Chapter 64: Hidden Facade: Brothel “Cobweb Pavilion”

Chapter 63: Hidden Facade - Magic Tool Shop and the Knight Lyra

Chapter 65: Back Face, Front Face: Old Scars (Part 1)

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「Goshujin-samaa, that woman just now, is quite strong you know….?」

After Lyra looked at the waterproof gloves for quite some time and had finally left, Shiro who had been hiding all the while had come out stealthily. Hahah, hiding all presence of herself so that she wouldn’t be noticed, is she that cautious against Lyra?

「Well, If Shiro puts it like that, she must be strong then. Having someone like her live in the vicinity…. should I feel safe or fearful….?」

For Shiro to give such a high assessment, it means that she is definitely stronger than those hoodlums you see on the streets, but I have a feeling that she is fairly strong even when compared to actual knights.

Considering we recently lost our Orc Leader, I don’t think we would be able to defeat her in a direct confrontation based on strength alone.

I truly appreciate the fact that we are actually neighbors and not someone who are hostile to one another.

Olivia may actually be acquainted with Lyra, I should ask her when I have the chance.

「Master, the meal has been prepared. Today we are scheduled to visit Astarte-sama and Diana-sama in the evening, so we have until that time to arrange the shop.」

「Rice! Ricee! Goshujin-sama, Shiro is hungry♪」

Dalia was the one who came out of the kitchen in order to call me. Shiro was really happy as she raised her voice and ran around me in circles……… Yeah, I should definitely complete Shiro’s illusion amulet quickly so that we can hide her outward characteristics.

To think that only she was the only girl unable to go outside, it definitely makes me feel sorry for her.

「Dalia, Shiro. After we finish eating, I going to teach you both how to read and write…. Make sure you don’t run away.」

Is what I told the girls after grabbing on to Shiro’s tail.

「Uuu, Shiro’s a puppy dog so even if she doesn’t study…. isn’t that alright?」

「I… I will try my best….」

These two girls were still not proficient in writing and reading letters.

Especially Dalia, since she was born, she had never learnt to read or write, so it’s going to be necessary to start with basic counting first.

Nevertheless, she could not be considered stupid, it was more of the fact that she wasn’t given the opportunity to study.

In the past, she had helped me with managing the traps and materials within the dungeon and it was obvious that since then she already grasped the fundamental concept of numbers and the need to calculate.

It wasn’t like she was talentless, so all that needed to be done was to lightly pave the way and give her some knowledge and experience.

All I did was teach her during our carriage rides and also a short lecture before bed and she was already capable of doing addition and subtraction, she even understood simple multiplication.

She hasn’t completely grasped the idea behind division, but when given a practical example of dividing one apple into five pieces, she could understand the concept so, well… it shouldn’t be long before she gets used to it.

Shiro did work as an adventurer in the past so the concept of calculating everyone’s share of the loot wasn’t lost on her.

In regards to learning letters, they finally managed to learn all the letters in the alphabet so if they can learn new vocabulary, all they needed to do was learn how to compose sentences and the rules of grammar before they would be able to manage the business with adequacy.

If we were going to continue living in this city and start our business, being able to read and write simple words were definitely a great advantage for doing business.

「Umm excuse me, Goshujin-sama….. After the study is over, it will be Shiro’s and Dalia’s turn to have a bit of fun, kay?」

Before I noticed it, Shiro had quickly finished her meal and was under the table burying her face in between my groins.

「Hey! Shiro, It’s still daytime.」

「Ahh, Shiro-san….」

Although Dalia was pretending to be more prudent, I could tell from her expression that she wanted to side with Shiro in the matter.

「B-But, didn’t you go to Sara’s new house for the whole of yesterday? It’s not fair that you always pay attention to Saraa. Both of us also want to do some ecchi things.」

…….. Her saying up to this much makes it quite difficult for me to rebuke her complaints.

It was fair game with Olivia since it was true that I probably wouldn’t be able to meet her for a while, but meeting Sara is relatively easy.

