Chapter 62 – Back Face, Front Face: Two Flowers

Chapter 61 - Front Face, Back Face: Debriefing Session

Chapter 63: Hidden Facade - Magic Tool Shop and the Knight Lyra

Translator: Nefarian

「… Heyy, Elliot, is this…… okay?」

Apparently I dazed out for a while. When I noticed, Olivia was already guided by Sara and was in an optimal position to see Sara’s crotch.

「Yeah, that’s fine. Hey, Olivie. How is Sara’s pussy looking right now? Can you tell me the details?」

「That kind of thing, shouldn’t you look yourself….? Ah, un. I understand.」

Asking me back in a confused expression, she probably noticed that Sara who was right next to her twitched in response. As expected, Olivia seems to have more talent for cornering people, doesn’t she?

「Elliot, Sara’s hair under here is really quite beautiful and has a deep shade of blue just like her natural hair, don’t you think? She’s already wet and the blood is turning it a deeper shade in color…..Also, there is….. this bean like protrusion…..」

「That is called the clitoris. Olivie knows about this, right?」

「Uuu, that is….. are you trying to make me say those kinds of ecchi words on purpose?…. Oh finee. If it’s Elliot no matter what it is, I can’t win against him…. Uhmn, Sara’s clitoris is a very pretty pink shade in color and a little big in terms of size…… Or perhaps, it is more accurate to say that it’s gotten bigger? Below that….. the labia of her v-vagina is a little dark in color but it is still beautiful. Ah, it twitched just now. …. Sara are you feeling good?」

When I peeked at Sara’s face from the side I saw that her face was red with shame.

Olivia’s crotch was in front of her and both her legs were placed on the left and right of Sara’s head so she was quite restricted.

「Sara, why don’t you return the favour and give her an explanation. …. You normally don’t have the opportunity to see this right?」

Sara reacted in a pleased manner to my words.

「Olivia’s pubic hair is beautifully groomed isn’t it? Additionally, even though it a beautiful black color, the hair is thin and I’m envious of how easy it is to maintain. The clit-chan is also on the small side, so I’m going to peel back the skin…….Mnn」


Sara raises her face up a little and uses her tongue in order to uncover the foreskin which wrapped around her clitoris.

「N-noo, that is…… I-I’m afraid, I’m scared, my body is…..」

Since the first time we did it, it is possible that the sensitivity of her body had gone up.

Her waist was jolting up and down just from having her clitoris stimulated, Sara was using both her hands to hold Olivia’s leg in place.

「Sara, continue. ….. Olivie.」

Lowering my waist, I matched my face to the height of Olivie’s face. Perhaps she was slightly frightened because of experiencing this pleasure that she couldn’t control, her eyes through the lens were just a little tearful.

「You can leave your body to the pleasure. I will permit it. No, this is my order….. fall into disorder.」

Before she could answer, I stole a kiss from her lips. Moving my tongue deeper I roughly invaded her mouth. Her crotch was being stimulated by Sara’s tongue and her mouth was being intruded by mine. The amount of pleasurable sensations seemed to exceed her threshold and Olivia’s body begins to convulse little by little. Her body may have felt unstable due to being held by Sara so she anxiously extended her arms towards me.

Nonetheless, there was still a long way to go, I should probably cut her a break here right?

I caught her hands which were reaching out to me and intertwined them with my own hands. When I released my kiss, a string of saliva connects each of our lips as if to say that we were reluctant to part with each other.


Feverish, Olivia’s eyes were in a daze.

「Olivie, I’m going to put this inside of Sara, so can you help me lubricate it?」

Releasing her hands, I stood up and showed my towering cock placing it in front of her face. She was slightly hesitant but her upper body was clearly in a state of delirium. Her small face approaches and she lowers her lips to swallow my cock.

Using both my hands to grasp on her pretty black hair, I used a bit of force to pull her head towards me and push my penis down her throat. Even though she was choking, she desperately moved her tongue that was dripping with saliva in order to service me.

She wrapped her arms around my waist as if to say that she didn’t want to let me go. Because she wasn’t used to it, she couldn’t swallow my whole thing down successfully. Even so, she tangles her tongue around the base of my dick and dribbled her saliva all over it, in order to give me as much pleasure as possible.

