Chapter 66: Front Face, Back Face: The Broken Prostitute, Lily (Part 1)

Chapter 65: Back Face, Front Face: Old Scars (Part 2)

Chapter 66: Front Face, Back Face: The Broken Prostitute, Lily (Part 2)

Translator: Adam Seacord


That night, I brought Lily to the shop during an inconspicuous time. I had Daria clear the basement storage and prepare a bed. I ordered Daria to prepare incents and aphrodisiacs mixed by Chana. Dora must have begun to worry about Lily. She said she wanted to come with us. I had to think about it for a second, but Diana and Astarte gave me some looks, so I decided to leave her to them.

…They might be planning a move, too. Let’s see how they handle it. Dora has gusto and guts, but she’s a normal human. They shouldn’t have any trouble.

I sent everyone but Shiro and Lily above ground. I lit the incents. An aggressive sweet scent, perhaps frankincense, wafted up my nostrils.

「Master… What should I do…?」

She must have calmed down all ready. Shiro spoke like herself again.

「Shiro, since we have Lily with us, you can act as Charlotte. With that in mind, I’ll tell you what we’re going to do here. …If everything goes well, Lily will become a monster like you. When that happens, she may have a personality as a monster that’s a little different from this Lily’s.」

The truth was that, there was no guarantee to cause that intentionally. There were times, like with Sara, when I had changed the names of my subjects when I turn them, but no one other than Shiro had developed a separate personality.

I was sure that Shiro knew that too. Shiro’s personality was just a different face she wore, created willingly by Charlotte at the brink of breaking.

Still, Lily’s situation was quite similar to Shiro’s situation in the past. If her personality as a monster could coincide with her human mind… Perhaps, Lily had a chance at regaining her life.

「I won’t hate you if it doesn’t work… Please. I want to see Lily smile again. I want her to call my name again…」

At least, through Shiro creating a personality as a monster had allowed Charlotte’s damaged personality to sleep and stabilize somewhat. The question was, would it work out the same for Lily?

There was another matter to consider. The child inside of her, whose body may not have been formed yet.

If I turn Lily into a monster, how in the world will the baby turn out?

Did I have the right to do such a thing? Of course, no amount of pondering brought about any answers. So, I had to become more of a villain.

「Charlotte. I don’t care if you hate me, or whatever you do, but this is my decision. You’re my monster, and I’m going to make your friend Lily a monster. Understood?」

With that, I handed Shiro two round pills of aphrodisiac.

「I command you. You and Lily will take those, and love each other. To allow me to ravish your friend, to turn her into a monster… You’re going to help me do that, Charlotte. 」

「…How evil you are.」

With a small droplet of tear in the corner of her eye, Charlotte smiled.

「Charlotte the thief, once a slave to evil adventurers, now a slave to an evil monster, is very happy. So… Don’t look so worried. Command me, Master.」

She turned around, letting her clothes glide off. Her tail shook side-to-side, indicating her excitement despite her best efforts to conceal it.

「Lily… I always thought about what it would be like to do something like this… With you, with Yuri… I never imagined that it would happen like this, though. 」

Come to think of it, Shiro had occasionally played with Sara in that sort of way. I had thought she only felt that way towards Sara, but she apparently had some potential for lesbianism from the beginning.

「Ah…? Cha…r? Char, Char!」

Lily did seem to recognize that she had known Charlotte before. Lily smiled like an innocent girl, and wrapped her arms around Shiro, who was now naked. Watching that unfold to the side of me, I lit the incense, placed it in a small porcelain jar and put that on the sideboard. A narrow strand of lilac smoke delivers the sweet scent throughout the room.

I poured some fruit juice in a cheap wooden cup, and handed it to Shiro, as she tangled herself with Lily. Shiro crunched up the pill with her teeth, took some juice in her mouth and poured it down Lily’s throat with a kiss.

