate more than one person, I signaled out towards the two girls. They seemed to be impatient to take their clothes off as they came near me and sat beside me.

「Um… W-What should I do, I don’t quite understand what you mean by “service”?」

「This fellow has a really wicked habit~ To begin with he……. Hyaah?」

Her reaction just now is because I tickled Sara’s flank.

「Sara, don’t say those kinds things about me. You wouldn’t like it if I told people that you loved to bury your face in my crotch and suck on my penis whilst getting your ass spanked right?」


By the way, I was exaggerating it a little but it was mainly true. Sara had a fetish of being really excited when she was sucking on my cock and when she had her butt slapped.

When I asked Astarte to give her a spanking because I couldn’t easily reach her behind, she got so turned on by it that she climaxed just from the act, even Astarte was amazed at the development.

「Oh…. Does Sara like being teased?」

Olivia seems to be interested and asks her about it.

「Yeah, even though she usually has this composed expression, Sara really likes it when you talk dirty to her. Even though she is supposed to be reborn as a succubus, she actually likes to be on the receiving side. Isn’t that right?」

Deliberately pressing her to confirm her indeceny was in itself a form of teasing her with words. Sara was beginning to froth from her mouth but she still managed to respond in a small voice. [1. Nef not sure if the correct word is froth, but I imagine her eyes are spinning right now]

「….That, that is… I didn’t even know myself but…. The habit I developed from being embraced by Elliot for the first time seems to have remained so….」

Perhaps she let down her guard and even though her wings weren’t visible yet, her tail was peeking out slightly from her behind.

She learned illusion spells from Astarte and she was already proficient enough to the extent that there wasn’t any difficulty in remaining hidden in her daily life.

「Sara also had her first taken by Elliot didn’t she….? I am a little jealous. She’s really tall and her skin is also really beautiful….」

Olivia was stroking Sara’s legs with a serious expression on her face.

「F-Forget about that kind of thing, come on, Elliot is waiting for us Olivia.」

Sara felt danger in continuing to get cornered by two people so she diverted Olivia’s attention. Well this was also a dead end for her, but in this regard Sara is a little slow on the uptake.

「Then, how about you act as a role model for Olivie? I don’t think that embracing you in that dungeon is enough to make you fully experienced…. So if you’re saying that your body has been properly developed by me, why don’t you show her the difference in your gained experience?」

I held her by the waist and whispered into her ears, even so I made so that Olivia could hear what was being said. As one would expect, Sara turns bright red like a boiled octopus.

「Wait….. Just a moment….」

「Elliot turns into an entirely new person at moments like this. …. Now that I think about it, even when I was embraced at that time he also had this feel to him.」

Saying so, Olivia became a little absentminded. Where was she looking at I wonder….?


「Eh? Ah, that is… There’s nothing wrong?」

「…. Just then, you were looking right at Elliot’s thing, weren’t you?」

「Ah, err, th-that is…… it’s the first time I’ve ever seen it this close…..」

Right now, my penis was in a semi erect state.

When I had sex with Olivia in the past for the first time, I was pumped full of magical energy and in a completely erect state, so it was probably true that this was her first time seeing it like this.

「One thing I can say is that since I haven’t really had the chance to compare it with other people, I don’t really know if it’s at an average size or if it’s big.」

Because I was getting conscious of being watched, it started to become more energetic.

「Elliot…. To begin with, both Olivia and I had our virginity taken by you. So we haven’t…. seen anyone one else’s dicks aside from you. It’s also different when compared to an Orc’s so…」

「Y-Yeah. … If I had to say, the extent of my experience with a gentleman’s thing is when I used to take baths with my father when I was younger. And after that, it was when I used to play in the river with Elliot when we were kids…… Back then, I would have never imagined Elliot’s penis to ever enter me after all.」

「….Heyy, Heyy, Olivia. Comparing it with those times, he became a lot bigger right?」

「Yeah, a lot bigger….」

….Somehow I feel really uncomfortable.

Why am I being evaluated by these two women even though I am right here next to them?

「Olivie, Sara. Let’s stop talking about my thing already, can we please get this started? When the morning comes, we won’t be able to meet again for a while…. so.」


「So, you do it like this……. You place it into your mouth and use your tongue to lick the tip……」

「Wa, Wa…. S-So that’s how it is. I was also… doing something like that before.」

Sara was currently burying her face in my crotch from the left side whilst lying on the bed so that Olivie could see her motions of giving head clearly.

Usually she loved to put it inside of her mouth and suck on it, but right now she was trying to teach another person so she tried to keep her lips uncovered and explained the movements of the tongue.