I contemplated just bursting into her mouth right now, but I just came moments ago and I didn’t really want to make Sara wait for much longer. Indeed, I felt guilty towards her. After moving inside of her throat for around ten thrusts, I released my grip over Olivia to relieve her before it became painful to breathe.


「Olivia, look closely. Right now, this will enter Sara.」

This bed was relatively tall and it was around the height of a person’s waist, so if one bends down a little it will be the perfect height.

「Sara, continue to service Olivie okay?」

Saying this, I slowly penetrate my cock into Sara who had been waiting for me.

「Waa….Ahh, Elliot’s thing is pushing through Sara………」

Because I’ve kept her waiting for a long time, Sara’s vagina was pretty hot. As a magician, she didn’t train the muscles in her body so her ability to tighten her vagina wasn’t that strong. However, she was originally slender and perhaps this influenced it, but her insides were thin and narrow, I felt a strong sense of tightness that was just perfect. Because of this, she would normally be in pain if she wasn’t already wet, however right now there was absolutely no need to concern myself as Sara was already wet.

「Ahh.. it’s come, it’s inside of meee….!」

Then, I suddenly stopped my movements. Though Olivia was looking closely at our connected parts with confusion, her questions seemed to have been answered.

「Ah….. Why, why aren’t you moving?」

Perhaps she wasn’t able to endure it, but Sara started to quiver as she tried to move her waist. Even the insides of her vagina was undulating so as to invite me in deeper, but it was likely that even Sara was unaware of her involuntary motions.

「Sara is really cute when she gets teased so…」


When I suddenly pierced deep inside of her, Sara’s abdominal muscles lightly curled like a shrimp.


This was something I’ve done over and over with her, but no matter how many times we did it, her reactions don’t change. I also thought that she would have known this about herself, but it seems that she hasn’t noticed it.

「Uwaah….. Sara, did you know? Just now, your….. juices are flowing out.」

「Noo, d-don’t say it, don’t say itt……」

Even though I’ve mentioned it to her before, she only acted shy and pouted at me, but when Olivia who was of the same sex as her said it, it seemed to have a radically different effect.

Although I have tried teasing Shiro as well, but in the case of Shiro, she would already stick her tongue out and she wouldn’t react in this kind of shy manner so it wasn’t as satisfying.

「Ohh, Sara is the kind of person who feels really good when she gets embarrassing things spoken to her……..」

Olivia who was exposed to a person’s sexual disposition for the first time was really absorbed in the moment and brimming with curiosity.

「Olivie, can you start attending to around the parts we are connected? Rather than concentrating on me, you should focus on Sara.」

「Mnn, I understand. …..I should, focus here, right?」

If Olivie was just watching us, she would have free time right? In that case, she may as well join in.

(Light Novel Illustration: Olivia On Top of Sara)

Coyly, she begins licking around Sara’s clitoris. Olivie was reacting to when I pulled my penis out so that she could lick both my rod and Sara’s clit at the same time.

「Ahhh, Ahhhhhhhh, oh, stop it, n-no, m-more, do it moree…….」

「Oh? Sara you’re being so selfish. Do you want me to stop? Or do you want me to continue?」

At this point, a new sort of feeling was born. Looking closely, Sara was no longer able to maintain her transformation technique and a thin black tail sprouts out of her buttocks and was wrapping around my penis. This was like a third hand suddenly appeared, or perhaps it was more like her fingers started to stroke me off.

Sara had been made into a succubus for at least half a year and I never knew that she was capable of doing something like this.

「Sara, you’ve become fairly greedy haven’t you? Even your tail desires my cock doesn’t it?」

「Fuaah…..? M-My tail……. Ahh, my transformation has come off, noo, I, I can’t anymore….」

Although I couldn’t see Sara’s face from this angle, I knew that her face was covered in Olivie’s love juices and her own saliva at this point becoming very sticky. Although I haven’t inserted inside of her for that long a period, I was serviced by Olivie’s mouth a little while ago and the impending feelings of ejaculation was becoming stronger.

From my experience so far, I’m about to….

「I want it…. I really want it, Elliott, let it out, let it out for mee…..」

Look at that, she’s started begging me.

In normal circumstances, I would continue teasing her to reaffirm the position of my being her Master, but today, I didn’t feel like this was necessary.

