Chapter 66: Front Face, Back Face: The Broken Prostitute, Lily (Part 2)

Chapter 66: Front Face, Back Face: The Broken Prostitute, Lily (Part 1)

Chapter 67: Front Face, Back Face: Pulling Strings (Part 1)

Translator: Adam Seacord

Lily, sitting on the side of the bed, happily held my penis in her mouth, licking it up and down. She did not have her whole mouth around it, but tracing the outer edges of it with her tongue. Starting with the tip, her tongue glides down to the back, and down the shaft until the sacks at the bottom were in her mouth.

She slightly jolted from time to time, because Shiro, now sitting on the floor, still kept her face between Lily’s legs. She must have been at it for almost half an hour at this point.

「Lily, was it? Does it feel good to be in bed with your friend?」

「Ahh, Aha!… Ahmm.」

I wasn’t expecting a verbal response. Still, she smiled joyfully, and the sensation on my penis grew.

The method of unshackling the heart through a pact will not work for mute Lily’s broken heart. She was like this in the first place because her heart’s shackles were obliterated. I wasn’t sure if that was an advantage or not when it came to turning her into a monster.

Well, all I can do is prepare the best I can.

「Shiro, come over here and join her.」

「Yes, Master…」

Her face blush with lust, Shiro answered with an intoxicated expression. She gathered herself up onto the bed, and keeping herself close with Lily, she began servicing my penis.

「I’m about to ejaculate, soon… Shiro, keep my semen in your mouth as long as you can, and give to Lily slowly.  I think Lily will swallow it too quickly. You need to control it.」


I doubted that Shiro understood why she needed to do so. Still, as long as I tell her to, she will trust me and obey. That fact didn’t seem to change, even as she was partially Charlotte.


Feeling a coarse tongue and a long and voluminous tongue take turns at my penis, I was approaching my limit. I acknowledged the magic power inside of my body, and visualized it concentrating into my semen.

Before I knew it, I was able to choose without thinking weather or not to turn a woman into a monster when I slept with her.

Of course, this time the goal was to turn her into the monster. There was no reason to hold back anything. As my magical powers heightened, I saw my surroundings differently. A thin layer of vision overlaid on top of my current vision.

That, was the flow of magic. And the flow of life.


When I looked over, someone was peaking in from the other side of the door. This was probably Dora, and there were two figures behind her… They were Astarte and Diana, judging from their magical powers. It seemed like their plan was to make Dora watch us to arouse her, and take her into bed. I had expected something like that.

Sorry, Dora. There’s nothing I can do.

Shiro, I could feel without a problem. And Lily… Almost had a small life, while weak and small, about to be born inside of her.

I know it’s there. Then, I should be able to affect it.

At that moment, I grandly ejaculated into the two mouths in front of me.

「Master, your cum… It’s so hot…」

「Ahha, ahh, ahhh?」

With gleeful cheers, they lapped up my semen, some spilling on their faces. Once they had cleaned the penis, they began to lap up the semen from each other’s faces. Just as I had thought, Lily seemed to have swallowed the semen already. That much, I had expected. Shiro jumped onto Lily, and kissed her. Slowly, she continuously pours my semen into her mouth.

That’s right.

I slowly seeped my magic closer to the head, where thoughts are formed. Would that increase the probably of success?

Maybe, but if we’re lucky, it may heal her broken heart somewhat.

Besides, Lily was not the only one I was trying to heal.

「Both of you, stick your butts up towards me, side by side.」

Shiro obeyed immediately. Lily followed suit, and bent down on her knees, sticking her butt up high. All the while, their lips remained locked. Two beautiful peaches lined up in front me, providing me with their sensual fragrance.

Let’s begin.





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