As usual I used a spell to smoothen out my pubic hair to make it get out of her way so that she could easily run her tongue across my cock making it wet with her saliva.

「You do this…. To the tip, which is the part………. that spurts out the semen.」

She originally had a serious personality and even in this state she was giving a proper explanation without stopping her movements.

Feeling a little mischievous, I stopped caressing her hair with my left hand and slipped my hand under her body to start playing with her right nipple.

「Hyaaah!? Wa….Wait……wha are y…….Nnpuh.」

She received the surprise attack when she was just about to swallow my penis deeply so she couldn’t really articulate her words.

「Continue, Sara. …..It feels really good.」

Whilst saying this, I started to embrace Olivia’s waist who was intently observing Sara.


Before Olivia said another word, I drew her face towards mine and stole a kiss from her lips. Her eyes which were open through the lens of the glasses were slowly being closed. When my tongue was inserted, she accepts it without hesitation and twines her own tongue around mine.

…..The movements of her tongue were very energetic, it seemed that she was trying to unconsciously practice the tongue technique that Sara had just showed her.

Noticing the situation, Sara’s love making became even stronger. Taking back my left hand, I used it to hold down her head with a little more strength. I could tell that she was having a harder time breathing, but I also knew that this ignited Sara’s passions even more.

「…..Puhaah. Olivie, it’s about time you give it a go as well?」

「…..Yes, but Sara is still…..」

「Both of you do it together.」

Olivia timidly lowers her head and takes a seated posture on the bed, she takes a similar position next to Sara.

Nonetheless, because the bed was not large enough to put two ladies lined up together, I was lying down in the center of the bed and both Sarah and Olivia was sitting diagonal across me on their knees as they served me.

Both of their tongues were running along the left and right. One was taking timid licks and the other was brazen.

They used the tip of their tongues to lick from the bottom to the top and they switched it up by using their mouths to brush against my shaft bringing both their faces closer.

It looks as if the two girls kissing my penis and holding it between their lips.

「…. Puhah….. It kind of feels like I’m having a kiss with Sara….」

「Mnn…. yeah, well it feels that way I suppose? Olivia, next I want you to take care of the tip part.」

After declaring this one-sidedly Sara sinks her head deeper down below and held my ball sacks within her mouth.

「So that’s also something…. We can do… Mnn.」

Olivia hesitates a little before slowly putting her mouth over my towering cock. Her hesitant tongue slowly sucks the glans of my cock and she was completely wrapping around it with her warm mouth.

「Yes, that’s it, Sara also continue just like that….. Olivie try using your tongue as well.」

Even if I wanted to try out various things, I can’t really do much whilst in this lying down state. The best I can do is stretch out my hands and start stroking their hair and ears.

Sara shifted back and forth between each ball and occasionally licks all the way to the base of my ball sack. Olivia followed the rhythm as she pursed her lips tightly around the head of my cock and stimulated the glans with the tip of her tongue.

The fire at the fireplace became a little dimmer.

By the time I noticed it, it seemed that half an hour had already passed since this love making lesson began. And the sensation of wanting to ejaculate was rising higher.

「….. Girls, I’m about to approach my limit…」

Hearing my words, the two girls raised their faces almost at the same time to look at me and started to begin their relentless tease on the tip of my dick.

Their two lips and their two tongues were intertwined with each other, glancing down towards them I made eye contact.

Springing my waist upwards, a strong culminating feeling of climax runs up my spine.

「Uu…. I’m coming!」

*Byrururu*, a spurting sound resounds.

The semen that was saved up for several days’ dashes out gallantly and is sprayed all over both their faces.

Sara was savoring the taste of semen in her mouth as she played around with it, I could tell from her eyes that she was in heat and craved for more.

Olivia looks at the semen that splashed on to her glasses with interest as she scoops up the semen covering her cheeks and mouth in order to examine it.

…… Whilst she was not as heated as Sara, without a doubt she was very aroused. Finally raising my body from the bed, I embraced the both of them in my hands.

「That felt extremely good.」

Putting strength into my arms I brought their faces closer towards each other.

Whilst still in their half seated posture, the girls noticed the semen on each other’s faces and started to lick and kiss each other.

Falling back into the bed I used the momentum to pull the two girls into the bed with me. Drawing their faces close to me, I kissed their lips. The three of us intertwined our tongues as we performed this dance for a while. Both my hands were groping their firm asses and proceeding to rub their crotches.

「Hyaah, Elliot…….Y-You’re touching over t-thereee.」

「Y-You perv….. trying to indulge in the both of us….」

The both of them extended their hands to rub my cock guiding me to a new cycle of ejaculation.