「Olivie, ask her what she wants.」

Just from that alone, Olivie was able to guess what I meant and she started to play around with Sara’s clitoris with the tips of her fingers and began to ask her.

「Umm… Sara. What is it that you want? Be more specific, I wonder what it is that you want him to “let out”? If you don’t say it properly, Elliot might not give you what you want….」

「Ahh…. E-Even Olivia is…. I-I understandd, I’ll say itt……I want his seed, his semen, the ecchi fluids that go *byuu byuu* that spurts out of Elliot’s cock, I want Elliot to spurt his horny juices inside of Sara’s pussy!」

「Wow, Sara you….」

Sara became serious and she used such frank and blatant dirty talk to arouse herself even more that even Olivia’s face had started to redden. Quickly pulling out the penis from Sara, I shoved it in front of Olivia’s face.

「Ahh! Please don’t take it out, I beg you don’t pull it out!!」

Aroused by Sara’s words, Olivia extended her tongue towards my cock which was covered in Sara’s love juices.

「Mnn…. Sara has so much lewd juices flowing from here, don’t you? Sara, can you still endure it?」

「I can’t hold it anymoree….. it’s aching, my pussy is already aching so muchh.」

I thrust inside of Olivia’s mouth a few times and endure just at the edge of orgasm.

「Sara, here I go?」

「Come, come for mee! …..!?」

Pulling it out of Olivia’s lips just before I burst, I pierced myself inside of Sara and ejaculated at the same time.

「Come, Sara, Cum……uhh」

*Spurt, Gush*, the sense of ejaculation continued as I pierced all the way into the deepest part of Sara pushing my waist against hers.

Olivia’s face was pressed tightly against my abdomen and belly area. She then slowly rises from that position and hugs my body requesting a kiss. Because Olivia adjusted her position, her crotch was right next to Sara’s face.

Sara was surely about to shout in ecstasy but only muffled sounds leaked through, along with the intense contractions of her vagina. Moreover, the movements of her waist which jolted upwards signified that she had reached her peak.

While enjoying the taste of Olivia’s lips, I continued to put out semen into Sara’s belly for a long time.


「….. Sara, Sara?」

Olivia got off from on top of Sara who was unconscious and called out to her. Since her chest was rising and falling, she was breathing without any problems. She just blacked out a little.

「She climaxed and just fainted a little…… Olivie, how was it?」

「What do… you mean, by “how was it”?」

Being puzzled momentarily, Olivie asks me back. Even though she knew what I meant.

「Don;t you already know what I mean? Seeing two people have sex, I want to know how you felt about it.」

Smiling mischievously, I replied to Olivie. It’s likely that I have a pervy looking face to her right now.

「…Geez, you’re such a tease…. You know what? Sara is normally a strong girl and really smart, and contrary to her actions of being really caring towards others, she has quite the potty mouth. Even when displaying this ecchi side of her…. I feel as though she has her own type of self-confidence. But….. when she’s in this lewd state she can become so cute. I can somewhat understand how Elliot feels when he wants to tease her.」

While putting a towel on Sara, Olivie answers me.

Seeing how lovely she was from behind and the fact that her juices were still dripping down her thighs, I was the one who became unable to hold myself back. Even though I came so much just moments ago, even I am surprised at myself.

Extending my left hand towards Olivie’s ass and rubbing against it, I let my other hand slide down her crotch from behind.

「…… Kyaah, t-touching me s-so suddenly?」

「Yeah. Because you have become mine, I thought I would share the happiness that comes with it.」

Olivia looks a little embarrassed but she still gently opens her legs for me. Using the fingers of my left hand, I took my time to touch Olivia’s wet honey pot. She was servicing Sara before and was already quite feverish herself and wet down there. Olivia extends her right hand backwards and grabs on to my dick and starts to stimulate it slowly.

「You’re so naughty, Elliot…… You just let so much inside of Sara just now, but you’re already like this again…..」

Like this, we played around with each other’s genitals whilst bantering back and forth. It wasn’t as if we wanted to compete with each other on who would be unable to endure it first, but it somehow reached that sort of conclusion.

Before long, Olivia began to steer my penis slowly towards the entrance of her nether regions. My fingers already knew that Olivia’s pussy was drenched. Both of us staying silent and without her turning towards me, I started to ravish Olivia from behind in my standing-up position.