So well…. I do understand where Shiro is coming from.

「……. I understand, however, provided that you girls will finish today’s study before the afternoon bell rings, alright?」

Sometimes it’s important to dangle the carrot as a reward, even if the said carrot is myself.

….On this day, they managed to complete their studies before the afternoon bell rang.


「I have been awaiting you, Elliot-sama………How many people have you embraced today?」

Astarte was smiling at me bewitchingly. Her outward appearance was the same as the first time I met her, she was wearing a nun uniform. Although it may sound like a bad joke for a nun to be in a brothel, the fact of the matter is…. it wasn’t that uncommon, or so I’ve heard.

Because the temple is a place which people originally gather together, it can be efficient to incorporate an entertainment district.

There are many small restaurants and shops around the temple for people to come and visit and the place can also function as a place that people do exchange of goods.

There are no such customs in Ebram, but there are also stories of women in the past few generations who served the temples and offered their bodies as their pilgrim.

There are also stories that in ancient times the river goddess was originally a guardian deity of women and a protector of love, who endorsed the idea that people should have uninhibited sexuality.

I’m not sure if the women who were known as the temple prostitutes would have the same status as the priests. But, they were by no means regarded to have lowly positions…. Well this is the knowledge I gained from reading a book in the past.

「Well, there isn’t much difference to when we were living in the dungeon…. I suppose? How is the situation?」

「Shiro only got it spurted inside of her vagina once♪」

「Ah, hey, you don’t really have to mention such a thing…..」

We were in a bar out in the backstreets of the old city, this place was linked to the entertainment district that Diana and Astarte were left to manage. A two-story building reinforced with both stones and wood.

At the entrance a signboard made out of copper said “Cobweb Pavilion” and this was the only form of advertisement for the pub. The place wasn’t flashy and there were a variety of random decorations around the place almost as if someone had a hobby of collecting things.

To begin with, it’s hard to say if the place was managed properly and even though the location is quite good and the building itself is solid, it’s hard to say that this is the best brothel around.

Apart from the Arachne harlots personally controlled by Diana whom were considered to be specialists, the rest of them who worked here were from the outskirts of town….. In other words people from the slums and the people with no place to go.

Therefore, even though it’s not to the extent that this is a low class establishment, it was also hard to say that this was a first class brothel.

There are quite a number of male and female prostitutes working in Ebram.

Well because the population of the city was quite large to begin with, including the travelers who stop by. It was natural for this industry to prosper more when compared with other cities.

As far as I have investigated, there are three known establishments in the new town and two such establishments in the old town, there are also a couple of shops that haven’t been confirmed and also individual harlots who was operating on their own terms. Overall I approximate that the population of prostitutes within Ebram come to around 300 people.

Perhaps more than 1% of the city’s population right now is involved in the sex industry right now. Whether this is a lot of people or only a few, is an answer I don’t really know yet.

There seems to be around ten prostitutes in this store. Whether this is a lot for one place or not enough is something I can’t judge on just yet.

「Oh, welcome. I’ve been waiting for you, Goshujin…… no, revered customer.」

Diana comes from the interior of the shop carrying a bundle of documents. All the curious prostitutes behind Diana were peeping from the aisle.

….. Well, I’m wearing a mask and a big hat as per usual, in order to hide my appearance. I don’t know if any of the prostitutes will leak information or if they can be trusted just yet, so I don’t really want to reveal anything unnecessary.

「Yo, Diana. I’m going to give out some instructions, in order to manage the business. First of all, have you compiled a list of the working girls along with their health checks?」

There are many things to consider, like investigating the customer base or how to manage the place in the future, but first and foremost, it was necessary to confirm the present situation of the prostitutes we put up for sale.

If there are girls who are suffering from an illness, it will be necessary to give them time to recuperate.

If they have some sort of venereal disease that can be treated then that’s fine, but if treatment is difficult, then they will not be able to work as a prostitute.


「You, are you the new owner of this place?」

A voice suddenly speaks to me and my train of thought is interrupted. When I turned to look, I saw that a woman was coming up from behind Diana.