「….. Both of you should remember this… I am a demon, a terrible being. Violating various women, turning them into monsters and making them into my subordinates…… This will probably continue in the future. Even so, I will make love to you many times. Are you fine with that?」

Suddenly I recalled something and got up. The both of them followed me with their eyes… But well, I was just adding more firewood to the fireplace.

Even though it was gradually getting warmer, the night is still cold. [2. Nef: I thought winter was approaching? may need to change later…]

If we had blankets and were lying on the bed that would be fine, but I suspect we will be up for a while. When I turned around, I saw a dreamlike scene before my eyes.

Both Sara and Olivia were spreading their own private parts with their fingers inviting me towards them. It was like two flowers were blooming on top of my bed; it was both a beautiful yet intoxicating scene.

「……Which of you proposed it?」

When I asked them the question, the two girls averted their gaze in embarrassment.

「……In other words, you girls didn’t really discuss it but both of you were unable to hold it any longer?」

Slowly approaching them, I looked towards their nether regions with a critical gaze. It feels like my precarious position from before was reversed.

Sara was used to me seeing her in full like this, but Olivia naturally did not have much experience in the topic of sex.

Occasionally their bodies would tremble and twitch a little. Olivia was already wet but the last time we did it, I actually used an aphrodisiac so it may still hurt a little bit this time around. In this case, it may be better to have a little more foreplay.

「Olivia get up and get on top of Sara. Just like that, your head and legs should be opposite of Sara and face towards me…… You understand what I want you to do right?」

After Olivia gets on top, I pulled Sara’s legs towards me until the edge of the bed.

「W-Wait, as long as you tell me I can move by myself you know!?」

「I feel like I want to be a little rougher today.」

I replied to Sara’s complaint in a noncommittal manner. Well, this is something I can do because I knew Sara did not dislike losing control. Dahlia and Diana were both fine with it as well, as for Astarte and Shiro they prefer being asked what they want to do.

Chana probably had a similar preference to Sara, but I would prefer to leave that girl to Harry and Fred…… Moreover, if I increase the number of women around me by too much, I won’t be able to hold out.

「Umm, Elliot? After going on top of Sara, what should I do…..?」

Olivia seemed confused as she asked me the question. As expected, she probably didn’t have this type of knowledge.

I wasn’t sure if Olivia would become as aroused as Sara when she listened to dirty talk but without a doubt her sense of shame was as strong as Sara if not stronger. Shall I try to train this aspect of hers?

「Olivie, I want you to watch me violate Sara very closely. Therefore, Olivie should put her face just above Sara’s pussy. Because I would feel bad if you just watched us, Olivie you can drop your butt towards Sara’s face. And Sara, you will start servicing her.」

「Ahh, I see. it’s reasonable…. eh?」

In that moment she finally understood the situation but then Olivia freezes mid-sentence as it dawned on her what would actually be happening.

Her face became red like a lobster and her ears were also flushed.

「Elliot, you really are a brute…. Isn’t Olivia your childhood friend?」

「It’s precisely because I treasure her that I don’t want to hide anything. If you want to do this secretly and sleep with me individually…. it will be very inefficient usage of time and both Sara and Olivie will get to meet me less often, right?」

This was my true feelings.

Moreover, I honestly could not think of a way to treat Olivie as a typical lover as Sara would suggest.

「….. I will be so lonely if I can’t meet with Elliot so… I will try my best to remember our lessons okay? But what if by doing ecchi things like this, I suddenly feel lewd whilst I am supposed to be on duty….?」

Olivia says some fairly cute things…

…. Dammit, why must Olivia be married off to some random guy due to some political marriage ploy?

I know that I was being very greedy.

After being awakened as a demon by Astarte, I already did it with Dalia a couple of times, I made Shiro into my slave and violated her and after winning the battle, I defiled Sara. After tricking Diana and triumphing over her in the information war, I ravished her for the whole day, and after saving Olivia from her plight, I also made her into my woman.

I want them all and even up until this day I was not giving them any freedom to leave me……Well the women I made into monsters were probably never going to be able to leave my side…

But given the opportunity, even the Arachne who had killed and eaten, Chana who was a slave of the two young boys and even passing merchants who came across my dungeon.

Including the Snake Princess Miyabi… I wanted to embrace all these women and make them into my subordinates.

Perhaps this was due to my demonic blood, or perhaps this was just my human nature, I didn’t really know the exact answer.

It may be as simple as the fact that this was my own personal nature.

However, I was certain of the fact that I do not want to lose any of the women who were within my grasp as of now. This was the undeniable truth.



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