Olivia bends her upper body downwards and slightly opens her legs. Olivia’s genitals were spread to the left and right as my penis pushes inside towards her interior. The insertion went smoothly and the head of my cock nestled inside her peacefully. It was at this time that a gentle movement inviting me in deeper could be felt.

「Ahh… It’s in-side of me…. Elliot’s cock is….」

「Right now only the tip has entered…. Olivie, do you feel any pain?」

Even though we have reached such a state, it was a fact that this was still Olivia’s second time experiencing sex. Well, the night I took away her virginity was a rowdy time, even Olivia had taken my seed inside of her at least two or three times in a row….

Nevertheless, I thought that she may still be experiencing more pain than pleasure.

「I’m still a little afraid….. but if it’s with you, I’m fine. Besides, compared to last time… there isn’t.. that much…. pain?」

Olivia breaks off mid-sentence as if confused. Apparently she was now able to feel the pleasure.

「It kind of feels weird….? It feels good, but there’s something…. more….. like….」

「Most likely that is Olivie’s body getting ready to climax. Just like how Sara peed herself and fainted when I ejaculated inside of her, your body is making the same preparations.」

「Umm….. I wouldn’t like it… if I pee myself…?」

「That is not something I get to decide… But, well for me as long as you feel good that’s great with me. I still have not embraced you enough. Tomorrow you will be back to your official duties…. so we probably won’t be able to go until morning. Will you stay in this room, at least until the light in that candle disappears?」

I was piercing her from behind and supporting Olivia’s stomach with both my hands. Olivia was moving her waist back and forth. I wasn’t just moving from front to back, but also in circular motions.

「Haa……Mnnn…… This feels good…. but… I can’t see Elliot’s face….」

「…. Would it be better if we faced each other?」


When we momentarily separated, a string of love juices drip from my penis to show our reluctance in parting. Sara was sleeping on the bed right now and in this room there was a spare chair we recently set up, I sat down on the chair and called Olivia over.

「Now then, come over here. Just like that time, right on top of me.」

Coming over eagerly she straddles me who was sitting on the chair.

「Umm… T-This part here…. Ahh is meant to go in here…. Ahh, it’s going in…」

Once again my penis was being swallowed up by Olivia’s warm vagina. Olivia’s shapely breasts were being strongly pressed against my own and its shape changes. Olivia lifted her hips and slowly moved up and down. Even if we don’t move intensely, just by shaking our waists together will mutually give both of us pleasure.

Our bodies stuck closely with each other, occasionally we would share a kiss and there were not many words that needed to be exchanged. After a while, my endurance was approaching the limit.

「Olivie, from here on out, I will have less opportunities to ejaculate inside of your vagina. After all, if a single unmarried woman like you were to become pregnant with child, it would cause you various troubles… so.」

「Yeah, that’s true…. But, it still makes me feel somewhat lonely. Ah, but, today is a safe day therefore…」

Ahh, her menstruation cycle is it? Incidentally, I don’t know too much about a woman’s cycle.

「I see, well if we met at a safe time by chance than I will consider this our good luck…. But sooner or later, I will also let your ass experience what it feels like to receive my love.」

「M-My butt….?」

Olivia was looking at me blankly. Well, she certainly has no experience in this regard…..

「The ass hole can also make a woman feel very good. All of my women have experienced it.」

「…. Even Sara?」

「Naturally. But it takes some time to get used to before it starts to feel good. If I were to just suddenly thrust it into you without warning, there is a high chance of causing a rip so… In Sara’s case I slowly developed her body over a three month period.」

「…. Do you think that I should be able to do it in around that time as well….?」

「Probably…. Uuu, I’m about to come.」

「Yeah… Let it out. Come to your hearts content inside of me. I want Elliot’s everything and the proof that I am Elliot’s woman…」

My waist jerks. I held my ass that was about to spring but the throbbing of my cock which was about to burst could not be held down.

*Thump, Spurt*, like a rapid pulse, my semen drives inside of her.

「Ahh… It’s come, it’s comingg…. ah, s-so hottt…..」

Sitting on the chair as our bodies stuck to each other like glue, I was slowly but surely ejaculating a large amount of semen inside of her vagina.

I entrusted my head to her chest and Olivia shuts her eyes in bliss.

Whilst feeling her comforting weight against me, I continued to just hug Olivia for a while longer.


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