She had light brown skin and although it wasn’t as apparent as Chana, she did seem like she had southern blood mixed in. Her light grey-brown hair stretched down all the way to her tiny waists.

The size of her chest is slightly larger than average, but because her waist is thin, she exuded a more amiable impression.

Just purely judging by her appearance, I would say that she looked like a gentle and obedient type of girl, but seeing her confident gaze along with those wanton words she spoke with earlier indicates quite the opposite.

「She is Dora. She is the leader among the other prostitutes.」

Diana spoke in a low voice that only I could hear, barely moving her mouth whilst she had her back towards Dora.

I see, it seems that depending on how I deal with her, it can become quite troublesome…

「….. Ahh, let’s leave our conversation at that for now. You are Dora? I don’t intend to interfere with how you girls are going to work, however, it is necessary for us to devise measures so that we can mutually benefit, wouldn’t you agree?」

「How do you know my name….」

Hmm, for a moment the fierceness in her eyes subsided. She stopped walking behind of Diana and halts several steps apart from me.

Well, it might certainly be strange for me to know her name on the first time we met.

I admired Diana’s wits for anticipating this sort of buildup and it would be a shame if I could not make use of the situation..

…..Furthermore, Diana is probably not entirely convinced of my ability to take charge as her master and is still testing me.

「I looked at the documents in advance, that’s all there is to it. I haven’t read about all the more specific details, but I at least have the courtesy to remember your name. I don’t know how your previous manager treated you, but I don’t intend to unexpectedly kill you or sell you off. It would seem that you have some questions you wish to ask of me? How about we start with that?」

Now then, what is Dora’s next move?

「……You get to the point quite fast, don’t you? I’ve heard that you will be the new manager and that you are Astarte-neesan’s Master. If neesan says you can be trusted, then for now I will trust you….」

Hearing her reply, I was slightly taken aback.

Astarte has only arrived here for about two days and yet she has already been able to earn the trust of the prostitute girls. I wonder what happened? I’ll have to ask her later.

「No, it’s stupid to believe in me without any proof. Your judgement isn’t wrong. It’s a problem if you want to argue every single detail, but if there is a specific request you have in mind, let me know. It’s free to ask……. Before that, I will say that it is necessary for us to repair the waterway that circulates at the bottom of this store. If that’s where you are dissatisfied, then I also recognize the issue.」

「In that regard, we also wish for the same thing. The waterway can easily become stagnant and when it does, the bad smell in summer is quite unbearable….. However, the main issue is. You, what are you planning on doing with the girls working at this place? To elaborate, due to the various circumstances there are a variety of girls in this store that aren’t capable of working right at this instance.」

She was staring at me with a piercing gaze.

I see… She intends to protect the other girls. She must be liked by the other girls.

「To be frank, in the instance that treatment cannot cure them, I’m not sure what I can do. However, if they are only unable to work as prostitutes then they should be able to work outside at the bar, right? Although they may not add up to as much earnings, hearing from the reports, the current business at the bar is quite lacking. Also, things like cleaning, washing cooking and other miscellaneous duties, if we add them all up, I’m sure there is something that we can arrange. I was thinking of hiring additional people to work at the store, but if your wish is to let the other girls work after retiring from prostitution, I believe that this is possible. What do you think?」

To be honest, I don’t know if there is an expiry date for how old a prostitute can be. When they are young it’s fine. But I’m sure it would be nice if you could fall back into another job after you stop whoring yourself. After all, this isn’t the type of work that you can continue forever.

As you age your figure withers away and even if they were to use contraception, it isn’t something that is guaranteed to work. The risk of them becoming pregnant from a random person’s seed is always there.

I’ve heard that there are midwives who specializes in providing an abortion service, but even then, the probability of actually performing the procedure safely and successfully isn’t that high, it’s like taking a really bad bet that has bad odds.

「….. Don’t tell me, is there perhaps a prostitute that got pregnant?」


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