Lily must not have had as much experience with women. Looking a little surprised, she glanced over to me. She seemed to vaguely understand that I was the one in charge of Shiro. I smiled and went back to the entrance, which seemed to convey my permission for them to go ahead; Lily concentrated again on Shiro’s kiss.

It was a slow, prolonged kiss. Of course, it wasn’t often that I found myself watching other people kiss without participating in the action.

A dollop of juice spilt out of the corner of Lily’s mouth, drawing a delicate line down her slender chin, soft neck, and her breast. An orange stain forms on the white sheet, but no one pays their mind.

Even when they separate their faces just enough to catch their breathes, their tongues clung to each other with desire, refusing to release.

Before I knew it, what was remaining of Lily’s undergarments had been completely stripped off of her, and were strewn under the bed. Shiro and Lily both had fair skin, but Lily’s was closer to ivory… The small but many scars drawn clearly on her breasts and hips were a graphic indication of her past.

「Lily, Lily… I’m sorry, I’m sorry…」

Shiro whimpered, as her tongue glided over Lily’s neck, her collar, under her arm, and finally her average-sized breasts that looked unnaturally large in contrast to her impoverished waist. Shiro kissed her nipple.

「Ahh… Ah, Char, ahhh…」

Lily, with an immature face beginning to be colored with lustful pleasure, grasped Shiro’s hair and caressed her head. As if to comfort a younger sister. As if to grant forgiveness to a sinner in confession.

Most likely, I only see it that way from the outside looking in, but if Shiro… No, if Charlotte felt forgiven by this…

I had found myself with such an idea, probably too good to be true.

The puppy-dog-like grooming had turned into steamy caressing. Her force of habit as a prostitute must have taken over. Lily had jumped over Shiro assertively, and delivered a downpour of kisses on her back and her neck. Meanwhile, Lily’s hand had reached down to Shiro’s groin, as if intended to stroke a man’s penis, and stayed their playing with Shiro’s fruit.

「Char, hr? Hrr?」

「Ah… Lily, don’t… Ahh, wait, I need to…」

「Oh, Shiro, that’s fine. Catch up with your friend to your heart’s content. Either way, it will work out like I want it to.」

「You say so, but… Aaahahhh!?」

Lily joyfully shoved her face between Shiro’s legs, and began to lick her out spotless, from front to back.

「Y-Your tongue is so, long…」

Shiro’s tail shook violently.

She must be in immense pleasure. That tail of hers always shows her true feelings.

That being said, the objective here was to bring Lily to ecstasy and turn her into a monster. Lily working on Shiro one-sidedly was not the best approach.

I approached them, and gently nudged Lily’s hips for her to straddle Shiro’s face.

「Ahh? Ah.」

It looked like I had made myself clear. Lily, slightly embarrassed, straddled Shiro’s face, and placed her groin directly above it. Lily was already moist. Shiro immediately stuck her face into it, and began to rapidly move her tongue.

「Ahh!? Ah, Ahhh, oooh, ooah…」

She must not have had much experience on the receiving end; Lily cried out craving for more. The sight of two completely naked girls shoving their faces in between each other’s legs and licking out each other’s genitalia seemed strangely immoral.

Shiro, especially, seemed to be almost abnormally excited, perhaps thanks to their past relationship and their reunion after each having gone through some hellish things and a drastic transformation. Her white fur on her limbs were springing out, and her face began to resemble a beast. However, this just meant her face would take on some minor dog-like features.

「Ahhh? Ahh, Char, Char…!」

Lily was now just as excited, indulging in all the ecstasy by grinding her groin up on Shiro’s face.

「Ah, Ahh, Ah… Mm… Mmp…」

While still being licked, Shiro devotedly pleasured Lily’s groin. Lily’s nectar dripped all over Shiro’s face, mostly around her mouth. If things kept going as they were, it looked like Shiro would be the first one to reach her climax.

It’s not like I’m not excited myself. I guess it’s time for me to join the fun.






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