Chapter 67: Front Face, Back Face: Pulling Strings (Part 1)

Chapter 66: Front Face, Back Face: The Broken Prostitute, Lily (Part 2)

Chapter 67: Front Face, Back Face: Pulling Strings (Part 2)

Translator: Adam Seacord

Shiro and Lily were side-by-side with their butts pointed at me. They were both already dripping with juice, which flickered under the ambient light.

Lily called to me unintelligibly, and shook her compact derrière at me. She already seemed to be in heat, and since she had been working as a prostitute, perhaps her body had been conditioned to be aroused once some action took place.

Shiro shook her rear conservatively, but her tail spoke volumes as it wagged all over the place.

「Shiro, don’t forget our purpose. First I have to… Remake Lily.」

Despite what I’ve said, I inserted my penis into Shiro’s vagina.


A delicate voice leaks through her efforts to conceal it. The insides of her vagina were already quite warm; just by placing my tip at the gate, my penis was guided inside, as if to be sucked in. With that, Lily let out a begging cry. I immediately took out my penis, and aimed it toward Lily’s behind, placing it against the opening of her vagina. Still sticking her butt up in the air, Lily begged, as is she couldn’t wait any longer.

Of course the walls of her vagina were shaped differently, but her vagina seemed to be closer to the temperature of Shiro’s, compared to before. Slowly, Lily’s vagina started gulping down my penis, as if to copy the movement of Shiro’s vagina.

…Good, Phase One is a success.

There were more reasons to sleeping with Shiro at the same time, other than as an assistant to keep Lily excited. This was one of them, called “reverberation” or something in terms of magical studies. It was a ritual, or a phenomenon, where a nearby occurrence was copied over, like using a tuning fork. The truth was, that this was just a theory without proof. I didn’t even know if there were many case studies for magic and technology that changed humans to monsters in the first place. I only had the reference of a thesis regarding the mass production of enchanted (magic-attached) tools.

In order to overwrite Lily’s personality when changing her into a monster, as I had done with Shiro, I performed the monster-turn ritual again on Shiro, with her as the master copy. By performing the same ritual I was about to perform to Lily (that has already succeeded on Shiro) in close proximity to her, I had hoped for the same effect to take place on Lily as it did to Shiro. It was originally developed as a technique for Enchanters to save time when repeatedly enchanting a low-caliber item (like a healing potion, or strengthening an armor), so I had no idea if it would have any effect in our situation. Still, even if nothing happened, the risk was minimal, so there was no reason not to try it.

I slowly went in and out of Shiro’s vagina ten times, and caressed her clitoris. Then, I performed the exact same action to Lily, in the same order. Their steam voice had started out in completely different pitches, but were now getting more similar in tone. While Shiro uttered more nonsensical words in her sentences, Lily gradually began to form more intelligible ones.

「Aghh, Ahh, Ahhm… Mm, Mas… ter… Oooh…!」

「Ahhhh, ahhh, ahhhh, Char, Feels… Goood…」

Since Lily didn’t have a tail, I didn’t touch Shiro’s tail (one of her sensitive spots) either. Every steps had to be the same, even though I wasn’t quite sure what that would accomplish. Still, I thought that if I could believe it, there was a better chance of success.

I Ran my finger down the spine, grabbed the hips, pulled the hair and kissed the lips. Eventually, their reactions started to synchronize. Even when I wasn’t inside one of them, her hips quivered as if my penis was pounding her.

When I slammed into Shiro with a big stroke, both Shiro and Lily came to a soft ecstasy. That’s when I finally began to see it. My vision became double-layered, and I could sense the flow of magical powers through their bodies. A few strands of magical powers stretched between them already.

These were formed by the saliva passed when kissing, or the tangled hair, or the gently touching fingertips, or else magical power flowed from Shiro to Lily through my Penis.

A thin cloud-like substance could be seen above each of their heads, and they were slowly moving towards each other. From intuition, I understood that those were something akin to their souls, or memories. Some cracks could be seen on Lily’s and it was chipped. Shiro’s was also cracked, but a softer looking cloud of a different color covered it. My guess was that the cracked cloud belonged to Charlotte, and the soft one to Shiro.

Can I control these? Could I lend Shiro’s stable personality to Lily?

Pondering this, I outstretched my hands as if to touch the clouds above their heads.

Hair… No. Forehead… No.

I had already took my penis out, and came to the front of them to search their faces and heads… More accurately, to search a better location to touch upon their souls. I doubt they understood what was happening to them. They were left alone after the soft ecstasy, and allowed me to work as they caught their breath…

There it is.


Their voices harmonized. With their butts still pointed at the door, strength fell out of them and their faces almost fell into the bed.

I had opened my hands, and placed my fingers on their ears. That was the best way to dive in. An on-looker would not have a clue what was going on. To me, I could see my magical powers flowing from my fingertips into their heads. Although, I could never see magical powers clearly, but only as a vague flow. I could only sense the slight difference of current, like mixing sugar-water to clear water.

It was certainly affecting them in some way, but I could not feel anything other than the sensation of touching something.

「Something, something’s coming…!?」

「Master… Someone, someone’s…?」

It seemed that they were feeling an intrusion. I was attempting to invade their souls, it was only natural. The problem was, at this rate, the reverberation I’ve worked for could break.

If I could just get a little further inside…

A thought occurred to me. I conceptualized it. I gave my magic powers, what was previously a mere blurry flow of force, a definitive form. The leftover magic from people I’ve devoured in the past solidified the form.

A spider’s thread woven from magic. A puppeteer’s string to slip into the souls of others so I could reshape them however I choose.

The moment that picture was clear in my head, I felt the magical threads seep into their heads from my fingertips.


Shiro’s and Lily’s eyes widened, and their faces twitched. Their hips, still high up, quivered softly as they relieve themselves a little. They were no longer able to control their bodies, including subconscious reflexes.

At that moment, I understood that I now controlled their entire being.


「…? Oh, no.」

I was now the one controlling all of their faculties. That meant that, if I didn’t command it, they may not even be able to breathe. As if to loosen a grip, I returned control for most of their bodily functions back to their consciousness. At the same time, I searched for the part that controlled their pleasure… And pinched it ever so slightly.

「「Ah… Hyaaahhhhh!!!!」」

The results were incredible. Their bodies simultaneously convulsed, and despite the fact that all I was doing was touching their ears, they seemed to have reached another light climax.

Small beads of sweat seeped out of their backs and their knees shook. They were about to collapse into the bed. Drool fell from their mouths, and they breathed heavily. Even I was shocked by such results.

But, this is dangerous.

These forced orgasms could most likely be controlled. However, since I had to focus on that control, I was likely to miss the timing to pour in my magical powers… Also, no joke, I could break them.

I took a look at them. There was nothing particularly off with Shiro, but Lily’s eyes were quite bloodshot, and she was blushing intensely. It looked like she had been in a sauna too long, but…

Could her body handle any more of my violent experimentation?

I kept to only softly touching their pleasure centers, and moved on. I released them for the time being, and took the pitcher to pour three cups of water.

Now I know what I can do… There’s no rush.





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